36 Genius Inventions You've Never Seen Before

There are tons of products out there on the market today that are, let's face it, a total snooze. Sure, they make our lives easier, but there's nothing terribly inventive, exciting, or clever about them. But the following 36 products are not only insanely handy and life-improving, they're also brilliantly designed to do things you've probably never seen before in more traditional items.

Feel free to take a few moments to sit back, relax, turn your phone on silent, ignore those urgent emails from your boss, and enjoy some mind-blowing products that just might change your life forever. (For the better.)

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

This Saberlight Extended Arc Lighter That's Straight Out Of The Future

We all need to light things on fire every now and then. So why do it the typical, boring way with a match or a lighter when you can use this Saberlight Long Neck Plasma Arc Lighter instead? Just think of how impressed your friends and family members would be when you whip this thing out at your next barbecue?

This Chef'n Strawberry Slicester That Might Make You Actually Want To Eat Healthy

I tend to be pretty lazy when it comes to preparing food. If it involves chopping, mincing, or any other fancy types of cutting, I'm out. That's what makes this Chef'n Strawberry Slicester Hand-Held Strawberry Slicer such a kitchen essential for people like me. Simply place a strawberry inside, pull the trigger, and-voila! A perfectly sliced strawberry with little to no effort!

These Inventiv Wireless Bluetooth Sunglasses That Let You Listen To Music Without Wires

Okay, these things are seriously cool. How awesome would it be to be able to slide on a killer pair of shades and enjoy your favorite tunes without the need for tangled wires or dealing with slow, annoying music apps? Well, now you can, with these Inventiv Wireless Bluetooth Sunglasses. The Bluetooth capabilities allow you to sync them with any Bluetooth-enabled device, meaning wire-free listening and hands-free calling.

This Koala Tablet Wall Mount Dock That Lets You Use Your Devices Hands-Free

I watch a lot of recipe tutorials on YouTube when I'm cooking something, mostly because I need to actually see a person who knows what they're doing do it first in order to feel like I'm not totally bungling dinner. So this Koala Tablet Wall Mount Dock has been my new favorite thing. I mounted mine in my kitchen, but you can put yours wherever you want to enjoy some hands-free entertainment.

This Fancii Cool Mist Mini Humidifier That Keeps You Hydrated On-The-Go

My house tends to get insanely dry when the weather turns cold. As in, so dry that I wake up each morning resembling The Crypt Keeper, which is not a good look. This Fancii Cool Mist Personal Mini Humidifier is way easier to use than the bigger, bulkier versions, plus I can take it with me when I travel for on-the-road hydration. Brilliant, right?

This I Am Cardboard VR Box That Lets You VR For WAY Cheaper

Whenever I go over to someone's house who has VR, I instantly get insanely jealous. And demand to try it out, obviously. I would totally by a VR system myself if I had an extra thousand bucks lying around, but I sadly do not, and I'm guessing most other people don't either. This I Am Cardboard VR Box lets you experience the wondrous world of VR using just your phone, all for only $14.99!

This iHome Bluetooth Color-Changing Dual Alarm Clock Radio That Will Transform Your Mornings

This iHome IBT29 Bluetooth Color-Changing Dual Alarm Clock Radio with Speakerphone is such a cool and clever product that I've been telling pretty much every person I know about it. And also a few random people on the street. Not only does it have five different color options, but it's also a clock, radio, and Bluetooth-enabled speaker. How cool is that?!

This SANS Preserving Glass Bottle That Keeps Your Smoothies Fresher Longer

I make smoothies a lot. It's my favorite way to trick myself into eating vegetables when it seems like I'm just enjoying a sweet, fruity beverage. But I always seem to end up wasting about half of the smoothies I make, since there's no good way to keep smoothies fresh. That is, until now. This SANS Juice and Smoothie Preserving Vacuum Sealed Glass Travel Bottle allows me to make my delish concoctions and keep them tasting amazing for days at a time.

This Whiskware Dressing Shaker with BlenderBall That Upgrades Your Salad Game

I try to make my own salad dressing as opposed to buying it, mainly because of how much cheaper it is. Plus, I like knowing exactly what I'm pouring on my salad. This Whiskware Dressing Shaker with BlenderBall Wire Whisk allows me to pour in my oil, vinegar, and seasonings and let the whisk ball do the work for me.

This DVRCS Door Jammer That Gives You Peace of Mind

My husband and I recently bought an almost 100-year-old house that needs a lot of updating. One such project that we have yet to tackle is replacing all the doors with newer, stronger ones with better locks. Before we make that investment, however, we've been using this Strategic Cutting Edge Group DVRCS Door Jammer. It's insanely strong, totally portable, and helps us sleep more soundly at night.

This Laser Measure That's WAY More Fun Than A Tape Measure

Traditional measuring tape is SO ten years ago. This Laser Measuring Tool measures up to 196 feet, has an insanely high accuracy level and uses something about a million times cooler than normal measuring tape: a LASER. If you're like me, you'll be finding every excuse to whip this thing out at parties just to impress people. It's that cool.

This Solight Design Outdoor Solar-Powered Light That's A Camping Essential

I only recently decided to see what all the fuss was about and give camping a try. Sure, sleeping on the cold, hard ground isn't really my thing, but it is nice to feel at one with nature and experience the great outdoors in a way I hadn't done before. This Solight Design Outdoor Solar-Powered Light is a must-have for both camping pros and newbies like myself.

This Lekue Silicone Bread Maker That Makes Baking Bread A Breeze

I'm not exaggerating when I say that I could eat bread for every meal for the rest of my life and be totally happy about it. This Lekue Silicone Bread Maker allows me to make the bread of my dreams hot and fresh out of my own oven. Now I could bake it every day if I wanted to! Although I should probably try to cut down on my gluten intake...

This Shoe Sanitizer That Kills Germs Using Heat

I'm one of those gross people who loves to wear shoes without socks. It's a pretty bad habit, seeing as how my favorite pairs tend to smell pretty darn awful after a lot, hot day of pounding the pavement. My husband tends to despise this habit of mine, which is why he bought this Shoe Sanitizer. It uses heat to kill 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria, leaving my shoes smelling fresh no matter how funky they were before.

This Brush Hero Wheel Brush That Powers Through Dirt

If you have an especially dirty job, you need something that will get the job done without even breaking a sweat. This Brush Hero Wheel Brush is exactly what you need to clean your car after an especially muddy day, polish up your bike after a particularly messy ride, or any other tough jobs that you need some extra elbow grease to accomplish.

This Emergency Personal Alarm That Fits On Your Keychain

Everyone could use a little peace of mind. Whether you work late and want a bit of extra security, or you could use a way of signaling an emergency when out on a hike, this B A S U eAlarm+ with Tripwire Hook, Emergency Personal Alarm is a tiny product that makes a huge impact. If you find yourself in an unsafe situation, just pull the top off and it emits a 130 decibel alarm.

This Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker That Lets You Make Your Favorite Healthy Treat At Home

I eat a lot of yogurt. In fact, I buy it so often that I currently have two huge unopened tubs because I continue to buy them at the store out of fear that I could run out at any time. If you want to take your yogurt consumption to the next level, I suggest you get one of these Euro Cuisine Yogurt Makers and enjoy some DIY goodness. If you've never had homemade yogurt, prepare for your life to be forever changed.

This Aduro Phone Neck Holder That Works With Any Smart Phone

At the end of a long day at work, there's nothing better than flopping down on the couch and watching your favorite TV show, movie, or YouTube video on your phone. The only problem? It can be super annoying to have to hold your device the entire time, especially if you're in the middle of doing something else. This Aduro Phone Neck Holder holds it for you so you can either be extremely productive or wonderfully lazy.

This RWM Bartender Bottle Opener That Will Impress All Your Friends

As a pregnant woman in her third trimester, there's nothing I want more in the world than a cold, refreshing beer. And while I can't currently partake in one of my favorite weekend rituals, my husband has no problem knocking a few back every now and then. So, for his birthday, I bought him one of these nifty RWM Bartender Bottle Openers, and now he's as excited as a little kid at Christmas every time he opens a beer.

This Travel Mug That Won't Leak No Matter What

I've always been ridiculously clumsy. It's a curse, and I'm constantly having to throw out my favorite clothes because I've spilled something on them. So this Travel Mug with Unique Twist Leak-Proof Design has not only saved me from spilling scalding hot liquid on myself, but I've also managed to protect my favorite outfits from ending up at Goodwill.

This Plus PAPER CLINCH Stapler That Doesn't Use Staples

Staplers are pretty boring, right? They hold your papers together, so they're a pretty handy product to have in your home, but that doesn't mean they're in any way exciting. Until now, that is. This Plus PAPER CLINCH Compact Green Heavy Duty, Light, Staple Free Stapler turns the traditional design and throws it for a loop. It somehow staples your papers WITHOUT using staples!

This LIFX Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Bulb That Lets You Control Your Lights From Your Phone

I like to be in control of every aspect of my life. So when I found out that there was a way to control my lights from an app on my phone, I was incredibly exciting. These LIFX Mini White (A19) Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Bulbs are compatible with Apple Homekit, Alexa, and Google Home so you can turn on, turn off, and dim your lights without having to get up. Score!

This Multifunctional Gaiter and Headwear That Gives You 12 Different Ways To Wear It

When I go for a run (which is really more of a half-jog these days, due to pregnancy), my hair is constantly falling in my face. It's extremely annoying, and I was recently complaining to a friend of mine about it when she recommended I get this Mission Multi-Cool 12 in 1 Multifunctional Gaiter and Headwear. It can be used 12 different ways and keeps you by 30 degrees when wet.

This Belkin RockStar 5-Jack Headphone Splitter That Lets Everyone Have A Listen

Stop being so selfish with your music and let other people in on the fun with this Belkin RockStar 5-Jack Multi Headphone Audio Splitter! It features five ports that allow up to five friends to listen or watch something on your device at once. It's also great for mixing music by letting you connect to up to five different devices. And it's all for under $12 bucks!

This Portable Cute Mom Pig USB Hub That's Adorable AND Handy

It's a rarity to find a product that's both extremely useful and ridiculously adorable, but this Portable Cute Mom Pig USB Hub 2.0 High-Speed Extension with 3 Piglet Decoration Lids somehow manages to do both effortlessly. There are three USB ports as well as three piglet-shaped plugs that add major cuteness when the ports are not in use. I need this thing on my desk ASAP!

This Portable Power Bank That's Solar-Powered

Another brilliant way to make camping about a million times easier? This Solar Charger Portable Solar Power Bank with Dual 2.1A Outputs is a must-have in order to keep your essential devices charged even when you're miles away from civilization. It features four foldable charging panels and easily attaches to a backpack so it can charge when you're out exploring.

This Hand Crank AM/FM Solar Weather Radio with LED Flashlight That's A Must In An Emergency

One product you'll never regret buying is this RunningSnail Emergency Hand Crank Self Powered AM/FM NOAA Solar Weather Radio with LED Flashlight. It has nearly endless features, including an LED flashlight, an AM/FM radio, and USB charging capabilities. Plus, it's hand crank powered, making it an emergency essential. Buy it, forget about it, and be happy you did once the power goes out.

This Marathon CL030055BK USB Clock Charger That Takes Your Nightstand To The Next Level

I'm guessing your bedside nightstand isn't very big, so you need to make use of that space as brilliantly as possible. That's where this Marathon USB Clock Charger with 2 Front Charging Ports comes in to save the day. Not only is a digital clock with a bright LED display, it's also an alarm clock, USB charging hub, and AC adapter.

This PodSkinz AirPods Case That Keeps Your Wireless Earbuds Safe

If you're one of those lucky people who decided to ditch the old school wired earbuds in favor of the sleek, trendy, wire-free Air Pods, you know all too well how easy they can be to misplace or break. Although I haven't taken the plunge yet, I'm assuming I'd constantly be worried about leaving one of them somewhere or rolling over one with my desk chair. This PodSkinz AirPods Case With Silicone Cover keeps them safe and looking like new.

This Wahoo RPM Sensor That Tracks Your Cycling Speed

Hey, hardcore bikers! Can I ask you something? How do you track your speed and distance while out on the open road? Why, with this Wahoo RPM Sensor for iPhone, Android, and Bike Computers, of course! Simply mount it onto your wheel hub and you suddenly have access to all the information you've always wondered about while biking around town.

This Go Comb That Keeps Your Beard In Check

Fellas, it's time to get your beards in check. No one wants to see your disheveled, unkempt facial hair all the time. It's distracting. This Go Comb  Metal Mens Wallet Size Comb + Bottle Opener allows you to do this no matter where you are. Plus, it includes a built-in bottle opener and is small enough to fit in any standard sized wallet.

This Aromatherapy Infused Massage Ball Set That Will Help You Chill Out

Life can be seriously stressful sometimes. I think it's safe to say that we could all use a bit more time during the day to pause, kick back, and just try to relax. This is easier said than done, especially when you have an especially hectic schedule. This T Spheres Aromatherapy Infused Massage Ball Set not only feel amazing, but they're filled with lavender aromatherapy so there's pretty much no way you're not going to chill out after using them.

This P3 International Wireless thingCHARGER That Charges A Variety Of Devices Without Wires

This P3 International Wireless thingCHARGER is one of those products that should be standard in every household because of its brilliant. It allows you to charge any device without wires and fits directly over a traditional vertical outlet while still allowing you to use the outlet. Oh, and I mention that you can get one for under $15 bucks? What a deal!

These Sumo Eggs That Are Ridiculously Quirky

Okay, so maybe this product isn't really going to make your life that much easier. Sure, they hold hard-boiled eggs, which is helpful. But honestly, I bought these because, well, just look at them. They're SO. CUTE. They make me want to eat eggs with every meal just so I can use them. I've been hosting breakfast parties just to show them off to my friends and family members. Trust me, you need them in your life.

This USB Endoscope That Lets You See The World Differently

If you think about it, we really know almost nothing about the world around us. Wouldn't you love to see what a leaf looks like close up? Or finally find out the horrors that lie beneath your bed and other hard-to-reach spots in your house? With this USB Endoscope 2 in 1 Semi-rigid Borescope Inspection Camera allows you to do that! The bendable cable allows you to get into nooks and cranny that would otherwise go completely unexplored.