No matter how many times you play Mr. Fix-It around the house, it always feels like you're never doing enough. Little things here and there can be grating. Tasks pile up and never get finished. But what if you had the tools gadgets to optimize your home? Below are 37 easy home upgrades that just about anyone can do when equipped with the right products. These tools, gadgets, and upgrades will give your home a little more oomph — in both style and function. Whether you're looking to add mood lighting, backyard Wifi, or just need to protect your naked outlets, this list has everything you need to kick your living space up a notch!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

These Over-the-Door Shelves for Your Bathroom

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Need some extra storage space in your bathroom? These shelves are designed to hang over any standard-sized door — and with five hooks as well as two baskets, there's a ton of room for all your stuff. Plus, the whole unit can hold up to 50 pounds with ease.

These Outlet Covers are a Safety Must

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Babies are curious little creatures and have no sense of self-preservation, so these outlet covers are a must-have safety item! I like that they're clear so they don't call attention to themselves and they're easy for adults to install but hard for little fingers to remove. You'll get a set of 30 for pocket change, which is quite a deal on an actual life-saving product.

These Drawer Pulls Make All The Difference

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Kitchen cabinets are one of the most expensive things to update in your house. So don't go whole hog and blow a fortune on all new cabinets, when what you really need is new drawer pulls. They make all the difference between a dated look and a modern one, and these classic bin pulls give you a timeless but on-trend look.

This Tool Kit Will Keep You Prepared For Anything

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Some things are just an unspoken must-have for any adult, and a basic tool kit is one of them! This kit contains the tools needed for most small repairs around the house, so in the event that you need to make a quick or emergency fix, you'll have everything you need to do the job with ease.

These Command Hook Shelves Level Up Your Decor

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You know when you want a display shelf but don't want to put holes in the wall? Try these Command Hook Shelves that go up anywhere and stay secure thanks to 3M technology! Use a bunch to display a large collection, or just a few as extra storage in the bathroom, kitchen, or any place else you desire.

This Battery Organizer is Actually Genius

You probably don't think much about your battery organization, but trust - you'll want to after seeing this product. This battery organizer holds all your stuff, from AAA to 9 volts so they're not floating randomly around your house. And it includes a battery tester so you're never left with duds - genius!

This Shower Head Filters Your Water

Not only does this innovative showerhead have three blissful water settings from rainfall to massage to jet, but it also filters your water while you're under the spray! It uses multi-layer filter protection to remove excess impurities and soften hard water, giving you improved hair and skin cleanliness. And its high-pressure design gives you increased water pressure while saving up to 30% of water - smart!

Lighten-Up with This Bedside Lamp

A good lamp can definitely transform a room, but finding a cute lamp at a price that won't break the bank can be a nuisance. Luckily, I've found one for you — this one is stylish, can be dimmed, and you can turn it on with only a tap. I'll take two, thanks.

These Mirror Stickers Brighten the Light in Any Room

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Wanna know the best decorating tip I've ever gotten? Adding mirrors to dark rooms can help bounce around light — and these sticker mirrors are a cost-effective alternative that you can put basically anywhere. "They look fantastic," wrote one reviewer. "I've had them up for over a month, and there is no sign these will ever fall off on their own."

This Flexible LED Light Strip Adheres Anywhere

Want to add extra lighting around your house, such as under cabinets, in display areas, or in your closets? No, don't call an electrician, easily DIY with these LED strip lights! They're flexible and cuttable, so you can customize the length to your space, plus they'll adhere to any non-porous surface.

Treads That Help Stop You From Slipping Down Stairs

Hardwood stairs are gorgeous, but they're also really easy to slip on — so grab these treads. Not only do they add traction to slippery surfaces, but they also come in colors that'll effortlessly blend into your wood. " We purchased them for our wood staircase to help our dogs have traction," wrote one reviewer. "These treads don't move AT ALL with several people & dogs going up and down these steps all day long, yet they pull up with no residue of any kind, and clean up very easily."

This LED Smart Bulb Will Save You Big on Electricity

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Want to save big on your electricity bill while adding some cool, voice-activated features to your lighting? Snag some of these LED smart bulbs and upgrade your experience while paying less for utilities over time. These are compatible with Alexa and Google Chrome to customize your lighting levels and turn on and off with your voice, plus you can also set the lights on a timer using a free app.

Don't Blow This Deal

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If you've never thought about adding a blow torch to your kitchen, you must not watch a lot of televised cooking shows. Every time they pull one out to caramelize the top of something or add just a bit more color, I think, "Hey, I need one of those!" This blow torch is available for right around $15 and adds a new dimension to your cooking whether you're into sous vide, flambe, or craft cocktails. Upgrade your kitchen with one easy and affordable product.

This LED Curtain Casts A Warm Glow

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Hang this LED curtain in the corner of your office if it's a little too dark for your liking. It casts a warm glow no matter whether you hang it on a blank wall or over windows — and you can even connect multiple curtains for larger spaces.

Set the Mood With String Lights

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These shatterproof string lights have over 5,000 5 star reviews for a reason. They're an easy way to add a romantic glow to your backyard. String them from your trees, your patio, your fence–you name it. And since they're outdoor lights, they can withstand even the toughest weather.

This Clip-On Light is Great for Reading in Bed or Working at the Desk

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I've got this gooseneck light hanging above my bed. It's perfect for reading at night. It's got three color temperatures and adjustable brightness. And the 15.74-inch flexible arm lets you direct the light wherever you need it. Choose from white, silver, or black.

Control Your Devices Without Lifting a Finger with These Smart Plugs

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I'll be the first to admit that I can be very lazy. At this point, we all have so many different devices that can be such a pain in the ass to turn on and off. That's why I love these smart plugs. I can control my lights and TV from anywhere in the house without having to lift a finger. It's the epitome of convenience. Now I want them for every electronic I own.

These Smart LED Light Bulbs Can Be Voice Activated with Alexa

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The best thing about these smart LED light bulbs is they are more energy efficient than regular lights. This means they save you money on your electricity bill. Not only do they end up being cheaper, they also work with Alexa so that you can set your lighting up to be voice activated for the ambiance you desire.

WFH Setup With This Laptop Stand and Riser

Working from home can be brutal, especially when you have to sit all day. Well, now you can enter the standing-desk world with this versatile laptop riser that extends up to 17 inches. Pairs perfectly with MacBooks and Microsoft Surface Pros. Give your back and neck a break and stand while your work. Easy to carry around and travel with too. Make this laptop accessory your new office buddy.

Defrost Your Meat In Minutes With This Rapid Defrost Tray

No microwave or running tap water is needed for this rapid defrost tray. Get your food in cooking condition faster than ever with this saltwater-lined defrost tray that will cut your defrost time in half. Non-skin design keeps your food from slipping and falling all over the counter while you whip up your favorite meal. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe! It's as easy as adding to your cart...

This Outdoor WiFi Plug for Internet Connection in the Garden

We all love being outdoors in the summer and this WiFi plug makes the experience more enjoyable with an internet connection in the garden. It's also compatible with Alexa for voice control and works with the most heavy-duty of electronics so your awesome sound system will be pumping.

Brighten Up Your Room With These String Lights

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Amp up the vibes in your room with these beautiful string lights. These lights give any room a warmer feel and I cannot recommend them enough. They add a level of depth and classy ambiance to your bare walls. An easy upgrade at a low price!

Light Up Way with this Tool Pickup LED Light

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​One of my favorite things about this tool pickup LED light is the fact that its neck is telescoping so you can move it around and fit into nooks and crannies. It's also magnetic, so should you drop anything, like nails, you can pick them up without having to strain your back.

This Magnetic Wristband to Hold All Your Must-Have Gadgets

This magnetic wristband is ideal for holding onto your nuts and bolts while working. I can say from experience that it gets old trying to hold screws and nails between your teeth. I either choke or they fall out of my mouth and defeat the purpose entirely. Hold onto them securely and within reach.

This Shower Head Changes Colors!

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This showerhead is so cool - it changes colors every few seconds while you get clean! It's powered by water flow, so you never need to worry about batteries. If I had this, I'd shower in the dark every night to have a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere.

This Weather-Proofing Strip Prevents Your A/C From Escaping

If you use air conditioning and you also pay for utilities, you'll realize just how important it is to get the most bang out of your buck. To do that, you'll likely want some of these weather-proofing strips. Not only will your space be more consistent and comfortable, but you'll also save on energy. They're super easy to apply and you can even use them in the winter to keep the heat in. It's especially useful in older buildings where the integrity of your windows might not be what they once were.

Everyone Needs a Roll of All-Weather Duct Tape

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I always keep an extra roll of duct tape handy--it's the sort of thing that when you need it, nothing else will do. I especially appreciate this All-Weather Duct Tape because it can be used for waterproof patching and lasts longer when exposed to the elements.

This Sink Strainer Saves You Having Callout Fees for Plumbers

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My husband does the dishes, which I am eternally grateful for, but I do not love how much gunk and food scraps are left in the sink strainer when he's done. Which, unfortunately, he does not clean out. This strainer, which attaches to the side of the sink, is a much cleaner option - small food pieces won't make it down the drain, potentially clogging it, and it's easy to empty once you're done rinsing food off the plates!

This Alexa Voice Remote to Watch TV Hands Free

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The future of TV is here with this Alexa Voice Remote. You only need to press one button and then ask Alexa what content you're looking for. Your volume control and mute buttons can also be controlled and it has pre-set app buttons for Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, and Hulu. A warning though – you'll be glued to your sofa for hours at a time.

Turn Your Bedroom Into Outer Space with this Star Projector

Night light star projector via Amazon

Feast your eyes upon the night sky in your very own bedroom with this incredibly vibrant star projector night light! Bring the beauty of outer space to the comfort of your own bed. You'll never get more restful sleep than with this sweet nightlight!

These Furniture Pads Are Anti-Slip and Anti-Scratch

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Whenever the kids are jumping on the couch, it inevitably gets pushed back over the floor vent, blocking our heating or cooling system. I'm investing in these anti-slip furniture pads ASAP to prevent that issue since asking them not to abuse the furniture isn't working. They also help prevent scratches on wood floors from chairs, tables, or other furniture moving.

This TV Light That You Can Sync With Sound

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Not only do these lights sync with your speakers so that they change color depending on the music, but they're also versatile — choose from more than 16 million colors when setting the mood. Plus, you can use the downloadable smartphone app to control them, or simply the included remote.

This Kitchen Faucet is Undeniably Stylish

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Sometimes the smallest things — like changing out your kitchen faucet — can make a huge impact. This one in particular is not only objectively gorgeous, but the splash-free spray quickly washes away dirt and grime. Plus, installation generally takes less than 30 minutes.

These Twist Ties Are Super Handy to Have Around the House

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If you've got cable management problems, these twist ties are going to become your new best friend. But don't stop there - these little guys can organize tons of other things, too, from shoring up plant stems to bundling hair elastics so you don't lose them all over the house! They come in five lengths for all your organizing jobs, small to large.

This Ring Video Doorbell Will Upgrade Your Existing Bell

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Whether you're at home or not, this smart video doorbell gives you audio notifications straight to your home. So, you know when someone's at your door – even at night because it has night vision. I love this feature because when I'm at work and receive online shopping deliveries, I can still interact with the delivery person!

Keep An Eye On Your Kingdom With The Wyze Spotlight Security Cam


Deck out your front porch with this motion-activated security camera that will record suspicious activity near your home. In addition to motion, this security camera includes sound activation and a spotlight to stop intruders in their tracks.

This Easy to Install Decorative Wallpaper You Can Peel Right Off

You can't deny that this patterned wallpaper is stylish and unlike regular wallpaper, it's even removable! It's perfect for renters or homeowners who get bored and like to redecorate often. "The quality of this paper is amazing, and it's much more beautiful in person than online," raved one reviewer.