37 Awesome Finds Under $20 On Amazon

Sometimes you just want to find something super cool on Amazon that no one else you know has. It's totally possible, you just need to put the time in... so I've put all the time in for you. Trust me, I know you have time right now but falling down an Amazon hole really takes it out of you. Whether you're looking for a little Friday pick-me-up for yourself or a unique gift, there's something for everyone.

From this genius cereal-on-the-go cup to sticky notes that will actually make you remember stuff and a sweet magnetic key holder, you'll want to add all of these to your cart.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Prices tend to fluctuate but were all under $20 when we added them. We'll try to stay on it to make sure it stays that way. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page

A Coaster Set That Doubles As Decor

I'm sick of random piles of coasters around my apartment... so I definitely need this cactus coaster set. It will look great on your shelf when you don't have people over. Plus, there are multiple ways to design it.

This Compact Blanket Makes It Easy To Be Beach-Ready

The days of lugging around blankets to the beach or a picnic are gone. This strong but lightweight blanket is water and sand resistant, folds up so small, fits 4 people AND has corner pockets that can be filled with stones to keep it on the ground.

Enjoy Your Fave Cereal On The Go

This may be the most genius invention I've seen in a long time. The CrunchCup lets you enjoy your fave cereal one-handed on the way to work and it keeps the cereal and milk separate until it hits your mouth.

Stay Hydrated WIth This Cool Face Mister

Refresh your face on the go with this refillable face mister. It's hard to find an extremely fine mist like this and you can fill it with water or your fave toner.

These Gloves Let You Actually Dig In Your Garden

Anytime I'm weeding or landscaping I would rather just dig with my hands than use a tool, so these gloves are awesome. Also, anything that has me cosplaying as the Beast is pretty fun.

Keep Your Shells Classy In This Bowl

I don't know why this bowl wasn't invented sooner. It's a double-bowl so it keeps your pistachio or edamame shells (or even olive pits) contained and out of sight.

The Cutest Little Ice Cream Maker

Living in an apartment, I don't have a ton of freezer space, so I definitely need this mini ice cream maker. You can even use it to make froyo or "nice cream" or whatever healthy or weird flavor you want.

Stop Stepping On LEGO With A Storage Brick

There's honestly nothing more painful than stepping on a LEGO brick. Whether they're your child's, yours or your husband's, keep them put away in style. You can even try to make something out of a bunch of these storage bricks.

Keep Calm in the Shower With A Drink Holder

This shower drink holder brings me back to weekends in college where you need to have a shower beer or glass of wine to get the party started. Even if your partying days are long gone, everyone needs to relax now and then. You could even use it for coffee in the morning!

This Color Removal Sponge Will Save You Time

When you're getting ready for the day or a night out, it's nice to make your makeup routine as smooth and quick as possible (at least that's how I do makeup). Save time by running your brushes over this color-removing sponge to easily switch to another shade. It even works on high-pigmented shadows.

Make Breakfast Fun With A Pancake Pen

Anyone else sick of dripping pancake batter everywhere? This pancake pen totally solves that problem. Plus, you can try to freehand draw something cool or write whatever you want.

Take Your Frustrations Out On Paper Voodoo Dolls

Okay, be honest. I'm sure there's someone you're thinking about RIGHT NOW that you want to blast with some good or bad vibes onto. The people at Knock Knock know our lives are complicated and that we need a whole pad of dolls for this purpose. Efficient!

This Massager Makes Showers Awesome

Bring the salon home with this sweet little scalp massager. It deep cleans and exfoliates your scalp and feels so relaxing at the same time.

Take Your Pizza Game Up A Notch With A Pizza Saw

There's a reason they call this the Pizza Boss 3000... anyone using this saw to cut pizza is a major boss. It cuts through all the toppings and even extra cheese.

Stop Writing On Your Hands With These Sticky Notes

You will never forget something again with these ridiculously awesome sticky notes. Your skin will thank you.

Use A Fun Steam Releaser Instead of A Random Utensil

Is this a necessity for most kitchens? It probably isn't but it sure is fun and it will make less of a mess.

Everyone Needs A Motion-Activated Toilet Night Light

Don't you think toilets should just come installed with a night light? This little battery-operated device has 8 colors to choose from and only lights up when you step near it. No more getting blinded in the middle of the night, yes!

Keep Your Plants Alive With Kitty Water Bulbs

I've gotten a little better at keeping plants alive, but I can always use the extra help. These adorable cat watering bulbs will definitely help. They automatically water your plants for up to 3 weeks and look cute while doing it.

These Herb Scissors Make Cooking So Easy

Seriously, these herb scissors have made me want to add herbs to EVERYTHING. So easy to cut scallions, cilantro, basil, and more into your dishes. I love anything that lets me use fewer dishes.

Work On The Go With A Portable Keyboard

Sometimes you really just need to type on a full-size keyboard instead of a small laptop. This flexible silicone keyboard is super cool, it's waterproof and you can roll it up and take it with you. I will definitely be using this to work outside this summer. Hello Pool, meet Work.

Make Yummy Tacos WIth This Grilling Rack

Give your tacos char-grilled flavor with this inventive taco grilling rack. The perforated design lets just the right amount of air circulate around the tortilla for perfectly crispy shells. You can even use it in the oven.

Give Yourself An Amazing Massage

Have a knot in your back you just can't reach? This trigger point neck and back massager is awesome, whether you live alone or your significant other is just sick of you asking for massages.

Stop Dropping Hot Food With Gripper Clips

I have burned my hands on hot bowls coming out of the microwave more times than I would like to admit. These silicone gripper clips will definitely come in handy and you can even use them to remove steamer baskets from pots or Instant Pot inserts.

Hang Your Keys On A Magnetic Cloud

Looking for adorable yet functional decor? You need this magnetic cloud keyholder! It's easy to mount and makes it even easier to find your keys.

Use This S'mores Maker To Make 'Em Indoors

Sometimes you just want a s'more and you don't have access to a fire. Apparently you could just make it in the microwave, however, this s'mores maker actually toasts them with an electric flameless heater. It's a pretty cool family or even date night activity.

The Smartest Jewelry Holder

Between the double layer, the holes for post earrings AND the hooks for necklaces, this jewelry organizer is revolutionary. You honestly don't even need to be traveling to use this, I use it for my everyday jewelry. Yay to no longer needing to untangle necklaces all the time!

Make Your Cup Extra Cute With Tea Bag Holders

Apparently I'm not the only one who's sick of their teabag string falling into their cup. These little snails decorate your cup and protect you from needing to get your hand all wet.

Amaze Your Potterhead Friends With A Flying Snitch

Harry Potter's been around for over 20 years now, and I've been obsessed ever since. But this is the first time I've seen a snitch like this. It's got invisible strings and batteries let it fly in your hands. Ignore me while I jump on a broomstick real quick. Bonus: It's also won a ton of toy awards!

This Tetris Mug Is Perfect For Retro Fans

I feel like heat-activated mugs are really getting hot lately (yes, pun intended). Make your morning a little more fun with this Tetris mug. It would also make a pretty sweet gift.

Find Your Wine Glass With These Wine Glass Pens

Whether you prefer stemless glasses that wine charms obviously don't work on or just want to change it up, these wine glass pens are amazing. They easily wipe away with warm soapy water.

This Portable Pizza Pouch Is Totally Necessary

I'm always looking for great gifts for all the pizza-lovers in my life and this portable pizza pouch is a must. It even has a reusable ziplock seal.

Save All The Space With This 8-in-1 Tool

Whether it's your first apartment or just a tiny city apartment, any tool that's multipurpose is so necessary. This 8-in-1 tool combines grating, squeezing, measuring, and more into one cute little bottle.

Be Prepared To Escape With This Car Tool

Once a Girl Scout, always a Girl Scout. I like to be prepared for worst-case-scenarios and I will be buying this car escape tool for everyone I know. It's compact, cuts your seatbelt, and the safe spring-loaded stainless steel spike breaks your windows.

Get Extreme With A Shark Drink Holder

I'm always looking for unique gift ideas and I know so many people who would love this shark drink holder. It's super fun for summer, especially at the beach.

Always Have Your Coffee With A Collapsible Coffee Maker

I'm not super into camping but this collapsible pour-over coffee dripper is a must for me. You could even bring it on a trip where you might not trust that the hotel or Airbnb actually has coffee.

This Travel Makeup Bag Keeps You Organized

Why have I not had a travel bag like this before?! It's so much easier to reach your stuff and there's no need to dig around. No more pulling out everything but what you're looking for.

This Magnetic Wristband Makes Home Improvements 100x Better

Stop getting frustrated while you're hanging pictures or putting together furniture with this magnetic wristband. 15 powerful magnets keep all your screws and nails and washers within reach.