37 Crazy-Looking Products With Over 1,000 Reviews on Amazon

I love to browse the virtual shelves of Amazon, hunting for new, amazing, what-the-hell-is-that products. Sometimes, I spot a gadget that makes me curious, only to see it has zero reviews. (No thanks.) If a product has a respectable number of customers chiming in, I might give it a try. (Thank you, Amazon, for your generous return policy...just in case!) But when I spot something weird or wonderful, and see that it has more than a thousand reviews? That's a sign of something special.

Just look at these members of the thousand-review club. A light therapy acne mask kinda makes you look like a robot, but reviewers say it works wonders on break-outs. There's also a ridiculously popular product called Nerdwax--don't you want to know what it is? (Click to find out!) And don't get me started on this hot dog toaster. With 1,900 reviews and counting, it doesn't matter how crazy it looks--I'm getting one. Which product on this list is YOUR hot dog toaster?

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these nifty products as wonderful as we do. Just so you know, we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Bubble Clay Mask Carbonates Impurities Out of Skin (And Looks Sooo Weird)

via: Amazon / Lindsey

I've shown this product (and the amazing review selfies) to a few friends, and the reactions fall into two distinct categories. Either it's a hard pass (cowards) or an excited yasss (soulmates). I'm ordering a jar of this bubble clay mask immediately for girls' night in.

This Aloe Soothing Gel Is Made With 92% Organic Aloe Vera For Pure, Healing Relief

via: Amazon / Tessa

My old boss Irene gave me an aloe cutting and told me to stick it in a pot. I was skeptical, but the plant flourished. Whenever I had a cut or burn, I'd break off a bit and use the fresh gel for relief and healing. If you don't have a live aloe plant, this aloe gel might be the next best thing. It's made with 92% organic aloe vera certified by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF).

This Back Shaver Says Goodbye to Back Hair and Hello to Smooth, Sexy Skin

via: Amazon / Naliah

Look, some backs are hairy. The way I see it, you've got three choices. You can ignore it and hope nobody minds. (They do.) You can wax and hope it doesn't hurt. (It does.) Or, you can buy a back shaver with 3,000 reviews and take care of that mess in the privacy of your own shower. (Order now.)

This Backwards Umbrella Is the Innovation You Never Knew You Always Needed

via: Amazon

Did you know umbrellas are literally ancient? There's evidence of their use in Egypt, Assyria, Greece, and China more than 4,000 years ago. Which means there are millennia of innovation leading up to what might be the ultimate in rain-shedding technology: the backwards umbrella. I've been studying the photos and I'm still not sure I completely understand this product, but I know I want one!

This Bathtub Hair Catcher Prevents Loose Hairs From Turning Into Goopy Clogs

via: Amazon

One minute you're luxuriating in a hot shower, the next you realize the drain is backed up. That's your cue to hook a slimy glob of hair and soap scum from the drain (eewww). Prevent that misery by dropping this simple-yet-effective bathtub hair catcher into the drain. It's designed with tiny pegs that catch hair and a basket that prevents it from slipping away, so cleaning your drain is a lot easier and less eewww-inducing.

This Bed Band Is Like a Pair of Suspenders for Your Sheets

via: Amazon

With over 4,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, this clever little gadget is one of the highest recommended products on this list. If your sheets keep slipping off the mattress (or if you just prefer the feeling of really tight sheets), the Bed Band can help you get a better night's sleep. Customers also use them to hold down table cloths and seat covers. One reviewer called it, "A stellar product design at an affordable price!"

This Charcoal Teeth Powder Has an Amazing 18,000 Reviews on Amazon (!!!)

via: Amazon

This product should win a trophy for being so weird, yet so popular. Made of activated charcoal derived from coconut, charcoal teeth powder is a gentle yet effective way to clean and whiten teeth. Simply wet your toothbrush, dip it in the black powder, then brush for 1-2 minutes. Reviewers recommend being careful (especially when spitting) to avoid creating a mess.

This Detangling Brush Gets Snarls Out of Wet or Dry Hair With Less Breakage

via: Amazon

My hair is fine and wavy, which means I need to be careful with tangles. If I brush too vigorously, I can yank out a handful of hairs that, to be honest, I can't spare. A gentle detangling tool like this is a must-have for anyone who wants to prevent breakage. The brush fits comfortably in your palm so you can guide it precisely, and the smooth bristles are designed to glide through hair with snagging.

This Ear Washer Clears Ear Wax Better Than Anything, According to Thousands of Reviews

via: Amazon

This product caught my eye because of how it looks, but it was the reviews that sucked me in deep. People love this ear washer. The reviews are packed with helpful tips and dramatic testimonials of how this product finally cleared their stubborn ear wax and gave them back their hearing, balance, and sanity. (Bonus: If you like gross stuff, check out the photos of ear wax customers removed with this washer!)

This Fabric Defuzzer Is a Lint-Mower for Your Clothes and Furniture

via: Amazon

Extend the life of your favorite sweater, aging couch, and any other fabric that's pilling, fuzzing, or linting (linting can be a word, right??). This affordable gizmo runs on two batteries and gently shaves any fabric surfaces. It's easy to operate, and most reviewers report that it's kind of fun to "mow the lint down."

This Professional Foot File Gives You Pedicure Results at a Fraction of Nail Salon Prices

via: Amazon

I love a good pedicure. The spa chair, pretty polish, and foot massage are heavenly, but my favorite part is how smooth and flake-free my heels are afterward. I can't get pedicures as often as I'd like (time...money...never enough...), but a few tools keep my feet in good shape. This pro foot file comes highly recommended for removing calluses, and can be used either wet or dry.

These Gel Pads Absorb Some of the Pain and Stress of Everyday Life

via: Amazon

Speaking of feet, if you have pain from impractical shoes, old injuries, or just, you know, life, you really need to try these gel pads. They slip over your second toe and cushion the ball of your foot. With every step, the gel absorbs and distributes the impact, resulting in less pain and happier feet!

This Garlic Zoom Is an Efficient (and FUN) Tool for Chopping Garlic

via: Amazon

My husband and I use a meal prep service, and there's one ingredient nearly every recipe includes: Fresh garlic. I can't tell you how many cloves I've peeled and chopped by now, but I do know one thing. The Garlic Zoom will make the job easier. Just load garlic cloves into the gadget, this roll it like you're vrooming a toy car. The more you roll, the finer the mince.

This Splatter Screen Protects You From Painful Bacon Grease Burns

via: Amazon

Bacon. So delicious, yet so painful to cook. Next time you're frying meat or oil, use this splatter screen to prevent grease burns and reduce the mess on your stovetop and counter. More than a thousand 5-star reviews call this product "excellent," "good-quality," and other compliments. For advice on how to use it, read some of the top reviews. (Apparently, a lot of people use it upside-down at first, but if you read the tips you won't make the same mistake!)

These Hair Vitamin Gummies Are the Cutest, Sweetest Way to Grow Longer, Stronger Hair

via: Amazon

We all know that the best way to get the vitamins we need is to eat a healthy, balanced...wait are those gummy bears? Blue gummy bears? Blue gummy bear vitamins flavored with real berries and coconut oil, and loaded with biotin, folic acid, and other vitamins that can make hair grow faster and thicker?! Genius.

This Drain Snake Comes Highly Recommended for Clearing Even the Ickiest Clogs

via: Amazon

Add this to my list of things nobody told me about adulthood: When a sink or shower backs up, I need a special tool to unclog it. (I have a feeling when I was growing up, my dad took care of this stuff invisibly, like a superhero. Thanks, SuperDad!) This handy tool is made of flexible, barbed plastic designed to slip down a drain and catch the hairy clogs. Now, I'm ready to unclog drains like the superhero my dad raised me to be.

This Ice Roller Soothes Puffy Eyes and Facial Pain

via: Amazon / Ashley Hedrick

When it comes to beauty product reviews, this ice roller is a big winner. Amazon reviewers use it during migraines or headaches for instant pain relief, for a cooling effect after hair removal, or to reduce puffiness under the eyes. One reviewer, who records beauty videos, says it makes her eyes look less tired for the camera.

This LifeStraw Water Filter Lets You Safely Drink Water in the Wild

via: Amazon

My idea of roughing it is a hotel with no wifi, but I have friends who are avid hikers and campers. I think I'll buy a LifeStraw Water Filter for each of them. This amazing invention filters out bacteria (including E. coli and salmonella), waterborne parasites (including giardia), and even microplastics. One filter cleans 1,000 gallons of water, which is enough for a LOT of outdoor time.

This Light Therapy Mask Heals Acne With Two Types of Light

via: Amazon

There are a lot of acne products on the market, but this light therapy mask is truly unique. Not only is it great for sensitive skin irritated by scrubbing or harsh products, but it also makes you look like a futuristic space welder. #LifeGoals. You slip it on like a pair of sunglasses, then relax for 10 minutes while it shines red light (to reduce inflammation) and blue light (to eliminate acne-causing bacteria). One 5-star reviewer said that her acne improved after just one use, and another said it is a "skin-saver."

This Magnetic Therapy Bracelet Is a Stylish Way to Reduce Wrist Pain

via: Amazon

More than 1,000 five-star reviews attest to the power of this magnetic therapy bracelet. Designed with powerful magnet in each link, this titanium bracelet is both durable and lightweight. It provides relief from pain and inflammation due to arthritis, Carpal tunnel, tendonitis, tennis elbow, and repetitive strain injury. Customers especially like that it looks more like a stylish piece of jewelry than a health aide.

This Microwave Pasta Cooker Makes Faster Noodles (With No Stove!)

via: Amazon

Ideal for dorm rooms, offices, or moments when you can't wait around for water to boil, the microwave pasta cooker lets you cook up a batch of pasta in about 12 minutes using only the microwave. Simply fill the specially designed plastic box with water and pasta, microwave, then use the lid to drain off the water.

This Foot Peel Mask Is Equal Parts Disgusting and Amazing

via: Amazon / Geralyn M Rassell

If you want to rid your feet of dry, peeling, dead skin, there is no better method I know of than these foot peel masks. Slip on the booties, wear for an hour, then rinse feet. A couple days later, all that nasty dead skin starts peeling off. You'll be left with baby-soft, fresh-looking feet in 1-2 weeks, and the process can be repeated if necessary with the included second pair of booties.

This Mr. Tea Infuser Could Be Your New Best (Tea-Time) Friend

via: Amazon

I can't look at this tea infuser without smiling. The clever design lets you spoon in your favorite loose leaf tea, then slip the silicone pants back on before dunking it (him?) in your mug. One reviewer calls it "the most adorable tea infuser ever," and she's not alone (there are more than 2,200 reviews).

This Nerdwax Keeps Glasses From Slipping Down Your Nose

via: Amazon

Shark Tank contestant and Kickstarter success Don Hejny developed Nerdwax to solve the age-old problem of glasses sliding down the bridge of your nose. A natural beeswax formula means the product is safe for your skin, and one quick application can keep your glasses in place for at least an hour.

This Paw Plunger Is a Portable Bathtub for Your Dog's Paws

via: Amazon

My dog Rosie likes walking in the rain, but I don't like muddy paw prints tracking into the house. Instead of just wiping her paws with an old towel, this Paw Plunger makes a big difference. Add a little warm water, then guide each paw into the cup to be gently scrubbed by the bristles. One five-star reviewer says that it "solves a lot of the problems when you have dogs that go outside."

This Hot Dog Toaster Is Everything I Want From Life Right Now

via: Amazon

It's as easy as it looks: Load in the dogs and buns, and toast till they pop up. One reviewer points out, "The dogs are much tastier when toasted than microwaved or boiled." With more than a thousand reviews and a hundred answered questions on Amazon, you can certainly research every last detail of this appliance. But really, what more do you need to know? Anyone who loves hot dogs will be thrilled by this hot dog toaster.

This Posture Corrector Trains Your Upper Back to be Straighter

via: Amazon

I think overuse of computers and smart phones is ruining everyone's posture. Fight against the slump by wearing a posture corrector. This one comes in three sizes and is designed to be undetectable under clothing. Reading through the 1,000+ reviews is instructive; people are using these braces to "grow" an inch in height, ease chronic back pain, and improve appearance.

This Salad Shooter Turns You Into a Veggie Ninja

via: Amazon

This might be the most fun kitchen appliance I've written about. Load any ingredient into the Salad Shooter to slice or grate it directly into the pot or bowl. Add one ingredient after another without cleaning or changing anything in between. It's ideal for layering veggies in a salad, topping a pizza, or chopping nuts and chocolate for baking.

This Selfie Massager Helps You Help Yourself

via: Amazon

As I write this paragraph, my shoulders are tight and my lower back is sore. Isn't this how most of us feel? We all need a Selfie Massager, which provides deep pressure to targeted spots. One five-star reviewer says, "I no longer need someone to help me break up the knots; the massager, with so many different contact points, lets me get them in different ways."

This Silicone Makeup Applicator Is the Cleanest, Bacteria-Free Way to Apply Makeup

via: Amazon

There are a lot of makeup tools out there, but this clear silicone applicator has an edge. Unlike traditional brushes and absorbent sponges, it won't harbor bacteria or old remnants of product. It also helps makeup last longer, since you won't lose so much into bristles or washed down the drain. Reviewers say it takes a little practice to get good at blending with it, but the ones who've mastered the technique say they'll never use anything else.

This Korean Snail Repair Cream

via: Amazon

Have you joined the Korean beauty product craze? One of the most popular items is this snail repair cream, which has nearly 2,000 reviews on Amazon so far. The cream is derived from snail secretions, which are packed with copper peptides, known for wound healing and cellular generation. Customers like using this cream on acne-scarred and/or aging skin for healing and deep moisturizing.

These String Lights Are Solar-Powered, So You Can Use Them Anywhere You Get Sun

via: Amazon

There's nothing like string lights to enhance an outdoor space, but bulky extension cords can ruin the effect. That's why these solar string lights are such a great alternative. The small solar panel on one end of the cord soaks up sun all day long, powering the lights to work up to 10 hours.

This Stretch Out Strap Is a Proven Workout Tool With Over 3,000 Reviews

via: Amazon

A lot of exercise gadgets come and go, but the Stretch Out Strap has been around for 25 years and shows no signs of fading away. For a very affordable price, you get a long nylon strap designed with 10 loops to maximize stretching in a variety of positions. The included instructions guide you through methods to warm up, exercise, and cool down with the strap.

This Sushi Bazooka Is the Easiest Way to Make Sushi Rolls at Home

via: Amazon

Some kitchen gadgets look fun to use, and some look like they'll save effort. This Sushi Bazooka seems like it'll do both. Load the appliance with rice, fish, and other ingredients, then the tool does most of the work for you. Reviewers call it "amazingly simple," with rolls that "look perfect every time!"

This Toilet Spray Prevents Odor With the Magical Power of Unicorns

via: Amazon

The folks over at Squatty Potty are experts on pooping, and they've turned their creative genius to eliminating smells in the bathroom. This Unicorn Toilet Spray comes in five scents, all of which apparently smell pretty great. The secret it to spray it in the toilet bowl before use, so it prevents any bad smells from escaping.

This Wine Aerator Makes Nearly Every Wine Taste Fresher and Better

via: Amazon

I've had a wine aerator for years, but I never really knew why it helps make wine taste better. Turns out that exposure to more oxygen evaporates the less-tasty components of wine (especially sulfites). By aerating each glass, you're helping the bad stuff evaporate, leaving behind delicious, complex, fruity flavors to enjoy.