35 Products That'll Possibly Reveal Disgusting Things About Your Body

The human body is gross! These products will bring all the gross stuff out!

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: 22Words is a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Exfoliating Mitt

via: Amazon/Paige Way

This exfoliating mitt rubs off all your dead, gross skin and leaves you feeling smooth and rejuvenated!

This Tongue Scraper

via: Amazon

The tongue needs to be cleaned and taken care of just like the rest of your body. this scraper is made of surgical steel and is sure to scrape away all the bad stuff.

These Foot Pads

via: Amazon/Rachel Anschuetz

Stick these bad boys on your feet and let them draw all the toxins out of your body while you relax. You'll feel fresh and renewed in no time!

This Earwax Remover

via: Amazon/Satxdonkey

This earwax removal kit comes with a syringe and everything else you need to flush your ear canal of all that nasty wax. And as you can tell from basically ALL the reviewer-submitted images on Amazon, it really works.

This Hair Removal Kit

via: Amazon/Winter

This kit comes with the wax warmer, ten wooden applicators, and three packs of different scented wax beans. You'll be shiny and smooth in no time!

These Underarm Sweat Pads

via: Amazon

Shield your clothes from unwanted pit stains with this sweat pads. They adhere right to your sleeves and are super comfortable to wear.

This Facial Skin Scrubber

via: Amazon

It's cordless, chargeable, and it scrubs dead skin, dirt,  and blackheads gently off your face, nose, neck, and chest.

These Oil Absorbing Tissues

via: Amazon/Jewel

You get 100 of these little blotting tissues in a pack and just look at the job they do. If you tend to have oily skin, these fit right in your pocket and will dry up your skin immediately.

This Neti Pot

via: Amazon

Nothing clears you out like a neti pot. If your sinuses are clogged and irritated, use a neti pot to clean out your nasal passages.

This Peel-Off Charcoal Mask

via: Amazon/Crystal

Let this activated charcoal mask dry on your face and then pull it off! Its deep pore-cleansing power will take all your gunk with it.

This Nail Cleaner

via: Amazon

If you're like me, you love digging under your nails and cleaning them out as completely as possible. That's what this tool is made for! It'll also nicely shape your cuticles.

These Surgical Tweezers

via: Amazon

These aren't any old ordinary tweezers. These sharp guys are perfect for removing ingrown hairs, ticks, splinters, and anything else that makes your way under your skin.

This Exfoliating Foot Peel

via: Amazon/Elle

People absolutely love the dramatic power of the Baby Foot Peel. About a week after one session of soaking your feet in the solution bags, dead skin will start falling off of your feet in chunks like you wouldn’t believe.

These Charcoal Pore Strips

via: Amazon/Abbey

You can't beat Bioré pore strips when it comes to cleaning out those tiny holes in your nose. They're so good.

This Back Hair Remover

via: Amazon

You might want to shave your back, but it's super hard with a regular-sized razor. This shaver is oversized and has an extra-long handle for those hard-to-reach spots.

This Callus Shaver

via: Amazon

Make your feet smooth and beautiful dead skin shaving by dead skin shaving with this awesome callus shaver. It gets the job done.

This Water Pick

via: Amazon

Water picks are great for anyone with permanent retainers or braces because they really get into those small spots between your teeth. Also, they're just super fun to use.

This Blacklight Flashlight

via: Amazon

You might not want to know, but this blacklight flashlight will reveal to you just how gross your living space is. Good luck.

This Dental Hygiene Kit

via: Amazon

Who needs a dentist when you can be your own with this at-home dental hygiene kit?! Answer: You still need to go to the dentist, but you can get a head start with this kit.

This Drain Protector

via: Amazon

The TubShroom is pretty much a miracle product. It fits right in most standard drains and catches hair and gunk and other gross stuff before it clogs your pipes. Plus, it’s so easy to clean!

These Flushable Wipes

via: Amazon

You haven't lived until you've used these things, which I like to call "baby wipes for adults." They're sewer-safe and septic-safe, so do your worst.

This Magnifying Mirror

via: Amazon

It magnifies your face to 10 times larger than it is in real life, and the mirror is surrounded by 16 LED lights that give you the best possible view. Perfect for shaving, tweezing, or applying makeup.

This Tooth Powder

via: Amazon

Tooth powder is all natural, organic, and vegan. It's a great alternative to toothpaste. It is guaranteed to leave your mouth fresh and clean every time.

These Urinalysis Test Strips

via: Amazon

These test strips can detect urinary tract infections with just a little urine. 100 come in a pack, so they should last you a while.

This ULtra Cleanse

via: Amazon

This colon cleanse lives up to its name. It will flush toxins from your entire body and leave you ready for a new start.

These Skin Exfoliating Towels

via: Amazon

These little towels are specifically designed to exfoliate the delicate skin on your face and neck. Use them for two minutes in the morning and two minutes at night for the best results.

This Exfoliating Brush

via: Amazon

This exfoliating brush gets rid of red, irritated ingrown hair bumps or shaving bumps. Plus, it feels really good! Improve your shower habits now!

This Electronic Foot File

via: Amazon/Sarah

Buff the dead skin and calluses off your feet without any elbow grease with the Amope Foot File. You'll get addicted to it.

These Drain Snakes

via: Amazon/Melanie Metz

Unclog your drains with these super simple, super effective drain snakes! Cleaning has never been so satisfying.

This Makeup Brush Cleaner

via: Amazon

Your makeup brushes get gross whether you admit it to yourself or not. This little contraption auto-cleans your brushes. 10-30 seconds is all it takes.

This Acne Removal Kit

via: Amazon

You get six double-sided tools with which you can extract all that good stuff from your face! You’ll be a regular Dr. Pimple Popper in no time!

These Pimple Patches

via: Amazon

You get 24 of these miracle patches in a pack. The patch absorbs all the gross stuff under your pimple and protects the skin from bacteria. When it turns white, remove it and your skin will be good as new!

This Blackhead Vacuum

via: Amazon

This microdermabrasion machine is literally like a little vacuum, sucking the gunk out of your pores. There's nothing so satisfying.

This Nose Hair Trimmer (No Batteries Needed)

via: Amazon

Trim those nose hairs with this handheld machine! It doesn't even require batteries or anything.

This Nose Hair Waxing Kit

via: Amazon/Tony Pham

If you don't have the patience for a trimmer, get right down to business with this nose hair waxing kit. It's quite effective.