37 Cool Amazon Products I REALLY Need

My birthday is coming up! So I've been going through my wishlist to see what to ask for. I obviously have a lot of time on my hands to find cool Amazon products, but these are all things I truly want.

Are most of these things necessities? No. But I'll take whatever joy I can get. From finding the perfect shade of pink lip balm to a pillow for all you Corgi lovers and the perfect slice pool float, here are some things that I really need to get ASAP.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

Make Summer Extra-Fun With This Cactus Wine Set

I'm just a little bit obsessed with cactuses lately, so I flipped when I saw this set. Perfect to make those outdoor and socially distanced parties this summer a little more fun and "normal."

This Cardboard Animal Head Would Spice Up My Decor

Now that I've been in my current apartment awhile, I really want to add more wall decor. I know it seems kind of weird that I would never want taxidermy on my wall, but these cardboard animals are awesome. They're made with recycled materials, too!

Have Lunch Al Fresco With This Ceramic Bowl

Even if you aren't taking your lunch into the office anymore, you can still use this cool ceramic bowl to take it somewhere outside. It's nice to get outdoors in the middle of the day or even take it on a weekend picnic.

The ULTIMATE Cereal Spoon

As with most Millennial women, I'm a big true crime fan. And I'm a big cereal fan, so I honestly should already have this spoon. I'm constantly surprised by how many quirky and cool Amazon products I've added to my wish list.

These Lights Are So Gorgeous

These battery-powered lights would definitely turn up the cool vibes in my apartment. 2 AA batteries last up to 40 hours, or there's also a USB-rechargeable option.

This Corgi Tush Pillow Is Almost As Good As A Corgi

I have been wanting a dog, specifically a corgi, for a while now. I haven't been able to get one yet butt this pillow is almost just as good. Who doesn't want to randomly see a cute little tush peeking out on the couch?

This Laptop Desk Makes Work More Fun

Now that a lot of us are working from home for an extended period of time, an upgraded desk is a must. I want this laptop desk because I can use it in bed OR on a table as a standing desk. Plus, the design keeps your laptop from overheating and there's a drawer to keep accessories.

Grow Your Own Cocktail Garden

Herbs are definitely one of those things that are annoying to buy when you just need a little bit of one. This little kit lets you start your own non-GMO garden with herbs that are tasty in cocktails. It also includes original cocktail recipes by an award-winning mixologist.

Make It An Ice Pop Summer

I'm going to sound like a weirdo, but sometimes popsicles are too big! So I want to make cute little ice pops in any dang flavor that I want.

Show Off Your Fave Wine In A Unicorn Wine Holder

Picturing a unicorn drunk is pretty entertaining. This wine holder is another awesome thing I never thought I'd find on Amazon. It could also hold olive oil or liquor if you wanted.

The Spookiest Garlic Crusher

Make it a "gracula" dinner with this garlic chopper. Like I do. Every night. (I wear a full vampire costume too but you don't have to do that part.) Who says that dinner can't be fun and that vampires are only for Halloween? Get spooky weekly.

Save Money And The Earth With Makeup Remover Cloths

I'm constantly looking for ways to produce less waste and I really need these makeup remover cloths. It's a 4-pack, but one can last for so long. All you do is soak it in warm water and it takes your makeup off, no solution required.

Stay Stylish With Adorable House Shoes

I feel like "house shoes" have really taken off recently! I've really been wanting this pair because they're actually cute and soft. It's also nice to not have to wear socks in warmer weather.

This Mini Fan Keeps You Looking & Feeling Cool

As someone who has always run kind of hot, I love feeling cool if not extra-cold. Sometimes that need doesn't match up with my officemates or roommates so this little fan would be extra handy.

Get Pun-ny With A Movie Cocktail Book

I will take cocktail inspo wherever I can get it and as a writer I obviously love witty commentary... so I need this cocktail book. From a Ti-tonic to a Bloody Mary Poppins, everything sounds awesome.

Never Knew I Needed Hexagon Ice Cubes

First of all, silicone ice cube trays are the best. So much easier to get them out in one piece. Why settle for boring cubes when you can have a pretty hexagon? These will look awesome in my movie cocktails.

This Hanging Trash Can Makes Cooking So Much Easier

Why doesn't every kitchen come with a little hanging trash can?! I love that you can move it around depending on where you're cooking and I'll drop less stuff on the floor. It even folds away flat in-between meals.

Film Like A Pro With A Light & Tripod

Now that video conference calls will be in our lives for longer than most of us thought... I need to up my lighting game. I love that this comes with a tripod for my phone and you can adjust the brightness levels.

Who Knew I Needed A Cute Cotton Swab Holder

When I moved into my newest place I was looking to make my bathroom a little more stylish... however, it seems like most bathroom organization is mainly functional and not cute. This little cotton swab holder will bring a little beauty to my bathroom.

Yes, There's A Nic Cage Pillow

This is one of the coolest Amazon products I've seen (also one of the weirdest). Everyone needs both Nic Cage and some sparkle in their life.

This Is Your Perfect Lip Balm

Is this at the very high end of what I would pay for a lip balm? Sure. But it's so pretty! It also appears clear, however, as it hits your lips it reacts to your personal pH and becomes your perfect shade of pink.

Float On... On A Pizza Slice

You know you'll be the coolest one at the pool on this pizza float. I love to proudly proclaim my love of pizza everywhere I go so this has been on my wishlist for a bit. Plus, it has two cupholders!

Grill Sandwiches, French Toast & Omelets

Sometimes you just need a quick grilled cheese and this Hamilton Beach grill looks perfect for them. You can even use it to make french toast or a fluffy omelet. That actually sounds like an awesome meal.

Fall Asleep Easily With A Night Light Speaker

I personally love to drift off to audiobooks or podcasts at night and I know I'm not alone. This Bluetooth speaker would make the perfect bedside lamp. It even has a setting for warm white light to help you fall asleep.

Multi-task With The Ultimate Hair Tool

I'm relatively low-maintenance and would like the least steps possible in my beauty routine. I will save so much time with Revlon's hair dryer and volumizing brush! I also love having less clutter so that's a win-win.

Get The Last Drop With A Beauty Spatula

Sometimes they don't make your favorite shade anymore and you're really trying to use every last drop... enter the beauty spatula. I will use this for everything, even lotion or body wash.

Bring Nature Inside With This Planter

I love decor that is actually functional and these little bulb vases are so cute. They are perfect for starting out little seedlings or getting a clipping of a plant to grow.

Decorate EVERYTHING With Paint Pens

Get crafty with these acrylic paint pens. They're awesome to use on mugs, wood crafts and even shirts. Use 'em for gifts or just make stuff for yourself.

Harry Potter Fans Need These Magical Utensils

You can make magical and delicious recipes with these wooden spoons. Perfect for fans of Quidditch, Dementors, the Marauder's Map, Patronus spells and everything else in the wizarding world.

This Library Kit Is Dorky And Cool

You're welcome, fellow book nerds. Am I the only one sick of lending books to people and not having them returned or not knowing where they are? Thanks, Knock Knock, for caring about us bibliophiles.

This Travel Pillow Is Perfection

I can't believe that someone hasn't invented this scarf/pillow combo until now. I love that it looks cooler than a typical travel pillow and it really works in any sleeping position. It's also made of soft and breathable bamboo.

Everyone Needs A Mug Warmer

There are some days where I have so many meetings in a row where my coffee can go cold... so this little mug warmer is essential. The indicator light even tells you when your drink is hot and ready to drink again.

All Office Fans Need This Expansion Pack

Any version of What Do You Meme? is made better with this Office expansion pack. I love to re-live my favorite moments and I need this in my life.

These Compression Packing Cubes are GENIUS

I know we're all not really going many places right now, but these compression packing cubes make even a work or cabin trip so much better. I feel like I rarely see packing cubes that can also be compressed. Hello, smaller suitcases.

Show Off Your Travels With This Scratch Off Map

So apparently this map is extra-large compared to other scratch-off maps, so you see more details. How many people are actually able to uncover most of this map? Unsure but I definitely want to try.

Brighten Your Space With A Purple Power Strip

Thanks, Amazon, for having yet another cool item. Did I ever think I would be looking to spice up my room this way? No, but being at home a lot just makes you want a beautiful space. Purple is my favorite color and I also love it when they have USB ports.

Chill Out In A Floating Chair

I would never get out of this chair if I had it. And I suppose if I had a pool or lived on a body of water. The soft mesh seat keeps your lower body just below the water's surface so you stay extra cool.