36 Unexpected 5-Star Products That Reviewers Say Changed Their Lives

Whenever you make a purchase online without seeing it in person, you're rolling the dice on quality and value unless you've got some trusted reviews to back it up. We've all heard (hilarious) horror stories of people ordering what they thought was a human-sized chair and receiving dollhouse furniture, or you find something that looked great online but was a total bust IRL.  Amazon is the Wild West of online marketplaces, and it can be hard to trust that what you think you're buying is what will actually show up at your door, so we looked high and low to find bonafide amazing products that deserve their 5-Star Reviews on Amazon.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Whether you're in the market for a foolproof but fun kid's birthday present or a wildly popular memory foam pillow with over 15,000 five star reviews, we've got some recommendations that definitely won't cause buyer's remorse!

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

These Silicone Squirrel Drink Markers Are Real Social Climbers

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Ever swigged someone else's wine by accident? Speaking from experience, it's awkward and more than a little unsanitary! This set of six silicone drink markers ensure you don't grab the wrong glass and look darn cute while doing so. If squirrels don't float your boat, they're also available in cats, dogs, koala bears and sloths!

This Rotating Phone Case Discreetly Stores All Your Cards and Cash

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I hate carrying a purse but the wristlet/phone wallet thing I use is too bulky to fit in my pockets. Problem solved - this sleek faux leather phone case has a clever secret: the compartment on the back securely holds all your cards and cash and rotates 180 degrees so you can easily access them! This elegant storage solution comes in nine colors and has hundreds of five star rave reviews.

This Crayola Art Case Is Your New Birthday Present Go-To

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My preschooler and I recently attended a classmate's birthday party and this Crayola Inspiration Art Case was the first gift the kids wanted to play with. A bunch of the other moms said it's a perennial fave on the birthday party circuit and over 1,000 five star reviewers agree! The kit includes 140 high-quality art supplies like washable markers, crayons, colored pencils and even paper so kids have everything they need to start creating at home or on the go.

These Memory Foam Slippers Are Cozy Perfection

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I've got permanently cold piggies and burn through slippers really fast - those previously fluffy insoles get flattened with constant wear. I think I'd have much better luck staying cozy and comfortable with these memory foam slippers that have a massive fan following. The cloud-soft cushioned insoles and wooly sherpa lining are like "heaven on your feet" according to one rave review, and the outsole is rugged enough to survive trips to the mailbox. These may never leave my feet.

This Instax Camera Is Retro Fun

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While I love the convenience of snapping pics on my phone, truth be told...I miss real, physical photos. This Fujifilm Instax Mini Instant Camera lets you kick it old school style with instant photos that pop out of the camera and develop before your eyes. Reviewers love using this as a ready-made social activity at parties - just set the camera out with some silly photo props then clip the candid shots to lighted strings for instant party decor! This cute lil' camera comes in white and four fun colors from lime green to flamingo pink.

This 3D Sleep Mask Is Your Ticket To Snoozeville

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If you can't sleep unless you're in complete and total darkness, this 3D sleep mask will send you to dreamland faster than a double dose of NyQuil. This mask works by using memory foam to create extra large eyecups that totally encompass your eye sockets and seal out any light, and the 3D design means it never feels too constricting. This machine washable, antibacterial sleep mask adjusts to custom fit your head and comes in a set of two with bonus earplugs for total sensory deprivation!

This Aromatherapy Room Spray Is An Instant Mood Lifter

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Whatever your desired mood, this aromatherapy spray for room or body with stellar reviews sets the scene with all natural, organic essential oils. You can choose from six gorgeous scents like Energy Boost, Stress Relief and Ready, Set, Focus to help you gear up or wind down. Reviewers love that you can use it to scent the air, as a pillow or linen mist or as a body spray so you can totally immerse yourself in mood-boosting fragrance!

This Wearable Heating Pad Wraps You In A Warm Hug

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I can't think of anything better than a wearable hug, which basically the idea behind this comforting neck and shoulder wrap heating pad. You can microwave the soft flannel wrap and attach it around your neck for cozy pain relief with the added bonus of aromatherapy, since it's filled with flax seeds and clay beads scented with herbs like lavender, chamomile, lemongrass and peppermint. You can also freeze the wrap for chilly migraine relief or muscle strains!

This Kinetic Play Sand Is Incredibly Soothing (And Fun!)

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My kids have this kinetic play sand and I find myself playing with it just as much as they do! It's such a tactile, relaxing activity that's also incredibly fun. In fact, I've even seen it marketed to adults as "stress sand", so go ahead and buy some for yourself - hey, maybe you can even use your Flexible Spending Account dollars since it's basically a mental health expense? It comes in 20 colors including sparkly versions and glow-in-the-dark!

This Essential Oil Diffuser Puts On A Mesmerizing Light Show

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Calling all insomniacs: this glass essential oil diffuser is infinitely more effective and much prettier than counting sheep! Just put some soothing lavender essential oil in the cool mist humidifier/diffuser and watch the mesmerizing starburst light show and you'll be out in no time. The silvered glass vessel also looks great when it's off so it's a cool piece of decor and comes in unique shapes I haven't seen in other diffusers like Easter egg, "fish kiss" and round bottom flask.

This Customizable Foam Pillow Might Be The Best You've Ever Tried

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This wildly popular memory foam pillow has over ELEVEN THOUSAND five star reviews! Its appeal lies in customization - you can add or remove the foam fill to create the perfect pillow for whichever sleep position's your favorite. Plus the fact that it's hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant and machine washable makes it a top choice for allergy sufferers. If you're still on the fence, a 100-night guarantee sweetens the deal!

This Suede Brush Gives Your Boots New Life

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I've worn my trusty UGGs nearly to death over six long winters that stretch into April around here, and have never taken them to the cleaners because laziness. Judging by the 1,500+ five star reviews this suede cleaning brush has, I can bring them back to life myself while catching up on Netflix! This nifty little brush has four cleaning surfaces that work on different types of messes and reach every nook and cranny of your suede or nubuck shoes, jackets or even furniture.

These Funny Face Binder Clips Cheer Up Boring Paperwork

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The worst part of an office job (apart from coworkers who make loud mouth sounds while eating in an open plan workspace) is the paperwork. All those TPS reports are just so tedious but if you don't keep on top of it, the paper will take over your desk. Not to worry, these fun binder clips will put a smile on your face and save you from dying of boredom while keeping your workspace tidy.

This Bar Keepers Friend Cleanser Is Basically Magic

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Whenever I google how to clean something in the kitchen or bathroom, inevitably the answer is Bar Keepers Friend. I have the powder version too, but this premixed soft cleanser is so much more convenient - I just slop it on my white porcelain farmhouse sink and a minute later, all the stains and god-knows-what stuck to the bottom just wipe clean. I also use it to get sticky fingerprints off stainless steel appliances and baked on, blackened stains off of pots, pans and baking sheets. Seriously, this stuff makes me feel like a domestic goddess and I don't even like cleaning, not even a little tiny bit!

These Energizing Gold Collagen Eye Masks Turn Back Time

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Look, getting older sucks but on the bright side, you get to use some fancy AF anti-aging products like these Grace & Stella Anti-Wrinkle + Energizing Gold Collagen Eye Masks. Who among us couldn't use some undereye depuffing and firming? Plus, the fancy gold color makes the bags under your eyes totes look designer.

This Unicorn Gold Toilet Spray Is Made With Real Gold

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I'm not even joking, the actual gold nano-particles in this fancy toilet deodorizing spray apparently "attract and attack odors, killing them on contact". If that sounds far-fetched, you should know this Unicorn Gold essential oil spray is brought to you by the makers of the Squatty Potty, which is changing the way the world poops so they've got some street cred in the bathroom area.  Anyway, the scent names alone make me want to try this stuff - Fruity Booty or Tropical Dropsicle, anyone?

This Silk Pillowcase Is An Affordable Luxury

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While a set of silk sheets feels like a bit much, this elegant silk pillowcase is just right for an understated touch of glam. She's not just a pretty face, though, silk pillowcases have the added beauty benefits of keeping your hair in check so you don't wake up with a tangled rat's nest and can guard against sleep wrinkles if you snooze on your face. This 100% mulberry silk pillowcase comes in 16 colors and six sizes so you're definitely spoiled for choice!

This Guacamole Keeper Guards Your Precious Snack

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Freshly-made guac is the best. The worst? How quickly it goes brown. Now you can keep your guac green for days with this Guacamole ProKeeper - the airtight lid seals out all the oxygen so the avocado doesn't turn mushy and brown. You can also use it for salsa, hummus or other dips and the 4-cup container doubles as a serving bowl. Space-saving and smart!

This Taco Holder Truck Will Be The Star Of Taco Tuesday

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We recently started a weekly taco night at home because it's one of the three dinners my kids will reliably eat (mac & cheese and chicken fingers round out the list). The kids love it but have trouble holding the taco shells while they fill them, and can't put the shells down between bites without dumping them all over the table. This truck-shaped taco holder is like an adorable extra set of hands to help little ones (or kids at heart) make and eat tacos. Happily, it comes as a set of two trucks in salsa red and guacamole green.

This Velour Scalloped Robe Lets You Be A Mermaid All Year

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It's easy to be a mermaid in the summer, but cold weather kind of puts a damper on that whole aesthetic. Now you can stay cozy while living your best mermaid life with this velour scalloped robe that resembles tail scales! It comes in ten gorgeous colors including neutrals and beachy brights and rave reviews report wearing it feels like being "wrapped in a cloud".

This Sonic Boom Alarm Clock Will Get You Out Of Bed...FAST

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Do you sleep like the dead and need nothing short of the apocalypse to jolt you out of bed? Lucky for you, this Sonic Boom Alarm Clock rains hell down on your bedroom whenever you want! It not only emits an insanely obnoxious 113 decibel sound (the same level as a chainsaw), the hockey puck shaped "bed shaker device" powerfully vibrates your bed and red flashing lights go off in your face until you shut the darn thing off. Probably you should avoid this product if you're prone to seizures or heart attacks, per reviewer warnings!

This Bidet Toilet Seat Is So Much Better Than Scratchy Toilet Paper

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I feel like the rest of the world is way ahead of the U.S. in bathroom technology - they've been enjoying the benefits of bidets for ages! This bidet toilet seat gets you up to speed fast so you can experience the deep cleaning sensation toilet paper doesn't provide. It installs in 10 minutes and doesn't need electricity or special parts - just pop it on your existing toilet seat and adjust the fresh water spray to your personal preference. The Internet has spoken - this gadget has over 5,000 five star reviews right now!

This Cabaret Volume Mascara Takes Your Lashes To New Heights

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If you've got a long must-have list for your mascara, you need this inexpensive Vivienne Sabó Cabaret Première - Artistic Volume Mascara. It's cruelty-free, won't clump or irritate sensitive eyes and makes your lashes look miles long. Enthusiastic reviewers are dumping their much more expensive mascaras for this dark-horse holy grail!

This Zingy Japanese Kewpie Mayonnaise Livens Up Your Boring Lunch

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I'm not a fan of regular mayo, but this Japanese Kewpie Mayonnaise with its velvety, tangy richness might make me a convert. This kicky spread is described as "if malt vinegar and Heinz mayo had a baby" by an ardent reviewer who says it has just the right balance of vinegar and a bit of sugar. Use it on avocados, California rolls, sandwiches or as a sub for the butter when making a grilled cheese.

These Thank You Cards Only Look Fancy

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I like to keep a stock of all-purpose Thank You cards on hand and these ones look like they should be much more expensive than they actually are! For less than 50 cents each you get a gorgeous card that looks like it was handpainted with watercolors on thick, textured paper, plus a matching envelope and labels to hold the envelope closed. These would be so pretty for wedding or baby shower thank you notes!

This Winesulator Bottle Keeps Your Vino At The Ideal Drinking Temperature For Hours

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This pretty 25oz wine canteen keeps your wine (or any other beverage) so cold, you don't need to bring a cooler on your next road trip, picnic or beach day! It's made from stainless steel so it's safe to use at the beach or poolside for an icy rosé or round of G&Ts. It comes with a matching funnel and have you seen the 7 gorgeous colors it comes in? I'm fan-girling over the glitter mint version.

These Neoprene Cozies Come In Sizes To Fit Every Drink Container

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These neoprene cozies are so useful for keeping your bevvies cold and hands warm but it can be frustrating when you can't find the right size to fit your drink container. No worries - these insulated drink holders come in sizes to fit small 8oz water bottles, coffee cups and 16oz mason sleeves all the way up to 40oz monster-sized containers. And they're available in more patterns than you can shake a stick at!

This Kids Dinner Tray Hides A Delicious Surprise

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According to my kids, the best part of dinner is dessert and they will do almost anything to get that sweet, sweet reward. (Just not eat anything I spent a long time lovingly cooking, but whatever! I'm not bitter!) And it's much easier to get kids to eat if the prize is in sight. This surprise dinner tray turns mealtime into a fun board game where kids race through 8 portioned spaces you can fill with bites of veggies and other actual nutrition until they reach the last one that's hiding the all-mighty dessert. You can choose from a bunch of themes like sup(p)er hero, pirate, enchanted forest and dino to find one that's right in your kid's wheelhouse.

This Personal Library Kit Ensures You Get Your Books Back

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If you love your books as much as my husband does, you're understandably nervous to lend them out and trust they'll make it back home. This personal library kit makes it easier to let your book babies venture out into the world, safe with the knowledge that your info is right inside the cover so borrowers never forget who they belong to. The kit includes everything you need to act out your librarian fantasy including 20 self-adhesive pockets and checkout cards, date stamp and inkpad and a tiny pencil. Consider charging late fees to augment your income!

This Wood Polish and Conditioner Brings Old Furniture Back From The Dead

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Have you ever found the perfect piece of furniture in a thrift shop or dead relative's house except it's marred with water marks or scratches? This Feed-N-Wax Wood Polish and Conditioner will restore the natural beauty and shine to old furniture, cabinets, doors and trim using all-natural orange oil and a protective beeswax coating. This wood polish has almost 2,500 five star reviews and unbelievable before & after pics to back them up!

This Hydroponic Vase Classes Up Your Desk

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I love the look of lush green plants to brighten up my desk but just can't keep one more thing alive. This modern, minimal hydroponic desk planter is a game changer for brown thumbs - just follow the simple assembly instructions then pop in an easy-care succulent or air plant for instant office decor. It also looks great filled with water beads which keep flowers or other plant cuttings alive without relying on you for consistent watering if you're a negligent plant mom like me.

These Unicorn Toots Cotton Candy Nuggets Are Magically Delicious

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I thought unicorns farted glitter and rainbows, but as it turns out, they toot cotton candy nuggets that have over 1,500 five star reviews! This half pound bag of tasty toots is produced by free-range unicorns and widely considered to be the "caviar of bagged farts". In addition to tasting great (they are truly delicious, according to reviewers!), they make a fun gift for unicorn-themed birthday parties, grumpy teenage boys or anyone that thinks flatulence is funny (everyone). 10% of profits go to charities that support neurodiverse children, so you can feel really good about gifting a bag of farts.

This Microplane Zester Spices Up Your Kitchen Game

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Whenever I want to add a little kick to sauces, soups or desserts, I reach for my microplane tool to sprinkle on a bit of lemon zest. My brother-in-law makes a mean chai tea and uses it for ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon. If you want finely grated cheese on your pasta, the microplane zester's gotchu, fam. Basically it's an all around MVP in the kitchen and I'm just mad they last so long so I can't upgrade to one of the new colorful ones -  the "Retro Green" one is to die for!

This Secret Aardvark Hot Sauce Will Light Your Fire

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According to an avid heat fan, this Secret Aardvark Habanero Sauce is "manageable for those who aren't looking to kill themselves with hot sauce but want to step up their game with something flavorful". A unique "Caribbean meets Tex-Mex" taste with savory habanero peppers, roasted tomatoes and white wine vinegar, this hot sauce has a huge following online.  Happy reviewers suggest you try it on wings, pizza, boiled eggs, "healthy" microwave meals that taste like cardboard and pretty much anything that would benefit from a zesty kick in the butt.

These Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls Are Kitchen All-Stars

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Stainless steel mixing bowls are indispensable in the kitchen because they're virtually indestructible and are a snap to clean. This set of three bowls has the added bonuses of non-slip silicone bottoms, ergonomic handles, pouring spouts and measurement marks to make them even easier to use. They even come with fitted covers so you can use them as food storage containers, too!