36 of the Handiest Inventions We've Seen This Year

I'm kind of a sucker for nifty gadgets. There's just something so satisfying about finding the tool that will solve all of your problems...or at least help you do a very specific task much more efficiently. After all, life's too short to use subpar products that take forever! If there's a gadget that will make life easier, then you can rest assured that I will buy it and have it handy for the next time I need it. I'm all about trying to make life as simple and stress-free as possible!

Luckily for me (and you!), the Internet is filled with incredible, handy gadgets to purchase, from a flexible safe you secure pretty much anywhere, to the most ingenious keychain on the market. I hope you find something that will give you that “perfect tool for the job” happiness!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
I hope you find these products as awesome as I do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

Calling All Insomniacs! The Dodow Is Here to Help

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If you ever have trouble falling asleep, you know how stressful it can be. Soon, the only thing you can focus on is how you can't sleep, and that just stresses you out more! That's where the Dodow comes in. All you have to do is turn it on, then begin to breathe along with the halo it projects onto your ceiling. The rhythmic glow helps you clear your mind, slow your breathing, and relax your body so you can quickly drift off into a deep sleep. The Dodow was built by insomniacs specifically for other insomniacs and is backed by concrete, scientific research. Plus, it's super delightful to look at!

Save by ordering a few:Just $44.25 each when you buy 5 or get 1 for $59!

Pick Up All the Tiny Things You Drop With the 3-in-1 ODii

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The other day, I dropped a lipstick in my car and saw, to my great sadness, that it was wedged between the seats where my hand won't fit. I still haven't retrieved it, so it's high time I invest in some serious gadgety help in the form of the ODii! The super-clever 3-in-1 design includes a magnet, LED light, and grabby tool so you can reach and collect dropped items. The ODii holds up to 10 pounds (wow!) with the 19-inch retractable arm.

Save by ordering a few: Just $19.99 each when you buy 3 or get 1 for $29.99!

Yes, You CAN Trim Your Own Hair! Just Use the CreaClip

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The next time your shaggy ends cause you to get itchy fingers, don't reach for the scissors until you spring for the CreaClip! This ingenious tool clamps onto hair to guide scissors or clippers, ensuring you cut straight and true. Works great on bangs, layers, or even very short hair. It's designed so you can either use it on yourself or your (very trusting) loved ones!

Save by ordering a few:Just $22.49 each when you buy 2 or get 1 for $29.99!

This Genius Device Will Tell You What is Wrong With Your Car

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Every time my check engine light comes on, I have a mini panic attack. How much is it gonna cost me this time? Can I safely get to a mechanic, or is something seriously wrong? Enter FIXD -- it's an awesome, inexpensive little diagnostic tool that can really ease your worries about your car. Simply plug the small device into your cars OBD port and pair with the phone app. In a matter of seconds, FIXD will automatically start telling you why your check engine light is on...and whether it's actually something serious. It'll even tell you the consequences of continuing to drive with the issue, along with a host of other vehicle-specific data. It's kind of incredible.

Save by ordering a few:Just $44.99 each when you buy 2 or get 1 for $59.99!

The FlexSafe Is a Lightweight Safe You Can Bring Anywhere!

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FlexSafe is a popular, portable safe that can be securely locked around pretty much any fixed object. It's made from five layers of slash-resistant material and includes RFID blocking material to keep your digital assets as secure as your physical ones. It's also water-resistant, so all your money, jewelry, and gadgets are protected against both would-be thieves and water damage.

Save by ordering a few:Just $44.99 each when you buy 3 or get 1 for $59.99!

Back Up Your Pics Straight From Your Phone or Tablet With the PhotoStick Mobile

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The day will come, if it hasn't already, when you'll fill up your phone's capacity with photos. You'll then have two choices: delete or invest in storage. Obviously, I'm going to recommend that you keep every precious shot of your lunch and cats and cute outfits, which means you need a storage solution! Enter the PhotoStick Mobile, the easiest and most affordable solution I've found for saving photos directly from your phone or tablet. Just plug it in and back 'em up--there's enough room for 60,000 photos and videos to be safely stored!

Save by ordering a few:Just 40% when you buy more than 1 or get 1 for $64.99!

The GlowBowl Makes Nighttime Bathroom Trips a Soothing Experience

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No more eye-shattering brightly-lit trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night. The GlowBowl turns your toilet into a soothing, colorful island of light (and relief) in the darkness. Simply clip the GlowBowl onto the rim of your toilet and select the color you want it to emit (there are 13 different ones to choose from!). The motion sensor will automatically turn the light on whenever someone makes a nighttime visit. And its built-in air freshener keeps things smelling great 24/7!

Save by ordering a few:Just $11.99 each when you buy 5 or get 1 for $19.99!

The KeySmart Is The Best Keychain on the Market

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Simply screw your keys into place and you'll end up with something that looks like a Swiss army knife (except instead of knives, it's keys). You can also add accessories like a bottle opener, thumb drive, or flashlight, turning the entire thing into a handy multitool. No more jangling! Your neighbors and friends will thank you.

Save by ordering a few:Just $11.49 each when you buy 7 or get 1 for $19.99!

Peeps Are The Simplest (and Greatest) Solution to Smudges

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I don't know how it happens, but every time I look at my lenses, they're smudged beyond recognition. And if I don't happen to have a microfiber cloth nearby, I'm forced to suffer through the smudges. That's where Peeps come in! You can use either the retractable brush to clean off dust and fuzzies, or the unique tweezer-esque polishing pads to wipe away smudges and grime without leaving any smears behind. It uses carbon molecular technology to clear away oils, dirt, and dust (the same cleaning technology used in space!) If it's good enough for NASA, it can probably handle anything you're going to throw at it.

Save by ordering a few:Just $11.99 each when you buy 5 or get 1 for $19.99!

The Photostick Makes Backing Up All of Your Photos SO Easy

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All you do is plug it in to a USB port, click “go", and Photostick automatically finds and backs up their pictures. That’s it –no “finding the right folder." No “wrong directory." No issues. It works on both PC’s and Macs, and it can save up to 60,000 photos. It’s about as easy as it gets. And trust us, your family and friends will love the fact you got them this the next time a virus kills their computer and they lose everything. You’ll have saved the day by saving their photos. Yay, you!!

Get one for $34.99!

This VIZR Adds a "Heads Up Display" To Your Car for Cheap!

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Once relegated to fighter jets, super high-tech heads-up displays are all the rage in ultra-lux modern cars. Don't happen to have one of those particular automobiles? No worries! VIZR adds a heads-up display to any car, utilizing a patented technology that pairs with your smart-phone. Utilizing a specially engineered translucent display, the VIZR offers a safe, clear windshield view of your smartphone’s GPS, day or night! It’s almost like you're driving in the latest video game with a HUD (heads-up display), only in real life. And it keeps your hands free, and your eyes on the road.

Save by ordering a few:Just $26.66 each when you buy 3 or get 1 for $39.99!

The Neck Hammock is THE KEY to Resolving That Stiff Neck

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Designed by a practicing physiotherapist, the Neck Hammock uses cervical traction to help relax spasming neck muscles and increase neck mobility. It raised almost $1 million dollars on Kickstarter, and ever since has been a huge hit across the gadget-sphere, with innumerable fans like Dr. Oz touting its effectiveness. Does it look funny? Sure. But you won't be laughing when you feel how well it works.

Save by ordering a few:Just $33.33 each when you buy 3 or get 1 for $49.99!

Bondic Can Fix Basically Anything

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What’s Bondic? It’s a futuristic liquid plastic that can fix, fill, and bond basically ANYTHING. It's not a glue -- it's a liquid plastic welder. Apply the liquid plastic to anything you're looking to fix, then cure it with a specialized UV light and BOOM, it's fixed! Fans tout its ability to re-attach broken eyeglasses, fill and repair fraying power chargers, and refill holes in leaking plumbing. It even fixes broken dishes!

Save by ordering a few:Just $11.99 each when you buy 5 or get 1 for $19.99!

You'll Never Lose Anything Again With the XY Find It

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This coin-sized tracker is one of my favorite gadgets I've found in a long time (and I've written about a LOT of products). Just place the XY Find It on your keys, in your purse or in your wallet, on your dog's collar or even in your car -- attach it to anything you want to lose, and you won't lose it! The included app allows you to track down all of your most prized possessions. It displays your distance from the lost item and sounds an alarm so you can pinpoint its exact location.

Save by ordering a few:Just $23.99 each when you buy 5 or get 1 for $39.99!

ScreenKlean Is The World's Most Advanced Screen Cleaning System

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We all spend hundreds or thousands on our smartphones, tablets, and HDTVs, but how many of us actually invest in decent products to keep them clean? I know my own iPhone is covered in seemingly permanent smudges. Good news: you don't have to spend a lot of money to find a great way to keep your devices smudge-free. The genius-level innovators behind ScreenKlean created an “intelligent" carbon molecule, which attracting and lifting away any and all traces of grime. That's right -- not only will it wipe away the grease and grime, ScreenKlean will also wipe away any and all built-up bacteria on your phone. And considering where so many people use their phones for reading and entertainment, that seems like a pretty good idea ;)

Save by ordering a few:Just $11.99 each when you buy 5 or get 1 for $19.99!

No More Stinky Shoes With These Odor-Absorbing StankStix

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My family and I have been taking a lot of walks lately, so there's a row of sneakers by the front door giving off a not-so-fresh smell. I'm in desperate need of an odor-busting solution, preferably one that's non-toxic and free of icky fake-floral scents. In other words, I need these StankyStix! They have everything I want, including all-natural materials that absorb moisture and odors. No cloying scent, no weird chemicals. I also love the shape that works perfectly in a pair of shoes and can't get split up like a pair of wayward socks.

Save by ordering a few:Just $22.49 each when you buy 4 or get 1 for $29.99!

Protect Your Hands With Safe Grabs

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Multiple times a day, I microwave a dish and then scramble to remove it without burning my fingers. I've used a potholder, dishtowel, and even my own sleeves, but none of them are as handy as the Safe Grabs, which were designed for the job. Here's how it works: Put the silicone Safe Grabs mat under the dish in the microwave. When it's heated, grab the mat with the dish so your hands are protected, then set it down on the counter or table. Now it's serving double-duty as a trivet or placemat! Dishwasher-safe, naturally non-stick, and even handy for removing stubbornly tight jar lids. I just adore this product!

Save by ordering a few:Just $19.99 each when you buy 3 sets or get 1 for $29.99!

Get a Selfie-Ready Glow With the Lure Essentials Glam Facial Cupping Set

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In romance novels, sometimes the heroine pinches her cheeks to cause a natural blush and freshen her face. I tried it and was unimpressed. I'm a lot more interested in cupping, which has been around nearly as long as pinching and seems to have much better results! The Lure Essentials Glam Facial Cupping Set includes cupping tools in various sizes along with facial oil that helps the cups glide smoothly over the skin. Cupping increases blood flow and results in an instantly freshened look, perfect for right before a set of selfies or video-chatting.

Save by ordering a few:Just $23.99 each when you buy 3 or get 1 for $35.99!

Plug in the Handy Heater for Instant, Cozy Warmth

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Cold hands, warm heart, my mom used to say. I'd prefer to change it to: cold hands, so get me a teeny-tiny space heater of my very own! I'm used to seeing space heaters designed to fit under the desk or in a corner of the room, but they tend to be bulky and get in the way. That's why I'm so excited about the new Handy Heater, which is petite in size but impressive in power. Plug it into any regular electrical outlet, set the desired temperature, then enjoy the warmth.

Save by ordering a few:Just $35.99 each when you buy 5 or get 1 for $59.99!

Remove Computer Viruses Safely and Easily With the Fix Me Stick

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Like a vaccine for your computer, the Fix Me Stick is just about the easiest way to make sure your machine is virus-free. Use it once a month to detect malware and clean your hard drive of any lingering viruses. Includes free, dedicated technical support to help with any troubleshooting.

One year of protection for 59.99!

Measure 17 Health Markers With the FitTrack

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So much more than a bathroom scale, the FitTrack is the smartest way to record and monitor your health. Whether you're trying to lose weight, gain muscle, or simply maintain fitness, this device helps you monitor progress and achieve your goals. Yes, it will tell you what you weigh--but that's just the beginning! In fact, the FitTrack measures 17 health factors, including body fat, muscle mass, bone mass, hydration level, and so much more. It recognizes up to 8 separate accounts, so everyone in the family can use it.

Save by ordering a few:Just $63.75 each when you buy 2 or get 1 for $85!

Test Your Vision at Home With the EyeQue

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Have you ever gone to the optometrist for a basic vision check and thought that there must be an easier way to do this? Well, now there is! The EyeQue is an accurate, affordable, at-home vision test you can do all by yourself. The device works with your smartphone and the included app to let you check and monitor your vision at home, as often as you like. Saves time and money, and is surprisingly fun to use!

Save by ordering a few:Just $37.49 each when you buy 2 or get 1 for $49.99!

Charge Your Devices Anywhere, Anytime With the Versatile ChargeHubGo+

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Portable chargers are a must-have item! Be ready for long commutes, power outages, or anytime you need to keep your devices fully charged with the ChargeHubGo+. The slim design makes it easy to slip into a pocket or bag. When it's time to charge, use it as a wireless charging pad or with a cord. You can even charge multiple devices at the same time!

Save by ordering a few:Just $33.74 each when you buy 3 or get 1 for $44.99!

Improve Posture and Relieve Back Pain in Just 15 Minutes a Day With the BetterBack

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As I type this, I'm sitting on my couch hunched over my laptop. Not exactly the most ergonomic set-up and I could really use a good s-t-r-e-t-c-h. If only I had the BetterBack, a Shark Tank success story designed to relieve pain and improve posture. It's not another massager or seat cushion; instead, the BetterBack uses straps to properly align the body, acting as a reset button for your back. It's adjustable to all shapes and sizes of bodies, so you can even share with your family members if you want to.

Save by ordering a few:Just $37.49 each when you buy 2 or get 1 for $49.99!

Relieve Headaches and Migraines With the Aculief

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I get a lot of tension headaches, and since I don't want to pop a pill every time, I've been researching natural remedies. Meditation, shoulder rubs, stretching, and vision breaks all help. Another solution that surprised me was this neat little device called an Aculief. At first, I was pretty skeptical--how could a gadget that pinches my hand make my head feel better? But it turns out that firm pressure on a pressure point--in this case a spot on the hand between the thumb and forefinger--is a well-known way to provide relief. The Aculief gets a lot of positive reviews from customers who swear that it works!

Save by ordering a few:Just $16.66 each when you buy 3 or get 1 for $24.99!

Relax With TikiTunes, the Wireless Speaker that Doubles as a Tiki Torch

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Last night, I sat out on my back patio to relax and enjoy the evening air. I had a comfortable chair, a drink in my hand, and my new TikiTunes speaker. I'm not gonna lie, it was really nice! The TikiTunes looks like a tiki torch, complete with flickering LED light, but it's actually a wireless speaker with high-quality sound and impressive bass. Pair two or more TikiTunes for true stereo sound. Best of all, it's dust-proof and waterproof, so it's totally safe to use outdoors!

Save by ordering a few:Just $29.99 each when you buy 5 or get 1 for $39.99!

Track Your Hydration on Any Bottle, Glass, or Mug With the Versatile Ulla

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We all know that drinking more water is a vial step toward better health, but sometimes it's hard to remember to hydrate. I thought about getting one of those water bottles with encouraging messages printed on it, but the problem is that I actually prefer drinking water out of a glass. I also want credit for my cups of herbal tea! That's why the Ulla is the perfect gadget to track hydration. The sleek little device straps onto any drinking vessel and uses motion sensors to keep track of how often you take a swig. It also lights up when it's been a while to give a visual reminder to keep drinking. Bonus: It comes in lots of fun colors and cute designs!

Save by ordering a few:Just $16.79 each when you buy 3 or get 1 for $27.99!

Instantly Upgrade Your PC or Mac With the Xtra-PC

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Struggling with an old computer, but can't afford a new one? Xtra-PC can help! Just plug it into the USB port on your computer, and it will bypass your Windows or Mac operating system to run a fully-functioning Linux system that's fast and easy to use. You'll be able to use all your favorite programs, including email, internet browsing, and files, but you should see a noticeable improvement in speed and a lot less crashing.

Get one for $34.99!

Feed Your Inner Germaphobe with the Copper Protector

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I absolute hate touching public surfaces. I'm the person that always has hand sanitizer nearby when I go out. As you can imagine, that's only gotten more dramatic recently! Enter The Copper Protector! Just attach it to your keychain and this little tool lets you open doors, use touchscreens, buttons, and toilet handles all with zero-touch. It's made of 99.9% copper which is naturally antimicrobial, killing viruses & bacteria and is self-sanitizing, unlike other metals. Plus, it's made in the US!

Save by ordering a few:Just $14.99 each when you buy 5 or get 1 for $24.99!