37 Amazon Products To Make Your Summer Awesome

It seems like most of us will be spending a lot of this summer chilling at home... so it's time to up your backyard and patio game. Time to get those things you've been thinking about but just haven't bought yet. Or what about the things you never knew you needed until now? That's where these cool summer Amazon products come in.

I didn't know that I needed backyard wine holders, a watermelon slicer, or a cool new portable volleyball game. I did know that I've been looking for an awesome hammock, an easier way to repel bugs, and a sweet pool floaty. Let's make it an okay summer, alright?

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

You Won't Drop Your Wine With These Holders

I honestly can't believe these cool outdoor wine holders weren't invented sooner! They're curved to actually hold your glass and stick in the grass. I love that it comes with a stand for the bottle, too. This is going to make my summer.

Beautify Your Yard With Solar Lanterns

I am in love with these lanterns. They have realistic flickering flames but are charged only by the sun. The high efficient solar panel stays lit for 15 hours after charging 4-5 hours under the sun.

Slice Watermelon Like A Pro

Whether you are just super Type-A or prone to cutting yourself, you will be using this watermelon slicer all summer long. It has an automatic cutter blade, so you just push it into the watermelon and watermelon cubes come out! This is one of the coolest Amazon products I've seen.

Protect Your Hair Before You Swim

Chlorine really screws with your hair color and even just your hair in general. This pre-swim hair defense protects your hair from damage and keeps it smooth. I definitely need this for the summer.

Practice Outside With This Yoga Towel

Not only is this towel super cute, but it's also super soft and absorbent. Use it to practice some summer yoga in the backyard or at the beach.

Meet Your New Fave Lawn Game

I need to get this game ASAP. Slammo is an action-packed 2 on 2 outdoor game that's a twisted version of volleyball. It also packs up into a backpack, which is awesome. Thanks, Amazon.

Turn Any Grill Into A Smoker

Sometimes you don't have enough room for both a grill AND a smoker. This little tube is your solution. Fill it with cherry, mesquite, applewood or hickory wood chips for different flavors. I can taste the pulled pork right now.

The Comfiest Yoga Mat Flip Flops

I bought a pair of these last year, I wear them ALL THE TIME and they are still so comfortable. According to reviews, they can last for years! I definitely need another pair in a different color.

This Patio Shield Keeps You Bug-Free

Anyone else not a big fan of citronella candles and DEET-filled bug sprays? This patio shield could be a game-changer. It covers a 15-foot area and offers 12 hours of protection before you need to get a refill. This is one of my must-have summer Amazon products.

Rest Easy In This Portable Rocking Chair

Sick of tipping over in your camping chairs? Me, too. This is the first time I've seen a portable rocking chair! Pull it out for a socially-distanced gathering or just move it around your yard and follow the sun.

Actually Tell Your Plants Apart With Plant Labels

I love that these little labels are made of bamboo so I don't have to worry about weird materials next to my plants. You can also get as creative as you want with what you write on it.

Keep Your Doggo Cool With A Cooling Mat

On those summer days that are above 90, your furry friend probably gets pretty hot. This cooling mat stays cool without refrigeration and can be used inside or outside.

Everyone Needs A Hammock

Have you been 'mocking lately? Probably not without a hammock! I like that this one fits two people but it's still lightweight. The straps are also more tree-friendly compared to other hammocks and the price is right.

Make Your Yard Magical With A Light Curtain

Everyone needs a little more magic in their life. This light curtain instantly classes up your backyard. It even has 8 different modes.

Stop Drinking Bugs With Wine Covers

I love to have a glass of wine or two on my patio, but at a certain point, I feel like bugs just swarm your wine. These wine covers are the ultimate summer Amazon product, and because they're different colors everyone will know which glass is theirs.

This Lantern Doubles As A Fan

I love products that multi-task. This lantern/fan combo is perfect for a campout in the backyard. You could even just use it on the patio on a hot night.

The Cutest Kiddie Pool

Bye-bye boring kiddie pools. Brighten up your yard with this durable vinyl pool. Don't have kids? You could probably fit in it, too.

Totally Awesome Sword Ice Pops

Be a kid again with ultra-cool sword ice pops. Make 'em any flavor you want, or maybe even add some alcohol (for the adults only).

Find Your Drink WIth A Cooler Light

Shouldn't all coolers come with lights by now? It's 2020! If we couldn't have flying cars and Back to the Future-style hoverboards, we could at least have a smart cooler.

Relax Anywhere With An Inflatable Lounger

This is one cool lounger! It easily inflates without a pump and has anti-deflation technology so it will stay inflated for about 6 hours. Reviews say it's super-durable and light enough to carry around for a bit.

This Cooler Doubles As A Side Table

I'll say it again for everyone in the back... I LOVE things that multi-task. This side table/stool/cooler is just what every patio needs. It's awesome that the liner comes out, too.

This Bug Bite Remover Is A Summer Must-Have

There's a reason I keep seeing this bug bite tool all over the internet... because it really does work! It sucks the venom/saliva right out of your skin so you stop producing the reaction that makes you itch.

You Gotta Try This Frisbee Game

Have you ever been playing with a frisbee and thought, let's make this a little harder? Enter Kan Jam. I have friends that are OBSESSED with this game and it definitely can get addictive.

Portable Bar? Yes, Please

Apparently this bar can be set up in less than a minute! This is perfect for a quick social-distanced gathering or just a fun night at home. It also comes with three different front skirts you can change out depending on the party vibe

A Cute Little Waterproof Speaker

You don't want to worry about splashing your speaker. This little JBL Bluetooth speaker easily clips onto a bag or even a chair. You can listen for 8 hours before it needs to be charged, too.

A Towel For Outdoors Fans

The sentiment of this soft dish towel pretty much sums up how I feel during the summer. Yet another item I didn't know I needed from Amazon.

Take a Sun Break With A Tent

This is a must-have if you have a baby or toddler. It's also a must-have for me because my pale skin loves to burn and the sun zaps all my energy.

Play By The Pool With Waterproof Cards

You could even play cards IN the pool. Or just take 'em to the beach and not worry about wet sand sticking to them.

This Feeder Brings All The Birds To Your Yard

If you're hanging out at home a lot, it's fun to see cool birds stop by. The brilliant colors attract hummingbirds and it looks great in your yard. It's also handmade with recycled materials, score!

Stay Comfy In A Hammock Chair

This chair has been on my wishlist for so long. This will definitely be the summer I buy it and live in it all summer long. I can picture it now, reading a book and enjoying a cocktail in soft comfort.

Lounge It Up In A Llama Float

Who doesn't love a llama? And a llama floaty is extra adorable. This floaty is durable and built to last a long time.

Work It Out Outside With A Jump Rope

This jump rope is pretty hardcore (at least compared to kids' jump ropes). It can take whatever you give it and gives you a sweet workout back. It's perfect for getting some cardio outside.

Get Shade Anywhere With A Half Umbrella

Sometimes you have that weird spot in your yard where only half an umbrella will fit... well Amazon has the solution for you! A lot less messy than cutting your own umbrella in half.

Use Claws To Shred Your BBQ Meat

These "bear claws" make shredding pork or chicken or brisket so easy. They are the perfect companion to your fave barbecued and smoked meats. Plus, they shred meat so quickly compared to using a fork and tongs!

Grow All The Herbs With A Stacked Planter

Save space with a cool stacked planter. Water actually flows through it so you save water, too. You can even grow strawberries or succulents in it.

This Grill Press Makes You A Grill Master

Grill food quickly and with sweet grill marks using this cast iron press. My favorite thing is to make a whole grilled chicken and press it with this, yum.

Make Your Backyard Awesome With An Inflatable Bar

Want to make your Saturday extra special? Blow up an inflatable bar, fill it with ice, snacks, and drinks. It also comes with three bars so you could go crazy and do drinks in one, snacks in another and an ice cream sundae bar in the last one.