37 Cheap-But-Genius Gadgets Your Kitchen Deserves

Everyone loves a good gadget that saves time while accomplishing a task that you might otherwise dread. It's even better when those gadgets lead to food that you can eat. We scoured Amazon for the most ingenious kitchen gadgets that will save you both time and money. Let's get cookin'!

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This Corn Thresher Turns Corn on the Cob into Corn off the Cob

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Fresh corn on the cob is one of the best summertime snacks. What's not so nice is getting all those strings stuck in your teeth while you're trying to eat it. This corn thresher easily removes the kernel from the cob for easier eating. It's also both faster and safer than using a knife.

These Silicone Food Storage Bags Are the Environmental Option

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And they're also microwave-, oven-, and dishwasher-safe! Try doing that with your old school food storage bags.

Save Your Avocados with This Avocado Saver

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You don't always need an entire avocado for your recipe, but it's a shame to only use half and put the rest in the garbage. This clever gadget keeps cut avocados fresh for several days.

This Cake Portion Marker Pretty Much Takes the Cake

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Cutting a circular cake into even slices can be tricky! This tool can be used to mark 10 or 12 slices for much easier cutting and serving. And, since it's basically flat, it can be easily stored with your cake pans.

The Cyclone Sausage Cutter Are Perfect for People Who Love to Grill

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A spiral-cut hot dog just tastes better — and it looks way more fun, too. Use one of these handy doodads to easily spiralize your hot dogs and sausages for a better grilling experience.

Exercise Your Right to Bear Hands with These Bear Claw Meat Shredders

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You know what animal is really good at shredding meat? Bears. Assuming you don't have a bear on retainer, these bear claws are the next best thing. Use them to effortlessly shred meat at your next barbecue.

This Snap on Can Strainer Makes Draining Cans a Cinch

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This strainer does most of the work for you and is much safer and more thorough than using the metal lid to drain the juice from your canned goods. It fits most can sizes and is dishwasher-safe.

These Beer Savers Keep Your Beer Fresh

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These silicone bottle caps are a must for the home brewer — pop them on your bottles before bottling to keep them clean and sanitized. They're also great for any time you don't finish your whole beer but still want to keep it fresh.

Easily Prep Fruits and Veggies with This Corer Accessory

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This tool is especially handy for removing the seeds and core from peppers. That's the most annoying part of prepping peppers!

Keep Your Hands Safe with These Cut-Resistant Gloves

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This listing includes two pairs of cut-resistant gloves. They're made from tightly knitted Polyethylene glass fibers that keep knives from cutting through. They also have tiny silicone dots on the palms to increase grip.

This Egg Separator Makes Separating Eggs into a Fun Activity

Squeeze the bulb, place it over the yolk, and let go to suck the yolk up. This egg separator is easily one of the most entertaining devices you could add to your kitchen. It will come in handy for soufflés, meringues, and egg-white omelettes.

The Staybowlizer Is the Third Hand You Need in the Kitchen


It holds mixing bowls steady whether they’re on your countertop or you want to create a double boiler. It’s made of thick and flexible silicone and is oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe.

This Avocado Slicer Is a Dream Come True for Guac Lovers

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This all-in-one tool splits, pits, and slices avocados with a simple twist of the wrist. Whether you're putting 'em on toast, making guac, or crafting a delicious salad, this thing makes the whole task much faster.

This Cupcake Scoop Makes Baking Easier

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Using this cupcake scoop is the easiest way to ensure your cupcake pan is filled evenly and doesn't have glops of batter all over the top of it. The built-in silicone plunger scrapes the scoop completely clean.

The Chef'n Zipstrip Herb Stripper Quickly Strips Fresh Herbs for You

Using fresh herbs is one of those things fancy cooks do, but peeling leaves from their stem is kind of a pain. The attached cup is labeled with measurements so you always know exactly what you’re working with.

This Snap On Strainer Will Fit Virtually Any Pan or Bowl in Your Kitchen

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Simply clip the strainer onto the edge of your pan or bowl and easily strain whatever is inside. Its small and compact design means it's easy to store in even the tiniest kitchens.

These Baggy Racks Make Meal Prepping a Breeze

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They're also great for saving leftover sauces! Simply clip a bag into the rack and it will hold it steady for you as you fill the bags with whatever it is you're trying to save.

This Garlic Chopper Is Fun and Functional

Pop a couple cloves of garlic in the top and take this baby for a spin! After rolling it on your countertop for a few seconds, you can open the lid to find perfectly chopped garlic.

This Foldable Funnel Saves All Kinds of Space

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Funnels are handy items to keep in your kitchen, but most of them have a very unwieldy shape that makes it tricky to store them. These ones fold almost completely flat and could easily be tucked into a small drawer or cabinet.

Bee's Wrap Is

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The beeswax-infused paper can be used to wrap food, or you can use it to cover a bowl or pack a snack. The warmth from your hands melts the wax to make the paper malleable. You can wash and reuse Bee’s Wrap several times. And it smells divine!

Prep Berries in Record Time withThis Strawberry Huller

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Quickly remove the stem and core from strawberries for salads, desserts, snacks, and smoothies. This handy gadget makes the entire process quick, easy, and efficient. And it looks pretty adorable, too.

This Pineapple Corer Is a Godsend

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Fresh pineapple is one of the best snacks in the universe, but cutting a pineapple is hard work! This device peels, cores, and slices an entire pineapple in a matter of seconds with a simple twisting motion. It even leaves the shell intact in case you want to use it as a fancy bowl.

You Can Use These Orange Peelers on Any Citrus Fruit

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Peeling oranges often leaves you with sticky hands and pith stuck beneath your fingernails — unless you have one of these handy gadgets. The built-in blade cuts the peel without damaging the fruit itself.

This Fruit Peeler to Get Perfect Melon Slices

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Easily separate the fruit from the rind with this tool. You can also use it to scoop out the seeds and all that stringy stuff in the middle of the melon.

The Norpro Egg Timer Changes Color to Show You When Your Eggs Are Ready

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A perfectly boiled egg is one of life's greatest treats, but they're easy to mess up. Luckily, this egg timer makes the whole process fool-proof. As the water heats up, the timer itself changes color to indicate whether the eggs are currently soft, medium, or hard.

This Jar Opener Works on Even the Most Stubborn Pickle Jars

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Easily install it in seconds, then enjoy being able to easily open any jar or bottle in your house, no matter how stuck-on the lid is. A simple twist and the lid will pop right off.

This Recipe Holder Keeps Your Recipe Cards Safe from Messy Spills

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This classy “recipe rock" keeps your printed recipes visible and off the countertop so you have more space to work.

These Cutting Board Grippers Stop the Wobble

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Place them under your cutting board to keep it from dangerously rocking back forth. You can also use them as a trivet or jar opener.

This Egg Piercer Is the Trick to Easy-Peel Boiled Eggs

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Piercing the eggshell before boiling prevents the shells from cracking in the hot water. It also makes the eggs easier to peel once they're done cooking. There's a built-in safety lock so you don't have to worry about the needle being exposed.

This Oven Rack Push/Pull Device Makes Cooking Safer

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It can be tricky to grab the oven rack when you're wearing oven mitts. This device allows you to grab the rack to pull it out or push it in while keeping your hands out of harm's way.

Keep the Prep Mess Contained with This Hanging Trash Bag

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You can attach any bag to your kitchen cupboards or drawers, saving you multiple trips back and forth to the garbage can. When you’re done, all you have to do is remove the bag and toss it. Easy peasy!

This Oven Liner Protects Your Oven — and Your Elbows

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Is there any task more monotonous than scrubbing out an oven? Probably not. But if you don’t do it, you end up with charcoal-y black messes at the bottom of your oven (and inevitably set off your smoke alarm). If you put these liners down first, you don’t have to worry about scrubbing.

This Mandoline Slicer Has a Built-in Container

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Get paper-thin slices with just a few easy movements — and rather than trying to get the slices to land on your cutting board or plate, this slicer catches them right in the storage compartment.

This Pot Clip Will Keep Your Countertop Clean from Drips

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This device — made from silicone and stainless steel — attaches right to your pots and pans and holds virtually any kitchen tool for you. And it's dishwasher-safe.

This Olive Oil Sprayer Is Refillable!

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Fill the Misto with your favorite oils, vinegars, or juices, then place the pump-cap on it. Give it a few pumps and it's ready to spray on your pans or salads.

This Spatula Makes Flipping Foods Easier

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The unique design allows you to grab onto whatever it is you’re trying to flip. Keep egg yolks from cracking or pancakes from getting stuck and making a huge mess in your pan.

Here's a Storage Container Made Specifically for Bacon!

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This airtight bacon keeper is the perfect container for storing your bacon and keeping it fresh for longer. It can hold up to one pound of uncooked bacon.