37 Clothing Items Men Love Most From Amazon

Shopping for new clothes on Amazon has never been easier. Once you know your size, it's all downhill from there. Men from all corners of the globe have spent many a shopping trip trying to rush out of there as fast as possible, unsure of what to buy and what looks good. Luckily for you, we've compiled a list of 37 clothing items from Amazon that men love most.

These fashionable wardrobe additions – from denim shirts to track pants– should take up precious closet real estate and earn a spot in your daily rotation. Below you'll find socks, shoes, shirts, pants — everything you need to upgrade your fashion sense and start impressing strangers and friends alike. This list of menswear will sharpen your image and allow you to approach the world with the confidence you never knew you had. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3. Browse this list of 37 menswear items that guys are raving about and pick out some fresh outfits!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Wear this Carhartt Workwear Short Sleeve T-Shirt For Work And Play

Carhartt Shirt


Carhartt serves up some serious T-shirt action with this classic pocket tee. Available in many shades and sizes, this casual, rugged tee is fit for both work and play. Men are loving this shirt — and for good reason!

Hit The Links With These Straight-Fit Stretch Golf Pants

Golf Pants


Hit the links in these straight-fit golf pants that won't wrinkle under pressure. You might get a hole-in-one, but you won't get a hole in these pants because they're made from premium fabric designed to stretch and bend to your movements. Fore!

Stay Warm While Looking Cool In This Champion Men's Long Sleeve T-Shirt Hoodie

Champion Hoodie


Champion has made a fashion resurgence lately, and this timeless hoodie is no different. Ideal for a morning jog, a trip to the movies, or whatever activity you can come up with, men are loving this hoodie. We can't stop them from clearing these off of Amazon's shelves!

Every Guy Needs A Pair Of Adidas Track Pants

Adidas Track Pants


Adidas track pants are a rite-of-passage for any man looking to leisure in style. If you don't own a pair of these already, you've been missing out. Now is your chance to join the denizens of men who have taken the Adidas challenge and are lounging comfortably in their track pants. Hop on it!

Rugged Elegance Is A Cinch In The Lucky Brand Men's Notch Neck Tee Shirt

Lucky Shirt


Let's face it...you will look cool in this Lucky short-sleeve henley. Leave the buttons undone for bonus sexiness. A few of these in different colors would make an excellent addition to your outfit game.

You Can't Go Wrong With Gildan Men's Crew T-Shirts

Gildan Shirts


If all you're looking for is a simple, affordable tee shirt, these Gildan classics are the way to go. Stock up on every shade of the rainbow and be prepared for whatever color scheme you need to match with on any given day.

Find Your Perfect Fit In Dockers Perfect Shorts

Dockers Shorts


Dockers lead the way when it comes to shorts and pants that don't require constant ironing, and these perfect shorts are no different. Look crisp and polished even on casual days, because these shorts don't wrinkle. Leg sits above the knee for a modern, confident look. Men are absolutely in love with these shorts and for good reason!

Sweat It Out In These Roadbox Workout Shorts

Roblox Workout Shorts


Whether you hit the gym or not, sometimes you just need a comfortable pair of workout shorts to wear around the house. These Roblox workout shorts slide right on and allow for maximum mobility. Men are obsessed with these shorts and won't stop buying them. Are you going to run with the pack or get left behind?

Hurley Hits The Mark With This Short Sleeve Button Up

Hurley Shirt


Short-sleeve button-ups should play a starring role in your wardrobe rotation. A step above a polo or t-shirt, this SSBD awards the wearer a certain "he got dressed today" look without baggy sleeves you have to roll up just to look casual. Wear it under a sweater for more formal occasions, or leave it unbuttoned over a t-shirt. The possibilities are endless.

Make This Short-Sleeve Linen Your Go-To Summer Shirt

Linen Shirt


Linen wicks away moisture and allows your skin to breathe despite the stifling summer conditions. Stock up on linen shirts like the one pictured above. Every other guy shopping on Amazon has, so you might as well join the linen club. Looks fresh, mature, and stylish without compromising comfort.

Show Off Your Shape With Another Linen Short Sleeve Shirt

Short Sleeve Linen Shirt


Linen shirts are ideal summer closet additions and this striped linen shirt is no different. Exude a calm, collected confidence without throwing on something bulky and hot. Step up your shirt game with the iconic summer fabric that compliments any barbecue, backyard party, or weekend getaway.

This Timeless Denim Work Shirt Always Looks Fresh

Denim Shirt


Guys love denim shirts, and women love when men wear them. This classic style can be worn over other shirts or paired with a jacket. You can't go wrong with this stylish addition to your wardrobe. Pick a size and get the ball rolling!

Plaid Life Is The Sweet Life

Plaid shirt


This classic plaid button-down shirt should be an important article of clothing in your wardrobe rotation. Perfect for casual out-on-the-town wear or for a dressed-down Zoom meeting. Let the classic pattern elevate your personal style. This essential shirt is machine-washable and doesn't wrinkle easily. Pick one up while your size is still in stock.

Look Delightfully Normal In This Short-Sleeve Pocket Oxford Shirt

Oxford Shirt


Every guy needs a standard Oxford shirt in their rotation to pull out when you need to look effortlessly nice and normal. You won't make the cover of Vogue wearing this shirt, but you can easily dress up for dinner, a night out, or just for work. This shirt is comfortable and breathable, unlike the Oxfords of old that feel starchy and rough. Find your size and upgrade your wardrobe.

Amazon Essentials Are Essential For A Reason

Short Sleeve Shirt


Another versatile shirt for your closet that you can throw on for nearly any occasion. You've been working out, so show off those muscles without compromising style. This short-sleeve button-down is an essential item for any guy who wants to maintain an aura of professionalism without coming off like a stiff.

Stay Warm And Stylish With This Buck Camp Flannel Shirt

Flannel Shirt


Flannel shirts are some of the most versatile articles of clothing you could possibly own. Perfect for the mountains and the beach, this flannel shirt boasts protection from the elements while lending you an effortlessly cool look that just screams "I'm having a good time." You'll find yourself throwing this Buck Camp flannel on multiple times a week.

Take A Hike With Columbia's Steens Mountain Full Zip Fleece Jacket

Fleece Jacket


Columbia is your go-to outdoorsy brand, and this zip-up fleece jacket blazes the trail towards cozy greatness. Keep the wind in the air and not running down your neck with this zip-up fleece. Ideal for long fall walks in the woods, chopping logs for the fire, or any other chilly endeavor that requires the loving touch of fleece.

Stay Dry With This Lightweight Water-Resistant Puffer Vest

Puffer Vest


One thing I love about this sleek black puffer vest is how you can fold it up until it basically doesn't exist, making it super portable and easy to bring on any outdoor excursion or weekend trip. Stay dry while keeping your torso toasty warm — and look good doing it. Every guy needs a standard puffer vest in their closet. You never know where your weekend will take you.

Polar Winds Never Felt So Warm With This Full-Zip Polar Fleece Jacket

Zip Hoodie


Despite looking like a casual zip-up hoodie, this performance fleece jacket is capable of conquering even the chilliest of arctic winds. Stay warm while looking stylish with a zip-up hoodie you'll find yourself throwing into your car on the daily.

Work Smart And Hard In This Quilted Flannel-Lined Work Jacket

Quilted Flannel Jacket


Look at how fly this flannel-lined work jacket is! Just looking at it you can already hear the compliments pouring in. Pair it with some denim jeans like in the photo and strut your stuff on the job site with style.

This Classic Dickies Men's Insulated Eisenhower Front-Zip Jacket Never Goes Out Of Style

Front-Zip Jacket


Men around the world love this versatile front-zip Eisenhower jacket by Dickies. Chances are, you've seen this around before and always wanted to pick one up for yourself. Now's your chance! Available in multiple shades and sizes. This jacket is an ideal light jacket for crispy mornings or late nights out.

Shirt Jackets Will Make A Comeback In Your Closet

Shirt Jacket


The Men's Maplewood Shirt Jacket boasts an insulated lining on the inside and a vibrant flannel pattern on the out. This slick and sexy shirt jacket is versatile enough to wear just about anywhere. Pop the hood on rainy days or when you just wanna look a little incognito. Men across the internet are ranting and raving about how sweet this shirt jacket is, so you better pick one up soon while your size is still in stock.

You Can Surf All The Waves You Want In Hurley's 22-Inch Boardshorts

Hurley Boardshorts


Need a little length in the leg for your trip to the beach? Throw on these 22-inch Hurley boardshorts and rock out in style — without worrying about burning your thighs. These classic tie-together boardshorts are available in multiple colors and sizes. Hurley knows how to bring the bacon to the beach, so grab yourself a pair before the sun goes down.

Keep The UV Rays Away With This UPF 50+ Rashguard



This short-sleeve rashguard will protect your skin from dangerous UV rays without compromising your style or making you look like a retiree hanging out at the beach. Tons of men even throw this rashguard tee on for workouts, walks, or any activity that involves the sun's rays beating down on you.

Dry Off In Seconds With These Quick Dry Swim Trunks

Swim Trunks


Every guy needs a pair of quick-dry swim trunks that eliminate water-logging the second your hop out of the water. Perfect for pool and beach days where you don't want to change clothes and don't wanna walk around in soggy trunks either. Buy these guys at a great bargain while sizes last.

Dry Feet Are Happy Feet


Few things are worse than a pair of soggy socks. Luckily, these moisture control quarter socks are a remedy to your sweaty feet and will keep them dry no matter how much time you spend on your feet. Available in a 5-pack – one for each workday! While socks aren't the most exciting item a man can buy, they're necessary, so don't skimp on the important stuff.

Calvin Klein Underwear For All Occasions

Calvin Klein Underwear


Calvin Klein has produced some of the most iconic underwear ads ever conceived. Nothing gets between you and your Calvins, except perhaps you deciding not to buy these cotton classics that should be a daily staple in your dresser drawer. If there was ever a time to buy new underwear, now is your chance!

All Men Need A Pair Of Levi's 505 Jeans


If you need to round out your wardrobe and don't already own a pair of Levis 505 jeans, it's time to rectify that immediately. They're the perfect combination of a relaxed yet polished fit and semi-stretch fabric that moves with your body without losing its shape.

Stretch-Fit Jeans For Those Active Days

Stretch-Fit Jeans


Is there anything nicer than lifting your leg in a pair of stretch-fit jeans and feeling how fluid the motion is? No resistance from your normal run-of-the-loom denim. With these stretch-fit jeans, you can be as active as if you were wearing sweatpants. A pair of these will make an appearance multiple times a week in your wardrobe. Stock up!

No Need To Iron These Slim-Fit Wrinkle-Resistant Flat-Front Chino Pants

Chino Pants


Chino pants are the de-facto pant for any guy looking to add some casual elegance to his appearance. While not a slack, the chino is an integral part of any man's wardrobe when he wants a step-up from jeans. With these wrinkle-resistant slim-fit chinos, you can spruce up your outfit without running to the dry cleaners or hauling out the ironing board. Available in multiple shades and sizes.

Tapered Pants For An Overactive Lifestyle

Tapered Jeans


Stylish tapered leg gives way to a stretch-fit denim finish that allows you more mobility than you could ask for in a pair of jeans. Men love these pants because it feels like you aren't even wearing them.

Work Up A Sweat In The Champion Men's Jersey Jogger

Champion Jogger


Tapered legs lend this classic Champion jogger set a stylish and modern finish, ideal for the gym or just running errands around town. You can still be comfortable and exude effortless style all at the same time. Just pick yourself up a pair of these and hit the ground running. (Literally or not).

Show Off Your Ankles With These Puma No-Show Sport Socks

Puma Socks


Sometimes you just don't want the sock to show. It's nothing personal against your socks, it's just how it is. Maybe your shoes look better without them showing. Who knows. Whatever the reason, you need to equip yourself with a set of no-show socks...because sooner or later, you'll need them.

Damn Daniel! Back At It Again With The Vans Classic Low-Top Trainers

Vans Slip-Ons


Van's Slip-Ons deserve a spot on every man's shoe rack. You can't beat the vibrant white canvas. These bad boys pair well with just about any outfit or occasion. Even scuffed up these shoes look sweet. What are you waiting for? Find your size and stick them in your shopping cart, dude!

Every Guy Needs A Pair Of Converse Chuck Taylor Sneakers

Converse Sneakers


Few shoes have stood (no pun intended) the test of time as well Converse Chuck Taylors. There's nothing to be said about these shoes that can't be deciphered from decades of near-ubiquity. You love them. Your feet love them. If you need a new pair, go ahead and get one!

Pick Up A Pair Of Nike Men's Air Zoom Pegasus Running Shoes For Your Next Workout

Nike Pegasus Running Shoes


Whether you're a huge exercise junkie or you just live in workout wear (and occasionally go for a run), these tennis shoes from Nike are a must-have addition to your closet. The lightweight design won't wear you down and the foam soles perfectly cradle your feet.

Flip Flop Your Way To Greatness With Rainbow Sandals

Rainbow Sandals


I truly believe there are no other sandals on earth that can compare to the comfort and fit of Rainbow flip-flops. All other flip-flops are just imitators. Nothing says summer like a worn-in pair of Rainbows to compliment any outfit.