In the world of Amazon products, there exists a nice category of attractive, practical products that not only compliment your decor but add substantive value to your household. In essence: they get the job done. These products, gadgets and devices exist for a reason, and it's to help you optimize your life. When you can elevate your lifestyle for under $45, then you're definitely doing something right. We've compiled a list of 37 Amazon products that simply get the job done. From pill pockets for dogs to jewelry holders for your vanity, this list contains something for everyone. Browse on through and let these products get to work for you!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

These Cargo Joggers Are on Every Fashionistas Wishlist

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Athleisurewear is on every fashionista's must-have wardrobe list and these cargo joggers fit the bill. The ankle cuff makes them flattering on the legs and the cargo pockets are not just handy, but a fashion detail. Order these from Amazon and enjoy both style and function with a reliable pair of joggers you can wear anywhere.

This 2-in-1 Mat and Pouch for Keeping Hot Hair Tools Safe

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Made with silicone material, this textured cushion pad will hold your hot tools steady without damaging your counters, dressers, or tile surfaces. Once you're done styling your hair, simply slide it into its pouch and, voila!

These Headbands for Both Fashion and Bad Hair Days

These sports headbands are a great way to keep long hair out of your face when you're doing outdoor activities. They're both fashionable and functional and the price tag makes them a no-brainer on Amazon. And guess what? They come in a six pack of different colors to match any outfit.

Tame Your Mane With These Alligator Clips

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Whether you have short hair or long hair, you'll find these alligator clips useful for a variety of hair stylings. Use them for sectioning your hair while blow-drying, or if you're feeling brave — cutting it yourself (10 out of 10, do not recommend). They come in a pack of 10, which is handy because you're definitely going to lose at least two or three of these.

Fast and Easy Clean Up With These Parchment Sheets

These parchment sheets are so convenient. Cut along the serrated edge to your preferred size directly out of the box. Baking has never been so easy! "I go through a lot of parchment paper. Every time I bake cookies, rolls, pizza, or anything at all, I grab a box of these. They fit perfectly inside a half sheet pan, and they keep the baked goods from sticking. For that alone, they are worth their weight in gold." - Marianne O. Schmidt

These Chelsea Boots are So Stylish You'd Have No Idea They're Rain Boots

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These adorable Chelsea boots are so stylish, you'll want to wear them even when it's not raining. Shoes are just as important as your outfit itself, and looking chic has never been easier than with these waterproof Chelsea's.

These Fruit Coasters are Super Cute and Add a Splash of Color

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These adorable, brightly-colored fruit drink coasters get the job done of preventing rings from forming on your wooden surfaces. You'll even get a set of six, and they're great for get-togethers, pool parties, and dinner parties too.

This Low Price Heartburn Medication Soothes the Burn

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This Famotidine Heartburn Medication — a low-priced version of Pepcid AC — works wonder on your stomach if you're suffering from heartburn or any symptoms of acid reflux. Don't wallow in pain when you can get soothing relief delivered to your door at a low price.

These High-Speed HDMI Cables Connect to All Enabled Devices

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I'm always using HDMI cables to connect my laptop to my desktop screen or my smart TV and these are my go-to product. They come with different variations of cord length, but I personally use the six feed cords. Perfect for connecting to Blu-ray players, Fire TV, Apple TV, Playstations and Xbox's too!

These Outlet Covers are a Safety Must

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Babies are curious little creatures and have no sense of self-preservation, so these outlet covers are a must-have safety item! I like that they're clear so they don't call attention to themselves and they're easy for adults to install but hard for little fingers to remove. You'll get a set of 30 for pocket change, which is quite a deal on an actual life-saving product.

This Classic Ice Bag Comes in Nine Different Fun Fabrics

After one too many drippy, messy Ziploc bags full of ice, I finally went on Amazon to find a more practical solution. This Classic Ice Bag is leak-proof, the perfect size, and comes in nine cute fabrics to choose from. My favorite is the smiley-face print!

Beard Mess, Be Gone from the Bathroom

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There's nothing worse than stray facial hairs decorating your bathroom after a shave. That beard hair goes everywhere. This beard bib eliminates clippings by trapping them in the cloth that wraps around the neck and has suction cups that attach to the bathroom mirror. Simply ball up the bib when you're finished and toss the clippings effortlessly into the trash. Voila! No mess.

This Brush Cleaner Will Help You Keep Your Makeup Brushes Bacteria Free

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This brush cleaner has a strong suction cup so you can firmly grab your brush and give it a deep clean. Don't let make-up build up on your brushes. This is your face we're talking about here! Elevate your make-up routine with this simple-to-use brush cleaner and stay on top of build-up.

Amazon's Best Selling Makeup Remover Wipes Take Make Up Off in One Wipe

These best-selling Neutrogena makeup remover towelettes allow you to remove make-up, lotions, and creams with one swipe. They even take off waterproof mascara and long-wear lipsticks, so they truly are a speedy and effective option for cleaning your face.

These Face Tory Sheet Masks Transform Your Skin

These sheet face masks from Face Tory are fantastic. They include all sorts of goodness including shea butter and jojoba seed oil work to hydrate burnt skin to this gold sheet mask which basically helps even out and brighten your complexion.

These SPF 30 Lip Balms Protect Your Lips From The Sun

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Keep your lips protected with these SPF-30 lip balms. Each one features SPF 30 protection, and you get three flavors with every order: watermelon, banana, and coconut. "These taste and feel almost like putting straight-up coconut oil on your lips," wrote one reviewer. "The flavors are AMAZING."

This Cleaning Vinegar Is People-Friendly, Pet-Friendly, And Wellness-Inspired

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The unfortunate downside to cleaning products is the fact that many of them have harmful chemicals and harsh odors–which makes for a very unpleasant cleaning process. This cleaning vinegar not only gets the job done, but it's also all-natural and non-toxic.

This Sweat-Resistant Sunscreen Prevents Your Eyeballs From Burning

Sunscreen is so important to protect our skin from harmful UV rays. It's the worst when you're chilling on the beach and that mixture of sweat and sunscreen starts cascading down your face like a terrible waterfall. For times like that, I bust out this handy sweat-resistant sunscreen, that ensures the UV stays out of your skin and the liquid out of your eyes.

This Hair Removal Cream Has Over 44,000 Rave Reviews

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No doubt about it, shaving is a total pain, especially when you have to do it daily. It's a much better idea to get rid of hair with this hair remover cream that's great for sensitive skin and removes stubborn hair within minutes, no razor needed. Aloe and vitamin E moisturize skin, while a vanilla and passionflower scent relaxes you, making hair removal an actually pleasant experience. It's the easiest way to get your legs beach ready.

These Fake Lashes Look Sooo Real

Sometimes you just want a little extra glamour. These fake lashes are top quality without the big price tag: perfect for a summer night on the town. If you want to see just how natural yet stunning they look, do yourself a favor and go look at all of the photos in the customer reviews!

Your Skin Will Look Flawless After Using This Jade Roller Set

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Every skincare junkie needs this jade roller and gua sha. The roller helps with releasing tension, making the skin appear more lifted, and gua sha helps improve circulation of blood flow helping relax your facial muscles. Use them together along with your everyday serums and creams and notice how refreshed your skin becomes. Not sold? Go binge-watch gua sha videos on TikTok and be prepared to be amazed at the results.

This Multi-Pack of Microfiber Hair Wraps Will Work Wonders On Your Hair

There's no need to potentially damage your hair with the heat from a hair-dryer: you can just invest in a microfiber hair towel. It's super-absorbent and will dry your hair in record time, while also reducing the frizz in your hair (which tends to plague curly-haired women in particular!) It's also ultra-lightweight and much gentler than your average towel, so it'll feel great on your head.

This Magnetic Wristband Holds Onto Your Bits Whilst You Work

Made from tough polyester, this magnetic wristband is great for keeping track of all those small nuts and bolts that go missing during DIY projects. Unlike other wristbands, this one is breathable to help keep your wrist from getting uncomfortably sweaty — and there are even two small pockets for any items that aren't magnetic.

This Thumb Knife is Perfect for Picking Tomatoes and Strawberries

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This genius little gadget, the Thumb Knife, can help you out immensely in the garden and make picking tomatoes and strawberries a cinch. Become an urban farmer before your very eyes with this practical gadget that can shear fruits and de-thorn roses.

This Color Changing Smart Bulb is the Ultimate Mood Lighting

How cool is this color-changing smart bulb you can control with Alexa or Google Home? It can display 16 million colors plus warm or cool white, and you can set the bulb to match natural light patterns from dawn to dusk - what?! You can also control the light from anywhere using the free app, so you can set your lights to turn on and off when you're away for extra security.

This Professional Palette is Perfect for Liquid Makeup Application

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Stop using the back of your hand as a makeup palette — upgrade to this actual palette instead. Not only does it make you look like a legit makeup artist, but it also comes with a spatula tool for mixing up colors. And it's way under $10!

This Elegant Jewelry Holder and Tray Can Store Your Valuables

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This jewelry display is not only elegant and practical on its own, but it also means that you can use your jewelry as decor for your room. One of the best features is the bar for earrings — you can see each pair neatly laid out instead of digging through a drawer.

This Solid Wood Sisal Bath Brush Will Scratch Where You Can't Reach

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The high-quality sisal bath brush is made of solid wood and natural sisal and is an effective bath scrubber or shower buddy. Get the job done with a practical tool that elevates your shower-time and soothes your back. Massage your skin and improve blood circulation with this hard-to-pass-up solid wood brush that you'll find yourself using every time you hop in the shower!

Stop Bacteria Growing in Your Washer With This Affresh Cleaner

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Sure, your laundry machine cleans your clothes, but who cleans your laundry machien? The Affresh washing machine cleaner. These tabs go in your machine once a month to help attack odor-causing residue and deliver you a cleaner wash, every time.

This Place Mat Will Protect Your Furniture and Make Meal Times Nicer

Have you ever found yourself sitting at a round table where someone has used square placemats? It just doesn't work. These wedge-shaped placemats are designed with round tables in mind — no overhang, no overlap. These are heat-resistant, can be used indoors or out, and are available in a ton of colors, from beige to orange. They also look pretty fancy, if I do say so myself.

Make the Perfect S'mores With These Roasting Sticks

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What would a summer be without s'mores and hot dogs around the campfire? These roasting sticks help you get the perfect golden toast on your marshmallows and dogs, so you can enjoy all of your favorite campfire foods in the comfort of your own backyard.

This Magnetic Car Mount Will Never Slip

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Tired of your phone slipping off the dash when you're trying to make a call or read a map? Try this magnetic car mount that'll never fall. "My Prius doesn't have much room for phone mounting unless you use the cup holder type but I use my cup holders... this thing solved that issue! And it's super easy to use. You can move it to any vent in a matter of seconds. Also, the magnets are STRONG!" - Rob C

No Headaches at Medication Time With These Pill Pockets for Pups

Have you ever tried giving a dog a pill? It's like entering the fifth circle of hell. Thankfully, someone came up with a reasonable solution in the form of these chicken-flavored pill pockets. Drop the pill into the pouch, squeeze shut, and then give it to Fido. If you're lucky, they won't even chew it. In their excitement to get a "treat" they'll swallow it whole before they even realize you've tricked them.

This Wine Bottle Chiller Ensures the Perfect Temp

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Your rosé can be the perfect temp all day with this easy-to-use wine bottle chiller. Just fill with water, freeze, then pop out the round ice cubes to fill up the holder and pop your bottle in. It'll stay chilled for hours, and the chiller is easy to tote to picnics, the beach, BBQs, outdoor concerts, and more.

Calling All Yoga Lovers This is The Mat Professionals Use

If you love a good yoga sesh, you need this mat. It's anti-sweat and slip-proof so you can practice yoga sliding all over the ground. Plus, the cushioning is so thick and soft that we know your knees will thank you. Protect your body while staying in shape - what more could you want?

This Washable Seat Cover Saves Your Upholstery From Pets

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You don't have to put up with scratched leather or dog hair in your car — just lay this cover down over the backseat. It'll keep the upholstery protected from scratches, all while giving your pup a comfy place to rest. But if you were to ask my dog? He'd talk about how he likes that it keeps him from falling down into the foot space in front of the seats.

These Glass Jars With Wood Lids are Perfect for Storage

Turn any plain spice rack into an Instagram-worthy photo with these jars. They're made from sleek borosilicate glass — not plastic — while their airtight lids help keep everything inside fresh. And unlike other jars, these ones even have cute bamboo lids.