37 Brilliant Inventions You Can Get on Amazon Under $25

Everyone loves discovering products that will solve their problems, but nobody likes spending all their money on said products. That's where we come in! We've found 37 brilliant inventions that you can order directly from Amazon — and none of them will cost you more than 25 bucks! Quite the deal, eh?

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: 22Words is a participant in the Amazon affiliate program and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

Sugru Is Like Magic PlayDoh for Grownups

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When you open a packet of Sugru, it's totally malleable. You can use it to reinforce your charging cables or make it into any other shape that you need (like a hook for your toothbrush or a seal for a crack in your shoe). When it cures, it turns into silicone rubber! It bonds to glass, ceramic, wood, metal, plastics, and pretty much everything else.

These Air Purifying Bags Makes Stinky Places Stop Stinking

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They're filled with activated bamboo charcoal which absorbs funky odors and leaves everything smelling fresh. Put 'em in your closet, car, or smelly gym shoes.

These Nail Clippers Are the Last Ones You'll Ever Need to Buy

via: Amazon/sanjeev

These clippers are truly a "buy it for life" item. They come with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee as well as a lifetime replacement warranty. Nearly 5,000 Amazon reviews are all basically saying the same thing: Buy these clippers, yo.

This Can Colander Is Way Safer Than Using the Metal Lid to Drain Your Tuna

via: Amazon

Step one: Open can. Step two: Drain using can colander (it fits most standard size cans!). Step three: Smile.

This Braided Lightning Cable Is Way More Durable Than the One Your Phone Came With

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You know how the end of charging cable looks like it's been through a garbage disposal? Yeah, that won't happen with this one. The entire length of the cable is strengthened with braided nylon and the end pieces are reinforced with strong plastic.

These Drain Snakes Will Make Clogs a Thing of the Past

I can't promise you're gonna like looking at the nightmarish goo that comes out of your drains when you use this drain snake, but you're definitely gonna like taking a shower without standing in three inches of water!

The Tapi Transforms Your Sink into a Drinking Fountain

A light squeeze and BAM! Drinking fountain! This is convenient for anyone who has kids (or who just doesn't feel like grabbing a cup from the cupboard).

This Tiny Fan Keeps You Cool (and Looks Cool Doin' It)

via: Amazon

It's cute, it doesn't take up a lot of space, and it can provide you with some much-needed relief as you work through the heat of summer. And did I mention it comes in three different fun colors? 'Cause it does.

The Woof Washer Is a Godsend for Dog Owners

via: Amazon

360 degrees of dog washing in one convenient package! Simply attach the Woof Washer to any standard hose and place it around your pup. Not only will it save you time; it'll also save your back!

This Super Loud Whistle Even Works Underwater!

via: Amazon

This thing is LOUD! Its 142dB whistle can be heard up to 2 miles away, making it a great choice to take hiking or use for personal safety. It also comes with a lanyard so you can always keep it handy.

This Sleep Mask Is Three-Dimensional

via: Amazon/Jeana Abnet

Get all the light blocking of a standard sleep mask without any of the eye squishing. This mask leaves some space your eyes to move around as needed while you drift off to dreamland. It's fully adjustable, so you're guaranteed to get the perfect fit.

This Headphone Splitter Is Also an Adorable Cactus

via: Amazon

When it comes to headphone splitters, there are plenty of standard designs...but wouldn't you rather have something cute? Of course you would. This one looks like a little cactus! It comes with a little loop that could easily attach to your keychain so you can take in on the go!

This Credit Card Light Bulb Is Just Nifty

via: Amazon

It's a flashlight that fits in your wallet! This listing is for five individual lights — batteries included! (Quite the deal for less than 7 bucks.)

This Finger Guard Will Keep Your Fingers Attached and Uninjured

via: Amazon

Which is pretty ideal, right? Simply slip this stainless steel guard on your fingers before you start chopping and rest assured that you'll finish prepping dinner with the same number of fingers that you started with.

This Cauliflower Prep Tool Is Absolutely Brilliant

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Cauliflower = Great veggie, terrible prep process. This tool makes it easier than ever to remove cauliflower from its stalk. It also works great for broccoli! And it's dishwasher safe, too.

This Grape Slicer Is Another Great Kitchen Gadget

via: Amazon

Whether you're slicing grapes for a salad, a child, or yourself, this handy slicer accomplishes the task in seconds. You won't have to worry about slippery grapes rolling all over your cutting board!

These Veggie Cutters Are Super Fun

via: Amazon/Noza

Fruits and veggies that are shaped like animals just taste better. That's a fact. Use these clever cutters for snacks, pie crusts, sandwiches, cheese slices, or anything else you want to have fun eating.

This Foldable Keyboard Is Perfect for People On-the-Go

via: Amazon

Roll it up and stick it in your purse or bookbag and it's ready to go wherever you're headed. It's also water resistant and easy-to-clean.

This Kitchen Multitool Saves a Ton of Cupboard Space

via: Amazon

It features eight different tools in one handy package! When they're assembled together, they take up the space of a single wine bottle, making this multitool especially ideal for small kitchens.

This Key Holder Is Super Cute!

via: Amazon/Sophie

Each keychain features a tiny bird that you put into its house whenever you're home. The birds are also tiny whistles!

This Clip-On Lens Kit Attaches Right onto Your Phone

via: Amazon/FFFF

Transform your cell phone into a fancy schmancy camera! This kit features both a macro and wide-angle lens — they can also be connected and used together at the same time!

This Electric Kettle Has More Than 8,000 Amazon Reviews

via: Amazon/Marianne

It can bring up to 1.5 liters of water to a rolling boil in a matter of minutes. The kettle also features an auto-shut-off feature for safety and peace of mind.

This Portable Humidifier Is Simply Lovely

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Whether you put it on your desk, in your car, or next to your bed, this little humidifier will look good and do its job admirably. It's one of the quietest humidifiers on the market, too.

This Microwave Popper Makes Movie-Style Popcorn for Cheap!

via: Amazon

Enjoy the convenience of microwave-popped popcorn without having to spend a bunch of extra money on those pre-buttered bags of kernels. Measure your kernels in the silicone lid, drop them into the glass popper, place the lid on top and pop the whole thing in the microwave for 3 minutes. There's no need to add any oil (although you can melt butter in the lid as well).

This Egg Mold Makes Your Lunch More Exciting

via: Amazon

OK, technically, a hard-boiled egg that isn't shaped like a T rex skull tastes the same as one that is...but it's nowhere near as fun.

These Popsicle Molds Are Another Whimsical Kitchen Gadget

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Pour fruit juice or purée in the molds, stick the handles in, and pop the whole thing in the freezer overnight. The silicone molds make it super easy to remove your popsicles, and the fun shapes are a great bonus.

This Cookie Stamp Is Fully Customizable

via: Amazon

Stamp any message you'd like into your next batch of cookies! Simply arrange the included letters to spell out your message in the silicone mold, attach the wooden handle, and stamp away!

The Tweexy Holds Your Nail Polish for You

via: Amazon

This little device is great for times that you're painting your nails and don't have a flat surface handy — sitting on a bed, on public transit, at the beach — you name it! Just place the Tweexy on your hand and insert the nail polish bottle, and you're good to go.

This Water Bottle Has a Built-In Fruit Infuser

via: Amazon/Sandra K. Olson

Staying hydrated is obviously important, but sometimes water just tastes...boring. The infuser basket on this water bottle is extra long so the flavor from whatever fruits, vegetables, or herbs you add lasts way longer. It also includes an insulated cover for keeping your water cold for hours.

These Shoe Clips Light up For Safety

via: Amazon/Polli

Safety first! If you enjoy going for a run in the evening or early morning, it's important to wear lights and reflective gear so drivers can see you! These clips attach directly to your shoes without any adhesives and shine for up to 100 hours.

Clamshell Packaging Is No Match for The Slice Safety Cutter

via: Amazon

It features a high-tech ceramic blade that will never rust. There's also a built-in magnet and key-ring hole so you can keep one handy at all times.

This Sound Machine Will Lull You Right to Sleep

via: Amazon

It features six different soothing sounds, all of which are designed to mimic the natural environment and provide the most relaxing experience possible. It's also super small and lightweight, making it perfect for travel.

This Razor Extesion Handle Makes Shaving Much Easier

via: Amazon

Shaving your legs means constantly having to contort your body into a bunch of different inconvenient poses to reach every angle. This razor extension handle means less contorting!

This Handy Locator Will Help You Keep Track of All Your Stuff

via: Amazon

This listing is for four receivers and one remote — attach the receivers to your keychain, wallet, phone, remote, or anything else you tend to lose. Next time you can't find that item, just hit the button on the remote! No need to download an app!

This Apple Watch Stand Looks Super Sleek

via: Amazon/AMZ12g

If you have an Apple Watch, you've probably noticed that charger tends to fall off your nightstand pretty much constantly. This stand includes space for the charger cord and stays exactly where you want it to be.

Keep Your Hands Free This Phone Holder

via: Amazon

Need a hand? How about two of 'em? This handy stand keeps your phone upright while you're cooking, reading, or watching videos. It works in both landscape and portrait mode!

The Space Pen Writes Underwater!

via: Amazon/Amazon Customer

And upside-down! And in zero gravity (in case you ever find yourself there)! There's basically no situation in which this pen couldn't be used to write.

This Styling Station For All Your Haircare Tools

via: Amazon

Raise your hand if every time you want to blow-dry your hair, you have to get down on your hands and knees and rummage through a disorganized under-the-sink space to find the thing. I thought so. This styling station eliminates that problem in one fell swoop.

This Chef'n Slicester Cheese Slicer That's a Must for Cheese Nuts

via: Amazon

Man, now I want some cheese.

These Moso Purifying Bags Are The Only Kind Of Charcoal You'll Actually WANT In Your Stocking

via: Amazon

Moso's cornered the activated charcoal market, and for good reason. Their simple, top-quality bags veritably drink in odors of all kinds, from nasty feet, to spoiled chicken. And all through the power of activated charcoal.

This Tomorrow's Kitchen Silicone Utensil Rest That Keeps Your Counters Clean(er)

via: Amazon

Because there's a better place to put that sauce-covered spoon than your previously clean countertop.

This Ultra-Popular Steamer Makes Laborious Ironing A Thing Of The Past

via: Amazon

Once relegated to dry-cleaners and high-end hotels, steamers are now smaller and cheaper than ever. Just fire up the PurSteam and run it over your clothes and watch the wrinkles fall away. It’s easier than ironing, and cheaper than running the shower on high for an hour.

The Tubshroom Will Catch All The Hair You Shed Before It Clogs Your Pipes

via: Amazon

A $12 piece of silicone that'll save you hundreds in plumbing bills.

Keep Your Headphones in This Handy and Stylish Organizer

via: Amazon

No more tangled cords! Just wrap them around this stylish leather organizer and put them in your pocket. Next time you need them, simply unwrap and go!

The Mighty Handle Triples Your Lifting Power

via: Amazon

Anything that minimizes my grocery-carrying trips between the car and the house, I'm on board for.

These Cheap and Effective Cable Clips

via: Amazon

Stick these little bad boys on your desk at home or at work and your life will instantly transform. No more getting down on the ground scrounging around for your charger.

This Handy Magnetic Wristband

via: Amazon

There's nothing worse than stopping a project to search for that crucial screw or nail. Well, with the MagnoGrip, you'll have all your necessary hardware close at hand (er, wrist).

The Popular Tivolo Pancake Pen Will Upgrade Your Pancake Game Immediately

via: Amazon

Now THIS is how you pancake.

This Blind Cleaner Is the Best Tool for Your Dusty Blinds

via: Amazon

The microfiber sleeves are perfectly shaped to capture dust and dirt that gets trapped on your blinds. You can also use this tool to clean your A/C vents (both in your house and in your car).

This Section of Chain Mail Will Keep Your Cast Iron Spotless

via: Amazon

Yep, chain mail is the best way to keep your cast iron clean.

This DIY Music Box Kit Looks Absolutely Magical

via: Amazon

I'm gonna be upfront about this one: This object won't clean your house, save you money, or make it easier to complete some everyday task. But it will make your life more fun, which I think can be just as important! The music box comes with strips of paper and a hole punch. All you have to do is punch holes in the paper, then wind it through the machine and listen to it play a lovely tune! It comes with one pre-printed song strip and the rest are blank for your own enjoyment.

Chill You Beverages in a Flash with the HyperChiller

via: Amazon

If you like iced coffee, then I think the HyperChiller is an absolute must. You can pour hot coffee straight into it and it will chill it — in one minute! — without any dilution. I mean, it’s a no-brainer. You can also use the HyperChiller to chill wine, tea, whiskey…basically anything that is hot, but which you would like to be cold. It’s also dishwasher safe, so even cleanup is a total breeze.

This Toothbrush Holder Seems Pretty Sanitary

via: Amazon

We all saw the episode of MythBusters where they reveal that pretty much every toothbrush has super gross stuff on it, right? Ever since I saw it, I've tried to be very vigilant about keeping my own toothbrush clean (even if some germs are inevitable). This toothbrush holder can be mounted on your wall. It holds up two different toothbrushes and has a little cover that closes over them whenever they're hanging there. It's also vented for quick drying.

This Automatic Pot Stirrer Is the Best Kind of Robot

via: Amazon

Robots that can spit out the solutions to math problems and solve the mysteries of life are cool and everything, but I’m personally more interested in robots that do my chores for me. Like this one, which can be set to automatically stir a pot for you! It’s safe for use with nonstick pans, completely cordless, and features three different stirring speeds. Just set the timer and rest assured that the robot is taking care of business.

This Organizer Uses Magnets!

via: Amazon/Erin J.

This little tray has a magnet inside it which automatically arranges whatever is in it — like sewing pins or nails — into a starburst shape, making it easy to grab just one item at a time. It’s a simple idea that makes so much sense and can actually save you a lot of time, not to mention preventing needle pokes!

And Speaking of Magnets, This Magnetizer/Demagnetizer Is Pretty Nifty

via: Amazon

Sometimes you have unmagnetized objects that you wish were magnetized. Other times, you might have magnetic objects that you wish you could demagnetize. This little device lets you do both! Run your screwdriver (or even separate screws) through the magnetizing chamber to give them a magnetic charge — this is great for when you don't want to drop a screw onto whatever you're working on. If you want to eliminate the magnetization, simply run your tool through the demagnetizing chamber! This little device is much handier than you might think. Every household should probably have one.

This Magnetic Hourglass Is Classy AF

via: Amazon

Regular hourglasses don’t even impress me anymore. This one has magnetized iron filings in it that build amazing stalagmites in the bottom bell whenever you flip it. Super cool, right? It also features an elegant wooden base and is the perfect size for just about any desktop. The countdown time is a minute (so you could also use it to lend board game night an extra classy air).

The Mini Buddha Board Is a Great Way to Relax

Whenever you need a moment of zen, go to the Buddha Board (this one is the mini version, but it also comes in a larger size). Simply dip the included paintbrush in plain water and create your designs. They'll appear on the board as if you were using actual paint. But that's not even the coolest part. After a few minutes, your designs will begin to fade until they eventually disappear completely. It's a great way to practice letting go of things that are bothering you, as well accepting that all the good things you have are temporary, too. (Whoa — bet you didn't realize you'd be getting a philosophy lesson while reading this list, did you?)

This Moon Lamp Looks Hella Cozy

via: Amazon

I’m all about making life more cozy and this lamp is the perfect way to do just that. For less than 20 bucks, you can bring the warm glow of the moon right into your home. The built-in rechargeable battery provides between 4 and 20 hours of illumination depending on how bright you have it — the lamp emits either warm yellow or cool white light according to your preference.

Make Healthier Choices with the Zoodle Chef

via: Amazon

If you’re trying to cut down on carbs, or even just trying to make your veggie intake more interesting, the spiralizer is a great tool to have in your inventory. It easily turns veggies into spaghetti-like tendrils that can be used in place of actual pasta. Now, I’m not going to tell you that the pasta-shaped veggies taste exactly like pasta, but they are a pretty fair substitution, and this thing is very fun to use!

This Outlet Shelf Will Free up So Much Counter Space

via: Amazon

If you’re short on counter space in your kitchen or bathroom, this outlet shelf is a great product to consider. It can be installed over your existing outlet in about three minutes flat. Once it’s there, you can plug in your Google Home, Alexa, Bluetooth speaker, electric toothbrush, or anything else you want to keep out of your way. It’s designed with a channel built into that allows your charging cable to pass through, too.

The Drop Stop Is a Totally Simple, Yet Totally Genius Idea

via: Amazon

How many times have you dropped your phone, some change, or a few french fries into the abyss between your car seat and the center console? Unless you already have a Drop Stop, the answer is probably "millions of times." The Drop Stop fits pretty much every vehicle. Just secure the loop around the seat belt clip and stuff the rest in the crevice and voila! It's blocked! It's so simple that you're probably wondering why you didn't think of it. I know. I wish I had thought of it, too.

The Diamond Dazzle Stick Will Bring New Life to Your Jewelry

via: Amazon/Alina L.

Not gonna lie — I spent a good 10 minutes just looking at the before and after photos in the customer reviews for this item. They are seriously amazing! Somehow, this diamond cleaner stick — which only costs about 5 bucks, by the way — makes jewelry sparkle as though it's been professionally cleaned. It's not just for diamonds, either. It can also be used on other precious and semiprecious stones. The tiny bristles on the brush allow you to reach every nook and cranny on your rings (and other jewelry) and leave them sparkling like new. This is one I'm buying for myself!

These Air Purifying Bags Will Make Your Life Smell Better

via: Amazon

They’re filled with activated bamboo charcoal which naturally works to absorb gross odors and leave nothing but fresh smelling air behind. Grab a few to put in your gym shoes, hang in your closet, or leave in your car. Wherever musty or stinky odors are present, these fancy bags will find them and eliminate them for good. They’re also totally safe to use around your pets and/or kids!

This Foot File Does Twice the Work in Half the Time

via: Amazon

Due to its unique, curved shape, this foot file works on both sides of your foot at once. Simply use it on your dry, rough, and cracked skin to make your feet softer. The file isn't just curved; it's also double-sided. One side can be used to slough of dry, hard skin, while the other buffs your soles and toes until they're soft and smooth. When you're done using it, you can wash the whole thing and hang it up using the handy attached loop until next time.

The Addalock Will Make You Feel Safe and Secure

via: Amazon

This is such an incredibly smart idea and I kind of can't believe I haven't heard of it before! For anyone who would like a little extra security — whether you're staying in a hotel or an Airbnb, the Addalock is basically a must. It fits most standard doors! All you have to do is insert the metal part into the door's strike box, close the door, and hook the red piece onto the designated spot...OK, I realize it may seem a little complicated to explain, but it can literally be installed in a few seconds. And once it's in, the door can't be opened from the outside until you remove it.

This Scalp Massager Has a Serious Cult Following

via: Amazon

Use this brush to massage your scalp and lather up shampoo at the same time. It features a handle that’s easy to grasp and several flexible rubber tips to really get in there. The gentle massage the device provides increases blood flow to the scalp and promotes relaxation — it might even boost hair growth! If you suffer from dandruff or an itchy scalp, this brush is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

This Overflow Drain Cover Will Take Your Baths to the Next Level

via: Amazon

As we just established, if you’re going to be taking a bath, you deserve to go all out when it comes to relaxing. That means having the water cover your entire body (and not stopping below your knees or shoulders). In order to accomplish that, you want to cover the overflow drain cover on your tub. That’s exactly what this handy gadget accomplishes. Say hello to deeper, more luxurious baths!

This Eyeliner Stamp Creates the Perfect Wing Every Time

via: Amazon

Putting on makeup sure can be tricky! Anyone who’s ever tried to master the winged eyeliner look knows how quickly it can go from “passable" to “panda-eye." This clever little stamp takes all the guesswork and fine muscle movement out of the equation. Simply stamp on your wing and you’re good to go. The eyeliner itself is both waterproof and smudge proof.

The FakeTV Is Another Simple Invention That Makes So Much Sense

via: Amazon

We're all familiar with the trick of leaving your TV on in order to deter potential burglars. This little device accomplishes the same effect, but only consumes the same amount of power as a standard night light. Turn this thing on before you leave the house (by flipping a single switch), and the lights will flash, creating the illusion of a 27-inch TV being on. It accurately simulates scene changes, fades, and on-screen motion. Pretty smart, huh?

This Bath Bomb Set Would Make an Excellent Gift

via: Amazon

Bath bombs are the perfect way to take an ordinary bath to the next level. This pack of 12 bath bombs would be a perfect gift for a friend…or you could keep them all for yourself, too. They come individually wrapped in a nice gift box. The set features 12 different scents for you to enjoy. What are you waiting for? Better start filling that tub!

This Pet Hair Remover Looks Pretty Ugly, But It Seems to Really Work!

via: Amazon/Nisha Nair

This thing isn't going to be winning a design award any time soon, but once you see what it does to all the pet hair entangled in your rugs, clothes, and furniture, you're not gonna care even a little bit. Simply sweep the ugly stone over your furniture and get ready to marvel at how much hair it removes. Like, seriously. This is another one where it's totally worth checking out the customer reviews.

Your Spider Friends Will Thank You for Getting This Critter Catcher

Most people don't enjoy sharing their living space with creepy crawly creatures. On the other hand, we don't all have the stomach to squash them, either. In a perfect world, spiders would respond to you asking them politely to vacate the premises. Barring that, the Critter Catcher seems like a pretty good option! It allows you to gently pick up the offending visitor (from a solid distance) and bring it outside to your garden, where it can happily gallivant to its heart's content.

This Hanging Jewelry Roll Is Brilliant for Travelers

via: Amazon

I tend to keep my jewelry in a plastic baggie whenever I travel, and I always regret it. I end up spending more time detangling necklaces than I thought was even possible. This travel pouch provides several separate zippered pockets for your jewelry and rolls up so it can easily fit in your suitcase. There’s also a little loop you can use to hang the holder up once you get to your destination. Pretty genius!

This Blanket Fits in Your Pocket!

via: Amazon

I'm a firm believer in the fact that you can never have too many blankets. As it turns out, that statement applies to both inside blankets and outside blankets. This one folds up to about the size of a matchbox. When you need it — whether to use as a picnic blanket or a way to claim your beach spot — just unfold it and it's ready to go! It's water repellent and puncture resistant, so it's a great choice for all of your adventures.

These Scissors Are Kept in a Tube

via: Amazon

Imagine a pair of scissors you could carry around in your pocket or purse without having take any precautions so they don't stab something (or someone). Now stop imagining it and just buy these scissors already! When you're not using them, they can be stored in the handy little tube. It even has a pen clip-like device so you can hang it on your pocket (or wherever else). This is exactly the upgrade scissors have been needing this whole time.

This Paper Shredder Uses Zero Electricity!

via: Amazon

All you need are your hands! Well, and some paper to shred, obvs. Simply load the paper into the slot and twist the ends to shred it into...well, shreds! Not only is this a good way to maintain security and privacy; it also just looks like it'd be super fun and cathartic to use, doesn't it? At just over 12 bucks, you may as well get one for both your home and office!

This Stapler Doesn't Actually Use Staples!

via: Amazon

Instead, it cuts a tab-and-loop-style closure that holds a stack of papers together. Never having to buy staples again? Yes, please. You’ll also never accidentally put a staple through the paper shredder! And you don’t have to remove staples before recycling! This little gadget has a lot going for it. I also just love the cheery color of the green one (but it’s also available in white, blue, and pink.

This Perpetual Calendar Would Dress up Any Desktop

via: Amazon

If you find yourself looking up the date multiple times a day, you would probably benefit from a perpetual calendar like this one. The handmade wooden tiles can be switched out and flipped around to keep track of the month, date, day, and even the day of the week. Setting the calendar is a great way to get started with your day. And — bonus — it’ll last forever! (Or at least as long as we’re still using the current calendar system. I guess that could change.)

These Stainless Steel Straws Are Good for the Environment

via: Amazon

Everybody’s talking about straws these days, huh? Do your part to cut down on plastic straw waste by switching to stainless steel straws at home! The oceans will thank you. This listing is for an 8-pack of straws. My favorite part is that they come with a teeny tiny brush that makes washing them a breeze (although they’re also dishwasher safe)!