33 Things I Really Want to Buy Right Now

Amazon is a convenient, wondrous entity that can also be dangerous for your wallet. It certainly doesn’t help when crafting buying guides and recommendations is part of your job! In the tempting sea of “why didn’t I think of that” gadgets and gizmos, my wish list grows daily.

I usually try to focus on necessities and the occasional product that improves my quality of life, but it’s getting difficult to stick to the “occasional” part. I might not always be able to indulge, but maybe I can do so vicariously through you!

So, just like The Spice Girls, I’ll tell you what I want — what I really, really want.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
Before you zig-a-zig-ah down the page, you should know that we might earn a commission from purchases you make from this list.

This Classic Umbrella That Would Make Mary Poppins Jealous

Having ties to Great Britain means you make a mean cup of tea, have strong opinions about real football, and take umbrellas very seriously. In sunny California, my little travel umbrella does the trick, but I’ll never forget the majestic protection of a Totes J Stick with its 4 feet of coverage. Unlike the models of my youth, this cane-like umbrella opens at the push of a button.

These Millennial Pink String Lights

It doesn’t take a meticulously crafted Pinterest board to know that string lights add ambiance to any space. They’re our little way of keeping Christmas going all year long. These geometric lights add a little edge (literally) to the popular decor choice while still keeping some softness with the pink hue. With 10 feet of lights, your only design limitation is your imagination.

A Chromatic Pen That Oozes Coolness

A writer wants a cool pen? You must be shocked. This MUJI fountain pen is made out of aluminum, which should be uncomfortable to hold, but similar pens I’ve owned are actually quite ergonomic. With a pen this cozy and stylish, you won’t want to hide it away until a check or contract needs to be signed.

This Vibrant Morphe Eyeshadow Palette

Morphe’s been coming out its shell lately and allowing stores like Sephora and Ulta to carry its cosmetics. Discovering Morphe products on Amazon may be the greatest financial test I have ever faced. This earthy palette, a collaboration with Jaclyn Hill, suits my style well and the darker colors could even be used to contour. The mustard yellow color, Access, is particularly hard to find in an eyeshadow since so many other options skew too bright or gold.

A Highlighter That Gives You a Unicorn Glow

Too Faced makes a whole line of unicorn-inspired products, but it doesn’t get much better than this iridescent highlighter. Who doesn’t want a hint of rainbow on their cheekbones? The pink, blue, and gold shades are packed together so that each highlighter compact is slightly different.

This High-Capacity Ceramic Coffee Dripper

My little Bodum French press has served me well, but there are quite a few steps involved and I honestly don’t need that much coffee. This coffee dripper from Hario caught my eye because of its design. The ceramic material keeps the coffee warm as its brewing and the spiraling grooves help the whole process along.

This Massive Cutting Board for an Appropriately Sized Cheese Plate

Cutting boards are an essential part of any kitchen, but mine are a bit on the small side. I like this cutting board because it can handle large cuts of meat and the two-tone design makes it a fun choice for entertaining. The bamboo board can handle the sharpest knives and look good doing it.

These Shredding Claws That Protect Your Hands

Those bear claw versions might be more popular, but they put your fingers a little too close to the action. OXO’s model handles the heat so you don’t have to. Heat safe up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, these claws could be used while the meat is still cooking with your hands at a safe distance.

This Space-Saving, Roll-Up Dish Rack

Living without a dishwasher takes a toll on you, especially when you don’t have enough dish drying space. Sometimes that last cup or three just doesn’t fit on my dish rack, so I leave them behind. I like the idea of just being able to roll a mat across the sink and let them dry there. The steel rods are coated in silicone so you don’t have to worry about rust.

A Colorful Hamper for Laundry Day Procrastinators

A cute laundry already resides in my studio, but I’ve wanted to get a more rigid hamper for linens for a while now. The mint blue version of this basket fits into my color scheme perfectly. Reviewers say it’s a little flexible yet rugged and great for small spaces...so I might be moving it from my wish list to my cart right now.

A Helpful Book About How to Make Better Financial Decisions

YouTube and former BuzzFeed star, Gaby Dunn has tackled financial issues for a couple of years on her podcast “Bad with Money." Like the podcast, her new book of the same name marries memoir and well-sourced advice. Don’t understand stocks or retirement plans? This book is a good place to start.

Some Hanging Shelves for a Rustic Take on Wall Storage

A nightstand is an impossible dream in my home, so I thought about hanging up one of these shelving units. Depending on how much weight you want to put on it, the shelves should be easier to install than a floating shelf. Anything from nails to Command hooks can hold up the jute rope, but stronger anchors will increase the weight capacity.

A Whisk Wiper for the Cleanest Baking Ever

When I first stumbled upon the Whisk Wiper, I thought all my baking dreams were about to come true. This ingenious little gizmo gets every last bit of batter off your whisk. It might not fit every whisk, but they’re nice enough to include a stainless steel one.

This Helpful Storage Rack for All Your Pans

Ah, the clatter of pans in the morning! Kitchen storage organization tends to fall on the back burner (sorry), but this pan rack seems like a simple enough solution. The rack works horizontally and vertically and holds four and five pans, respectively. One reviewer has four cast iron pans in their rack, so you know it’s sturdy!

A Drawer Organizer for Your KonMari Needs

Like it or not, Marie Kondo comes for us all. I applied KonMari to my approach to clothes years ago, but underwear still gets jumbled around. These little boxes help you see all your underwear, socks, bras, ties, swimsuits, and any other small clothing items. You can slide them under your bed or nestle them in your dresser for easy access.

This Wax Seal Kit for More Official Letters and Birthday Cards

Stationery is my one true love so wax seals are very dear to me. These days, the most we send through the mail is the occasional birthday or anniversary card, so why not dress it up a little? These little kits come with different letter stamps so you can create monogrammed seals. In addition to the stamp and wax, you also get a couple of tea candles and a melting spoon for neater wax application.

This Scalp Massager for Salon-Quality Washes at Home

Several of these little scalp massagers exist, but Rolencos is a crowd favorite. The silicone teeth help to distribute product while giving a scalp-stimulating massage. Curly and thick hair is especially tedious to wash so I’m all for anything that makes the process easier.

This Simple Way to Clean All Your Makeup Brushes

Everyone who uses makeup knows how gross makeup brushes can get. Cleaning them is a whole lot easier with this set of cleaning pads. Suction cups help them stick to your sink while different grooves maximize your cleansing efficiency. The silicone mats themselves are easy to clean and store, plus they don’t stain!

This Nightlight for Your Toilet Bowl

Late night bathroom trips don’t have to ruin the rest of your sleep. This colorful LED light clips to your toilet bowl so you can handle your business without jolting yourself awake with light. The light turns off when it senses light, so it’s not running all day.

A Soft, Reusable Makeup Cleaning Cloth That Works Without Soap

Your eyes do not deceive you; just add water to this cloth and scrub away even waterproof makeup. One side wipes away makeup while the other side exfoliates. In the long term, it saves money, is more eco-friendly, and a great cleansing option for sensitive skin.

A Wick Trimmer for Better Burning Candles

Cutting your candle’s wick helps it burn cleaner and better. A casual candle lighter might think a small pair of scissors would do the trick for wick cutting, but serious connoisseurs know how awkward it can be to use as the candle burns down.  So why not opt for a stainless steel cutter that can get into the narrowest holders?

A Simple Caddy for Shower Wine

We’ve all heard of shower beer by now, but shower wine is a little more niche. Wine tends to be reserved for baths and shower beers could really be put down anywhere. When you bring glass or crystal into the situation, the appeal for the SipCaddy grows. Just nestle your vino into the suction cup holder and enjoy your shower.

A Set of Chokers for Witchy Aesthetics

The ‘90s gave us a lot of wonderful things, but it was generally filled with severe fashion mistakes. The one exception? The choker necklace. There are 20 different necklaces in this set so you can wear one for each time you watch “The Craft" this year.

This Nostalgic Digital Pet That You’ll Totally Take Care of This Time

Speaking of the ‘90s, Tamagotchis were the quintessential companions of the time. Did I routinely forget to water mine? Absolutely, but I’m ready and willing to try again! Clip your new pal to your keychain so you never forget them and learn from my mistakes.

A Cozy Home for Your Kitchen Sponge

There are tons of little sponge holders out there, but this one is sure to make washing dishes a little more fun. Nestle your sponge underneath the pillow clips of this mini bed holder so it can rest between washes.

These Cute Floppy Disk Coasters for Some Retro Furniture Protection

Floppy disks aren’t very useful anymore as many popular capacities could barely hold a photo or two these days. But you can still enjoy the unique look and feel of them with these eye-catching coasters. These silicone coasters cradle hot and cold drinks alike without any condensation getting on your buckling spring keyboard.

This Handy Surge Protector with USB Charging Ports

The outlet situation in my apartment is rather abysmal so I’m always on the lookout for better surge protectors. This reliable model from Belkin is three-prong friendly and includes a couple of USB charging ports. It’s small, so it’s easy to move around as needed and it’s good for spots where I just need extra outlets, not a full extension cable.

This Sweatshirt Is a Blast from the Past

Evoking “Saved by the Bell" and every soda you ever had a few decades ago, this sweatshirt provides a cozy dose of nostalgia. You can also get this design in a variety of top styles, but this type of sweatshirt is very particular to the time. 

This Totally Legit Poker Set for the Card Shark in You

True to tiny nerd form, I started playing poker in middle school via math instead of actual stakes. This would eventually grow into some online poker shenanigans, but sadly, there just isn’t enough Texas Hold’em in my adult life. This set covers all the bases and includes a cool carrying case that errs on the side of James Bond rather than concert flautist.

This Funky Air Terrarium for Succulents

I would say my thumbs lie somewhere between green and black, but succulents are universally foolproof plants. Terrariums let you see the layers of soil and gravel while allowing you a bit of creativity in how you design your desert flora. Many terrariums tend to go wide instead of tall, so this is a great find that you won’t outgrow any time soon.

An Ultra-Cozy blanket for Those Chilly Days

A good throw blanket can add some literal and figurative warmth to a living room. This machine washable throw is knit on one side and fluffy on the other, neither of which is scratchy. Despite being warm, it’s not too thick so it seems like a good fit for places with warmer winters.

This Fun, Twisted Card Game

The friends who play games together, stay together (unless it’s Monopoly). Exploding Kittens is a great game to play with up to five friends and it’s high time I had a set for myself. It’s easy to learn and the stakes are high, so just try not to explode!

This Luxurious Face Mask for the Ultimate At-Home Spa Day

Sheet masks are taking over the skincare world and I’m just fine with that, especially if they look like this. There’s actual gold in this mask that helps improve circulation. The rest of the paraben-free mask works to keep skin looking firm and refreshed. However many steps there are in your skincare routine, this mask should be one of them.