37 Beauty Products You Didn't Know Existed And That Could Improve Your Life In 2021

New year, new you! We need that mantra in 2021 more than ever, don't we? Last year was a year of challenges for most of us personally, professionally, socially, mentally, spiritually and any other -ly word you can think of. This year, though, we can set the tone early that despite what is thrown at us, we'll make the best of it.

One of the best places to start is in the bathroom. Now, don't make it weird. All I mean is we could all do with a bit more pampering, a bit more indulging, a bit more "treat yo' self" early and often. Those face masks you've been eying? Buy them, girl. That serum that promises to make your booty better than ever? Snag it. The aromatherapy shower bombs that would make your mornings more meaningful while you debate the meaning of life as water pours over you? You already know. Give these 37 beauty products a try and tell 2021, "Watch out, world, I'm coming through!"

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Holy Sheet, It's A Face Mask


These sheet masks have been a favorite in Korean beauty circles for years, and for good reason. They're packed with hyaluronic acid and other antioxidants that work to hydrate and tighten dry skin. Try the honey for nourishing care or snag charcoal for pore care, seaweed for its purifying properties, or pearl to brighten things up. At just $2.80 a mask, this at-home spa treatment is well worth the investment.

I'm Matte About This Inexpensive Setting Spray


It's hard to keep up with all the steps that beauty and skincare experts recommend: Tone, clean, exfoliate, moisturize, prime, apply makeup, set. This NYX setting spray will at least help you with the latter, providing a long-lasting matte finish so your makeup won't budge. I was skeptical until I saw nearly 50,000 reviews and then that $8 price tag. After that, it was "Add To Cart," and I've been doing it ever since.

Going Down In A Blaze of Glowry


Can we talk butts for a second? We're pretty abusive of our derrieres, seldom doing anything special for them while we moisturize, scrub and tone everything these. This Buns of Glowry serum promises to make your gluteus maximus tighter and, um, glow-ier. I'm loving the natural ingredients like watermelon, vitamin E, and orange flower, and the chemical-free, cruelty-free promise.

Honest-To-Goodness Longer, More Voluminous Lashes

Amazon / Leslie Benitez

I've been wearing lash extensions for a hot second, so I'm a little out of touch with the mascara world. That said, I know all about Honest Beauty and its promise to deliver clean, cruelty-free products. This mascara does double duty, with both a primer and mascara that help create lush length, volume, and definition. Honestly? For $16, I'd grab two.

Give Yourself Some First Aid


The name of this brand, First Aid Beauty, is genius, in my book, because who couldn't use a little extra TLC? I've gotten several of their products over the years in beauty subscription boxes, and I've never been disappointed. This intense hydration moisturizer for the face and body is one of my favorites. It has a light whipped texture that isn't light on hydration and doesn't feel greasy.

Scoop, Scoop, Ba-Doop


Why are things so much cuter when they're in itty-bitty packages? I seriously said, "Dawww," when I saw these mini scoops from I Dew Care. In this three-pack, you'll get a brightening mask, a hydrating mask, and a soothing green tea mask in ice cream flavor-inspired scents. Don't sell them short just because they're small; these tiny pots pack an antioxidant punch.

You're So Cuticle

Amazon / Chinita

Our cuticles are another of those bodily areas that get overlooked without meaning to. I've found, now that I do all my manis at home, that I pay more attention to what kind of shape they're in. I try to add a cuticle oil like this milk and honey variety from Cuccio every evening before bed. In just a few days, you'll start to see its benefits. The pomegranate and fig scent is next on my list to try.

Wash, Rinse, Repeat With This Smooth And Serene Set


I've finally broken myself of my daily hairwashing practice, but I do still enjoy a really good scrub with a great-smelling shampoo and conditioner. This smooth and serene set from Love Beauty & Planet is designed to work well together, cleansing and moisturizing with the help of argan oil and lavender. Reviewers rave about how soft it leaves their hair.

You're On A Roll(er)

Amazon / Diana Zhu

Massaging rollers have increased in popularity in recent years, with rose quartz and jade becoming fast favorites among the beauty-obsessed. This jade roller has excellent reviews from more than 15,000 purchasers who tout it for things like removing wrinkles and reducing acne. The stone's smooth surface tightens the skin and can even make cream and serum application more effective.

Make Your Shower Experience The Bomb

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know all about bath bombs — those fizzy balls you can add to a soak for great scents and added moisturization. But, what if you're not a bath taker? These aromatherapy disks are designed to be used in the shower. As the water hits them, they dissolve, delivering a pleasant vapor throughout your shower. I bought these for my mom for Christmas, and she still raves about them.

Infuse Your Skin With A Sonic Treatment

Amazon / AmazingGrace

If you've ever read any of my other articles, you know I'm obsessed with the beauty gadgets from Spa Sciences. I have the Sima, the Nova, and this Aero, which is a sonic skincare infusion system. What does that mean in English, you ask? It means you can apply your serums and creams and use this tool for better absorption (seven times better, according to the company). For $29, it's a no-brainer.

Get A Salon-Quality Blowout At Home

Amazon / Katherine Peluso

Nearly 30,000 reviewers (and yours truly) can't be wrong, can they? The picture above shows a beautiful blowout, but not from a salon. Instead, it's from a $40 Revlon gadget called a one-step hair dryer and volumizer. It's no gimmick, either. This hot air brush has been reimagined from the hot air brushes of the past to deliver both faster drying time and crazy volume. Run, don't walk, to get your hands on this.

Girl, Brush Your Face

Amazon / Anna

I've already expressed my devotion to my Spa Sciences facial brush, but I have gifted this one twice recently, and both recipients approve. This waterproof facial cleansing brush gets your face cleaner than soap and water alone, and it comes with seven different brush heads that can be used for everything from exfoliation to massage. A pumice head would be great for your feet, too.

Paint On A Whiter Smile

Amazon / Ana Laverde

This is the "Year of the Teeth" for me, as I'm circling back on some long-overdue dental work. One of the things I like doing at home is applying a whitener. It doesn't get much easier than a whitener that's already in pen form so you can literally brush it on. You can also throw one of these in your purse for a whitening pick-me-up after brunch out with the girls.

Go On, Get Your Glow On

Amazon / Stevie

I know, I know, a self-tanner is hardly an earth-shattering discovery, but bear with me. I've spent most of my life chasing a self-tanner that A. Doesn't smell awful and B. It isn't streaky. This self-tanner from Beauty By Earth might be the culmination of my life's work. Reviewers say it is all-natural, great-smelling, and even after application. If you're looking for a natural glow, look no further.

Brew Up Smoother Skin


I feel like I could just write, "Coffee. Coffee, coffee, coffee. Coffee, coffee. Coffee," in this description box, and that would be enough to convince you to buy it. I love coffee, but I'd never considered it in a body scrub until I ran across this arabica coffee scrub. Ideal for cellulite, stretch marks, spider veins, acne, and more, it is packed with good stuff, including Dead Sea salt and sweet almond oil ... and did I mention coffee?

This Hair Masque Dupe Is All That

Amazon / L

A few months ago, I stumbled onto this product looking for a dupe for Coco & Eve's Like A Virgin Hair Mask, and I have not been disappointed. Packaged and presented similarly to its more expensive counterpart, this hair masque is great for all hair types to revive, repair, and restore your strands to better than before. You even get the three-tiered brush thrown in for free.

Let A Mad Hippie Treat Your Face

Amazon / Aura

I've never met a mad hippie, have you? But, I have tried — and fallen in love with — the line of products from Mad Hippie, including this vitamin C serum. This all-natural, vegan serum is great for treating skin discoloration and blemishes, and evening skin tone. I apply it nightly, followed by a lightweight moisturizer, and I've seen big improvements in a few short weeks.

Nourish Your Lips With Vegan Coconut Scrub


Maybe it's living at the beach, but I absolutely adore products that remind me of the coast, including the smell of coconuts. That's part of the reason I selected this coconut lip scrub for this list, followed closely by the product's actual benefits, which promise to moisturize and repair the sensitive skin on your lips. The sugar granules help exfoliate, while the four oils and vitamin E naturally nourish.

You'll Go Nuts Over This Coconut Melt


Let's keep the coconut love going with this coconut melt from Kopari because why should your lips have all the fun? This jar includes one simple ingredient: 100% organic coconut oil. Simple enough, right? It has unlimited uses, though, such as a hair mask, everyday moisturizer, makeup remover, dry shave oil, bath boost, under-eye rescue, baby cream, and stretch mark balm. Talk about a multipurpose purchase!

Rush To Buy This Skin Brush

Amazon / Samurai

Not going to lie, when I first saw this picture, I immediately thought, "Oooh, a scary sea creature." Not so. It's actually a body brush that works on wet or dry skin. Why would you want a body brush? I'm glad you ask. Body brushing can help with exfoliation for softer skin, improving circulation, and eliminating cellulite and dry skin. At less than 10 bucks and with more than 12,000 reviews, it's worth a try.

Lash All The Way To The Bank With This $25 Serum

Amazon / ShopperMom

​Who doesn't want longer, fuller, thicker lashes? I know I do. There are hundreds of lash serum offerings out there, so it can be hard to know which one to give a go. This lash and brow booster isn't as much of a splurge as others on the market, and the before/after photos posted by customers are promising. It contains two pro-keratin peptides, the building blocks for lash and brow enhancement.

This Hydrating Spray is a Mist-Buy

Amazon / Mel

Ignore the packaging for a moment, won't you? This rosewater and glycerin hydrating mist may not look impressive, but it has a cult following of folks who say things like "amazing" and "perfect combo." The rose promises to refresh skin and calm redness, while the glycerin locks in moisture for a dewy glow. And, if there's one thing I can get behind, it's a dewy glow, especially for $7.

This Indian Healing Clay Is Top Secret

Amazon / Amazon Customer

Here's another product that doesn't have the most chic-looking packaging, but the ratings and testimonials put it over the top. Made of calcium bentonite clay, Aztec Secret isn't much of a secret with nearly 21,000 reviews, but you might want to keep it a secret, so your stash is safe. If you've been looking for deep pore cleansing, the secret is out: Aztec Secret's where it's at.

Wax On, Wax Off — At Home

Amazon / Family account

No one ever tells you all the things you shouldn't do at home as part of your beauty routine. Sure, you shouldn't cut your own bangs. We all know that. But, you may want to proceed with caution when it comes to waxing. Unless, of course, you grab this complete waxing kit. It has everything you need to attempt hair removal at home, including warmer, wax beads, applicator sticks, and pre-and post-treatment sprays.

Meet Your New Sunscreen BFF


Sunscreen isn't new. In fact, if you ask your dermatologist, he or she will tell you that you should be wearing it every day. What is unusual is the makeup of this one from COOLA. It's made of natural plant photo-protectors and plant-based oleo. Unlike many sunscreens I've tried, it doesn't go on thick and isn't greasy. Just don't forget to reapply! It's that light and sheer.

These Microfiber Towels Are A Wrap

Amazon / Brandee

​I've been using microfiber hair wraps like the one pictured for years. Why? They're super absorbent, fast-drying, and won't slip and slide on your head while you're applying makeup or getting the kids out the door. This three-pack will only set you back $10 and ensures you'll always have a dry one available when you need it. One reviewer said it's even good for long hair.

Tote Your Beauty Gear In A Snarky Bag

There are plenty of makeup bag options out there. You know it. I know it. The whole world knows it. What sets this one apart is its snarky message and its oversized design that'll accommodate numerous full-sized products. Best of all, it features a wide flat bottom so you can firmly sit it on a counter and rifle through it to find just the right shade of lipstick.

You Nailed It With This Strengthening Treatment

Amazon / Les

Some people are fine with "shorties," that is, short nails. For me, personally, I like my nails a bit longer, but getting them to that point can be a struggle. OPI has developed this nail strengthening treatment that brushes on simply like nail polish but creates harder, longer, and stronger natural nails. The formula features both calcium and protein that'll make your nails the envy of all.

Set Your Makeup Up For Success With This Setting Powder

Amazon / Amazon Customer

Lots of cosmetics companies sell their own loose powder, so it's unlikely you've veered off from the product from your favorite brand. But, if you're looking for a setting powder to set your foundation that's long-wearing and oil-free, you'll be over the moon for this one from Sacha. With more than 12,000 reviews, it's worth the try in Buttercup, Buttercup Light, and Butter No Color.

Lather Up With Charcoal Soap


Charcoal gets a workout in the beauty industry, and why not? Its benefits range from a brighter smile to removing skin impurities. BeautyCounter got in on the action with this charcoal soap, which, I admit, I was drawn to just because who's ever seen black soap before? I'm easily amused; what can I say? One review said it provided a "gentle but thorough cleaning."

Bow To This Brow Gel


​Before discovering the wonders of microblading (10/10, would recommend), I was a slave to this eyebrow gel from WUNDER2. You can better define your brows, fill them in and thicken them with this waterproof, smudge-proof, and transfer-proof formula that comes in five different shades. I liked that it provided a natural-looking alternative to brow pencils, thanks to its hair-like fibers.

Drink Your Way To A Youthful Glow

Amazon / LidZBarnes

Everyone knows that the best skin care starts not with what you're putting ON your body but what you're putting IN your body. And, if you're like most of us, you're not drinking nearly as much water as you should. This hydration multiplier from Liquid I.V. might be your secret weapon in looking like you slept 10 hours and just came from a facial. This electrolyte powder has more than 35,000 Amazon reviews.

Get Ready For A Steamy Evening

Amazon / Are Garrett

This facial steamer has so many uses I don't know if I can pack them all in here. Not only does it unclog pores, melt away dead skin cells and hydrate the skin, but it can also function as a sinus de-clogger or an aromatherapy machine with your favorite essential oils. But, back to the beauty uses: A simple 10-minute steam session at home can deliver softer, smoother, and more supple skin, and who doesn't want that?

Whip It, Whip It Real Good


I had to look at this product twice to be certain it wasn't meant to be used in the kitchen. (And, I guess you could, but that might be weird.) What it does do is transform any of your existing cleansers into a marshmallow-like foam for a more luxurious skincare experience. Perhaps the best part is the cost savings you'll realize: For just $7, this foam maker uses a dollop of cleanser and bulks it up, prolonging the life of your purchase.

Get Ready For A Supernatural Hair Experience


COLOR WOW's Dream Coat spray is so good it has the word "supernatural" built right into the description. And it's no lie. Even with the severe Florida humidity, I can spray this on my hair, blow it dry, and have super sleek frizz-free locks. The only problem I've experienced with it? It doesn't come in a big enough dang bottle. Could you help me out here, COLOR WOW? Can I get this super-sized?

Brush It Off With This Super Set

Amazon / Gloria

I'm not sharing anything crazy for the last item on our list of 37 life-changing beauty products unless, of course, you like 14 makeup brushes for only $9. You'd be in good company, too, with nearly 55,000 Amazon reviews. For the price, you can grab an extra set of brushes just for travel, the office, or just to keep in your car. These are even beautifully designed in black and rose gold.