37 Amazing Products Under the Home Category on Amazon

Browsing the endless pages of Amazon.com can be exhausting. That's why we love to shop by category, and one of the biggest sections on Amazon's site is the Home and Housewares category.

You can find anything from coffee mugs, to shoe racks, to special vacuums just for pet hair. This list contains the 37 most popular products we've ever featured in the Home and Housewear category on Amazon.com. Happy shopping.

These Mug Stackers Double Your Cabinet Space

via AmazonI've never seen these mug stackers before, but they're so smart! They let you easily and securely stack mugs on top of each other to effectively double your cabinet or counter storage space. This gadget gets a lot of love from people in small NYC apartments for its space-saving superpower!

Pocket This Multi-Tool For All Life’s Emergencies

via AmazonHave you ever gotten into a situation where you thought, “Man, a wrench would be really handy right about now?" If not, it’s coming. This keychain tool has it all: Wrench, bottle opener, screwdriver, ruler, bit driver, file, and bike spoke key, in one unit that easily attaches to a lanyard or key ring. And, that’s just as small sampling of the tasks it’ll perform in a TSA-compliant design.

Light It Up With An Electronic Candle Lighter

via AmazonI want one of these just because they look a lot cooler than what I currently use, which is a cheapy cigarette lighter from Walmart. This chic electronic candle lighter is windproof and flameless, delivering more than 60 uses with a single charge. Light your candles, grills, and more with this slim-designed rechargeable device that all your friends will think looks cool while making things hot.

This Blanket That Helps You Stay Cool On Hot Nights

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Just this morning, I woke up in a puddle of sweat, which, let me tell you, is not fun. That's why I literally added this cooling blanket to my cart a few seconds ago (I've been eyeing it for months at this point.) It's made from a blend of natural cotton and special Japanese cooling fibers that help pull heat away from your body. Choose from five colors, including blue, green, pink, grey, and more.

This exercise ball makes a great chair that engages your core

via AmazonStay fit and alert while navigating that endless Zoom call by sitting on this balance ball that keeps your core engaged. While focusing on the call, you can wiggle and sway to further strengthen core muscles and stay on top of your game. When the call finally ends, lay back over the ball and have a much-deserved stretch. You'll need it!

These Shower Curtain Hooks Are So Convenient

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Know how you have to painstakingly remove the shower curtain and liner both when really, you just want to wash the curtain? No more with these shower curtain hooks! Now you can remove just the liner or just the curtain when it's time to wash, which is a billion times more convenient. These are on the way to my hot little hands as we speak, and I cannot wait for the delivery man to show up!

Have Tea, Will Travel


I don't tote my tea around with me, but with this travel tea set, I might start. What's included is an infuser and cup for drinking packaged in a perfectly portable (and adorable) case. The lid even doubles as a coaster. If your partner travels a lot or just loves their tea, they'll enjoy this grab-and-go idea. Throw in a few of their favorite tea bags and you'll be their Valentine's Day hero.

This Bra Bag Protects Bras in the Washing Machine

via AmazonNo, you don't have to hand-wash your bras! Not if you invest in these bra laundry bags, one of the most practical inventions I've come across lately. The rigid plastic frame forms a protective case, preventing any damage to the underwire, lace, and hardware on bras. Here's one 5-star review:
"I bought these to replace some previous bags that had not held up. These bags are great quality and have held up extremely well. They have room enough for 2 bras. The zipper is sturdy. The seams are well constructed on these, so they will not be splitting anytime soon." --Jean Ann Lopez

This Down Alternative Comforter Is Like Sleeping In A Cloud

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Have you ever wanted to sleep in a cloud? Or how about a super squishy marshmallow? Try this down alternative comforter that'll wrap you in softness for the best night's sleep ever. It comes in multiple colors, so you don't even need to use a duvet cover if you choose; just throw it on the bed and snuggle down for an amazing snooze.

This Pillow Is Like Sleeping On A Cloud

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Bedtime is my favorite time of day, and I pride myself on having only the highest quality bedding. This pillow has been in my life for about a year now, and I never want to use another pillow ever again. The memory foam conforms to your head beautifully, and the cooling gel disperses body heat, creating a cooler sleeping surface. As someone in the heart of the desert, this is a god-send.

Let Alexa brighten your room with a colorful glow with this LED light strip

via AmazonThis is one smart light strip! Using Alexa, Google Assistant or the manufacturer's app, you can turn the lights on and off, change the colors and brightness, and set a timer so you're automatically bathed in a soothing glow whenever you want. Plus, there's a built-in microphone that syncs the lights to the beat of your music. Designed to be easy to install, the kit comes with an adapter, a WiFi controller, a 16.4-foot light strip, 3M adhesive and fixing clips.

This YouCopia Lid Organizer Brings Order to Food Container Chaos

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In my house, we call it the "Tupperware drawer." It's a nightmare of a drawer filled with a hodgepodge of food storage containers and lids that never seem tidy, no matter how often I sort and stack the containers. I'm hoping this YouCopia Lid Organizer will help! It's designed to sit inside a cabinet or drawer and hold lids upright, with five adjustable dividers so you can customize the spaces. It fits lids up to 9 inches wide.

This Hand Vacuum Eats Dust For Breakfast

via AmazonThis hand vacuum does a great job cleaning off my keyboard and home office space. It's small yet still powerful enough to suck dust and crumbs out of hard to reach places. All it needs is 2 AA batteries and its ready to handle small messes in a heartbeat. This is definitely one of those knick-knacks you'll wish you would've gotten sooner.

This Over-The-Door Shoe Rack Is A Total Shoo-In


Clutter driving you crazy? Tidy up your bedrooms and closets with this over-the-door shoe rack. For less than $25, it holds an impressive 36 pairs and fits easily onto any standard door.

Never Lose A Sock Again Thanks To The SockDock

via AmazonHow many times have you gone to get your socks out of the washer and dryer only to find that some have gone missing? I don't know if there's anything worse. That's where the SockDock comes in! All you have to do is place your socks in between two sliders and throw them in the washer and dryer. They come out clean, and more importantly, sorted!

You could probably just replace your oven

via AmazonThis air fryer oven is 12.7 quarts, and honestly I'd just ditch my main oven and move to this one because it offers so many options. 11 full accessories, including rotisserie options, trays, and baskets. Tons of cooking options from frying to roasting to dehydrating. Unless you're cooking a full turkey, this fryer will meet basically all of your needs and more.

Your House Will Smell Like The Great Outdoors With These Incense Bricks

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I am such a big fan of incense. There's something about lighting one and walking around the house to get your day started. These incense bricks smell exactly like being in the heart of a forest, which I find totally relaxing. Whether you're stressed or just want to start the day off with good intentions, I highly recommend these!​

These Microfiber Towels Are A Wrap


​I've been using microfiber hair wraps like the one pictured for years. Why? They're super absorbent, fast-drying, and won't slip and slide on your head while you're applying makeup or getting the kids out the door. This three-pack will only set you back $10 and ensures you'll always have a dry one available when you need it. One reviewer said it's even good for long hair.

This Instant Pot Will Revolutionize Dinner

via AmazonThis smaller Instant Pot is a godsend for quick dinners. I always forget to defrost meat (or heck, even meal-plan in the first place) then it's 5 o'clock, the kids are starving and I'm panicking. Instant Pot to the rescue! We use ours constantly for making shredded meat that goes in everything from tacos to salads, making huge batches of hard-boiled eggs to snack on all week, and even rice that comes out perfectly every time. I wouldn't trust an off-brand on something as potentially dangerous as a pressure cooker, best to go with a quality brand like Instant Pot so you can use it worry-free.

This Under Sink Organizer Is A Storage MVP

via AmazonFor most of us, under our kitchen and bathroom sinks is a jumbled mess of cleaning products and other odds and ends, but it doesn't have to be that way. This under sink organizer expands to fit your space and has three shelves to hold all manner of things you need to be stored. Use it in the kitchen to hold pots, pans, and cleaning supplies, or in the bathroom for beauty supplies, towels, and bath products. Your cabinets will radiate so much less chaotic energy!

This Glass Tumbler Is Guaranteed Not to Break

via AmazonUpgrade your water bottle to this elegant glass tumbler that features a bamboo lid and silicone sleeve. It's made from borosilicate glass, a hardy glass that withstands temperature changes (it's what Pyrex and restaurants use for glassware). In fact, the company that makes this tumbler will replace it if it breaks during the first year!

This Cling Film That Adds Privacy To Your Windows

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Love walking around naked, but want to save your neighbors from the embarrassment that you look way better than they do? Then grab this cling film. It makes your windows slightly opaque to block the view, plus it'll even help filter out the sun's hot UVA rays. And if you've got a noisy dog? Throw this up in their line of sight — it'll keep them from barking at everything that walks by.

This Throw Blanket Is Huge

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Know how you wish your super cozy throw blanket were bed-sized? Wish granted - this baby comes in sizes up to 108 x 90 inches, which is bigger than a king-size bed! It comes in 30 colors and gets rave reviews for softness and durability. I'm adding this to my cart immediately for a cozier, comfier bed.

Your Bathroom Will Never Be Cleaner After You Use This Electric Scrubber

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If I asked you what your least favorite chore is, would it be cleaning the bathroom? I'm going to guess yes. From the toilet to the sink to the shower, there's so much work that needs to be done that requires a whole lot of effort. Make your life ​a lot ​easier with this electric scrubber. Use it on tough stains and grout, and save yourself from the back pain that comes with scrubbing on your hands and knees.

Give your eyes a break from the monitor by gazing at this surreal art print

via AmazonRecent studies show that Zoom burnout is a real thing. Staring into another person's face on a screen for extended periods of time is not a natural way of communicating, and it can make it hard to concentrate on what's being said. That's why it can be good to give your eyes an occasional rest by looking away from the monitor and focusing on something else. This Salvador Dali art print would be a great visual palate cleanser. Just gaze at this surreal imagery while you continue to listen to what's being said, and you'll find you actually take in more info than you do while staring endlessly at the screen.

These Faux Plants Are Pure Class

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A little greenery goes a LONG way in adding life to space, but it can be so hard to maintain and keep plants alive. So many other things to remember, watering plants isn't high on my list! That's why I love these faux plants - you get a set of three cute topiaries you can place around the house or group together for more impact.

This Beautiful Silk Pillowcase Is Gentle on the Skin and Has a Hidden Zipper

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You don't have to worry that this silk pillowcase will slide off your pillow because it stays snugly in place with a hidden zipper. I chose the eggplant purple color to go with my comforter, but there are more than 30 colors to choose from. These cases come in six different pillow sizes, and they're rated 4.6 stars.

These Fridge Liners Protect Produce

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I always feel so virtuous when my shopping cart's loaded with fresh fruit and veg, but it sometimes goes to waste because we forget to eat it in time! Problem solved with these foam fridge liners that extend the life of fruit and veggies, so you're not wasting food and money. Reviewers really noticed a difference after using these in how long their produce stayed edible.

These Dish Towels Are So Absorbent

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We usually use tea towels to dry the dishes and mop up spilled water, but they're not nearly as absorbent as I'd like. Then I found these dish towels, and my world was changed! The 100% cotton waffle weave towels come in a six-pack, and they measure 12x12, so they're big enough to dry a lot of dishes, pots, and pans.

Protect Your Delicates in the Wash With This Set of Six Mesh Laundry Bags

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I use these mesh laundry bags to protect my bras when I wash them. But they're great for lots of other things, too. I use them when I travel to separate underwear, tights, and other delicate items. They're super lightweight and breathable, so they're perfect for that. You get three large bags and three small bags for $9.99. Or, you can choose from lots of other package options.

These Gel Pens Are Smooth as Silk

via AmazonA friend gifted me some adult coloring books last Christmas and the kids' dried-up markers weren't cutting it for the intricate illustrations. Enter this set of 48 gel pens. The colors are amazingly bright, plus the metallics and glitter ones are awesome. These smooth pens are perfect for coloring, doodling or jotting down notes - over 1,000 five-star reviews aren't wrong!

Use The Bissell Little Green And Watch How Clean Your Furniture Gets

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​I'm going to throw myself under the bus for a quick second for this one. I try to keep my car fairly clean at all times. But the cloth tan seats still somehow manage to get absolutely disgusting. We're talking stains galore. The Bissell Little Green has been such a gamechanger for me to get my car as clean as possible. It lifts all of those nasty stains and leaves your furniture looking brand new!

This Heated Mug That Helps Your Coffee Stay Warm


You know how as you drink a cup of coffee, you anticipate the colder and colder temperature, and how you take that last sip knowing it will be tepid and unpleasant? Well, the Ember Mug changes all of that. Your last sip of coffee is just as hot as your first and it will blow your mind every day for at least a month while you get used to this new, glorious life you lead.

8 Tiers Shoe Rack

via AmazonAfter a long day out or a hard trip to the gym, there's nothing I like more than taking off my shoes and sitting down at the house. I used to simply toss my shoes by the door and move on with my evening, that only worked for so long before I was buried in a sea of footwear each time I passed the front door. That's why having a shoe rack in the house was an integral part of my adult life. With this eight-tier rack, I can store up to 20 pairs of shoes, even removing layers to make more room for items like my winter boots! Easily assembled by hand with no tools necessary, you won't be inconvenienced when putting this handy household item together, and you'll be able to keep your hallways clear with ease.

Store More In Your Drawers With This Utensil Organizer


Make the most of every inch of kitchen storage space with this cleverly designed utensil organizer. The secret is the stacked, angled compartments that let you put in a LOT more utensils compared to a regular, flat tray.

This Holder That Keeps Your Sponges Mold-Free


One way to combat mold and mildew is by making sure your dish sponge or scrubber brush gets completely dry between uses –– and it can't do that while lying in the sink. This sling makes it easier to keep your sponge dry and your home clean.

A Shelf That Adds Storage Space To Your Outlets


Replace your old outlet covers with one of these outlet shelves, and you'll always have a convenient place to lay your phone. It's even big enough to store a small speaker. The best part? It's so sturdy it can easily support up to 10 pounds.