37 Amazon Smart Home Products That Will Give Your House a Mind Of Its Own

"Alexa, clean the bathroom".....Ok, maybe technology isn't quite there yet, but smart home gadgets are still transforming our lives one voice command at a time.

The ability to control the devices in your home with a few simple commands or a few swipes on your smartphone is something that Amazon junkies like me can't pass up. From your lights to your air fryer, there are so many smart gadgets on the market today that use technology to take convenience to a whole new level.

We've compiled a list of awesome Amazon Smart Home products that raked in more than 1,000 reviews. Hopefully, you'll find a few that can make life easier for you.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

So let's smarten up our spaces and check out 37 Amazon products that will give your home a mind of its own.

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

A Smart Home Device Holder That Saves Some Counter Space

Just when you thought your Echo Dot couldn't get any better, this handy holder helps add some space-saving capability to your favorite smart home device. The simple yet functional design allows your Echo to retain it's sound quality and wi-fi reception while reducing its footprint on your counter or table.

A Unique Wireless Charger That Blends In Perfectly

This undercover charger blends in perfectly with your table or desk thanks to its minimalist design. The outer layer of the charger is made of wood but disguises itself in a chic wood finish that makes it stand out while blending in. To make your purchase even better, Reveal plants a tree with every purchase.

A Smart Thermometer That Helps You Cook To Perfection

This is easily the most intuitive meat thermometer on the market. It's completely wireless and smart enough to estimate how much longer you need to cook your meat. You can monitor and adjust the cooking process through your smartphone and it's even compatible with Alexa.

A Sleep-aid That Helps You Hit The Hay

If you thought counting sheep was helpful, wait until you get your hands on the Dodow. This sleek sleep machine is perfect for anyone who has trouble getting to bed at night. The Dodow is a metronome with a light system that teaches you how to fall asleep naturally. There is an 8 and 20-minute routine that uses lights and sound to help you fall asleep, and once the time is over, the Dodow automatically shuts itself down.

The World's Most Famous eReader

The Kindle is one of the devices that truly pioneered smart technology, and it just keeps on getting better. The Kindle Paperwhite can last weeks with one full charge and is now waterproof. This means you can take your reading experience out by the pool, to the beach, or wherever you want to get lost in some good literature.

Smarten Up Your Whole Home With Bond

Bond can instantly turn ceiling fans, fireplaces, and shades into smart devices. This super-smart hub allows you to add wifi to a number of devices without chords are tedious installation. Once installed, you can then use your Echo or Alexa enabled smart device to turn on and off up to 30 devices in your home. Unlike your children, Bond will respond every time you tell it to turn off the fan.

A Smart Clock That Helps Keep You On Time

This Echo wall clock works with your Echo hub to make staying on time and organized easier than ever. The easy-to-read analog clock shows the current time of day, as well as a countdown of any timers you have active on your echo device. It's a good-looking clock so your kitchen will benefit from both function and fashion.

Noise Cancelling Headphones That Let You Focus On The Music

These noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones are perfect for when you want to shut out the world and enjoy your favorite tunes. Their Bluetooth connectivity lets you use them with home stereo systems that also have Bluetooth compatibility. The thick, yet comfortable earpads allow you to wear them for hours without pain or discomfort.

A Wifi Range Extender That Keeps Your Smart Devices Ready For Action

There's no point in having smart home devices if you don't have the Wi-Fi signal to support them. This handy range extender makes sure every device in your home is receiving the maximum signal. It's super easy to install and will give your wifi a significant boost the moment you set it up.

A Video Doorbell That Keeps You In The Know

Knowing if it's the pizza man or a door to door vacuum salesman at the door can save you an unwanted 30-minute conversation about the nuances of the Turbovac XL9700. This video doorbell lets you know who's at the door with just a simple glance at your smartphone. It's equipped with a motion sensor and 2-way audio so you can let the Amazon delivery driver know to leave the package at the door.

A Bluetooth Toothbrush That Keeps Your Smile Bright

This electronic toothbrush connects seamlessly to your smartphone for the ultimate brushing experience. There are more features and settings than you've seen on a toothbrush, making it the most unique and intuitive brushing experience you can find.

A Stylish And Sanitary Automatic Soap Dispenser

I actually have 2 of these automated soap dispensers in my home, and they’ve both performed very well after lots of use. The waterproof base and sleek design make them perfect for almost any bathroom or kitchen. It works with just about every type of liquid soap, and the amount of soap that gets dispensed is actually adjustable. Our dispensers have been an awesome addition and I highly recommend them for any household.

A Wireless Charging Station For Every Device

This wireless charging station can charge everything but your smart car. It features magnetic contacts that bring the two sides of the station together, allowing you to charge three devices at once.

Control Your TV Hands-Free With A Fire TV Cube

Save your poor thumbs the stress and strain of pushing buttons on the remote and step into the next generation of convenience. The Fire TV Cube allows you to browse all your favorite streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, plus you can change the volume and make lots of other adjustments with the sound of your voice. You can also use the TV cube to control lights, check the weather, or any of the other things an Echo Dot can do.

The Smartest Air Fryer You'll Ever Meet

A voice-controlled Airfryer is a technology you never knew you needed. The device is Alexa compatible and can be controlled through an app on your smartphone. It also has 11 super-convenient one-touch presets that make cooking easier than ever. The app itself comes with over 100 recipes so you'll have lots of opportunities to put this ultra-smart air fryer to the test.

A Motion Tracking Baby Monitor That Helps You Keep An Eye On Your Little One

The days of clunky audio-only baby monitors are officially over thanks to super-smart devices like this one. This motion tracking baby monitor allows you to see and hear your little clearer than ever before. The app that comes with this camera will alert you when your baby moves or cries, allowing you to spring into action with that bottle or fresh diaper.

A Sleek Soundbar That Pumps Up The Volume

This Bluetooth soundbar and subwoofer combo will give seriously level up your sound. It's able to be connected with or without wires which makes this unit incredibly versatile. Whether it's connected to your phone, TV, or receiver, you'll enjoy superb sound quality at a very reasonable price.

An Alexa-Enabled Microwave That Just Took Making Popcorn To The Next Level

As if microwaves weren't already awesome enough, Amazon has gone and made them even better. This voice-controlled microwave gives you the freedom of starting, stopping, and adjusting your favorite quick-cooking device with the power of your voice.

This Smart Coffee Maker Makes Your Morning Routine Easier

Most of us have a lot to take care of in the morning so a smart coffee maker is a great way to keep your hands free while you take care of your other responsibilities. This Alexa-certified coffee maker allows you to create routines via your smartphone that will make sure your coffee is ready the moment you step foot in the kitchen.

Keep Comfortable With This Smart Thermostat

Keep your home at a perfect temperature year-round with this smart touchscreen thermostat. This thermostat works with several smart home devices including Alexa and Google Assistant. Easy installation makes it a viable option for even the least handy homeowners.

A Smart Feeder For Your Furry Companion

This ultra-smart pet feeder gives you control of your cat's eating habits with the simple press of a button on your smartphone.  You can set up feeding schedules, get reminders when food is low, and dispense food with the sound of your voice by using Alexa.

The Smart Home Device That Changed The Game

The Echo (aka Alexa) is the reason smart home devices are as popular as they are now. From playing your favorite music to telling you movie times, all the information you need is at the other end of a voice command. A number of the smart home devices on our list are enhanced by Alexa, making it an absolute must-have for anyone looking to add a little convenience to their life.

This Smart Garage Door Opener Gives You Easy Access To Your Home

Keep your Amazon deliveries safe and secure with this smartphone-controlled garage door opener. You'll be able to open your garage door from almost anywhere after a simple setup and installation. This allows delivery drivers to leave packages inside your garage and also gives access to your children or other family members

A Streaming Device That Holds A Ton On Entertainment

The Amazon Firestick gives you all your favorite shows and movies in one tiny package. Just pop it on the side of your TV and enjoy the best Hollywood has to offer. You'll wonder how you ever lived without this thing the minute after you use it for the first time.

An Echo Glow That Really Lights Up A Room

The Echo Glow adds a new level of form and function to your child's room thanks to its kid-friendly controls. The glow will let your children know when it's time to wake up, go to bed, do homework, or any responsibility they're assigned. I'm all for anything that makes parenting easier or more efficient, and the Echo Glow does exactly that.

A Digital Scale That Helps You Track Your Fitness Goals

This smart scale gives you incredibly detailed info regarding your weight and body mass right on your smartphone. The scale's app can be linked to a number of other popular exercise apps to give you the ultimate weight-loss experience. Another impressive feature is the fact this scale can recognize up to 8 separate users.

A Smart Lamp That Gives You Total Control

This incredibly customizable smart lamp gives you just about every feature you'd expect from a lamp that's Alexa compatible. From hands-free operation to the ability to adjust the color to one of a hundred options, this smart lamp is flat out awesome.

Wifi Smart Plugs That Give You The Power

Ever walk into a dark room and have your shin meet a laundry basket before your hand can meet the light switch? These super convenient wi-fi plugs minimize unwanted shin collisions and many other swear-word-inducing accidents by allowing you to turn on the light without stepping foot in the room.
The ability to program my lights on a timer and control them through voice or an app has introduced me to a level of convenience I never thought possible.

A Tiny Smart Camera That Lets You See And Hear Everything

This tiny smart camera is another entry in a long line of innovative smart home devices. It's compatibility with Alexa and super-easy setup are what put it at the top of my Amazon wish list. It's equipped with 2-way audio so not only can you see what's going on when you're away, you can hear it too. The ability to freak out my family and pets by using the live audio is a huge plus that I'm way too immature to pass up.

An Ultra-Smart Diffuser

The traditional healthy properties of essential oils mixed with the convenience of modern technology is a combo that can't be beaten. This diffuser allows you to add purifying scents to the air through the convenience of your smartphone.

A Set Of Smart LED Lights

These lights are a quick and customizable way to upgrade any room in your home. You can easily attach them to the back of a TV, under an entertainment center, or around a bookshelf to give it an instant upgrade. The light color is completely customizable through your smartphone and allows for thousands of color options.

A Set Of Wifi Lightbulbs To Brighten Up Your Home

These affordable and customizable wifi lightbulbs allow you to have complete control of any room's lighting. With over 16 million color choices, you're certain to find the hue that's perfect for every room in your home. These bulbs are Alexa-compatible and can be set to turn on and off on schedule.

Take Control Of Your Lighting With This Wifi Lightswitch

This easy to install Wifi lightswitch allows you to customize your lights with the sound of your voice or through the power of your smartphone. This switch works seamlessly with Alexa allowing you to turn on a light with a simple voice command.

A Pair Of Wifi Smart Plugs That Work With Almost Anything

These Wifi smart plugs give the power of voice control to almost any device. You can plug your TV, Iron, Coffee pot, or any electronic device you can think of into these and you'll be able to access it with the power of a simple voice command.

Take Your Alexa Experience To The Next Level With An Echo Show

Just when you thought the Echo couldn't get any better, Amazon went and added a screen to it. The Echo Show gives you the same awesome functionality as the Echo Dot but makes it even better by adding video conferencing and the ability to watch your favorite shows on a 5 inch HD screen.

An Apple iPad Mini To Compliment Your Smart Home

What better way to cap off your smart home than with the impressive power and beautiful display of Apple's iPad Mini. You can keep track of just about everything you need while watching your favorite shows and movies on its patented retina display.