37 Amazon Dresses That Have High Ratings and Plenty of Reviews

When I was 16, I ordered my prom dress off eBay. It cost $60, and took six weeks to reach my house. As if that wasn't bad enough, upon opening the box I discovered that it was the wrong color, wrong size, and looked more like a potato sack than a lovely gown. The point is, shopping for dresses online can be a real toss-up — unless you check the reviews beforehand. Had I done even the slightest amount of research, I would've (hopefully) realized that the price was too good to be true. And if I was still too dumb to take the hint? The reviews would've told me that the only reason to buy it would be if I wanted to light $60 on fire. Which, come to think of it, would've at least provided me with a few moments of warmth instead of a box of garbage. But don't worry — every dress on this list not only has near-perfect reviews, but they're also seriously in style right now. Keep on scrolling, and you'll see what I mean!

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This Dress You Can Wear to the Office — And Everywhere Else

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I like to buy clothes I can wear for mostly any occasion — and this dress totally fits the bill. It's great for the office since it hits just below the knee, or you can even wear it to happy hour with friends. The best part about it? You've got more than 20 fun colors and patterns to choose from.

This A-Line Cut V-Neck Dress Drapes in all the Right Spots

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Looking for a dress that's seriously comfy? This one has a loose A-line hem that drapes over all the right places — and the deep V-neck even pairs great with any necklace. Plus, it's even got a hint of elastane for some stretch.

The Swing Dress With Handy Pockets


Not only are the pockets large enough to actually use, but this dress is also perfect for work, date night, and everything in-between. I'll pair it with flats when I'm feeling casual, or even a pair of wedges if I've got plans that night. The best part? Reviewers raved abut how it "fits perfectly."

The Sleeveless Dress with a Flirty Tie Ruching


Think about how cute you'll look in this dress during your next brunch with friends — then get ready to be blown away at how seriously affordable it is. And if that isn't enough? Reviewers are also obsessed with it. "I recently lost a ton of weight and have a lot of loose belly skin," wrote one reviewer. "This dress hides it perfectly. The material is actually a lot thicker than expected, and even has a liner. I really like the neckline too. Highly recommend for all body types!!"

An Off-the-Shoulder Cocktail Dress That Won't Break the Bank


This cocktail dress proves that you don't have to spend a fortune to look like a million bucks. The material is thick, making it great for year-round wear — and the flared skater style looks good on pretty much everybody. Choose from 11 colors, including a bright shade of yellow that's perfect for summer.

The Perfect Dress for Warm Weather


Made from ultra-soft viscose fibers, this spaghetti strap dress is perfect for warm weather. Or, if it gets a bit chilly out, just pair it with some boots and a denim jacket for a cute fall look — you can't go wrong with either! Plus, many reviewers wrote about how it's "flattering."

This Short-Sleeve Option with a Cute V-Neck


If you're looking for a dress you can wear on an everyday basis, this one is right up your alley. The soft V-neck and sleeves make it great for running errands, while the fabric has a hint of elastane — just to keep things feeling stretchy. Choose from 10 colors!

This Maxi Dress Looks So, So Cute with a Straw Hat


I'll admit it — sometimes I get outfit ideas based on what the model in the photos are wearing. I'm not the most original person, alright? So when I say that this maxi dress looks cute with a straw hat, that's because I bought (almost) the exact same outfit you see above. And if you need a good hat? You can't go wrong with this one.

This Cocktail Dress With Gorgeous Lace All Over


With 15 different colors to choose from, you're basically guaranteed to find this cocktail dress in a shade you like. It's great for weddings, formal events, or even if you're just trying to show-up your coworkers at the office. And don't worry — reviewers raved about how it "fits like a glove."

This Sleeveless Dress You'll Be Wearing for Years to Come


Stripes never go out of style — never. Which means you'll be able to wear this sleeveless dress this season, next season, the season after that, and beyond. And if you aren't into grey? You've got more than 15 colors to choose from, including a really pretty shade of olive.

This Spaghetti Strap Pick That's Fun and Flirty


The best part about this dress isn't that it's made with buttery-soft fabric — it's that it's got thin spaghetti straps holding it up. I'm not the only one here who struggles to keep strapless dresses from falling down, am I? They're also adjustable, though the hem generally hits right above your knees. Choose from more than 25 colors!

A T-Shirt Dress That Gives You Room to Breathe


Some days I feel like a supermodel — others, I'm more like an overstuffed burrito. And on those burrito days, I like to throw on this boxy shirt dress. The wide cut gives you room to breathe, while the jersey fabric hangs on your body in all the right places.

A Sleeveless Dress With Little Buttons Down the Front


Dark blue, army green, floral — this dress comes in so many beautiful colors you'd be hard pressed to pick just one. It hits a little above your knees, while the buttons running down the front are a fun touch. "Such a cute and comfy dress," wrote one reviewer. "So easy to just throw on and look cute!"

The Dress With a Boho-Chic Hemline


Sometimes the simplest things are the prettiest — like this dress. While it might look plain at first, the embroidery along the hem gives it a boho-inspired touch. It's soft, stretchy, and looks just as good with flip-flops as it does with a pair of fall boots. Choose from four colors: white, green, burgundy, or black.

A Tie-Waist Dress With Thousands of Happy Reviews


Made from a soft polyester-rayon blend, this dress has a sophisticated look that you can dress up or down to suit your needs. Going out with friends? Just throw on some flip-flops or white sneakers. Or, if you're running late for work, pair it with some professional flats for a quick outfit.

A Comfy Dress with Ruffle Sleeves


Made from lightweight polyester, this dress is perfect for strolls down the beach while you're on vacation — or even just running errands at home. It's got a loose fit that won't leave you feeling confined, while the ruffle sleeves are a cute touch. Choose from more than 15 colors, including a really pretty dark green option.

You Can Conquer the World in this Summer Dress


You've gotta admit the prints on these dresses are beautiful, if not at least eye-catching. And if you're not into it? You have literally dozens of other options to choose from — including solid colors. Plus, the hint of spandex gives it some stretch so that it moves with you, not against you.

This Ribbed Dress With a Little Old-School Cool


With its higher neckline, ribbed bodice and flowing skirt, this dress has a hint of 50's cool while still being totally on-trend in 2021. Picture yourself wearing it on your next date night, or even to a rehearsal dinner you've got coming up. I think we can both agree you look stunning in it — especially in the slate blue color!

An Elegant Body Con Dress That's Perfect for Work

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Looking for a dress that says "professional" but screams "fashionable"? This one has a trendy criss-cross design in the front that's flattering on everybody, while the zipper in the front lets you choose how high or low the neckline is. Plus, it comes in dozens of colors.

The A-Line Shift Dress That "Will Fit Perfectly"


I could go on and on about how gorgeous this a-line dress is, or how well it fits — but why listen to me when you could hear it from reviewers? "I bought this for our 50th anniversary and it was extremely comfortable, easy to wash and wear, and is so classic that it will remain in style forever," one explained. "It can be worn with any shrug, jacket or scarf and be very attractive."

A Summer Dress That Doubles as a Cover-Up


The print on this dress just screams "vacation," but if you don't have any travel plans coming up? Not a problem, as it comes in more than 31 different colors and prints. It's soft and slouchy, making it great for everything from casual outings to dinner with friends. Oh, and did I mention the pockets?

A Cocktail Dress Sure to Turn Heads


Cocktail dresses like this one can be hit or miss when you're shopping online — that's why I always read the reviews. "This dress is amazing!!!" one raved. "The material feels so good, it's not super thin, it has enough stretch to look good but not so much stretch that it doesn't hold you in at all." All for less than $30!

This A-Line Sleeveless Dress by Calvin Klein

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If you're more in the market for brand-name clothes, this dress from Calvin Klein is a must-have. It's made from 100% lightweight polyester that won't leave you sweating, while the bright color choices are totally on-trend — especially the red coral option.

This Peplum Dress That's Beautifully Unique

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The peplum flare in the middle of this dress isn't just stylish — it's also incredibly flattering on nearly every figure. Besides, when was the last time you saw such a beautifully unique skirt? If you're in the market for something that'll stand apart from all that boring office-wear, this is it.

This Dress is Undeniably Cute


You can't deny that this dress is cute — the ruffled neckline and balloon sleeves give it a fairytale feeling that's sure to make you feel like a princess. The lightweight fabric is perfect for warm weather, and it even comes in 14 different pastel shades.

This Tank Dress is Comfy and Casual

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Even if you aren't on vacation, this tank dress will have you feeling all sorts of relaxed with its calming palm frond print. It's made from breathable viscose, along with some elastane so that the fabric stretches with you. And if you aren't in a tropical mood? It also comes in solid colors.

The Spaghetti-Strap Dress "Fits Right Everywhere"


With thousands of positive reviews, you can rest assured that this spaghetti-strap dress fits perfectly. There's no need to go up or down a size, as reviewers left feedback about how it "fits just right everywhere." One even wrote that "this dress is a great deal at the price. It isn't see-through at all."

This Printed Dress Flares Into A-Line

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Loose, breathable, and with a flattering scoop neckline, this dress hits all the right notes. The A-line style looks good pretty much no matter what, while the jersey fabric won't leave you sweating. Plus, reviewers raved about how there was no need to order one size up.

This Bodycon Dress for Day or Night


Need something to wear on your next date night? What about an upcoming bachelorette party? Either way, this bodycon dress has you covered. The ribbed fabric contours to the shape of your body, while the ruched sides won't chafe against your skin. Plus, it comes in a ton of trendy colors — including a dusty shade of rose.

This Damask-Printed Dress With Pockets on Either Side

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With its bold print and flattering silhouette, this damask dress is perfect for your next backyard BBQ. Oh, and did I mention that it has pockets? Because not only are they cute, but they're also large enough for you to actually use.

This Warmer Dress for Cooler Evenings

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Buying winter clothes in the summer while they're on sale is a smart way to save money — so grab this cowl neck dress. Unlike many dresses, this one won't start pilling over time, and the color is even fade-resistant. One reviewer also wrote that it's "not thin, not too short, sexy and form fitting."

This Maxi Dress With Short Sleeves

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With a slightly-fitted waist, this maxi dress gives you some shape without being too tight. It's made from smooth jersey fabric — and since it hits right at your ankles, there's no need to worry about the hem dragging along the ground. Choose from seven colors: navy, grey, black, striped, and more.

The Cutest Boho Maxi Dress for Summer Fun Days

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Love a maxi dress for summer? It's got enough wiggle room that there's no need to go up or down a size. "Love this dress!" raved one reviewer. "Have already worn it to church as well as brunch with friends! Great for Florida weather and summer weather in general."

A A-Line Cocktail Dress With a Lovely Lace Middle

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Whether you're headed to dinner or a job interview, this dress will have you looking as good as you possibly can. It comes in a variety of colors — from apricot to bright red — and the touch of spandex won't leave you struggling to breathe.

A Dress That Looks as Good as the Photo

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It's rare to find a dress that looks just as good as the photos — but one quick dive into the customer reviews, and you'll find thousands of pictures that show how spot-on this dress is. Not only are the photos dead accurate, but many reviewers also wrote about how well it fits. "The quality is some of the best I've seen on Amazon in this price range," explained one. "I wore [it] to an interview and was hired on the spot!"

The Maxi Dress With a Flirty Leg Slit

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With its crochet trim and open-back style, this maxi dress is a stylish addition to any closet. The halter neck highlights your collarbones, while the high leg slit lets you show off just the right amount of skin. Choose from three colors: white, grey, or dark blue.

This Lacy Dress is Shockingly Versatile


You've got options when it comes to this lacy dress. Buy it in light pink or green and use it as a swimsuit cover-up on your next vacation, or even grab it in white and wear it as a low-cost wedding gown. And if you're worried about how it's going to look? One reviewer even wrote "this dress photographs soooo beautifully! A bit sheer but only if you look super close you can tell. No alterations done."