35 Things I Think Every Parent Needs for Bored Kids at Home

If you feel like you've been stuck inside with your rambunctious kids for months, you're not alone. My son is constantly bouncing off the walls and every day is a struggle to make sure he's entertained and mentally stimulated. So, to keep my fellow parents from losing their collective minds, I've decided to compile a list of the 35 products I use to keep my son happy, healthy, and occupied every day.

From fun scooters to scented kinetic sand to a kit that helps you make a robot out of a tin can, these are the 35 kid's toys and crafts that my family is loving right now. Each one of these will keep your kiddos happy and even allow you to enjoy a cup of coffee (or wine) in solitude.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Bean Bag Chair that Keeps Rooms Tidy

Here's an ingenious product that makes both parents and adults happy: the Posh Stuffable Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair. It gives my son a comfy place to sit and read a book or play a video game and because it's filled with stuffed animals, keeps his room clean.

This Clever Cereal Cup that's Oh-So Portable

My son is always hungry. Always. So whenever I find a new way to give him snacks while making my life easier I get very excited. This CrunchCup Portable Cereal Cup is my newest discovery. He loves using it and it keeps his full and occupied for roughly four minutes.

This Chalkboard Vinyl that My Son is Obsessed With

My son has always been really into drawing and coloring, and since that can get messy and/or result in crayon marks all over my walls, I bought him this Extra Large Green Chalkboard Vinyl Adhesive Paper Wall Decal Poster. He loves how it turned one of the walls in his room into a chalkboard and I love how it won't cause mess or damage to my house.

This Storage Center that Saved My Sanity

Distance learning has been a challenge, but luckily I've been able to find several products on Amazon to makes things a bit easier. Like this Learning Resources Create-a-Space Storage Center, for example. It holds my son's school supplies so they're neat and tidy instead of all over my house.

This Pirate Dinner Plate that I Want to Steal

Seriously, how much fun is this Fred DINNER WINNER Kids' Dinner Tray in Pirate?! My brother bought it for my son and I'm jealous of it every time he uses it. He's also a super picky eater, and it always helps him to eat more than usual since it turns mealtime into a cool little game.

This Dinosaur Habitat that's Perfect for a Rainy Day

It can be tough to be stuck in a house all day with kids, which is why I pull out this Creativity for Kids Grow N’ Glow Dinosaur Habitat whenever the weather outside turns frightful. My son loves anything that has to do with dinosaurs, and this kit works for a variety of age groups.

These Dot Markers that are 100% Washable

These Do A Dot Art! Markers 6-Pack Rainbow Washable Paint Markers are a great alternative to traditional markers. Whenever my son is bored with all of his toys, I pull out these markers and he makes me a dot-covered masterpiece. I especially love how washable they are.

This Dragon Cookie Cutter that Makes Magical Treats

I always loved baking goodies with my mom when I was little, and being able to do the same with my son has been so much fun. This Dragon Cookie Cutter in Stainless Steel is our new favorite cutter. It's high-quality and dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

This Egg Decorating Kit that's Simple Yet Brilliant

This The Original EggMazing Easter Egg Decorator Kit is one of those products that's so simple yet so ridiculously clever that I'm still kicking myself for not thinking it up in the first place. Just place your hard-boiled egg in the spinning holder and use the non-toxic markers to decorate it.

This Hair Chalk that's Oh-So Pretty

My brother has two daughters, and the minute I stumbled upon this GirlZone Hair Chalk Set on Amazon I knew they would love them. They're bright, easy to use, and surprisingly pretty. And yes, I know this because I may or may not have tried them out myself...

This Cute Hedgehog that Helps Anxious Kiddos

My son struggles with some anxiety issues, and this 1i4 Group Warm Pals Microwavable Lavender Scented Plush Toy Stuffed Animal has been a huge help. Whenever he's feeling anxious or sad I just pop this little guy in the microwave and he feels warm and cozy and has a relaxing lavender scent.

This Hot Chocolate Dispenser that Makes Winter Tolerable

Hot chocolate is a big staple in our house during the colder months, and this Nostalgia Retro 32-Ounce Hot Chocolate, Milk Frother, Cappuccino, Latte Maker and Dispenser is basically always in use from October through March. I love how easy it is to dispense so my son will be able to serve himself once he gets a bit older.

This Ice Cream Maker Ball that Makes Me SO Nostalgic

I had one of these Play and Freeze, Ice Cream Ball- Ice Cream Makers when I was a kid, so when I saw it on Amazon I knew I had to get one for my son. Now, when we want a frozen treat we pour in the ingredients, kick the ball around for about 30 minutes, and voila! Perfect homemade ice cream!

This Hover Soccer Ball Set that Tires My Son Out

We're stuck indoors a lot more these days, and this WisToyz Kids Toys Hover Soccer Ball Set with 2 Goals has been a life-saver. The hovering design floats effortlessly across the carpet, and the multicolored lights add major fun. This is a great way for my son to get some exercise without leaving the house.

This Colorful Knife Set that's Safe for Kids

I love to cook, and this Jovitec 8 Pieces Kid Plastic Kitchen Knife Set allows my little man to join in on the fun without hurting himself. He loves the colorful design, and I appreciate that he can still cut up soft foods without losing a finger.

These Over-Ear Headphones that are Built to Last

We listen to a lot of music in our house, and these Elecder i37 Kids Headphones for Children allow my little rockstar to jam out without me and my husband being forced to Baby Shark for the millionth time. They're durable and offer impressive sound quality.

This Star String Light that's Perfect for Crafty Kids

This Creativity for Kids String Art Star Light is a great way to kill an afternoon. My son loves any and all types of crafts, so when I stumbled upon this kit on Amazon I knew it would be right up his alley. He loves that he can use it as a nightlight and that he made it himself! Plus, the LED lights basically last forever.

This Outdoor Explorer Kit that Helps Kids Connect with Nature

I don't know about your kids, but mine has been spending WAY too much time indoors lately. This Unplugged Explorers 9 Piece Kids Outdoor Explorer Kit has been just the ticket. It includes binoculars, a compass, a hand-powered flashlight, a magnified bug catcher, and an assortment of other tools that are perfect for getting lost in the woods.

This Cross-Stitch Kit that's Ultra Adorable

This Pusheen: A Cross-Stitch Kit is another present I dropped off at my brother's house for my two nieces to fight over. He recently told me that they've both become obsessed with cross-stitching since they got this, and I don't blame them. This kit is insanely cute.

This Roll N' Play Game that's Great For Little Kids

This ThinkFun Roll and Play Game for Toddlers is a ton of fun for the whole family. It helps my toddler to master different colors, recognize emotions, name body parts, and just be downright silly. The best part? My kid doesn't even realize he's learning when we play it.

This Kinetic Sand that Smells Amazing

This Kinetic Sand was a gift from my Mother-In-Law, and when we opened it for the first time we were all blown away by how good it smells. It comes in a pack of four and each color has a unique scent: chocolate, cherry, apple, and vanilla. And while you and your kids might want to eat it, DON'T.

This Scooter that's Great For Indoor or Outdoor Play

What kid wouldn't want to scoot around on this fun little hand2mind Blue Indoor Scooter Board With Safety Handles? This is the exact same type that I used in elementary school gym class, and my son loves zipping down our driveway on it.

This Lightsaber that has Awesome Sound Effects

If your kid is as nuts about Star Wars as mine is, you need this Star Wars Scream Saber Sound Effects Lightsaber. Not only does it light up, but it makes cool sound effects whenever you swing it around. It also lets you record your own voice for custom effects.

This Sensory Body Suit that Promotes Relaxation

Every kid needs to take some time every day to slow down, relax, and recharge. This SANHO Yopo Dynamic Movement Sensory Sox calms down my active little boy and allows him to stretch out his wiggles after an especially stimulating day. It's even been helping him sleep better at night.

This Dolphin Snuggie that's Even Cozier than it Looks

We've been watching a lot of movies as a family lately, and this Snuggie Tails Dolphin Blanket- Comfy, Super Soft, Wearable Blanket for Kids is a must-have addition to movie nights. My son loves the dolphin design and it's so cozy that I'm always tempted to steal it from him.

This DIY Soap Kit that's Good, Clean Fun

This Klutz Make Your Own Soap Craft & Science Kit was a birthday gift that we forgot about for six months. I was recently looking for something to entertain my son and pulled this out. It was so much fun! He loved making the different soaps and is so proud to use the soap he made that he actually wants to wash his hands.

This Tin Can Robot Kit that's Hilariously Cute

I've loved robots since I was my son's age, so naturally, when I saw this 4M Tin Can Robot - DIY Science Construction Stem Toy For Kids & Teens I bought it immediately (mostly for myself, to be honest). My son was SO excited to build his own tiny robot and I loved working on it with him.

These Story Cubes that Inspire Creativity

My son is a natural storyteller. I like to tell people that he gets it from me, seeing as I'm a professional writer. These Rory's Story Cubes make his stories even more epic. They're a great way to foster his creativity and are very portable for on-the-go fun.

This Toddler Scavenger Hunt that My Toddler LOVES

This Outdoor Toddler Scavenger Hunt Cooperative Card Game at The Park was a summer staple for our family. Multiple times per week we'd head to the park and try to spot things like birds, swings, and even babies in strollers. I keep this card set in my car at all times!

This Time Tracker that Keeps Kids On Task

If you and your child are struggling with virtual learning, give this Learning Resources Time Tracker Mini Visual Timer, Classroom Timer, Hand Washing Timer a try. It keeps my little man focused and has different colored lights and alarms so he knows how much time he has for various tasks.

These Water Beads that I Love Playing With, Too!

I'll admit it: I mostly bought these MONILON Water Beads so that I could play with them. This set comes with 9 ounces of water beads, a 24-piece set of ocean creature figurines, and an inflatable pool to keep it all in. Trust me, your kid will love this stuff.

These Wikki Stix that Provide Mess-Free Fun

I used to play with these Wikki Stix for hours at a time when I was my son's age, and now he does the same. This set comes in a convenient travel case so he can play with them in the car during road trips. I really appreciate the mess-free design of these colorful, bendy sticks.

This Bird Feeder that Gives You a Front Row Seat

If your kids love nature and animals, they'll be fascinated by this Window Bird Feeder with Strong Suction Cups and Seed Tray. We hung ours outside our living room window and the whole family gathers to see the different birds who pay us a visit each day.

This Seat Cushion that Helps Kids Focus

If you've got a wiggle worm like I do, this Bintiva Inflated Stability Wobble Cushion makes a huge difference. It provides sensory input so little ones can stay focused on their schoolwork without getting distracted and promotes ergonomic sitting so your kids avoid back and neck pain.

These Bath Bombs that Have a Hidden Surprise

These Kids Bath Bombs with Surprise Inside make bath time WAY more fun. Not only do they smell great and have a fun fizzing design, but they also reveal a fun toy after they've completely melted away. My son loves watching it dissolve and waiting to see what sea figurine he'll get next.