35 Awesome-Looking Gadgets Under $10 That Shouldn't be Under $10

There is no question that the best things in life are free. Unfortunately, it seems that the next best things all cost a fortune though, doesn't it? I'm here to tell you that's not necessarily true. And to prove it, here's a list of 35 fun, useful, and awesome-looking products that you can get right now on Amazon for under $10. Yes, that's right. Under $10!

From the world's most charming s'mores maker, to cult-favorite ice cube molds, I've picked 35 of my favorite sub-$10 finds you won't have to feel guilty splurging on.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

Make Makeup Fun Again With These Mermaid Makeup Brushes

Remember when you were first allowed to wear makeup, or, better, when you weren't allowed to but you and your friends did anyway? Back then, makeup was so much fun! It still is, really, and this set of Mermaid Makeup Brushes is here to remind you of that. The 11 piece set costs under $10 and is certain to make you feel happily whimsical as you apply your makeup every day. This set would secure your spot as favorite aunt if you give it to your tweenage niece!

Class Up Your Cocktails with This Ice Ball Maker

Wouldn't you be impressed if a friend served up a cocktail with one of these large spheres of ice in it instead of regular old ice with boring corners and edges? Be that impressive friend. For only $7 you can make four ice balls with this Sphere Ice Mold. The flexible silicone trays are dishwasher safe and will last forever. So you can count on a lifetime of glorious ice balls.

These LED Light Up Gloves Are Surprisingly Bright and So Much Fun

Lined with LED lights, these LED Light Up Gloves are a crowd pleaser. At around $10 a pair, these make a great stocking stuffer and might just be the favorite gift this year. The lights are seriously bright and can flash and glow in multiple different patterns from seizure-ish colorful flashes to steady glows in different colors. If you ever ride your bike, walk your dog, or jog in the dark, these gloves will definitely make you visible to any passing motorists.

This Cozy Plaid Tartan Scarf Will Keep You Warm and Looking Good Without Breaking the Bank

Whether you love the cold weather or you hate it, it can't be denied that the fashion accessories are fantastic. From figure forgiving layers, to all the boots, to comfy cozy scarves, the cool weather comes with lots of cool wardrobe choices. And you don't have to spend a fortune to get a few trendy items, like this Plaid Blanket Scarf which you can get for around $10!

For Well Under $10, You Can Keep Track of All of Your Passwords With This Shit I Can't Remember: An Organizer for All Your Passwords and Shit

If you have a hard time keeping up with all the different passwords you need these days, the Shit I Can't Remember: An Organizer for All Your Passwords and Shit is here to help. With its cheeky, irreverent name, it actually does exactly what it says it does. This is the perfect gift for your sweary friend or relative who has a hard time keeping track of this sort of thing.

Add a Pop of Bling to Your Daily Commute

This fun crystal car decal sticker fits around any standard key or push button ignition to add a bit of glam to your ride. And why not? At around $6, you and all your girlfriends can be as fancy as you want! This little bit of bling would make a great stocking stuffer or add on gift for that ultra-girly girl in your life. Or get a few and really bling out her entire dashboard!

Add Some Fun to Your Cup of Coffee With a Color Changing Magic Mug

If you're a coffee lover, then it can hardly get more fun than a fresh, hot cup of the good stuff. But, maybe it can be a little more fun as your mug changes from tired and gloomy to awake and happy, just like you're about to! This cute Color Changing Magic Mug would go great with a coffee gift card for your favorite teacher.

This Car Essential Oil Diffuser Will Make Traffic Jams and Carpools So Much Better

A few drops of your favorite essential oil on the felt pad in this Car Essential Oil Diffuser provides days and days of aromatherapy during your commute! Just clip the pretty medallion onto your heating vent and reap the benefits of aromatherapy while you're stuck in your car. This would make a perfect gift for anyone with a long commute who feels frazzled, stressed, and grumpy afterwards, or for that mom you know who lives in her minivan.

One Can Never Have Too Many Funny Socks, So These "If You Can Read This..." Socks are Perfect For Anyone

Whether you really want wine, a beer, or a cup of coffee, these socks are sure to deliver. Essentially, if you're lucky enough to be sitting down with your feet up, then someone ought to be bringing you the vice of your choice. Right? With holidays right around the corner, these "If You Can Read This..." Socks, which range from $7-$9, are a great add on gift or stocking stuffer.

If You or Someone You Love is a Fidgeter, Get These Snap And Click Fidgets and Fidget Happy

We generally think of an addiction as a bad thing because the stuff we get addicted to tends to be unhealthy. But these Snap And Click Fidgets are totally addictive and they won't make you fat, unhealthy, or inspire your friends and family to stage an intervention. Something about the way these click and bend is irresistible to kids and adults alike. You may find yourself stealing these from your kids.

These Garden Genie Gloves Will Make You a Gardening Animal

Perhaps you've never noticed what a problem human hands are for gardening. But gardening would be so much easier if you had human/beast hands complete with human finger dexterity and beastly claws. Ever watch a dog dig a hole? Hard packed soil and strong roots are no match for those powerful claws. Have the claws your dog has with these Garden Gloves with Claws. Be an animal in your garden.

This 3D Kitten Smartphone Jack Plug is the Cutest Thing To Happen to Phones

For less than $5 you can turn your regular old smart phone into the world's cutest smart phone. This ridiculously adorable 3D Kitten Smartphone Jack Plug keeps you company while keeping your headphone jack dust and dirt free. This kitty might just outrank any real pets you have and quickly become your favorite. With 9 different kitties to choose from, you can match your phone to your favorite IRL cat.

Keep Your Car Tidy and Organized With These Headrest Hooks

We've all been there: you slam on your brakes and your purse, which had been sitting on your passenger seat, goes flying onto the floor. Of course it wasn't closed properly and the contents have spilled out everywhere. Never lose the contents of your purse again with these handy Headrest Hooks. Of course, the hooks can be used to hang other things - like your groceries, jacket, kid's bag... It can also be turned around so that you can hang things on the front side of your passenger seat if you mostly drive solo.

You Will Be Amazed at How Much of a Difference a Microfiber Hair Turban Can Make

If you're still using your regular bath towel to dry your hair, and especially if you use your giant, cumbersome, and completely not secure regular towel as a hair wrap, you're going to want to try a microfiber hair towel. It might just change your life. It will certainly change your hair. The button keeps it securely in place, and as it's made of plush microfiber instead of cotton, it dramatically speeds up drying time while cutting down on frizz.

Be the Coolest Adult on the Planet and Make S'mores Year Round With This Microwave S'mores Maker

This Microwave S'mores Maker gives you perfectly cooked s'mores all year in 30 seconds. You may be asking if this gadget is necessary for making microwave s'mores, and the answer is yes. Without it, you get over inflated, messy marshmallows and uneven heating between marshmallow and chocolate. This gadget is a problem solver. And at only $10, it makes a great gift. I mean, look at this thing! Who wouldn't want one?

This Motion Sickness Patch Can Make Boat Rides Enjoyable Again

Anyone who suffers from motion sickness knows that finding something that works can mean the difference between a great day out, and a miserable, horrible day out. Whether you get sea sick, car sick, or plane sick, these Motion Sickness Patches can help. One little patch can last a few days, and unobtrusively provide relief so you can enjoy your vacation, road trip, or flight.

With Just Water These Makeup Remover Cloths Clean Away All Your Makeup

Some nights the very idea of washing off the day's makeup seems too exhausting to even contemplate. It's OK. There is an easier way to condense your nighttime skincare regimen. These Makeup Remover Cloths wipe away makeup, dirt, and sunscreen with just water, making them the easiest choice ever for those nights when you just can't. Take a few of these cloths when you travel and leave your messy, hard to transport facial cleansers at home.

Bag Balm Ointment is One Salve to Rule Them All

Originally developed to help soothe chapped udders, Bag Balm Ointment has developed a bit of a cult following. People use it for everything from relieving super dry skin to protecting their dog's paws. Soothing lanolin and protective petrolatum, along with a bit of an antiseptic makes Bag Balm perfect for chapped skin, small abrasions, and other minor skin irritations. A little bit goes a long way so one tin of this extremely emollient ointment will last you awhile.

Baby Lips Provides Just a Hint of Color in a Moisturizing Lip Balm

Winter is hard on your lips. Keep them protected, moisturized, and looking great with the subtly tinted line of Baby Lips from Maybelline New York. With seven different colors and formulations ranging from just under $3 to just over $8, you can keep one in every purse and pocket. If you're not a fan of drying lipsticks or sticky lip glosses, you might just find the natural, light tint of Baby Lips is absolutely perfect.

A Slow Draining Shower or Sink is Highly Annoying, But a Super Cheap FlexiSnake Easily Takes Care of Things

With over 2,000 reviews, and costing less than $5, this flexible little drain tool is definitely a better bet than an expensive plumber! The pictures people included in their rave reviews of this FlexiSnake Drain Millipede Hair Clog Tool say it all: these things work remarkably well, cost next to nothing, and drain hair is the grossest thing to photograph. This thing really celebrates the grossness of its job, with the words "snake," "millipede," and "hair clog" all in the name.

There is Nothing Not to Love About These Funny Bacon Bandages

If you know that everything is better with bacon, then it's a no brainer that you need these Bacon Bandages. They do all the work of a regular sticky bandage, but they look like bacon. At $7 for a tin, these make a great gag gift or stocking stuffer for any accident prone bacon lover. They come in a few other designs as well including dill pickle, cupcake, and crime scene tape.

This Porcelain Hand Air Plant Holder Adds a Tiny Pop of Awesome

So, air plants are a thing. I didn't know this. They are real living plants, that need water occasionally, but don't need soil. They're awesome looking and nearly unkillable, making them perfect for those of us whose thumbs are any color but green. This Porcelain Hand Air Plant Holder displays your mini air plants in all their airy coolness. Add an easy to maintain pop of green to your desk or living space.

Take a Couple of Beano Tablets Before You Eat and Say Goodbye to Gas and Bloating Forever

Gas happens. But maybe it doesn't have to! Some of us have a harder time digesting certain foods than others. If you or someone you live with is the type of person who can't really eat veggies, beans, garlic, and other foods without some uncomfortable (for everyone) after effects, it's time to try Beano. The bloating and gas are caused from an inability to properly digest certain foods. Beano is full of enzymes whose sole purpose is digesting those foods for you. Everybody wins.

Always Have an Extra Bag on Hand With This Foldable Duffel Bag

Shop all you want when you travel, as long as you pack this Foldable Duffel Bag with you, you'll have enough room to bring it all back home. This waterproof, durable, nylon bag folds down to a tiny little pocket sized bag when not in use. Use it for a gym bag, a laundry bag, a beach bag, or as extra luggage when you travel.

A Great Air Vent Car Mount is Probably the Easiest, Most Universal Way to Mount Your Phone in Your Car

With a thin metal plate that sticks unobtrusively to the back of your phone, (even in a case,) this Magnetic Car Mount simply clips onto any car's air vent, making it extremely portable and perfect for people who travel and rent cars! At just $9 for a two-pack, there is no reason to not have your phone easily on hand in any car you are ever driving.

This Egg Separator Ensures You Get No Yolk in Your Whites

Not only does this Egg Separator handily separate your yolks from your whites without any fuss or mess, it also clips onto the edge of your bowl to make this no-that-easy task slightly easier.

See What You're Doing From the Comfort of Not Bending Over With This Angled Measuring Cup

We all know the drill. Pour liquid into measuring cup. Stop pouring. Bend over to look at volume markings at eye level. Stand up. Pour more. Bend over again. Etc. Who designed these things? Obviously not the genius over at OXO who came up with this Angled Measuring Cup, which allows you to read the volume measurements as you pour from your comfortable position of standing upright. Brilliant!

This Set of 15 Snail Tea Holders Would Make a Perfect Stocking Stuffer

Of all the beverages in the world, tea has the best accessories. As a die hard coffee drinker, I am often envious of tea's extra little niceties and ceremony. If you ever need a small gift, or want to round out a host gift, look no further than this adorable set of Snail Tea Holders. It's impossible not to fall for the simplicity and charm of these little guys that sit on the edge of your cup, and unobtrusively hold onto your teabag.

The Credit Card Light Bulb is the Coolest Thing That Fits in a Credit Card Slot

I can’t get over how cool these things are. The Credit Card Light Bulb is about the size of a credit card and yet it's a light. It fits into your wallet, waiting until the day you need a little extra light. Simply fold up the light bulb, and the LED light illuminates. Fold it back down and the light goes out. The future is now. And for $7-$10, you can get a 10-pack, which means that this has stocking stuffer written all over it!

The Light Blue Glow From This Baby Bird Night Light Isn't Too Bright For Sleeping

This sweet night light is a perfect addition to a baby room. At just under $9, this battery operated LED Baby Bird Night Light is a bargain. Keep it in the always on mode for a nightlight or set it in the touch on/off mode and use it as a light for a children's bathroom or hallway. Because it's battery operated rather than plugged in, this little light is handy for camping and travel too.

This Knife and Cutlery Brush is the Easiest and Most Effective Way to Clean Your Knives (and Cutlery)

First of all, this Knife and Cutlery Brush looks like a smiling green toothed monster, which could be reason enough to buy it. Especially since it's only $8. Add to that the fact that one swipe through this monster's teeth effectively cleans any cutlery, and you hardly have any reason at all not to buy it. This is especially convenient for your knives that don't go through the dishwasher.