37 Clever-As-Heck Inventions That'll Make You Say, "Why Didn't I Invent That?"

Mystery writer Agatha Christie said that inventions are born from the lazy desire "to save oneself trouble." In my book, there's no better reason for an invention! When we save ourselves trouble, we free up time, money, and energy to do other things. (Whether that means improving the world or playing video games is a totally personal choice.)

These 37 inventions not only save trouble, but they're also unbeatably clever, like this wine wand that prevents wine-induced headaches. Or how about these toaster bags that make a grilled cheese sandwich in two minutes flat? If you really want to save trouble, try these lazy glasses that let you watch TV or read while lying flat on your back. Read on for more of the cleverest inventions selling on Amazon right now!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these inventions as awesome as we do. Just so you know, we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.


This Magnetic Bottle Opener Neatly Opens Bottles With No Twisting

via: Amazon

One reviewer calls this product "the best and easiest bottle opener I’ve ever used." Simply place the sleek device on top of the bottle, push down, and the cap pops right off. It also preserves the cap with no dents, much to the delight of collectors and crafters.

This 3-in-1 Travel Pillow Is the Most Comfortable Way to Hold Your iPad

via: Amazon

Traveling is tough, but a soft pillow and your trusty iPad (or e-reader) help make the journey a little more comfortable. That's the thinking behind this 3-in-1 travel pillow. You can tuck in your screen and comfortably hold the pillow at just the right angle on your lap or the table in front of you. When it's time to rest your eyes, the pillow can be converted to either a rectangular or neck-hugging shape.

This Purrfect Hoodie Has a Built-In Pocket for Your Cat

via: Amazon / Amazon Customer

Do something nice for yourself: Click through to this cat-carrying hoodie and look at all the customer images. You've never seen so many delighted humans and confused cats. I don't even have a cat, but it might be worth adopting one just so I can carry it around in a hoodie.

These Charcoal Sachets De-Stink Your Shoes (And Recharge in Sunlight)

via: Amazon

Small yet mighty, this set of 12 charcoal sachets are the perfect size for tucking into shoes, gym bags, or other stinky spots. The bamboo-derived charcoal absorbs moisture and odor naturally. Fragrance-free and all-natural! To renew their stink-sucking power, "recharge" them in direct sunlight for two hours once a month.

This Flexible Spring Removes Facial Hair Like Tweezers, Only Better

via: Amazon

Unwanted facial hair is no match for this cleverly designed tool. Instead of tweezing hairs one at a time, the flexible spring lets you attack a larger area all at once.  It traps even the finest hairs, so you can yank them out quickly and smoothly.

This Corn Cob Massager Soothes Sore Muscles With a Deep Tissue Massage

via: Amazon

There are a lot of massage tools out there, but this corncob massager has unique features that make it stand out above the rest. First, it's designed with freely rolling spinners that press deeply into tissue for an intense experience. Second, it can be used both before and after workouts to prevent soreness and enhance muscle regrowth. And finally, reviewers love that it's lightweight and easy to use.

This Handy Reminder Answers the Question: Did You Feed the Dog?

via: Amazon

My dog Rosie is not to be trusted when it comes to food. If I feed her early in the morning, she has no shame about scarfing it down and then hitting up my husband for second-breakfast. Instead of us constantly tracking each other down to ask, this simple-yet-genius reminder does the work for us.

This Easy Kabob Maker Turns Just About Anything Into a Delicious Kabob

via: Amazon

I love a good kabob on the grill, but I don't love the hassle or mess of skewering meat onto sticks. That's why I'm giving this Easy Kabob Maker a try. Fill it up with ground or chopped meat, seasonings, and/or vegetables. Push in a wooden or metal skewer, then dispense a perfectly shaped kabob ready to cook.

This Egg Peeler Strips Hard Boiled Eggs Faster Than You'll Believe

via: Amazon

Yes, you can peel hard boiled eggs with your naked fingers, but this happy yellow peeler is so much more satisfying. Use one end of the tool to crack the egg precisely. Then, use the other end to slide in and gently loosen the membrane and peel. Suddenly, out pops a perfect, unblemished egg.

These Cat Paw Chair Socks Protect Floors in the Cutest Way Possible

via: Amazon

The moment I saw these cat paw chair socks, I was amazed nobody had thought of them before. Cute and functional, they slide onto chair legs so you can move your furniture silently and without scratching the floor. Reviewers say they work great and are even machine-washable.

These Toaster Bags Are a Genius Way to Heat Cheese Sandwiches and Leftover Pizza

via: Amazon

These toaster bags are one of the best new inventions I've come across. They're amazing for grilled cheese sandwiches or leftover pizza, but reviewers have also used them to heat chicken nuggets, bacon(!), and veggie burgers. These are also popular with those who need to keep food strictly gluten-free or allergen-free, since the bags prevent cross-contamination.

This Guac-Lock Presses Out Air to Keep Guacamole Fresh

via: Amazon

Have you ever tried to save guacamole for later? There's nothing sadder than opening the container the next day and finding a brown, unappetizing mess. That's because you let oxidation happen, you monster! Instead, use the Guac-Lock to press out all the air so your guacamole stays fresh and green for days.

This Cryosphere Roller Reduces Inflammation and Pain With the Power of Ice

via: Amazon

To relieve sore muscles in my back, I was advised to roll on a ball to loosen tension, then apply ice to reduce inflammation. An Amazon search for equipment led me to this smart invention that lets me do both at the same time. Place the Cryosphere in the freezer for two hours, then use it to target tight, sore muscles in need of relief.

This HyperChiller Lowers Beverage Temperature by 130 Degrees In One Minute Flat

via: Amazon

When you want an icy cold drink and you want it now, the HyperChiller is the invention for you. Most Amazon customers love using it for iced coffee. Pour in hot, freshly brewed coffee, and in about a minute, the temperature will lower 130 degrees to give you a cold, undiluted brew. You can also use it to chill tea, whisky, soda, or your other favorite beverages.

This Inflatable Neck Traction May Look Weird but People Swear by It

via: Amazon

My internal monologue: This looks weird. (I would never.) But reviewers say it helps with neck pain. (I have neck pain.) They say it relieves tension. (I have tension.) At this price, it's worth a shot. (Add to cart.)

This InstaMorph Moldable Plastic Can Be Shaped Into All Kinds of Useful Stuff

via: Amazon / Chieh Kuo

I'm in awe of this moldable plastic. Heat it up, mold it with hands or tools, then let it cool into hard, sturdy, opaque white plastic that retains its shape. Reviewers have used it to make everything from hooks to tools to toys, and even to craft new teeth! You've got to see the customer images to believe them.

These Lazy Glasses Let You Read or Watch TV While Flat on Your Back

via: Amazon

File this invention under, "I didn't know I needed it till I saw it." These lazy glasses use carefully angled prisms to give you a perfect 90-degree view, which means you can lie flat on your back and see the TV screen, book, or whatever else is in front of you. Amazon reviewers especially recommend them for people with back or neck issues.

This Nightlight Doesn't Use Up an Electrical Outlet--It *IS* the Electrical Outlet

via: Amazon

Ideal for hallways and bathrooms, these nightlight wall plates are a sleek way to add a little light while keeping outlets free for other uses. They use no wires or batteries, and all you need is a screwdriver to install them. As soon as the room is dark enough, the light automatically goes on.

This Car Phone Mount Has a Magnetic Personality (Get It? Get It? Magnets!)

via: Amazon

In the car, the best place for your phone is anywhere but your hand. That's just life-saving science! This magnetic phone mount is the smartest solution I've seen for keeping your phone visible and safe while driving. More than a thousand 5-star reviews back me up.

These Magnetic Measuring Spoons Click Into Place for Neat Storage

via: Amazon

Measuring spoons may not seem like a product ripe for innovation, but whoever invented these magnetic measuring spoons landed on an idea that works. The five double-ended spoons nest snugly together thanks to the magnets in their centers. That means they take up very little space, yet are easy to find amidst the sea of kitchen tools.

This Microwave Bacon Rack Cooks Crispy Bacon in One Minute Per Slice

via: Amazon

As if we needed more reasons to love bacon, this microwave rack is here to deliver crispy bacon fast and mess-free. Five-star reviewers say the secret is to follow the directions to the letter (which should be easy, since they're engraved on the bottom of the tray). Mmm, bacon.

This Cake In A Cup Is the Best Thing That's Happened to Dessert jn a Long Time

via: Amazon

It's no secret that I love dessert. Just last night, I whipped up a batch of cookies from scratch, much to the delight of friends who came over for movie night. But sometimes I don't have the time or energy to spend hours in the kitchen on a labor of love. Sometimes, I just want an instant, delicious, gimme-all-the-flavors-now cake in a cup.

This Mighty Carabiner Helps You Carry a Zillion Bags at Once

via: Amazon

This is one of those inventions I should have thought of first. I loathe making multiple trips to carry bags, so these carabiner handles are a true step-saver. Each clip securely holds up to 110 pounds (not that I can carry that much--but it's nice to know it's possible).

This Peanut Butter Knife Gets Every Last Bit (Even Out of the Really Big Jars)

via: Amazon

I was skeptical of this invention at first, but the abundance of five-star reviews changed my mind. Apparently, this peanut butter knife is the tool we've all been needing, whether we knew it or not! The long metal blade is designed to perfectly stir, scoop, and spread peanut butter. But what people love most is that it helps them scrape every last bit from the jar, leaving no delicious nut butter behind.

This Pen Ninja Has 9 Tools to Make You Feel Like MacGyver

via: Amazon

Whoever invented the Pen Ninja had an interesting challenge: how do I cram nine tools into one pen? The answer is this sleek, lightweight, stainless steel gadget that gives you just about every tool you need to get out of a tricky situation: LED light, bottle opener, level, two rulers, two screwdrivers, a stylus, and--of course--a working pen.

This Minipresso Makes Coffee Literally Anywhere With No Electricity

via: Amazon

Rarely do I find a gadget I'd consider a true game changer, but the Minipresso falls into that hallowed category. It's perfect for camping or other situations where you don't have electricity but need your caffeine. Simply load the machine with grounds, add very hot water, then hand-pump a perfect shot of espresso.

These CozyPhones Are The Most Comfortable Way To Listen To Music--Even While You Sleep

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Designed for use during sleep, mediation, or exercise, CozyPhones deliver sound via flat, comfortable speakers held in place with a stretchy headband. The Lycra fabric is soft on your skin and machine washable (just remove the speakers first). Reviewers love using it to play white noise while sleeping, or for music while jogging.

This Sleep Ready Lightbulb Simulates Sunset to Trigger Melatonin and Make You Feel Sleepy

via: Amazon / Veronica Bolton

I'm an occasional insomniac, so I know all the tenets of good sleep hygiene. A biggie is avoiding blue light from screens before bed, and the Sleep Ready Lightbulb is the perfect antidote. The amber hue simulates a sunset, triggering the body to release melatonin, so you feel sleepy naturally.

These Slip-On Grips Are Like Pocket-Sized Snow Boots

via: Amazon

Last winter, I visited my brother in Virginia and found myself (a Southern Californian who thinks rain is harsh weather) woefully unprepared for icy sidewalks and snowy streets. I really could have used these spiky shoe covers that slip over any shoe. They give you traction on slippery surfaces, then fit in your pocket when you don't need them.

This Tablet Stand Uses Flexible Spider Legs to Hold Your Screen at the Perfect Angle

via: Amazon

Holding your screen to watch a show is so early 2010s. Upgrade your viewing habits to the next stage of evolution with this tablet stand. The long, flexible, spider-like legs are easy to adjust, allowing you to optimize the height and angle of your screen.

This Tea Bag Buddy Is a Must-Have for Every Tea-Drinker

via: Amazon

When I got my first apartment at age 19, I started drinking a cup of tea every morning, just like my mom. Many years later, I've upgraded the quality of tea and added a Tea Bag Buddy to my routine. The silicone lid keeps tea hot while it brews, then, it helps me neatly lift the teabag and give it a squeeze. It's a simple invention that makes my tea ritual a little nicer.

This Magic Wand for Wine Removes Histamines and Sulfites (That Means No Wine Headache!)

via: Amazon

My friend Amanda used to always skip wine because even one glass gave her a headache. Then one day, she came to my house with a bottle of pinot, a big smile, and a package of these Wine Wands. It seems that the histamines and sulfites naturally occurring in wine can cause headaches and stomachaches in some people. These wands eliminate those substances, so now Amanda can enjoy wine with me again!

This Page Holder Lets You Be a One-Handed Book Reader

via: Amazon

This invention makes me feel seen. I love to read, but I also love having my other hand free to hold a pen (or--more likely--shovel popcorn into my face during tense scenes). The Thumb Thing has a basic-yet-genius design that makes it easy to hold a book open with one hand.

This Watermelon Slicer Carves Up a Full-Sized Watermelon in Under 3 Minutes

via: Amazon

My kids love watermelon, but I don't have super chef skills, so I've carved many a melon into sloppy chunks that look hacked rather than sliced. This watermelon slicer might be the solution. Reviewers absolutely rave over how easy it is to transform a full-sized watermelon into picture-perfect slices in just a couple minutes--with no wet mess.

This Webcam Cover Protects Your Privacy

via: Amazon

When I saw that even Mark Zuckerberg covers his laptop's camera, I figured it was time to do something about this issue. These sleek webcam covers stick on your computer (or other device) and easily open and close so you can use your camera only when you want. If your machine is hacked, or if you accidentally click "live update," your privacy will be protected.

These Fizzy Tablets Magically Clean Your Gross Bottles and Mugs

via: Amazon / CJ

Hundreds of five-star reviewers swear that these bottle-cleaning tablets are life-changing. They're simply the easiest and most effective way to clean grime and stains from travel mugs, water bottles, reservoirs, and other hard-to-clean dishes. Customers recommend using very hot water and leaving cups to soak overnight to get the best results.