37 Affordable Clothing Items You Totally Need for Fall

Fall is arguably the best season. But dressing for Fall requires more thought and strategy. The weather is rapidly cooling and our choice in clothing will need to involve more layering. We have to keep fashion staples in mind like denim jackets, chunky cardigans and sweaters to keep our bodies warm and cozy, and all of these and more are featured right here on this list. You can also expect the season to include more events, like company parties, holiday parties, or weddings. So having a few dresses to appropriately dress for these occasions is a must. This list of affordable clothing items from Amazon will make your Fall fashion decisions that much easier. There are plenty of essentials listed here that are a definite need and a must for all of the layering you'll want to keep yourself cozy and of course stylish as ever. We'll have you looking good and feeling good throughout the season.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Cable Knit Cardigans are the Best Layering Pieces


The one thing that will truly never go out of style? Chunky cardigans. They're one of the easiest ways to warm yourself up without having to sacrifice a cute outfit. This cardigan comes in 16 different colors, which means you can get one for every outfit you own. Definitely think I'm going to pick up one... or five.

This Faux Wrap Dress is Absolutely Gorgeous


I love the look of wrap dresses but it's so hard to keep them closed without a lot of help from pins or hooks that might not be included with the dress. This faux wrap dress solves that problem and gives you the look you want without the hassle! The swiss dot texture is just perfect for all seasons, too.

These Faux Leather Leggings are an Influencer's Go-To Pant

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Who would want real leather pants when these faux leather leggings are so much more comfortable, flattering and affordable? Influencers love these leggings because they can be dressed up with heels or down with sneakers and a loose sweater. I was inspired to buy these after seeing my favorite influencer wearing them and now all my girlfriends ask me where I found them!

These Chelsea Boots are So Stylish You'd Have No Idea They're Rain Boots

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I couldn't skip out on these adorable Chelsea boots. As someone who is a firm believer that shoes are just as–if not more–important than the outfit itself, I think that rain boots should be just as adorable as a regular pair of booties. And these boots are proof that it's possible.

This Lace Off Shoulder Mini Dress is Event-Worthy


This lace mini just could become your favorite event dress ever. You'll be able to bare your shoulders in the subtly sexy design, so this is a natural for date nights, too! If you're throwing a low-key wedding of your own, it also comes in white which would make the sweetest casual wedding dress.

This Corduroy Button Down Shirt is Insanely Comfy


Check out this super-soft oversized corduroy button-down! It's available in a whole bunch of colors and patterns, including other plaids, solids, and color block designs. You can wear it for a whole range of occasions (and seasons), and it's designed to be comfortable for the wearer, so you'll enjoy yourself every time you put this shirt on.

You Do Need a Bodysuit...Trust Me


Hear me out: for a long time I thought bodysuits were for special situations. Or fancy people. Or sexy people. But certainly not for me. I was wrong. A good bodysuit is an incredibly sleek way to make your outfit look put together. Pair it with literally any bottom and you've got yourself the best fitted shirt ever. I love this simple black number as an entree into the world of bodysuits.

Keep This Sweatshirt Handy


It doesn't matter whether it's blazing-hot summer or chilly winter, I always have comfy sweatshirts within reach. This pullover sweatshirt is "super soft with an oversized fit," according to one reviewer. Another said, "I love the weight of this top which is between a light sweatshirt and tee."

Get In On the Layered Necklace Trend With This Pendant Necklace

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​I spent years hating gold jewelry, yet now I wear it every day. What was I thinking? Gold layering necklaces are a trend here to stay, and this necklace is an affordable way to get in on the trend. Don the initial of your name, your mom's name, your dad's name, your dog's name, your significant other–you name it.

Throw On a Long-Sleeved Crop Top


Got abs? Flaunt them! This cropped sweatshirt shows just enough skin to be classy without giving away all the goods. Despite the fact it's a sweatshirt, it's lightweight to keep you from overheating during a workout and the design, which hits between your bra line and your belly button, is designed to keep your waist looking slim and trim. The wine red color is dope.

You're Never Going to Want to Take These Slippers Off


I got these slippers last Christmas, and I haven't taken them off since. I wear them from the minute I wake up to the minute I go to sleep. They're so comfortable that I've even walked out of the house in them once or twice.

Simple and Sexy This Dress Will Have You Party Ready

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Everyone needs a good little black dress. This dress is more than that: it's a little black dress with pockets that's flattering to pretty much everyone who puts it on. And if black isn't your jam, it comes in plenty of other colors too. But if it were me, I'd grab one in black and one in a pattern. Just to cover my bases.

These Jumpsuits Are Guaranteed To Fit and Be Comfortable Too


With more than 10,000 positive four- and five-star reviews, you can rest assured that this jumpsuit is more than worth its price. Soft and breathable, the fabric cascades down your body, draping over all the right places — and it even has pockets where you can stash small items.

This Waffle Cardigan Can Be Worn During Any Season


Cardigans are one of the easiest ways to accessorize an outfit. When paired with a tank or tee, you instantly add another level of "wow" to a fit. This cardigan is casual, yet luxurious thanks to its waffle knit material. It's drapey and cozy, without being too boxy.

These Baggy Overalls Made From Breathable Linen


Go ahead and wear these overalls during the summer — since they're made from breathable linen, they won't leave you sweating like denim will. And if that isn't enough? The extra-large pockets are actually usable, allowing you to keep your keys, wallet, and more with you — no tote bag necessary.

This Bodysuit Can Be Worn So Many Different Ways


Bodysuits like this one are usually priced pretty high at big department stores and online retailers. But why would you spend the money when you get this one for less than $20? I know what you're thinking–the more expensive something is, the higher the quality, right? Not always. And just because something is cheap doesn't mean that it won't last you for years. This bodysuit is the perfect example of that.

These Ripped Jeggings are a Go-To


Oh, Gen Z canceled skinny jeans and side parts? Too bad! According to me, they'll always be in style. These denim jeggings are no exception - incredibly comfortable thanks to the soft fabric and elastic waist, and just edgy enough with subtle rips and distressing to make them looked lived in.

This Ruffle Top is Magical


Need a nice top for special occasions or sweet date nights? This ruffly beauty is magical, like a fairy princess confection! It comes in six pastels plus white and black to suit any style. If you're looking for a statement-maker, this blouse is sure to get you noticed, in a good way!

A Replacement Strap To Dress Up Your Bags

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If you've been looking for a way to refresh or jazz up an existing handbag, look no further than this strap replacement from CLOUDMUSIC. I love the leopard one pictured, but it comes in more colors and patterns than you can shake a stick at. It attaches easily with the gold buckles, is adjustable in length, and wide enough not to dig into your shoulder. The hardest decision you'll make is which one to buy.

These Cargo Joggers Are on Every Fashionistas Wishlist

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Athleisurewear is on every fashionista's must-have wardrobe list and these cargo joggers are my go-to for style and price. The ankle cuff makes them flattering on the legs and the cargo pockets are not just handy, but a fashion detail.

All my friends ask me where I got them from, but it's no secret that I just ordered them from Amazon.

This High Waist Boho Skirt Matches Boots and Sneakers


This high waist boho skirt looks great with heels or sneakers and the versatile outfit comes in a range of colors and patterns to choose from. Wear it with a loose sweater and you'll be the envy of all your friends.

This Shift Dress is on Totally on Trend


This summer is all about pastels and this shift dress is on my wish list. It's such a cute mini dress for lunch with friends or a date night. It goes with tennis shoes or heels depending on the occasion and it's super comfortable.

Plus, there's even a 30-day money-back guarantee offered on Amazon, in case you change your mind.

This Distressed Top with Thousands of Good Reviews

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The glowing reviews are why I bought this top, but the comfy, breathable fit is why I decided to keep it. It's great for working out, as the back features slits that help me stay cool when I'm sweating. But if that isn't enough? You even have the pick of more than 40 colors.

This Baby Doll Dress Couldn't Be More Adorable

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Want the cutest dress for the season? You found it in this ruffly baby doll mini dress! I'd wear this pretty much every day with boots or booties. It comes in patterns and solids and two styles, mini and knee-length.

This Tummy Control Shapewear for Unforgiving Dresses

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Most of us need a bit of shapewear from time to time, especially if we're wearing dresses that are unforgiving. This tummy control shapewear is my go-to because it's seamless, super comfortable and a great price. It comes in beige or black depending on what kind of outfit you're wearing it under.

This Bodycon is Great For Layering


I can't let this list go by without throwing at least one bodycon dress in here. This one, in a soothing sage green, is simplicity defined. It's made of a light ribbed knit fabric and has adjustable drawstrings on each side so you can make it shorter or longer depending on your sass level at the moment. I love the look of this style, which is just screaming for a statement necklace.

There's a Pair of Earrings for Literally Every Outfit in This 75 Earring Set

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One can never have too many earrings. They're one of the easiest ways to accessorize an outfit, after all. This 75 earring set has every style you can imagine. From simple studs to pearls to fringed drop earrings, there's something for every outfit. And the best part? You get 75 pairs of earrings for under $20!

This Top Flatters Every Body Type So Well

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This top is proof that you don't need to drop a lot of money to get a quality shirt. It comes in so many different colors, comes in tank top styles, and the wrap waist will make you look so snatched.

This Satin Robe Feels So Fancy

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Want to level up your getting-ready routine without spending big bucks? Try this incredibly popular satin robe that's under $20. It'll make you feel incredibly fancy without the luxe price point of a silk one! In 40 colors and patterns, you're sure to find one that suits you to a tee.

This Oversized Cropped Sweater is Ideal for Coffee-Sipping Posts


Influencers love wearing oversized sweaters with jeans or shorts as they sip on their daily coffee. And this cropped sweater is ideal for such a post, or whether you're at home relaxing on the sofa. The knitwear comes in different colors and unique patterns so you can decide what suits you best.

I'm Obsessed With These Boho Pants

Wear these boho pants with a crop top, or even tuck a tank top into them for a cute summer look. You can also wear it with regular tees, as I'll throw them on with one when I'm chilling around the house. Plus, the rayon fabric is so breathable.

This Cover Up Isn't Just for Bathing Suits


This coverup is sheer, soft and breathable with sleeves so you can cover up when you've had too much. I started with black and have graduated to navy and, most recently, dark cyan.

These Cat Eye Sunglasses for Retro Vintage Shoots


These vintage retro sunglasses are a hit on social media and they also protect your eyes with UV400 protection. They come in a range of colors, but my favorite is the pink frame with brown lenses. They're the perfect look to accompany any summer outfit.

This Classic Denim Jacket is a Wardrobe Essential


When you're optimizing your wardrobe to the essentials for a capsule collection, this classic denim jacket is a must-have. Denim jackets never go out of fashion, so you'll have a timeless fashion item that will always stay with you. Pair this jacket with a skirt, dress, or pants.

Even Influencers Love Soft Slouchy Sweats

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Not every outfit needs to be glam and even influencers love their soft slouchy sweats. And this slouchy tee is so soft that you'll want to wear it every day. With this Modal/Spandex mixed fabric, it feels like heaven on the skin and is great for those at home selfies on the sofa.

This Crossover Skirt Mini Dress is Never Leaving My Body

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I needed a comfy dress I could wear either during the day, date nights, or dinner out with friends and I found this cute crossover skirt mini dress. I love that it's got a few layers so it's thick enough to not show every bump and also isn't see-through. Don't just take my word for it, it's got over 20,000 fans on Amazon right now!

The Square Neck On This Tank Top is Super Flattering


One of my current obsessions is square necklines. I don't know what it is about them, but I think they look flattering to everybody. So I guess it should be no surprise that I am in love with this tank top. I'm picturing it paired with a pair of loose jeans or a tight midi skirt, and I am drooling!