37 Cheap Gifts That You Can Buy Two Of (One For Them, One For You)

If you're one of those people who get stressed when it comes to picking out the perfect gift, don't worry — you're not alone. I always stress over finding the best stuff for my friends and family. Whether it's my uncle who has the weirdest taste in clothes, or my brother who is constantly ruining his headphones, there are a ton of people in my life who won't be happy with just any regular ol' stuff. That's why I always head over to check out all the cheap gifts on Amazon when it's time to do my shopping .

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Why Amazon? Not only do they have a ton of stuff, but they also have a ton of affordable presents that won't send your bank account into the red. That means my uncle can use the heat press I've included in this list to make his next weirdo shirt, and I'll grab my brother the sweat-resistant Bluetooth earbuds. He'll probably ruin them within the week, but that's ok — I know his face will still light up all the same when he opens the box.

So what are you waiting for? There are tons of cheap gifts on Amazon that are actually worth the money — might as well buy a few for yourself while you're here!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

These Bluetooth EarBuds That Hold Up Against Sweat

Sweat-proof, dust-proof, and water-resistant, these Bluetooth headphones from Skullcandy are a total steal for less than $40. They come in a ton of cute colors to suit anyone's style (my favorite are the purple ones), and the battery lasts for up to 16 hours when fully charged. Plus, since they feature a built-in microphone, you can also use them to make hands-free calls.

A Thermometer To Help You Cook Meat

Do you have any idea how embarrassing it is to pull a bird out of the oven, only for it to be half-cooked? Because that happened to me last Thanksgiving — which is why this Thanksgiving, I'm going in with this meat thermometer first. It has a range from -58 to 578 degrees Fahrenheit, and the backlit LCD makes it easy to read in the dark.

Who Doesn't Love A Good Pair Of Sweatpants?

My boyfriend owns this pair of Puma joggers , but sometimes I'll steal them away when he's not looking — they're that cozy. The drawstring lets you adjust how tightly they fit, and they're made from 100% cotton so that you don't get too hot while you're kicking back.

A Weighted Blanket To Help You Fall Asleep

Whenever I wrap myself up in this weighted blanket it literally feels like I'm in my own little cocoon, which is probably part of the reason it helps tons of people fall asleep at night. It's also thick and fuzzy so that you don't even need to throw a cover on top of it — plus , it comes in a ton of different sizes and weights to accommodate anyone and everyone.

A Sirius XM Radio That Comes With 3 Months Of Free Service

For less than $70 you can not only buy this Sirius XM radio for yourself and a friend, but three months of free satellite radio come with each purchase too! That means you're automatically getting more than 150 different channels to listen to while you're driving, and the included DIY kit makes installation a breeze — no matter what kind of car you drive.

Get Your Pores Clean And Clear With This Face Scrubber

One of the best gifts you can give someone is clear skin, and this facial cleansing brush really does the trick. It's completely waterproof so that you can easily use it in the shower, and there are two different speed settings to choose from depending on how sensitive your skin is. Each order comes with seven interchangeable cleansing heads — a total steal at less than $20.

A Roll Of Reflective Film That Adds Privacy To Homes

Need a few DIY projects to keep yourself amused around the house? Stock up on a few rolls of this one-way privacy film . You'll still be able to see out your windows like normal, however, people looking inside from the street will only see themselves reflected at them. It'll even help insulate your home in the summer, though I mostly stuck it up because I like to walk around naked. TMI? No? Ok, moving on!

This Cute Scarf From Calvin Klein

Don't like the color red? Not a problem, since this scarf from Calvin Klein also comes in blue, red, coral, pink — basically any color you can think of, it's there. The frayed ends give it a soft touch that looks cute with any outfit, and it's made from soft, breathable viscose to keep you from getting too hot.

I Wouldn't Be The Person I Am Today Without My Amazon Fire Stick

Granted, the person I am today is an Amazon-obsessed couch potato, but hey — at least I get to watch Netflix, Hulu, TLC, and a ton of other apps on my Fire TV stick . Just plug it into any HDMI port on your television, then connect to the internet — you'll instantly be able to stream movies, download apps, or even view live camera feeds via Alexa.

This Water Flosser So You Don't Have To Lie About Flossing

How much did I floss with regular floss? Approximately zero times a week. But now that I have this water flosser , I floss approximately three times a week — because I'm still lazy — but that's better than zero, right? And with three different flossing modes to suit all types of gums, you won't have to worry about it leaving your mouth feeling sore.

A Light Therapy Lamp For Gross Winter Days

What do I mean by a "gross" winter day? I'm talking about those grey mornings that turn into grey afternoons, followed by a dark night — kind of hard to feel upbeat when the weather is so "blah." That's why I keep this therapy lamp on my desk. It gives you a cheery dose of sunlight to help combat the winter blues, and it's completely UV-free (no sunburns here!)

An Electric Toothbrush With Impressive Battery Life

You can get away with not flossing, but you definitely have to brush your teeth — so grab one for yourself and a loved one. The battery in this electric toothbrush lasts for up to 30 days — that's right, a full month. The battery lasts for up to 30 days (that's right, a full month) and it produces 40,000 micro-brushes per minute to power through stubborn stains from coffee and tea.

Tired Of Losing Stuff? Stick A Tile Tracker On It

I'm always losing my phone, keys, and wallet, which is why I have one of these Tile trackers attached to all three. When one goes missing I just use another tile to locate it or open up the downloadable smartphone app to find my stuff from up to 200 feet away. If you're as forgetful as I am, this one's a must-have.

This Kettlebell To Get You Toned At Home

Some days I'm just too lazy to get up off the couch and into the gym, so instead, I'll bust out a quick home workout with this kettlebell . There are tons of exercises you can do with it — squats, tricep curls, lunges — truly, the list is almost endless. And since it's coated in vinyl, go ahead and let it drop on the floor since it won't leave behind any scuffs.

These LED Strip Lights You Can Stick Anywhere

You don't have to shell out the big bucks when it comes to upgrading the lighting in your home — just stick these LED strip lights wherever you want. And if you need a few quick ideas? You can put them underneath the cabinets in your kitchen, behind your television for some cool mood lighting, or even underneath your bed.

A Waffle Maker Brushed With Stainless Steel

I know this is a waffle maker , but trust me — it's also great for making lunch. If you like paninis, go ahead and slap a sandwich between the non-stick heating plates, then sit back and watch as it gets toasted into a delicious meal. It also works great for making grilled cheese, and many reviewers liked how the temperature was easily adjustable.

Grab This Tablet For Less Than $100

Never thought you'd be able to afford a tablet? You'd be surprised how affordable they can be, as this one from Amazon costs less than $100. It comes with 32 gigabytes of memory you can use to store movies, music, books, or any files you transfer from your computer. And since the battery lasts for up to 12 hours, go ahead and watch that movie — you'll be able to watch it to the very end.

This Compact Keurig That Can Fit Almost Anywhere

At less than 5 inches wide, this slim Keurig easily fits into even the most cramped, tight kitchens. It's tall enough to accommodate larger mugs — but the best part? It's available for less than $100. Just think of how much money you'll save using it instead of buying a cup every morning!

Everybody Needs At Least One Shaggy-Soft Blanket

You can't deny that this blanket looks ridiculously comfortable — just imagine wrapping yourself in it during your next lazy day inside as you lay by the fire. It's soft, fluffy, and looks great as an accent throw on your couch when you're not using it. Pick from six rich shades, including cream, light yellow, and pink.

An Air Purifier That's 100% Ozone-Free

Make sure you're breathing clean, fresh air at all times by keeping an air purifier like this one nearby. The HEPA filter doesn't rely on ozone to cleanse the air in your home, and it can even get rid of pollutants like smoke, pet odors, pollen, dust, and more. Unlike other purifiers, this one also features a fragrance sponge that allows you to waft your favorite essential oils through the air.

This Griddle Pan For When It's Too Cold To Grill Outside

Not only does this pan let you achieve those same delicious scorch marks on your meats as you would on a grill, but it's also made from pre-seasoned cast iron. It's safe to use in the oven (or even on the grill if you like to be redundant), and it's even reversible — one side is flat, whereas the other features a regular griddle.

This Hot Press For Fun DIY Projects

What is this hot press , exactly? Think of it as a miniature iron that you can use to make heat-transfer projects — or even just attach some merit badges to your kid's Boy Scouts uniform. The heating plates are coated in ceramic to help prevent burns to your fabric, and the head is adjustable up to heat levels (just in case you're working with delicate fabrics).

A Miniature Heater For Cold Desktops

Got a cold home office that never seems to warm up? Just put this miniature space heater on your desk. The heat is adjustable up to two levels depending on how chilly you're feeling, and the cool-touch housing makes it easy to transport if it's already been running for a while. Besides — it's less than $25. Might as well grab a few while you're here!

A Handheld Vacuum That You Can Use All Over The House

Got a small mess that doesn't deserve the big ol' floor vacuum? Break out this handheld version using a fraction of the effort. The crevice tool helps you get into tight spots, while the removable filter can be washed if it ever gets clogged. But the best part? The rechargeable battery lasts for about 30 minutes.

This Reed Diffuser For Anyone And Everyone

I absolutely love getting reed diffusers like this one as a gift. Why? For one, I'm too cheap to buy one for myself — but you? Go right on ahead! And for two, it comes in a ton of fun scents, including bamboo, cedar, linen, pumpkin, and more. The glass diffuser jar features cute gold details on the side, and the scents are also completely alcohol-free.

A Spice Rack That Comes With Free Refills

You can never go wrong with giving someone a chic spice rack like this one — what are they gonna do, complain about how good their dinners taste now? It comes with 20 spice jars with plastic sifter tops to help prevent over-pouring, and you even get five years — that's right, five years — of free spice refills with each order.

This NutriBullet For Quick, Easy Smoothies

Not a fan of smoothies? Not a problem, as this NutriBullet blender can basically do it all — marinades, sauces, baby food — you name it, this compact blender has you covered. The blades are made from sharp stainless steel that easily powers through tough nuts and ice — plus, each order also comes with sippy lids to turn the blending container into a to-go cup.

You can't Go Wrong With A Good Lap Desk

Most lap desks are kind of cheap-looking, whereas this one is made with a chic bamboo top that's been stained to a rich espresso color. It'll fit any laptop up to 15.6 inches wide — plus, the pillow underneath is made from breathable cotton so that your legs don't overheat.

A Bluetooth Speaker That's Totally Waterproof

Would I recommend you throwing this Bluetooth speaker into the pool? Not at all — but can you get it wet during a shower or a day at the beach? Absolutely. You can also connect two of them via Bluetooth for some surround sound, and the battery lasts for up to 16 hours.

This Burt's Bees Gift Set For Any Dry, Chapped People In Your Life

I don't know about you, but I know I'd be stoked to get this Burt's Bees gift set as a present. All the moisturizing serums in the set are made with a blend of almond oil and vitamin E to help repair chapped skin, and each order comes with four parts: two types of hand cream, one cuticle cream, as well as a pair of cotton gloves.

This Shiatsu Pillow That Massages All Over

I know this shiatsu massage pillow says it's for your head and neck, but that's only if you're lacking in imagination. Stick it under your lower back after a long day on your feet, or lay it on your thighs after a hard run. Truly, you can put it basically anywhere — except for maybe your face, since the soothing heat function might feel a little strong there.

These Shower Steamers To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa

I've always preferred taking showers to soaking in baths, but that also means I never get to play with any bath bombs — until now. Not only are these shower steamers formulated with essential oils, but they also contain moisturizing shea butter to hydrate dry, parched skin. Just throw one down on the drain, then relax as its aroma fills the air.

Everybody Loves A Good Set Of Sheets

"I don't care about the sheets on my bed!" you scream at your computer, to which I reply, " Wrong. " Having quality sheets on your bed makes such a difference when you're sleeping at night, and these are made from 100% soft, plush microfiber. They're also wrinkle-and fade-resistant for those of us who are careless when it comes to laundry (me) — grab them more than 20 rich colors.

This Charging Station For Your Phone And Watch

Keep this charging station on your nightstand, and you'll instantly have a convenient place to keep your phone as it powers up overnight. It'll work with any iPhone with a lightning connector, and if you have a phone that's older than that? Now's a good sign it's time to upgrade. There's also space for your smartwatch — just to keep your nightstand looking tidy.

A Wireless Charger, Because You're Too Lazy To Find A Power Brick

Let's face it: looking around for a USB power brick is a pain. But you know what's way easier? Simply setting your phone down on this wireless charger . You don't even have to take your case off for it to work, and besides — it's less than $30. Why not grab a few for multiple rooms in your home?

I'm So In Love With This Cast Iron Skillet

For less than $30, you can grab this cast iron skillet and instantly take your dinners from "dubious" to "delicious." It comes pre-seasoned so you can use it right out of the box, and the solid cast iron even adds a nourishing dose of iron to every dish prepared with it. Just make sure to always hand-wash it — you don't want to strip away any of that flavor you've built up over time.

An Electric Kettle That Heats Up Faster Than The Stove

I know you're a busy person, which is why you should definitely grab this electric kettle for yourself and a friend. Not only does it heat water faster than the stove (no more waiting around for that morning cup of Joe), but the stain-resistant borosilicate glass also has a chic look that makes any countertop look stylish.