36 Things I Don't Own But Do Want from Amazon

I'm a wife/mom/writer, and this is my wish list. Making Amazon shopping lists is my part-time job, so I have a direct line to the newest, coolest, most crave-worthy products hitting the virtual shelves. For today's list, I'm compiling 37 of my top picks that I actually want for myself! I hope you'll be inspired by my wishes, and maybe I can even help you find a few gifts for the people in your life.

Ready to wish with me? For starters, I'm really hoping someone gets me this cute crossbody bag that comes in my favorite color. I'm also asking for a book about writing, earrings inspired by Picasso, and one of the most practical things I've ever seen. Let's do this!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
I hope you find these handy products as awesome as I do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

These Appetizer Plates that Couldn't Be Cuter

I love all things vintage and old-school, and one of my favorite things is to invite all my friends over for a fancy dinner party. I recently bought these Corelle Chip Resistant 8 Pack Appetizer Plates, 8-Piece in Celebrations to use for cocktail hour, and get compliments every time I use them. Seriously, how adorable are these?!

This Hair Styling Tool that Makes PerfectBeachy Waves

I have incredibly thick, straight red hair, and while I'll never have the naturally wavy hair of my dreams, this hair styling tool gives me the next best thing. It makes in super easy to get effortless-looking waves that stay put for hours longer than traditional curling irons. I use this thing all summer long.

This Coffee Mug that Has My Official Title

I've been a Mom for just over a year at this point, and while I'm not sure if I've earned the title of Best Mom Ever, that doesn't mean I don't insist on drinking out of this Best Mom Ever mug every time I drink anything. Not only is it an extremely cute mug that makes me smile every time I use it, but it's also surprisingly high quality.

This Body Butters Gift Set that I Kept for Myself

Here's an embarrassing admission: I bought this gift set of body butter for my mom for Mother's Day but ended up keeping it for myself instead because it was so amazing. I couldn't help it! Each one smells so good and they leave my skin feeling smooth, silky, and totally hydrated. Sorry, Mom. I'll make it up to you next year.

This Eye Cream That Can Help Reduce Puffiness

The worst part of my morning is waking up with puffy eyes — but conversely, the best part is getting rid of them with this soothing eye cream. Not only does it help get rid of puffiness, but the tri-peptide blend also works to help firm up wrinkled skin. Dab it gently underneath your eyes, and its matte finish means you won't have to walk around looking glossy.

This Carry-On Tote Bag that Slips Over Suitcase Handles

As a freelance writer, I have the freedom to travel whenever I want, since I can work from anywhere. This means that I've collected some seriously awesome travel gear, and this carry-on tote bag is one of them. It fits over the handle of my suitcase so I never have to worry about leaving it somewhere in the airport.

This Crossbody Bag that Comes in My Favorite Color

I LOVE green. In fact, now that I think about it, most of my accessories are some sort of greenish color. That now includes this crossbody bag, which is a beautiful emerald hue and compact size that won't weigh me down. Plus, it comes in roughly a billion different colors so you can find one in your favorite color, too.

This Diet Coke Travel Cup that Keeps My Favorite Soda Ice-Cold

Here's the thing: I know all too well how terrible Diet Coke is for me, but that doesn't stop me from drinking at least one every. single. day. This Diet Coke tumbler allows me to take my favorite drink with me wherever I go and somehow stays perfectly chilled for hours. I don't know how it works but I'm sure glad it does.

This Dry Erase Menu Board that's Perfect For My Type-A Personality

I'm a total planner and insist on mapping out every single meal for the week on Sunday nights. This magnetic dry erase menu sticks directly onto my fridge so I can figure out what I want to make for the week while looking into my fridge and pantry to see what I have and what I still need to buy. Genius!

This 12-Sided Exercise Dice that Keeps Me Motivated

As a busy mom, it's almost impossible to find time throughout the day to exercise. So when a mom friend told me about this fun fitness ball I knew I had to try it out for myself. Now, whenever I get a few moments to myself, I simply throw the ball up in the air, see what exercise it lands on, and get to work.

This Instagrammable Felt Letter Board that's

I'm a writer, so whenever I can incorporate writing into my home decor I'm all about it. I'd been seeing this adorable felt letter board all over Instagram, so when I found it on Amazon I knew that it had to be mine. I keep mine in my kitchen and write a new food pun every week. It currently says "You want a pizza me?!" Hilarious, right?

This Frosting Bulb Kit For Easier Decorating

Birthday cakes, celebratory cupcakes, all the cookies--we do a lot of baking and decorating in my house! I'm excited to try these new frosting bulbs, which are silicone containers that let you easily squeeze frosting through the interchangeable tips. This set includes two bulbs and six piping tips.

This Fluffy Throw Blanket With Glow-in-the-Dark Stars

I have throw blankets stashed all over the house, but none of them glow in the dark! This cozy, plush throw blanket measures 50 by 60 inches, the perfect size for wrapping up to watch TV or keeping at the foot of the bed for chilly nights. It's easy to find in the dark, thanks to the softly glowing stars (after 10 minutes of light exposure, the glow lasts up to 6 hours).

These Hair Serum Capsules

I have an arsenal of daily hair products, but this jar of hair serum capsules would be a luxurious treat. Each biodegradable, plant-based pod contains one dose of hair serum loaded with keratin and vitamin B5. Massage into hair to provide moisture, shine, and thermal protection.

This Iced Coffee Sleeve

I live in L.A., where local law requires citizens to carry a beverage at all times. This reusable neoprene sleeve will be a welcome holder of my ubiquitous iced coffee, tea, or soda. It comes in three sizes and a bunch of colors, including a couple of really cute holiday prints.

This Smart Vanity Mirror With Adjustable Lighting & Built-In Speaker

Ever since remodeling my master bathroom, I've been on the hunt for the perfect vanity mirror. I've finally found it. The iHome Vanity Mirror has wrap-around LED lighting with low/medium/high settings. It also contains a Bluetooth-enabled speaker, so it doubles as a bathroom speaker to play music or podcasts while getting ready. Plus it comes with smart assistants so you can ask Alexa or Google to play whatever you'd like!

It Is a Truth Universally Acknowledged That These Jane Austen Coasters Would Be a Great Gift

This set of six coasters is perfect for any Jane Austen fan, especially the type who has a strong preference for which actor played Darcy best. (Colin Firth.) One five-star reviewer says, "Practically perfect in every way...I would absolutely recommend these, and may purchase again for future gift giving."

This Phone Case With Flattering Lighting for Selfies

I need this immediately! This phone case has built-in lighting that casts a flattering glow to improve photos and selfies. Five-star reviewers have said, "For selfies, it will take a shot with perfect lighting even in pitch black," and "I LOVE LOVE LOVE this case...totally dimmable to get the desired brightness!"

This Mother of Dragons Sweatshirt

No matter what you think of Daenerys's fate, she was an awe-inspiring mother to her three strong-willed dragons. As a mom of three strong-willed humans, I can relate. I'll wear this cozy Mother of Dragons sweatshirt with pride.

This Mother of Pearl Photo Frame

Framed photos make wonderful gifts for just about anyone. I would love it if my family gave me a picture of their smiling faces enclosed in this gorgeous mother of pearl frame.

This Neck Traction Pillow Relieves TMJ, Neck, Shoulder Pain

Just looking at this neck traction pillow makes me realize I need to relax more. After working at the computer all day, I tend to have a lot of tightness in my jaw, neck, and shoulders. According to reviewers, this pillow should help.

This Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit

Just add whiskey! This compact, travel-sized cocktail kit contains everything else you need to stir up six perfect old fashioned cocktails. Perfect for plane travel or hotel rooms (or, I dunno, Tuesdays).

This Brilliant Book About Writing by Stephen King

Stephen King's nonfiction book On Writing is a classic among writers. It's filled with anecdotes, philosophy, and advice from one of the world's great modern authors, and has been called "A one-of-a-kind classic" by The Wall Street Journal.

This One Line a Day Journal Preserves Memories

Even though I write every day, I don't keep a journal or diary. That might change if I had this One Line a Day Journal, which is a low-pressure approach to capturing life one small moment at a time. It's designed to last five years, so you can track occasions and memories over time.

This Pajamagram Set of Cotton Jersey Pajamas

Pajamas are a classic gift for a reason! Everyone appreciates a set of new, soft, cozy pajamas in a cheerful color. This Pajamagram set of women's cotton jersey PJs is a great value and has earned hundreds of five-star ratings on Amazon.

This Personal Library Kit

I love my books. I'm happy to loan a good book to a friend, but I really want to make sure I get it back! This personal library kit might help. It includes self-adhesive pockets to stick inside books, checkout cards, and a date stamp.

These Picasso-Inspired Earrings

Unique and an amazing value (seriously--check out the price!), this set of three gold-tone earrings are inspired by Picasso's art. They're earning five-star ratings on Amazon for being "wonderful quality for the price" and "absolutely stunning."

This Sectional Serving Bowl

Perfect for taking healthy appetizers to class parties or social gatherings, this sectional serving bowl is made of sturdy plastic so it's lightweight yet durable. Includes a lid that latches in place to keep contents secure.

This Spontuneous Game for Family Gatherings

My family plays a lot of board games, but frankly, too many of them require complex strategy, math, and/or dragons. How about a party game where everyone just sings?? That's the idea behind Spontuneous, which I can't wait to break out at family gatherings this holiday season!

This Stair Step Basket Might Encourage Tidy Habits

I'm writing this on my laptop on my couch, but I sense something looming behind me. It's a mound of socks, books, hats, and other annoying items that need to be carried upstairs and put away. If only I had this clever stair step basket, at least the clutter would be contained!

This Sunrise Alarm Clock Wakes with Gradually Increasing Light

Mornings are tough. Waking up to a blaring phone alarm when it's dark is frankly depressing! So I'm putting this sunrise alarm clock on my wish list this year. It gradually changes color and brightness from dark red to bright yellow to help you wake up more naturally.

This Hemingway Pencil Cup Looks Great in Any Clean, Well-Lit Place

The sun also rises on this Hemingway pencil cup, a moveable feast of form and function. Measuring 5 inches wide and formed of sturdy resin, this desktop accessory will not ask for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee. After all, no man is an island, and no woman should be denied a pencil cup shaped like a 20th century tool of intellectual liberation.

This Toolaloo Bag and Cup Holder Makes Running Errands More Bearable

I'm a busy mom with a to-do list longer than this article, so I'm game for any gadget that helps me stay efficient and happy. This Toolaloo bag and cup holder is right up my alley. Attach it to a shopping cart to corral shopping bags and keep your drink right where you need it.

These Uncommon Questions Spark Interesting Conversations

I've seen a few of these conversation starter sets around, but this one really caught my attention. It's designed for couples, but Uncommon Questions also works with groups of close friends. Each card includes a unique, thought-provoking question like, "What was the greatest feat of your childhood?" or "What is your favorite pair of shoes you have ever owned?"

This Vanilla Sugar Lip Scrub Would Be a Nice Little Stocking Stuffer

Organic, vegan, and packed with natural oils, beeswax, fair trade certified sugar, and natural flavoring, this vanilla sugar lip scrub is an indulgent treat with no guilt attached. One five-star reviewers says it results in "super soft lips."

This Emergency Phone Charger Fits in Your Wallet

A thoughtful and practical gift, this emergency phone charger is about the size of a thick credit card. Charge it up, slip it into your wallet or pocket, then relax knowing you have a quick charge available if you need it.

This You & Me Wood Decoration Set

This you & me wooden set would be a sweet little gift for any couple. Made in Los Angeles of American alder wood, the two pieces are laser-cut to fit together like puzzle pieces. You can even add personalized engraving on the back for an additional fee.