37 Brilliant Gadgets That Are Somehow Under $5 on Amazon

Who doesn’t enjoy the thrill of an online shopping spree? The rush of adding item after item to your cart? Well, we want you to have that incredible feeling without any kind of buyer’s remorse. We found dozens of helpful products that cost less than a Subway sandwich, so you can go wild without needing to tame your card balance. From little kitchen marvels to swag even your furry friend can get behind, check out these beloved, affordable items.

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

This Brush for Your Cast Iron Pots and Pans

From skillets to Dutch ovens, cast iron is back in a big way. Any home cook worth their salt knows all their cast iron wares need are some hot water, but sometimes food just doesn’t want to let go. This ergonomic brush helps you scrub away caked-on food thanks to its dense arrangement of bristles and you can hang it up near your sink when you’re done.

This Super Cute Headband

Whether you’re getting ready for bed or a night on the town, it’s easy for your hair to get in the way of 250-step Korean skincare routine. But why would you settle for a boring headband when you could become a cat? This soft, elastic band keeps your hair out of your face and damage-free with the added benefit of adorable cat ears.

These Golden Eye Masks

Now that your hair is out of the way, soothe your eyes with these collagen masks. You get 10 pairs of masks that reduce puffiness and the appearance of dark circles. The gold design adds a luxurious factor to your skincare routine while the collagen improves your skin’s elasticity. Don’t blink and miss out on this deal!

This Innocuous Pen

Succulents are all the rage these days so why not get a desert plant for your desk? This little cactus adds some whimsy without the responsibility. You can surprise your coworkers when you show them it’s more than just good looks; it’s a pen too! Scribble down some quick notes with the surprisingly ergonomic silicone needles.

These Pimple-Busting Patches

Don’t let a surprise zit ruin your day ever again! This pack of patches does two jobs: it covers the offending pimple and speeds up the healing process. Each clear patch is difficult to see once on and can be further disguised with makeup (which won’t get on the blemish and make it worse).

This Silk Sleep Mask

Block out any unwanted light with this cozy sleep mask. Your eye area won’t get too hot thanks to the breathable mulberry silk. Reviewers love how soft the material is and how it completely blocks out any light. An adjustable strap will fit kids’ and adults’ heads with ease, so it makes a great gift too!

These Moldable Ear Plugs

Do you find most ear plugs are too uncomfortable for practical use? Try this six-pack of moldable putty plugs! The putty contours to the shape of your ears for the perfect fit every time. The waterproof seal created protects you from your snoring loved one and swimmer’s ear. Frequent fliers also love how these plugs minimize any pain from pressurization. Basically, wherever you need ear plugs, you can count on these ear plugs.

This Cleaning Pad for Your Makeup Brushes

This thimble-like, silicone glove fits neatly over a finger or two so you can scrub the makeup out of your brushes. Small bristles at the tip help you lather your soap or cleaning solution while larger grooves get your brushes squeaky clean. Users love how much easier the scrubber makes the cleaning process and feel like their brushes are better off than from simple hand washing.

These Eyebrow Shapers

For the plucking averse, eyebrow shapers can help you get your hair in line, literally. The razors work well for their intended purpose and can tidy up any other unwanted facial peach fuzz. These blades are sharp and lacking a safety, but most users say the learning curve is simple and painless. Don’t worry, Edward Shakyhands, there’s a safe version for you too; it all comes down to personal preference.

This Beauty Blender Pack

These small beauty blenders might take some getting used to if you’re more familiar with the branded version, but they’re ultimately the same: beauty sponges. Due to the size or if you just love a big blender for foundation, you can use these for more specific tasks like contouring. Users recommend washing them thoroughly before use, but you would do that with any applicator, right?

This Detachable Body Brush

Dry or wet, a good body brush is a skincare necessity. The boar bristles on this brush exfoliate without feeling too rough and work well for a stimulating lymphatic massage. A cotton handle makes the brush easy to hold onto and the main brush can be attached to a bamboo handle for those hard-to-reach spots.

This Silver Cleaner

Whether you’re overrun with silver or just have that sentimental piece of jewelry, you know that tarnish comes for us all. Keep your treasures sparkling with this ammonia-free cream. The shine lasts and also provides a layer of protection from re-tarnishing. In addition to the usual silver suspects, this Kosher cream also removes scratches from that dance recital DVD or CD mixtape.

These Rawhide Alternatives

This pack of chewy twists wants to keep your pup’s teeth healthy. If you’ve experienced the aftermath of a rawhide chew, these twists are about to become a household favorite. The formula is enriched with the vitamins and minerals they need and is easy to digest. No more upset stomachs, just a happy, healthy dog!

This Nut Milk Bag

Make your alternative milk at home with this sturdy mesh bag. The weave of the fabric prevents even the smallest pieces of pulp from getting through. The nylon bag is reusable, easy to clean, and can handle intense squeezing without ripping. Though many users bought the bag with a particular use in mind, they’ve found scores of other uses from cold brew to getting water out of veggies for baking purposes.

These Little Brushes for Laid Edges

If you’re tired of roommates or relatives accidentally using your edge toothbrush for actual dental hygiene, try these brushes. One side features a small-toothed comb for styling precision while the other has a small brush for the coveted swoop effect. With two in each pack, you can keep one at home and one with you for any day-to-night touch-ups.

This Evolved Keychain

This new take on a carabiner wants to make split rings a thing of the past. These little S-locks secure your keys one side and the keychain on the other. If you share a car or important storage keys at work, these carabiners make it much easier to move around community keys. Each MicroLock can hold up to three keys, making it a great buy for Airbnbs and other vacation rentals.

A Lot of Ladybugs

How about 1,500 ladybugs, to be exact? You could argue that these would make practical additions to indoor plants, a garden, or a whole backyard, but really this purchase is for joy. The joy of releasing over a thousand ladybugs is one that should be experienced firsthand, alone, with kids, or even for an Instagram-worthy photo shoot!

This Eyelash Comb

If you thought eyelash curlers looked like medieval torture devices, this gadget is combing for their crown. When you apply too much mascara and can’t get the clumps out without starting over, reach for this tool. The comb separates your lashes and removes clumps so you only rock the grunge look when you really want to.

This Charcoal Toothpaste

It might feel counterintuitive to put something black on your teeth in order to make them whiter, but here we are. This fluoride-free toothpaste uses activated charcoal to get your pearly whites, well, pearly and white. Combined with fresh mint and coconut oil, you get all the benefits of brushing your teeth without any unwanted chemicals.

These Balls of Fire

Okay, so they’re cubes, but also a welcome addition to summertime soirees, at any rate. The cubes are meant for charcoal grills, but fireplaces, pizza ovens, and bonfires can also benefit from these lighter fluid alternatives. These little firestarters give Drew Barrymore a run for her money, lighting even when wet and creating a smokeless blaze without affecting the taste of anything cooked over the fire.

This Professional Nail Polish Remover

Sure, your brand might do an “okay" job at getting nail polish off of your nails, but you could do so much better. This acetone nail polish remover can tackle regular nail polish, gels, and even acrylic nails. Cut down on your at-home manicure time with this powerful (but not damaging) remover.

This Wine Aerator

Don’t have the room or time for a decanter? Help your wine open up with this aerating spout. This aerator slows down the pour and allows more air to hit as much of the wine as possible. The spout fans out the wine while also creating a drip-free pour for more enjoyable glasses of wine.

This Kitchen Scrap Bag

You know all those plastic produce bags you have after a trip to the grocery store? You can put them to good use with this easy-to-install holder. It can clip onto a kitchen or bathroom cabinet so you can sweep away small messes like scraps or beard trimmings. It can also hold small towels or rags if you’re short on storage space and need to wipe things down quickly.

These Eye Makeup Removers

This cylinder holds a whopping 120 clarifying pads that take on the most runway-ready smokey eye. Though not meant for waterproof makeup, many reviewers report successes with waterproof mascaras and eyeliners. Soothing aloe vera and cucumber work to minimize irritation without leaving a scent or oily residue.

This Serious Teasing Comb

Get the volume you deserve with this teasing comb. The pointed handle easily sections off hair while three rows of teeth provide body-building lift to your tresses. The teeth are a combination of flexible and rigid with plenty of sturdy control to keep you from doing any serious damage while backcombing to your way to the ‘80s.

This Collapsible Funnel

Whether you’re trying to get your favorite conditioner into a TSA-approved bottle or your salad dressing into a little container for lunch, chances are high you’ve made a makeshift funnel in your life. Skip the mess and questionable food grade rating of your DIY endeavors with this heat-resistance funnel. This colorful, dishwasher-friendly tunnel collapses down to a flat circle and can fit most bottles when fully extended.

This Incredible Eyeshadow Base

If you have oily eyelids or eyeshadow colors that just don’t translate to your skin, invest in an eyeshadow primer. Luckily for you, this NYX investment is less Wall Street hedge fund and more drugstore bargain. In addition to providing a great base for your eyeshadow looks, many users also recommend using it underneath concealer to avoid creasing!

This Simple Hair Trimmer

Your stylist will begin to forget what you look like thanks to this razor comb. The comb’s teeth protect you from the internal blade that thins and cuts as you pass it through your hair at different angles. Don’t worry; it comes with instructions! Some users also found it safe and effective enough to use when grooming their cat, so your feline friends won’t need professionals either!

This Avocado Saver

Stop haphazardly wrapping your avocados and get this little container instead. It fits most avocado halves and as long as the cut side is on the bottom, you’re cleared for future avocado enjoyment. The design is simple so it’s as easy to wash by hand as it is to throw in the dishwasher.

These No-Tie Shoelaces

Remember when you first learned to tie your shoelaces? You were so proud of yourself! Now, having to tie shoelaces is a nuisance particularly exacerbated by active lifestyles. Whether you’re running a marathon or climbing a mountain, you just don’t have the time to tie your shoes anymore and now, you don’t have to. These one-size fits all elastic shoe laces fit kid and adult athletic shoes with nearly a dozen lace options. Less bending, more bouldering!

These Slow Cooker Liners

Slow cookers are already the universe’s gift to millennial kitchens and this gift hasn’t stopped giving. If you don’t know about slow cooker liners, you’re about to use your machine even more. The liners protect the interior and rim of the slow cooker for the fastest cleaning process to hit your kitchen. Go ahead. Make chili. Every. Night.

This Paper Clip Holder

As far as office supplies are concerned, paper clips rarely get the holders they deserve. It’s always a bit of a clunky experience to grab just one. Well, this little sink and its hidden magnets allow you to keep one or more on deck while creating lovely desk art with the rest.

This Scalp Massager

Get the salon experience at home with this handheld scalp massager. The soft, silicone bristles disperse shampoo and conditioner while providing a stimulating massage. The back, complete with a finger loop, is made of a sturdier plastic so you can hold onto it in the shower. Just try not to get too relaxed!

This Cast Iron Handle Cover

We’ve already discussed the lasting miracle of cast iron skillets, but as you might be aware, their handles get scalding hot. Instead of using oven mitts for eggs, get one of these covers from AmazonBasics. They fit over most handles and create insulating protection, so you can wield your skillet as comfortably as a modern pan.

This Can Colander

From tuna to beans, getting the water out of your canned goods can be a delicate fork game. Or maybe you prefer to dirty an entire colander? Say goodbye to both of these methods with this simple gadget. It snaps onto most cans to keep the food and the water out with one simple inversion.

This Dish Squeegee

You know that pasta sauce your roommate left on your plate last night? It’s still there. It doesn’t have to be, nor do you need five minutes of elbow grease to get it off. This flexible squeegee clears off caked-on food without damaging your dishes, saving you water and time. That’s right. This gadget is more thoughtful than your roommate.

These Colorful Dividers

Turn any notebook into a multi-section notebook with these handy dividers. These self-sticking notes allow you to create eye-catching tabs with enough room for overarching notes on each one. Whether you’re in school or the self-assigned meeting stenographer, you’ll love how organized these tabs make your choice of notebooks.