37 Amazon Personal Care Items People Love To Buy Online

Finding the perfect beauty regime can be challenging. What do you need to include? How do you keep yourself perfectly groomed? There are just so many options and so many brands for each product. You could spend hours checking out all the personal care items on Amazon and still not know what to buy.

That's where we come in. You may not have time to comb through hundreds and thousands of products to find the ones with the best reviews and the perfect outcomes, but we do. We've created this list of the 37 absolute best Amazon personal care items based on the top products that customers love every time. Create your perfect hygiene routine with these 37 personal care items.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Shaving Brush that's Fancy as Heck

via AmazonI bought this Handmade Pure Badger Hair Brush with Natural Manchurian Ash Wood Handle without really expecting my husband to ever use it. But it turns out, he loved it, and now refuses to shave any other way. He loves the vintage look and how much softer it leaves his skin after using it.

This Blackhead Mask That Peels Away Impurities

via AmazonThere's just something fun about painting my face with this blackhead mask — maybe it's the free silicone brush I get to use, or maybe it's the feeling of detoxifying charcoal reach deep into my pores. Each order also comes with a set of blackhead removal tools, and the mask itself is safe for all types of skin.

This Skin Scrubber That Gets The Gunk Outta Your Pores

via AmazonBy producing high-frequency vibrations that shake the gunk in your pores loose, this scrubber complements any skincare routine. I like to use mine once a week — just to make sure my pores are extra-clean. The battery is rechargeable, and there are four modes to choose from depending on how sensitive your skin is.

Trim Your Mane With This Hair Clipper

via AmazonThe back of my head is shaved because my hair is just too thick to deal with. When quarantine hit, these clippers were my first purchase. They're completely cordless so it's easy to maneuver around my head, and the battery lasts — I've already used it dozens of times and I've still yet to charge it. Each blade guide is also marked with numbers, so if you know that you usually get a two or a three, you can easily choose the same here.

These Dry Drops That Secure Your Polish In Seconds

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There's nothing I hate more than painting my nails, only to mess them up just because I thought they were dry. These drops changed all of that. After I finish my paint job, I drop a little bit of this magical liquid on my nails to help dry them way faster, so I don't get any premature chips, dents, or smudges.

All of your beauty-loving friends can wear this universally flattering shade of red sparkle lipstick.

via AmazonIf there's one true thing, it's this: When you're not sure what to get your stylish friend, turn to Lady Gaga. Her makeup line Haus Laboratories, exclusive to Amazon, packs each product with unique features sure to seduce the fashion-conscious. This red sparkle lipstick, inspired by burlesque, features a blend of undertones that complements all skin tones. So you don't have to worry about picking the right shade for each friend! Everyone will love this sparkly treat.

This Stupid Love Eyeshadow Palette Inspired by Lady Gaga

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Lady Gaga doesn't just do lipsticks. She's also got an eyeshadow palette that's just as gorgeous as you'd imagine. This 18-color eyeshadow palette is called Stupid Love and was inspired by her sixth album, Chromatica. The shades are richly pigmented and designed to be blended and layered for multiple looks. It pairs perfectly with her sparkly red lipstick.

The Ice Roller That Will Keep You Looking Young

via AmazonSkincare routines have taken the social media world by storm, and I went from being someone who never washed their face to someone with a 10-step day and night routine. I'm the queen of waking up with a swollen face, especially my under eyes, so I'm all about using this roller to calm down my inflammation, take away the inevitable redness, and wake me up first thing in the morning.

This Microfiber Hair Towel Dries Your Hair Fast and Frizz-Free

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Sometimes blowdrying just isn't it. If you're in a hurry to get out the door, but you don't want to subject your hair to extra heat and potential damage, just grab one of these amazing hair towels. These microfiber towels are lightweight and compact, but super absorbent. Made of a fine waffle weave with a smooth border, they're soft and gentle on your hair. They dry it quickly and leaving it frizz-free. The built-in loop makes it easy to secure the towel on your head and store it on a hook in the bathroom.

An Absolutely Classic Clipper

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When a product gets almost 24,000 positive reviews on Amazon, you should probably see for yourself what all the fuss is about. This Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit is a customer favorite. The 20-piece set includes eight color-coded hair guides, a variety of cutting lengths, and blade oil, just to name a few. It's one of the most classic clippers out there, and there's good reason: it lasts forever and gives you a great trim every time.

Nourish, brighten and renew your skin with this trio of anti-aging serums

via AmazonYou know what makes grown life easier? Not looking in the mirror and seeing someone who appears 10 years older than you are. To that end, quality skincare is a worthwhile investment. This trio of anti-aging serums is an amazing deal at $30, and it includes some of the biggies in skin nourishment. You get hyaluronic acid serum for intense hydration, vitamin C & E serum for brightness, and 2% retinol serum to reduce fine lines and dark spots. Just apply these serums after washing your face and before applying moisturizer.

Apply your makeup with precision using this beautiful 12-piece set of brushes

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Few things take your makeup routine from meh to luxurious like a good set of brushes. This pretty set of makeup brushes costs less than $9! You get 12 brushes made of premium synthetic fiber, with beautiful white marble-colored handles and gold tips. The set includes eye shadow brushes, a foundation brush, an eyeliner brush, a mascara brush, a lip brush, a concealer brush, an eyebrow brush and more.

Soak off that gel nail polish easily at home with these nail polish remover clips

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These fingernail and toenail clips sure do look freaky on! But they do the trick, replacing that awkward tinfoil you might otherwise use to soak off gel nail polish at home. Just clip them on your fingers and toes and let it soak for about 5-10 minutes. The kit comes with a set for your hands, one for your feet and a bonus tool for scraping nails and pushing cuticles. It's like having a home nail salon.

Give yourself the perfect at-home manicure with these four crystal nail files

via AmazonHome manicures are all the rage lately, what with the quarantine and all. To get the best of your home manicure, you want to be sure to have a good set of nail files. This four-pack of crystal nail files is just $6.99! You get black, blue, purple and red -- each made of tempered glass to help keep your nails from splitting and weakening. Each file has two sides to work with, and they come with their own color-coordinated holders. So cute!

This Flavon Booster Is Perfect For Sensitive Skin

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I've done a pretty poor job at exfoliating my face, yet I've read that it is one of the most important steps for those who suffer from dry skin. This flavon booster contains PHA and hyaluronic acid, which gently penetrates the skin to reduce dryness, brighten skin, and remove dead skin cells.

Stay Hydrated Throughout The Day With This Facial Spray

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Sometimes you just need a little pick-me-up throughout the day. And that's when Mario Badescu's Cucumber and Green Tea Facial Spray comes in handy. With green tea, cucumber, and peppermint, it's made specifically for cooling, hydrating, toning, and re-energizing. The best part is that it's small enough to bring along with you wherever you go, so you will always be prepared.

This Nude Eyeshadow Palette Is A Perfect Dupe

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This super affordable Nude eyeshadow palette is a perfect alternative for the much pricier (upwards of $40) Naked eyeshadows that are so popular, according to over 5,000 happy reviewers! It has all the shades you need to create tons of looks, from natural to dramatic. All for under $10! This is the kind of perfect basic eyeshadow you need to start building your makeup collection.

Save Your Hair With This Argan Oil Heat Protectant

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I've been pretty lucky in terms of my hair. I've colored it every color under the sun and use heat on it every single day, and yet it's still pretty healthy. But in 2021, I decided I wanted to start being more mindful about the products I use and create a healthier skincare and hair routine. That's where this argan oil heat protectant comes in. It protects your hair in temps up to 450ºF, smells incredible, and leaves your hair super soft. Who wouldn't want to use it?

A Painless Hair Trimmer That You Can Use In The Shower

via AmazonGet rid of your hot wax and tweezers in favor of this painless hair trimmer. It's great for unwanted peach fuzz or facial hair, and the hypoallergenic blades trim hair from the root so that there's no painful tugging. The waterproof exterior means you can use it in the shower (but not the pool, which you shouldn't be doing anyway), and the compact size means you can easily keep it with you in your bag.

This Shade-Shifting Nail Polish is a must-buy

via AmazonYou've gotta check out the reviews for this shade-shifting nail polish. The user photos are gorgeous! I was a bit skeptical at first, given that the shade-shifter claim can often be flimsy. But buyers swear by this polish, and you can see the results in their pictures. Depending on the light and viewing angle, this polish appears to be cyan, blue, red, or purple. It's best applied in three coats or one coat over black. This holographic treat is only $10!

Give Yourself the Salon Treatment At Home with This Cape

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When you get your hair cut at a salon, you don't think twice about all the hair that falls from your head and onto that black cape that they put around your shoulders. But when you're at home, you're less inclined to make a mess. This PatioMatrix NYLON Salon Cape is water-resistant and keeps your clothes hair-free so you can feel just as pampered at home.

This Gel Nail Polish is a Gorgeous Oxblood Color

via AmazonEssie is one of my favorite brands of nail polish, and this deep lustrous red shade -- called Spiked With Style -- is too lovely for words. For only $8 and change, you get this luxurious longwear gel polish that shines like crazy. Essie's gel color is a two-step system that requires no base coat. Just finish off the color with a gel topcoat.

Get Kissable Lips With The Eos Super Soft Lip Balm

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​I've always suffered from dry lips, and no matter how much chapstick I applied, nothing seemed to help. I have yet to try the Eos super soft lip balm, but I'm sold after reading these reviews. With shea butter, coconut oil, and jojoba seed oil, it's specifically designed to hydrate your chapped lips and leave you oh-so-kissable.

These Makeup Applicators Are Beautiful and Effective

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Made of latex-free foam, these makeup sponges are designed for smooth foundation application. You get five sponges plus cases when you buy them, which is absolutely great as I somehow always end up losing mine. They're rated 4.8 stars by Amazon reviewers. Buyer Missy says, "As for the quality of Real Techniques sponges ... I won't ever use anything else."

This Body Cleansing Oil for Soap-Free Showers

via AmazonI'd been thinking about trying a cleansing oil for my face when I chanced upon this body cleansing oil meant to be used in the shower or bath. I'm so glad I found this fabulous product! This cleansing oil by Bioderma is formulated to moisturize and clean skin with zero parabens, preservatives, soap, or anything else that can be drying or irritating to the skin. It's gentle enough for babies, and has a subtle herbal scent.

This Moroccan Rosewater Facial Toner is a Great Natural Alternative to Drugstore Toners

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I love, love this 100% rose water toner and use it daily both AM and PM after washing my face. It comes with a spray nozzle, which is great because it saves me from having to use more cotton/bamboo pads. I also spray it on after makeup to give a soft, hydrated glow.

These Premium Beauty Facial Sprays Rejuvenate, Balance and Brighten Your Skin

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In this facial spray collection, you get four different formulas, each with a different scent and effect. You'll find aloe, lavender, sage, orange blossom, cucumber, rosewater, and lots more. You can use them for everything from brightening your skin to invigorating yourself first thing in the morning. Buyers rate these refreshing sprays 4.7 stars.

Give yourself gorgeous claws with these long stiletto nails for at-home application

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I'm not one to have long nails myself, since I type all day and they would constantly get in the way. That said, if I were going to have long nails, I'd love to have these ones. To me, they look sophisticated and bad-ass at once. Just scroll the Amazon user reviews for to-die-for pics of the nails in action.

Have a Warm, Tropical Glow, Even in the Middle of Winter, With This Murumuru Butter Bronzer

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This highly rated murumuru butter bronzer is from Physicians Formula, a company that designs its products for sensitive skin. You can expect high-quality hypoallergenic and natural ingredients. While getting a sun-kissed glow, you're also nurturing your skin with essential fatty acids and pro-vitamins that soften and moisturize.

This Setting Powder That Prevents Ashy Flashback

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We've all seen those photos of celebrities who have random patches of white all over their face — it's because they used a cruddy setting powder. This powder, on the other hand, not only prevents ashy flashback, but it also helps control your skin's oil production to prevent shine. It's the perfect finish every time.

This Hot Sock Is A Must For Curly Hair

via AmazonBoth my girls have gorgeous curly hair that abhors a blowdryer because it just creates frizz and unhappiness. They also shower at night but hate going to bed with wet hair. I solved the problem quickly after I saw this Hot Sock diffuser. Instead of a big, bulky plastic attachment, you just slip the "sock" on over the blowdryer for gentle air and happy curls. Couldn't be easier for curlyheads!

This Intense Repair Body Cream Is A Gamechanger For Dry Skin

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If you have severely dry skin, or you just haven't found a moisturizer that you love, opt for the La Roche-Posay Lipikar intense body repair cream. It's clinically proven to reduce dry skin and provide long-lasting hydration while still being gentle enough for daily use. Your skin will thank you.

A Cuticle Nipper To Keep Your Nails Looking Good

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This chameleon colored cuticle nipper is am awesome addition to anyone's lineup of nail care products. The trimmer and scrapers come with a sturdy no-slip handle that makes cleaning up those cuticles easy and pain-free. Having the right tools for the job absolutely changes your nail game, so don't sleep on getting a cuticle nipper.

Go Longer In-Between Hair Appointments With L'Oreal's Magic Root Cover Up

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I hate to admit this on the internet, but I'm almost 28 years old, and I have gray hairs. And not just a few. Enough that I have to touch up my hair every few weeks. So I am always trying to find things to help me push my hair appointments a bit. The Magic Root Cover Up conceals grays and roots in a matter of seconds and lasts me a few days. I do this for a week or two, and I buy myself more time!

This Lip Sleeping Mask Is So Moisturizing

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I have and love this popular lip sleeping mask - everything about it is delightful, from the ultra-moisturizing effect to the berry scent and flavor. Even the little applicator is cute! Seriously though, when I have super chapped lips, I put this on before bed, then in the morning, I have the smoothest lips ever. Try this; you'll love it!