37 Amazon Best Sellers You Can Snag for Under $50

When shopping for electronics, beauty products, workout equipment or clothing, I always try to find the best quality products while keeping to my strict budget. I've found that you don't have to spend a fortune to get good quality, well at least not if you find the right platform. My secret is that I shop on Amazon and make sure to buy the products with a large number of good reviews, high ratings and recommendations.

When products have great ratings, they become either Amazon's Choice products or feature on the best seller list and there are plenty of great buys for under $50. So, I've compiled a list of my favorite 37 Amazon best sellers that you can snag for less than $50. I hope you love them as much as I do!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Indoor/Outdoor Video Camera That Works with Alexa


If you're looking for a video camera with motion detection, two-way audio, and water-resistant for the rain outside, then this indoor/outdoor camera is a must-have.

It even has a siren to scare off unwanted visitors when it's outside, and it works with Alexa and Google Assistant to make your life even easier.

This Waterproof Smart Watch Is Also A Fitness Tracker


Some smartwatches are hundreds of dollars, but this one has all the same technology for a fraction of the price.

This waterproof watch is compatible with both iOS phones and Androids, plus it has a great heart monitor and fitness tracker to keep you up to date with your lifestyle needs.

These Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers for Portable Sound


Whether I'm watching movies inside or having a pool party outside, these waterproof Bluetooth speakers are my go-to sound system because they're portable and water-resistant.

Despite being small in size, the bass is second to none, with true 360 degrees of stereo sound, and you get 1500 minutes of playtime without needing to be re-charged.

These High Waist Biker Shorts for Yoga or Running


These must-have bike shorts/yoga shorts are my staple workout wardrobe because the side pockets are so handy, and they're super comfortable to wear.

They come in a range of colors, and I must admit, I've bought at least a handful of different shades.

This Wireless Bra Is the Ultimate Lingerie for Comfort


Underwire can truly be uncomfortable when you're wearing a bra all day long, which is why I switched to this wireless version .

It's so comfortable that I wear it to work as well as for light workouts like yoga. It comes in a range of colors and sizes, depending on what suits your style.

These Non-Slip Socks That Can't Be Seen in Low-Cut Shoes


I can't stand high socks rising above my shoes, but some low-cut socks slip under the heel of my feet.

I've never had that problem again, though, since finding these non-slip socks that are invisible under low-rise footwear, plus they're super comfortable and affordable.

This Streaming Media Player for Remote Entertainment


Whether you stream in HD, 4K, or HDR, this streaming media player will give you incredible picture quality and vivid color.

It works with Netflix, Pandora, Vudu, Amazon Instant Video, and YouTube, so you can watch all your favorite shoes in style, just like I do for an incredible price on Amazon.

This USB Wall Charger with Fast Charging Ports


This wall charger not only has two USB fast charging ports but also a three-sided power strip with six adapter outlets and an LED night light around the edges so you can see it in the dark.

It's a great space saver while offering so many points to charge, and it actually has a dusk-to-dawn sensor that automatically turns on when ambient lighting becomes insufficient.

This Power Strip with A Six-Feet Extension Cord


It's hard to find the right extension cord that's long enough to wind around the walls of my apartment, but this power strip with a six-feed cord is perfect.

It features 10 outlets and four USB charging ports which is more than enough for my home office and entertainment unit.

This Button-Down Tank Top Is Perfect for All Occasions


This button-down tank top has been my go-to look from spring through summer because it's so versatile and easy to slip on with any outfit.

Whether I'm wearing shorts, jeans, or a skirt, this lightweight sleeveless blouse with spaghetti straps matches perfectly, and there is a range of colors to choose from.

These Cork Sole Sandals Are Heaven on My Feet


It is possible to find both style and comfort in a pair of sandals, and these cork sole slip-ons prove it.

They are heaven on the feet and look great with jeans, denim shorts, or even summer dresses, and the price tag is fabulous too.

This Mascara Makes It Look Like You're Wearing Fake Lashes


If you're looking for a luscious mascara without a designer price tag, then this is the one.

I love this Lash Princess False Lash Mascara because it creates dramatic volume that lasts all day without flaking off or fading. Plus, it's cruelty-free and acknowledged by PETA.

This Bodycon Dress Is Super Flattering


If your closet is screaming out for a frock that hugs you in all the right places, look no further. This bodycon dress has ruched details on the sides that create a slimming effect, and the variety of color options means you could get one for every day of the week!

This Bio-Oil Is My Go-To for Stretch Marks and Scars


We all have a few stretch marks or scars at some point in our lives, and this Bio-Oil is my go-to product to help my skin.

Bio-Oil is incredibly hydrating without being greasy or clogging pores. It works on all skin types and smells delicious with a hint of rose.

This Jade Roller for An At-Home Luxurious Facial


I love facials but don't want to regularly spend hundreds of dollars at salons, so I do my own at home with this Jade Face Roller.

The massage roller relieves muscle tension and helps with lymphatic drainage and circulation of blood flow, all of which leave your skin looking dewy and lifted.

These Probiotic Capsules Aid Digestion and Balance the Stomach


If you ever need help with digestion and stomach balancing like I do, I highly recommend these probiotic capsules .

The formula has been approved by doctors, and it's a complete supplement for ultimate digestive health. Plus, it's suitable for vegans and has no preservatives.

This Essential Oil to Relieve Migraines and Sore Muscles


This pure therapeutic aromatherapy oil works wonders on headaches, migraines, and sore muscles in general.

The aroma of fresh basil is heavenly to the senses and can be used on the skin, in the hair, as soap, or in a diffuser for a wonderful smelling home.

This Car Phone Holder for Your Dashboard


I'm a big fan of gadgets and accessories to make life easier, and this car phone holder that is easily placed on my car dashboard is awesome.

It means I can have my phone easily accessible while driving when I need to use Google maps or take a phone call hands-free to keep me driving safe while not distracted. Plus, it's so sturdy that it won't shake around while you're driving.

These Soft Replacement Straps for Apple iWatches


Every watch needs a replacement strap if you wear it enough, or sometimes we just want a change of color to feel like we have a new watch.

And these soft replacement straps for Apple iWatches will give you just that, for a fraction of the price of the original watch. They're made of silicone, so they're super soft on the skin.

These Shockproof Phone Case Covers Are Anti-Scratch


I'm constantly dropping my smartphone by accident, so I always make sure I have an anti-scratch shockproof phone case like this one.

It means that I don't have to worry about cracking my screen, and I have full protection for those common mishaps that happen to all of us.

This Nipple Butter Breastfeeding Cream Will Moisturize Dry Skin


Whether you're breastfeeding or know someone who is, this nipple butter cream is a must-have product.

It's safe for nursing and will moisturize severely dry skin that breastfeeding can cause. It's been tested for irritation by dermatologists, so it has given me that extra layer of safety that I was looking for in a cream.

These Tumeric Curcumin Capsules Help with Inflammation


Tumeric is a wonder product for inflammation in the body, and when I'm not adding the powder to my cooking, I also take these turmeric curcumin capsules .

I've noticed the difference in my skin and stomach, and I specifically chose this brand because it has no preservatives or GMOs – it's all-natural.

These Height Adjustable Stands for Smartphones and Tablets


I bought these adjustable stands for my smartphone and tablet when I'm working from home at my desk.

They make my devices easily accessible for Zoom calls and other notifications while I'm busy working on my desktop screen. The price is super affordable, so why not make working from home easier?

This Rosehip Oil Transforms the Face, Hair, Skin & Nails


Rosehip Oil is a wonder product that is gentle enough to use on the face as well as for hair, skin, and nails.

This certified organic rosehip oi l is my preferred brand because I find it really brightens my skin and helps prevent premature aging.

These High Waist Yoga Pants Slim the Tummy and Lift the Butt


I like to look my best while doing yoga, whether I'm at home or in the studio, which is why I always wear these high waist yoga pants.

They are so slimming on the tummy while lifting my butt – all my friends ask me where I got them from because they're so flatting as well as being super comfortable. And they're a fraction of the price of some other high-end yoga branded clothing.

These Cut Off Denim Shorts Are A Must-Have Summer Item


Denim shorts never go out of style, and these are my go-to denim cut-offs for this summer.

Despite being super affordable, they're super comfortable and totally on-trend. They are easy to dress up or down depending on your daily fashion mood.

This Padded Sports Bra Tank Top Will Make You Want to Workout


Looking great in workout gear definitely improves my workouts. So, I always wear one of these padded sports bra tank tops when I get up and go.

It's not only flattering but really comfortable and gives me the support that I need to work up a sweat.

This Compression Sleeve Will Support Your Knees


If you've ever had a knee injury like I have, whether it's from too much high-impact cardio or a general strain, this compression sleeve will work wonders.

Not only does it relieve pain, but the brace also offers support as a preventative measure when you're doing weightlifting, gym workouts, or running, so you're protected from potential injuries.

This Stainless-Steel Coffee Maker for Café-Quality Cups at Home

Amazon / GuapoDad

I used to spend way too much money buying coffees out at cafes until I found this stainless-steel coffeemaker.

Now I make my own delicious coffee with this electric percolator pot, which is also great for tea or hot cocoa. It holds up to 12 cups of water and keeps it hot, so you don't need to keep reheating it.

These Hypoallergenic Pillows Are Both for Support and Decoration


Pillows are one of those items that can become unhygienic after a while, from sweat stains and dust, but these pillows I found on Amazon have an extra layer of protection by being hypoallergenic.

These micro-fiber pillows are also super supportive on my back and look gorgeous with the right decorative cushion cover.

This Mini Heat Press Is Compact and Efficient


This mini heat press is perfect for little things you want to iron on for decoration, whether that's for hats, shoes, or stuffed animals.

It has three settings for every iron-on and infusible ink project, and it's so compact that it's easy to store away when you're finished with your project.

This Artist Easel Stand Makes Creating Artwork Easy


Whether you found a new hobby in the last year or you're already a seasoned artist, this easel stand will make creating your artwork very easy.

It's a reinforced aluminum adjustable stand, which makes it very sturdy to support your canvas while painting and displaying your work.

These Scented Candles to Help You Find Balance and Harmony


One of my favorite ways to relax and rejuvenate at home is lighting a scented candle to find balance and harmony.

Whether I'm reading on the sofa or taking a long bath, these scented candles are my go-to secret for the perfect ambiance to relax. And after the past year of a global pandemic, we all need a bit of relaxation.

This Yoga 7-Piece Set Has Everything You Need for An At-Home Session


Working out at home is one of my new habits since lockdown forced me into it, but now I love doing yoga at home.

My must-have item, though, is this 7-piece yoga set because it comes with everything from a yoga mat, strap, two blocks, yoga mat towel, yoga hand towel, and knee pad – so you're all set to go, and the price is super affordable on Amazon.

This Satin Pajama Set for Stylish Summer Nights


Summer is coming, and this satin pajama set is the perfect bedtime outfit for a stylish evening.

This sexy sleepwear set feels super luxurious on the skin, and it comes in a range of different colors on Amazon, but my favorite is the navy blue. You won't be disappointed in this set, and the price tag is a fraction of the price of similar designer ensembles.

These Resistance Bands for The Best At-Home Butt Workout


Targeting the butt and upper thighs has always been tricky for me until I found these awesome resistance bands on Amazon.

They're super simple to use; you just slip them over your thighs and start squatting. They're very soft and comfortable to wear and are non-slip, so they won't fall down as you work out.

This Acne Patch to Shrink Zits Overnight


Why is it that a zit always pops up just before you have an important event or date to go to?

Luckily, I found this acne patch product which actually shrinks zits overnight. The ingredients include tea tree oil, calendula oil, and it's certified vegan, so I trust it on my sensitive skin.