37 Amazon Tech Items We Totally Love

One of my favorite things to research and shop for are tech items that can help make my work and life hassle-free. Not only do I want tech to streamline my life, it's also important to stay informed on the latest and greatest tech out there to record, capture, stream, or for anything you may need or want for your life or business.

So we've compiled a stellar list of the best tech items to buy on Amazon that we love and many of our readers too. Even if you may already have some items similar to these, you may need to update and it's great to see what's the latest out right now and brag to your friends about the newest tech trends they may not know about. The tech industry is vast but this list includes the most useful, resourceful, and innovative items for home, work, or travel.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

These Wireless Earbuds Have Around 18k Rave Reviews

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If you're ready to unplug while still getting amazing sound quality, look no further than these Amazon fan-favorite wireless earbuds. They get stellar reviews, nearly 18k of them, for long battery life, noise cancellation qualities, and of course, great sound. These stand up to much more expensive brands and won't break the bank!

This Compact Power Strip Is Handy for Travel

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With three outlets and three USB ports, this Compact Power Strip is a must-have for travel. It's made by Anker, a well-respected brand known for high-value, low-cost peripherals. I love that the placement of the ports means large chargers don't run into each other, so you get access to every port no matter what.

Take This Bluetooth Speaker With You Everywhere You Go

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If you don't have a waterproof Bluetooth speaker yet, what are you doing?! I bring mine everywhere we go. I use it for the beach, pool, camping, and even just the shower. I hate sitting in silence, so you can imagine I've gotten my money's worth out of this one. A year later, and it's still incredible shape. If you're a pool fiend, you simply must have this speaker.

These Apple AirPods Pro for Wireless Freedom

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There are several wireless earbuds on the market, and these Airpods are a great buy. Everyone has their own brand preferences, so in this article, I've highlighted the best options to choose from.

This product has been inspected by Amazon and has gone through all their testing and cleaning processes to make sure it's a quality product. So, if this is your preferred brand, Amazon is backing it too.

A Hand-Crank/Solar-Powered NOAA Weather Radio

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If you only buy one gadget from this list, this radio is the one I recommend. If the power and internet aren't working, you'll need a radio so you can hear reports from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). This radio can be powered by the sun or turning the crank and also works as a flashlight and phone charger. It may not be an everyday item, but when you need it you'll be so glad you have it.

You've Gotta Have This Clip-On Ring Light For Video Calls and Selfies

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This clip-on ring light is the perfect companion to your selfies and video chats. It's got three color temperatures and five brightness levels. Plus, the handy little clip attaches firmly to any type of laptop or monitor.

This Advanced Wireless Mouse for Super Speed and Precision

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Once you go wireless, you never go back, trust me. When I'm working at home, this wireless mouse has been my go-to companion. It's precise, speedy, and really quiet, so I'm not distracted by loud clicks while I'm working. And it's so popular it's been ranked as an Amazon's Choice product.

This Phone Tripod Is the Selfie-Taker's Best Friend

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I got sick of taking selfies that were only an arms-length away, so I bought one of these tripods. It holds the phone wherever you want by gripping it onto a surface with its bendable legs. Then, you use the included remote to snap pics to your heart's content. If you have a digital camera, it works with those, too.

These Echo Buds for Wireless Sound and Premium Speakers

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If wireless audio and noise cancellation are important to you, these Echo Buds will be your new best friend.

They're small, lightweight, and sweat-resistant, which means they're great for working out when you need a good soundtrack to get you moving.

This Wireless Digital Microscope Is Amazing

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How cool is this wireless digital microscope? I originally thought of it as a present for my 10-year-old, but now I really want to use it! It gets great reviews for value, ease of use, and great picture quality. It's also surprisingly affordable.

This Wi-Fi Range Extender Really Works, According To Over 54k Reviewers

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If your Wi-Fi signal is weak in certain areas of your home, it can be super annoying when you're trying to connect. Pick up with Wi-Fi signal extender to fix that problem and get a great connection anywhere. A happy reviewer even used it to improve the signal to his Ring doorbell so he could control it from anywhere in the house!

A Backdrop For Seamless Zoom Backgrounds

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You know how you can add your own photo to your Zoom background? This green backdrop will keep it from being glitchy so that maybe, just maybe, your coworkers will think you're really at the beach. Plus, each order comes with clips to help you hang it up wherever you like.

Make Gardening Or Working Fun By Setting Up This Bluetooth Speaker In No Time

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I love listening to music while doing house chores and this Bluetooth enabled waterproof speaker is my go-to guy. Its sound quality is super amazing and it goes with me wherever I am: kitchen, shower, living room. Simply a must-have in the house.

This Wireless Bluetooth Conference Speaker for Meetings

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When you're working from home and are constantly on Zoom meetings like me, it's essential to have high-quality sound in important conference calls.

So, I was inspired to invest in a wireless Bluetooth speaker. I bought it on Amazon, and it's made my Zoom meetings much easier because of the high-quality sound system. I don't have to wear big headphones that leave my ears sweaty and uncomfortable.

These True Wireless Earbuds for Nonstop Music

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I love music, and I love walking and running too, which is why I switched to these wireless earbuds – so they don't fall out of my ears while I'm on the move.

Plus, the sound quality on these wireless earbuds is incredible. I don't have to worry about my tunes while I'm getting my workout in. Just plug and go.

This Garmin GPS Watch Is a Favorite Among Runners

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This Garmin GPS Watch is a top choice for runners who want to track how far, how fast, and where they run. Customers appreciate that it only needs to be charged about once a week. One customer wrote, "This watch does everything I need in a smart fitness watch at about 20% of the cost of an Apple Watch."

This Dash Mount Phone Holder Keeps It In Place

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I have one of those vent mount phone holders I use when needing directions, but it always falls out annoyingly. This dash mount phone holder is a much better option because the phone stays put and keeps the map easy to read so you don't accidentally cause a crash while you're trying to retrieve your fallen phone! It's held in place by five grippy tabs, so your phone isn't going anywhere even if you take corners above the speed limit or drive down a bumpy road.

A Pair of Motorola Talkabout Radios

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If mobile phones aren't working, you'll be relieved to know these Motorola Talkabout Radios can reach each other from up to 16 miles away. They earn high ratings, with one Amazon customer praising them for: "Good sound quality, easy to use."

This Computer Headset Has a Noise-Canceling Microphone

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If you're on a lot of Zoom calls or your kid is still in distance learning, this Computer Headset is super helpful. The lightweight, padded headphones provide clear, crisp sound, but the main asset is the microphone with noise-canceling technology, so people hear only your voice, not other sounds from your environment. I've been giving a lot of presentations lately and the crisp sound quality of this mic is a must have for me.

These Sunglasses Record Video

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Much easier than using a bulky video camera strapped to your head, these sleek sunglasses record all your adventures from your POV! According to reviewers, they're super easy to plug and play, take great video and audio quality, and are a great value. Streamline your recording experience when you pop these on and go!

This Waterproof Smart Watch Is Also A Fitness Tracker

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Some smartwatches are hundreds of dollars, but this one has all the same technology for a fraction of the price.

This waterproof watch is compatible with both iOS phones and Androids, plus it has a great heart monitor and fitness tracker to keep you up to date with your lifestyle needs.

This Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker for Amazing Sound


I enjoy having friends come over for BBQs in the summer and a good sound system out in the garden is essential for the ambiance.

I've found that these waterproof portable Bluetooth speakers are perfect for summer gatherings because I can move them around easily and don't have to worry about the speaker getting wet while outside. If you have a pool, these are the perfect gadget for your life.

This Is the Best GPS Watch Under $50

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This is the best price you'll find on a GPS watch! Monitor your route with the built-in GPS while tracking steps, heart rate, sleep quality, and more. You can also pair it with your smartphone for call and text notifications.

This Power Strip Has 4 USB Outlets

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Not only can you use this to plug in 12 regular things, but this power strip comes with 4 USB outlets to keep your devices charged and at the ready. It also has a surge protector and overload protection, so it's extra safe to use. It gets a perfect five stars from tens of thousands of reviewers because you can plug multiple heavy-duty items in and still get a fast charge!

This Ergonomic Green Keyboard Matches My Morning Matcha

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I find working from home enjoyable, so long as I have the right desk set-up and products to brighten up my day. I found this fun green ergonomic keyboard on @amour.png 's TikTok and then bought it through Amazon. It's compatible with PCs and laptops, and the color even matches my morning cup of matcha tea.

This USB Wall Charger with Fast Charging Ports

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This wall charger not only has two USB fast charging ports but also a three-sided power strip with six adapter outlets and an LED night light around the edges so you can see it in the dark.

It's a great space saver while offering so many points to charge, and it actually has a dusk-to-dawn sensor that automatically turns on when ambient lighting becomes insufficient.

Work With Hassle-Free Audio Projection Using These Desktop Speakers

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These desktop speakers are my perfect workspace companion. I like their modern design and they are compact so they don't take up too much space on my desk. They come in two colors and have great sound for something so small. Now I have crystal clear audio in my work meetings.

This Phone Case Allows You To Prop Your Phone Up

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If you're always on the road or even just find yourself always at coffee shops working away, you're likely spending a lot of time on your phone. Turn your phone into a mini screen instantly with this phone case. The metal kickstand allows you to prop up the phone vertically or horizontally so you can see the screen easier without holding it.

Keep Your Phone in Plain View While Driving With The Orbiter Dash Mount Kit

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The Orbiter Dash Mount Kit includes a steel ball socket that attaches to your dash. It'll hold your phone magnetically in place, making it easy to rotate it in every direction for a full view while you drive. The magnet is powerful and holds your phone securely so it won't fall or get damaged.

This Power Strip with A Six-Feet Extension Cord

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It's hard to find the right extension cord that's long enough to wind around the walls of my apartment, but this power strip with a six-feed cord is perfect.

It features 10 outlets and four USB charging ports which is more than enough for my home office and entertainment unit.

This Car Phone Mount Allows You To Use Your Phone Hands-Free

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Using your phone while you're driving is not only careless but also extremely dangerous, even if you are a phone addict. However, there are times where you need to have it easily accessible. For example, when you're using it for directions. With this car phone mount, you can keep the phone mounted on your dash for hands-free use.

These Mini Speakers Are a Must for Watching Movies on Your Laptop

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If you're watching TV on your laptop or tablet, do your ears a favor and try these Mini Speakers. They feature dialogue enhancement and expanded bass production for a superior listening experience.

Get Ready for Web Meetings With This Plug-and-Play 1080p HD Webcam With Microphone

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I need one of these! Though my laptop has a webcam built-in, I prefer using my large external monitor for web meetings, and it doesn't have a webcam. For only $28, this webcam would let me use my nice big monitor and still be able to look right into the camera. It's got a flexible rotating clip to clamp it in place on your monitor. Just plug the dongle into your USB drive and you've got a high-res video camera with a noise-canceling microphone built-in.

This Tech Kit Makes A Great Gift

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Looking for a great gift for your techy family member or friend? Try this all-in-one tech gift that includes a mouse, power bank, stylus pen, a 3-in-1 charging cable, a USB storage device, and some cable savers. This is a truly thoughtful gift that'll get a ton of use! Also available in black if gold's not your thing. If you get an extra one for yourself, I promise I won't tell.

This GPS Tracking Device Will Keep You Apprised of Location at All Times

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Whether you want to track the whereabouts of your car, valuables, or a loved one, this GPS tracker will do the trick. It's got a powerful twin-magnet case. Just attach it where you want it, and you'll be able to follow the progress of your tracker using the mobile app. You can even set up instant alerts to notify you when something happens.

This Fire 7 Tablet for Videos, Music and Reading

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This tablet has a tremendous amount of internal storage, so you can have up to seven hours of reading or watching videos.

I have connected it to all my favorite apps, from Netflix to Instagram and TikTok, plus there are way more awesome apps through the Amazon App-store. If you want a smaller, easier alternative to your computer, this tablet is it.

This Beautiful Cell Phone Stand Is Adjustable and Costs Just $11

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It's hard to believe this adjustable cell phone holder is so affordable, but it is! Choose from sophisticated silver or black, or super-cool green or rose gold. You can adjust the height from 6.3 inches to 9 inches. And the viewing angle is adjustable, too: The horizontal angle is 360 degrees, and the vertical cradle angle is 180 degrees. You can even use the stand to hold an iPad or Kindle!