37 Bedding & Sleep Essentials to Make Your Room Feel Like a Hotel

I love my bed: the specially chosen pillows, the cooling covers, the moderately fancy, slightly over-the-top, under-the-sheets fan (seriously, I would marry my BedJet if I could). As much as I love my bed (and bedtime, more specifically), I never sleep better than when I'm in a hotel. I don't know if it's the room's temperature, the blackout curtains, or the crisp bedding itself, but staying overnight in a hotel — whether it's a vacation or a staycation — is just about one of my favorite things on the planet.

It got me thinking: What if you could take the luxurious hotel experience and combine it with the creature comforts of home? In essence, you could transform your maybe boring or "blah" sleeping space into something that feels more magical. To do that, you're going to need a few of the things on this list like that "essential" sleep collection at No. 2, a pillowcase at No. 16 that's as comfortable as it is good for you, and, well, No. 35 — for some of you — will be an absolute must. The ABCs to better ZZZs are just ahead in this list of 37 best bed buys from Amazon.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

A Flannel Fave


Nothing feels better than flannel when the temperatures start to drop. They're warm, snuggly, and soft while still being plenty breathable. This sheet set includes fitted and flat sheets and four pillowcases in a 100 percent cotton flannel mix. These are fitted with a gray geo print, but there are other great patterns, too, including snowflakes that will have you in the holiday spirit while you're sawing logs.

An Essential Sleep Collection


A big part of how well you sleep has to do with the environment in which you're trying to get that sleep. This essential oil blend set features three sleep-inducing blends like Stress Relief with orange and sandalwood, Relax with lavender and bergamot, and Sweet Dreams with chamomile and clary sage. You get all three in one set for calming, skin-soothing, relaxing, stress-relieving action.

This One Is A Du-vet


This duvet cover set — oh, what? You don't know what a duvet is? O.K., let's start here: A duvet is a quilt-like cover that's usually filled with down or feathers and takes the place of a comforter or even additional bedding. Now, with that out of the way: this duvet cover set will protect your existing duvet with understated elegance in six great colors for the bedroom that will have you looking like the put-together adult you (sometimes) are.

Get Blackout DrunkDrapes


I have two requests for my sleeping spaces — let them be cold and let them be dark. These blackout-lined curtains will accomplish one of those two things. A pair of these drapes (and yes, they come in a pair) are essentially two layers of fabrics with a sew-in black liner backing. If you work nights, you definitely need these, and if you don't, you'll still enjoy being able to block outside lights from passing cars, exterior lights, and more.

Do Bamboo


What good are all the bedroom essentials in the world if you don't have the right sheets? This six-piece bamboo sheet set has a lot going for it including deep pockets for the corners and fade-resistant, anti-pill technology. Made from a bamboo viscose fabric blended with microfiber and elastic, these are the softest of soft sheets that'll have you asking, "Is it bedtime yet?"

There's Nothing Basic About This Micromink Bedding Set


If that picture doesn't make you just want to jump under those sheets and catch 40 winks, you need to have your bed-lovin' heart examined. This micromink sherpa comforter set is from Amazon Basics but there's nothing "basic" about it. It comes in two dozen colors and patterns for beds from twin to king, with micromink on one side of the reversible cover and sherpa fleece on the other.​

Wake Up With The Sunrise


Enjoy waking with the sun? (What's wrong with you?!) This sunrise alarm clock harnesses the look of the sun without the intense heat or UV damage - ha! The sunrise simulation light increases gradually from 10 percent to 100 percent over the course of 30 minutes (or whatever amount of time you prefer). It has all the standard offerings, too, like snooze, multiple alarm settings, and a built-in radio.

Block It All Out With A White Noise Machine


White noise machines aren't just for little ones; sometimes big ones need a little noise-blocking action, too. This sound machine from HoMedics features six soothing sounds that mimic the natural environment including white noise, thunder, ocean, rain, summer night, and brook. Play continuous sounds or set a timer. This unit is small enough that's portable for travel.

Beneath-The-Bed Light


How many times a night do you get up with the urge to go pee? (Don't answer that.) Even in my own bedroom, I still sometimes catch myself stumbling around in the fog of sleep. This motion-activated bed light is all you need for navigating in the dark without waking up your significant other. It only lights up when it detects movement and shuts off with no effort.

Hitting Snooze Never Looked So Good


If you'd rather not wake up with the sun and prefer your mornings a little less sunshiney, this digital alarm clock is a chic piece to add to your bedside table. Made from a stylish wood design, you can set multiple wake-up times on this gadget, which also delivers the temperature and the humidity on its face. A touchscreen face makes it easy to slap, er, turn off when it's time to get moving.

Mist Your Way To A Good Night's Sleep


Essential oils seem to be everywhere you look these days, but they're not the only "liquid" solution for achieving a better night's sleep. This aromatherapy pillow mist is a blend of lavender, vanilla, and other natural essential oils in a spray that works best by misting your pillow. Lavender by itself has been known to lessen anxiety and calm your mind so that you can get better zzzs.

Bring The Heat


I have 100 percent turned into my grandmother with this one and I'm not mad about it at all. Sometimes the chill is so serious that nothing but a heated blanket will do. This is the king of heated blankets, too, with its large size, three heating levels, auto-shutoff, and foot pockets. (It has pockets!) An extra-long cable means you can use it anywhere with ease.

A Hotel Collection Duvet Insert


Nothing says "luxurious hotel stay" like a down comforter and while this one is synthetic down, it's no less spectacular. Remember that duvet cover from a few spots above? This goose-down alternative bed comforter is what goes inside it. This insert is great because it's machine washable (unlike a lot of others) and works for all seasons. It's allergen-friendly, too.

Shelf Awareness


Do you have a bedside table or maybe just a stack of books in your TBR pile on the floor beside you? This bedside shelf is essentially a clip-on nightstand, giving you room for a water bottle, your phone, and a tube of lip balm. It requires no set-up and no tools, just clip it to your bed frame and twist the screws until it's securely attached. This is a perfect solution for a small room or dorm as well.

Cable Knit Comfort


Cable knit, oh how I love you. There's nothing that says "chilly days" to me more than cable knit and someone finally wised up and made it in the form of a snuggly throw blanket with a sherpa backing. Created for an oversized fit, these blankets are machine washable and dryer friendly, which is reason enough to buy them. Plus, all of your friends and family are going to try to steal it.

Sleep On Silk


Nothing — literally nothing — improved my hair and skin like transitioning to sleeping on a silk pillowcase. This one from Fishers Finery is made from pure mulberry silk and comes in plenty of neutral shades as well as some unique colors. Sleeping on a mulberry silk pillow has been proven to reduce breakage in your hair and keep wrinkles off your face. It's my favorite beauty sleep product on this list.

Don't Sleep On This Eye Mask


Listen, I can't do the sleep masks. I've tried and A. It messes with my lash extensions and B. I can't see anything. And, yes, I know that's kind of the point, but it also freaks me out just a little. Maybe you're a sleep eye mask person ... or you're thinking about becoming one. This option molds seamlessly around your nose, won't move around on your face, and effectively blocks light, whether you're at home on snoozing on an airplane.

Hotel-Worthy Bed Pillows

Amazon / Sammy

Why are hotel pillows so superior to the regular ones you can buy in local stores? I almost always leave a hotel wishing I had the pillows I'd just laid my head on. These hotel collection bed pillows are the solution. At $40 for a pack of two, these are a steal. They're encased in 250-thread count covers and filled with a soft down alternative that'll keep you cool. Oh, and about 140,000 reviewers have already tested them out for you.

Top It Off With This Mattress Pad


Before you rush out and buy a new mattress because you think yours has run its course, you owe it to yourself to try a quilted fitted mattress pad like this one. The fiberfill adds extra loft to your mattress top for a more comfortable night's sleep while the elastic around the sides makes it easy to put on and keep it in place. One reviewer (who made some additional modifications) called it, "a $3,000 mattress for a couple hundred bucks."

Throw On A Bed Runner


You've seen them. I've seen them. It's the one piece a bedroom needs if you're really going for a hotel aesthetic. These textured bed runners are found in most higher-end hotels, adding a sort of finishing touch to a made bed. I love the pattern and the fringe detailing on the ends as well as the size and color options like a nice saturated teal or soft light lavender.

It's A Sham


If you want to have a big girl (or big boy) bed, you really must invest in pillow shams like these floral quilted ones. These come in a bunch of versatile shades that will complement your existing bedding and in both standard and king sizes. The embroidered design looks a lot more expensive than its $29 price tag. Remember the rule about pillows: there is no rule. Get all of those bad boys.

A Pillow For Stomach Sleepers


Stomach sleepers, you guys often get forgotten in the rush for plush, fluffy pillows. This stomach-sleeping memory foam pillow was built with you in mind. A flat pillow, this design eliminates strain on the neck and back, soothing pain and stiffness, with a gel-infused middle that keeps you cool and comfortable all night long. It also comes with an on-the-go bag so have pillow, will travel.

I'm No Quilt-er


This oversized quilt cover set has all the appeal of a complete look without the exorbitant price tag. Just $45 for the king/California king version, it includes the quilt and two matching pillow shams in shades like the moody eggplant pictured or fresh sage green. These quilt sets are made with a breathable, lightweight material that resists fading and shrinking in the wash.

Plush Party


Your bedding cannot be too fluffy; it's just not possible. This shaggy duvet cover set (cover and two shams) is made of microfiber long plush on the top and ultra-soft crystal velvet fabric on the back. A zippered cover means that your duvet will stay protected while you stay super snuggly year-round. Try it in traditional beige or gray or get wild with something new like the old pink.

Penthouse Collection Perfection


This penthouse collection bedding just looks like it belongs in a hotel room, doesn't it? Made of 100 percent cotton percale, it features a 200 thread count, unique stitching, hidden button enclosures, and corner ties. The satin stitching in black, navy, silver, or stone on both the duvet cover and shams adds a tailored-looking finish that'll go with any existing decor.

Layers For Changing Seasons


Fall is a great time for adding layers and this 100 percent cotton blanket is a great option. For a max of $27 for the king-sized option, this blanket features a dobby weave technique and waffle square patterns in a soft, breathable material. It's a lightweight option to keep on your bed year-round or a versatile throw that you can use in any room — except maybe the kitchen, that's just weird.

Sleep On Satin


If you like slip-sliding around on your bedsheets, these luxury silky bed sheets feature an extra-soft 1,800 thread count and are wrinkle-, fade- and stain-resistant. Made from high-quality microfiber, reviewers rave about these sheets using words like "cool comfort," "silky smooth," "splendid" and "exquisite." One reviewer added: "I love the way the cool satin feels against my skin especially after a hot summer day."

No More Pain In The Neck


I spent a number of months (felt like years) sleeping on a bad pillow ... or at least a pillow that was bad for me. This contour memory foam pillow features an ergonomic design that works for back, side, and stomach sleepers to alleviate neck pain and help you wake feeling refreshed. These pillows are made of breathable bamboo fabric and your purchase will score you a free pillowcase.

Soup Up Your Sofa Bed


If you've never slept on a sofa bed, but you have a soft bed for guests, do me a favor and go pull it out and lie down on it. ... Sucks, doesn't it? This microfiber sofa bed pad will add a layer of padding (and comfort) to your existing sofa bed, making it more enjoyable to sleep on. Elastic anchor bands on the corners help keep the pad in place so your guests won't wake up swearing you under their breath.

Try On Some Texture


You don't have to live in the south to appreciate the fine art of seersucker, which is exactly what this duvet cover set is made of. Reviewers love the quality and price of this set, which comes with one cover and two pillowcases. Me, I love the textured look that adds visual interest to this set and the great array of colors, which include a cornflower blue, blush pink, and the always-popular white.

A Boho Bedding Buy


All about the boho vibes? This boho bedding set includes everything you need to upgrade your bedroom, including the duvet cover with zippered closure and two pillows. The geometric lines, stripes, and triangles are really the hallmark of this set, creating a whole new look that's as simple to acquire as making your bed. You do make your bed, right? Never mind, don't answer that.

Drop A Hint About Breakfast In Bed

Amazon / Michelle G.

Encourage more breakfasts in bed with your own bamboo bed tray table. This one has foldable legs and is ideal for meals (of course) or even working or watching Netflix in bed. This one comes in black, natural, or white for less than $30. Hey, it's not room service, but it's as close as you're going to get in the comfort of your own home. Buy your partner a tuxedo shirt for service and bam! Good to go.

Grab A Reading Sleeping Pillow

Amazon / Ali

I enjoy products that serve multiple purposes, and it appears this guy does too since he's using this reading pillow bed wedge as a comfy sleeping pillow instead. (We're equal opportunity pillow lovers around here.) Meant to be used to prop yourself up in bed to finish that movie or read the next chapters of your book, if you fall asleep on it, well, that's O.K., too.

Add Ombre To Blackout Shades


A lot of blackout shades have no personality; they're one solid color in some type of awful material. These blackout curtains are functional as well as fashionable with a damask pattern in an ombre coloring. Your package will include two shades and you can pick from colors that are neutral or a bit more lively. The best news is that you'll be able to get a good night's sleep, even if it's smack in the middle of the day.

Block Out The Noise

Amazon / Student205

You can buy all the fluffy pillows and satiny sheets you want, but if you're lying next to a snorer, you're going to spend most of your time awake. These loop quiet noise reduction earplugs will let you enjoy your new bedroom purchases to the fullest by blocking out unwanted noise from snorers, traffic, pets, and more. These are made from extra-soft silicone that won't bother you while you're sleeping.

Fall Asleep With Music


This is a headband I could definitely get into. Sometimes you just want to listen to music or a favorite podcast while you're nodding off to sleep, but let's be honest, AirPods aren't comfy for extended periods of time and then you wake up in the morning and can't find them. This sleep headband has built-in Bluetooth so you can listen in comfort, whether you're sleeping, meditating, or working out.

The Golden Goose


Last but not least, we've got the M.O.A.P. (That's Mother Of All Pillows, if you didn't figure it out.) This goose feather bed pillow is a whopping 600 thread count and is filled with both feathers and microfiber to deliver support, volume, and snuggly softness. Buy a single or a pack of two in queen or king sizes. Pro tip: Fluff them in your dryer after removing them from their vacuum-sealed packaging.