33 Things I Don't Own And REALLY Want On Amazon

As a frequent Amazon browser, I often find things that simply scream "Press the Buy button and I'll be there in 2 days!" For this roundup, I scoured the wide world of Amazon for the prettiest, most useful, handiest products out there and uncovered 33 unbelievable finds to make your life even more excellent.

From antibacterial kitchen rugs to the coziest sweater jacket ever, I think you'll find something on this list that deserves a permanent home in yours. (Update: I now own more than a few of these fabulous products because they were so awesome I just couldn't live without them. You've been warned!)

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

This Floating Photo Frame Instantly Wakes Up A Room

This floating photo frame is just the touch of cool my rooms need to look updated without trying too hard. Anything looks better in this frame! Just picture whatever abstract art your kid brings home from school displayed in it - voila, instant modern art! The simple but stylish design goes with so many decor styles from industrial to mid century modern to boho and beyond.

These Glam Star Earrings That Make A Statement

I'm a jeans and tee kinda girl, but I do love one piece of statement jewelry to keep things interesting. These star earrings are just the kind of thing that will take an outfit from meh to YEAH, and the price is fabulous. I love the gold but they also come in silver or yellow. For under $15, you don't have to choose just one!

This Retinol Moisturizer With Tons Of Vitamin A

Apply a thin layer of this retinol moisturizer to your face day and night — vitamin A can help reduce the frequency of breakouts, as well as speed up healing. It's safe for all types of skin, and there's even some hyaluronic acid in there to help lock moisture into your skin.

This Unique Bottle Opener Is A Scream

Forget utilitarian, this beetle bottle opener is like a modern Victorian insect illustration brought to life! It's generously sized to make a statement, and the gold goes with anything from holiday party decor to summer garden soirées. Or just beers by the firepit, which is how I'll be using it.

These Fun Socks Are The Dash Of Snark Your Wardrobe Needs

I love these snarky socks that display charming illustrations and phrases like, "F--- Off, I'm Reading" and "I Heard You And I Don't Care"! The best part is you can wear them to work hidden under your pant legs and no one will know your true feelings.

This Vintage Moon Print Is Interesting And Gorgeous

I love looking at vintage prints on Etsy but I don't want to pay north of $200 for a wall decoration. This antique moon print is a dead ringer for the expensive, actually old versions and includes a legend full of fantastical-sounding moon places, like "The Bay Of Rainbows" and "The Lake Of Dreams". And it's a convenient size that's easy to frame without spending a ton!

This Cozy Sweater Jacket Is A Stylish Workhorse

Reader, I have a confession - I do own this sweater jacket now because I just couldn't stop thinking about how COZY it looked! And it was worth. every. penny. It comes in a bunch of different fleecy colors and is a definite outfit-maker, just popping it over black leggings and a tee makes you look off-duty model chic with zero effort.

These Glass Storage Containers With Wooden Lids Are Classy AF

How swanky would your Cocoa Puffs look displayed in these gorgeous glass food storage containers? I'm picturing my (imaginary) pantry filled with these jars in all sizes, filled with dry pasta, flour, sugar and spices - total lifestyle blogger goals. The wooden lids add just a hint of warmth to the sleek, modern glass cylinders and these are neutral enough to go with any style of decor.

This 5 Pound Bag Of Haribo Peaches Because I Don't Need A Reason

I'm like a kid in a candy store when it comes to gummi sweets, and these Haribo peaches are my fave (close second are the tiny sour watermelons). Seriously, a 5 lb bag might bring on an instantaneous case of diabetes, but it'd be worth it. There are 10 other gummi candy flavors available if you're not a peach fan (weirdo) like cola, strawberry and the OG bears. Almost 7,000 reviewers can't be wrong!

These Motion Sensor Underbed Lights To Stop Nighttime Injuries

Whether I'm getting up for a midnight "bio break" or going in to talk one of the kids down from a bad dream, I sustain frequent nighttime injuries from banging my shins into the bedframe or tripping over slippers. These LED underbed lights would be incredibly helpful in minimizing those accidents and they're motion sensor activated, so they wouldn't be on all night and bother my hubby, who would prefer to sleep in a pitch black cave.

These Hedgehog Mittens For My Always-Cold Hands

My hands are always fuh-reezing, even when I'm typing at a madwoman's pace. These hedgehog mittens are the cutest way to stay warm and they double as impromptu hand puppets! They come in a bunch of sophisticated neutrals but also fun colors like purple and pink.

This Faux Fur Pillow Cover That Brings Instant Glam And Coziness

This faux fur pillow cover is generously sized and costs less than coffee and a donut - what's not to love? It looks like the much higher-end versions and comes in a wide range of colors - I prefer the ivory but the mint green and wine red are fun! Grab a couple and cozify your couch for pocket change.

These Cheese Storage Bags Protect Important Dairy From Spoilage

It seems no matter how carefully I wrap fresh goat cheese or aged cheddar in plastic wrap, they grow green mold spots really fast. As it turns out, I'm suffocating my cheese! I totally need these professional-level cheese storage bags that let the cheese breathe and keep it fresh longer. As one reviewer said, these bags are "an imperative item for cheese lovers" - if you classify yourself as one, get these bags, stat!

This LED Bluetooth Speaker Puts On A Gorgeous Light Show

This portable Hi-Fi stereo LED Bluetooth speaker has a rechargeable battery that plays your music or podcasts for up to eight hours, but more importantly, look how PRETTY it is! It puts on an amazing lightshow so it's perfect for parties, and it comes with a remote so you can control the light modes from across the room. And it has over 100 five star reviews so you know it's good!

These Aromatheraphy Car Vent Clips

On a good day my car smells like stale Goldfish crackers and juice boxes, on a bad day - you don't wanna know. These aromatherapy car vent clips promise to make the car smell like a spa in just a few minutes - simply put your favorite essential oil onto the included felt pads, insert in the clips, then turn on the air. Ahhh, instant lavender fields forever!

This Marble Butter Keeper For Spreadable Butter, Anytime

I'm fascinated by the idea of butter keepers, which people use to keep butter at room temperature for spreadability. The design means it doesn't go bad if it's not refrigerated, just change out the water regularly and you have soft butter whenever you want! This marble version is fancypants but not expensive, and goes with any kitchen. Magnifique!

These Yoga Leggings With Pockets So I Have Somewhere To Stash My Phone

I don't like wearing "real" pants, ever - elastic waist all the way, baby. Leggings are daily wear for me, but it drives me bananas when I don't have any pockets to hold my phone. These bestselling leggings with pockets solve that problem, and come in a bazillion colors and in cropped or full-length. And boy do those pockets hold a lot, one happy reviewer was pleasantly surprised hers held a regular-sized bottle of champagne!

This Antibacterial Kitchen Rug To Soften The Kitchen Floor

I love the idea of a runner rug in the kitchen, but they end up covered in spilled food and god knows what else. This antibacterial kitchen rug is made from easy-to-clean 100% nylon, so it resists bacteria from raw meat juice spills and stains of all kinds. It comes in a bunch of sizes and pretty colors, my favorite is the geometric gray runner pictured above.

This Fancy Toothpaste That Whitens And Brightens

I'm a sucker for fancy toothpastes and always on the lookout for something new. This Davids Natural Toothpaste is made with premium blend of domestic mint oils and is free of sulfates and other harmful chemicals. It also comes with one of those cool toothpaste tube rollers that looks like an old key. I'm excited to see how it compares to my current fave (Marvis Aquatic Mint)!

This Biore Japanese Sunscreen That Goes On Like Water

Japanese and Korean sunscreen is so much better than the stuff we have here - it goes on weightlessly sheer and doesn't smell or feel like you're wearing sunscreen at all. This Biore Aqua-Rich Watery Essence SPF 50 Sunscreen is waterproof up to 80 minutes but goes on like a dream and is good for your skin, thanks to key ingredients any skincareaddiction redditor will recognize, like hyaluronic acid and royal jelly extract. This 3-pack will last you a while and is inexpensive enough you can use it as hand cream to prevent age spots!

These Collapsible Storage Baskets For The Mudroom

We desperately need storage baskets in our mudroom to hold all of our winter gear and gloves and sunscreen and sun hats come warmer weather. These collapsible storage baskets are just the ticket - they have faux leather handles to spruce them up and come in seven minimalist patterns. The price is right if you need a bunch like we do, and they're easy to ship thanks to the squishable design!

This Bamboo Bathroom Organizer For Total Spa Vibes

I'm all for anything that makes my bathroom look more like a spa than a laundry dump, and this clean-lined bamboo bathroom organizer is the perfect thing to hold toiletries we reach for constantly. Its rotating tabletop design lets you access compartments on both sides and it boasts tons of space to store your makeup or bath necessities. Our medicine cabinets are currently overflowing - this would be a great addition to hold our daily products and look mighty handsome doing it!

These Mini Food Cutters For Cute Lunches

I'm always jealous of those moms who make Pinterest-perfect bento lunches for their kids since I'll never invest that kind of time in school lunches, but these mini food cutters will let me pretend I spent long hours carefully fashioning cherry blossoms from cheese slices. They effortlessly cut through fruit and veggies to make food more fun for kiddos, or fancy up your party platters, salads or desserts!

This Pretty Wood Journal For Deep Thoughts (And Grocery Lists)

I have a bunch of cheapie (re: ugly) paper notebooks around that I use for jotting reminders and to-do lists, but this floral wooden journal feels so fresh and special. It'd be amazing as a gratitude journal, bullet notebook or sketchbook, or just to elevate your grocery list-making.

This Shiatsu Massager For Sore Neck & Shoulders

Whenever I (rarely) get a pedicure, I take full advantage of the massage chairs to help with the crazy-tight knots in my neck and shoulders. With this heated shiatsu neck and back massager that attaches to a chair or car headrest, I can massage away the pain anytime, anywhere. You can also use this massage pillow lying down or on your arms, legs, anywhere that needs relaxation relief!

These Quirky Salt & Pepper Shakers For Mealtime Magic

How cool would my kids think I was if I busted out these magic wand salt & pepper shakers at dinner time? Heck, they might be so impressed they'd actually eat what I cooked for them! This set of two shaker wands makes food magically delicious faster than you can say "Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo!"

These Clever Hummingbird Thumbtacks To Make Work More Fun

I love a cute office supply, and these hummingbird thumbtacks (humtacks!) are right up my alley. These pretty blue birdies are so much more fun than standard issue pushpins, they might even make taxes more fun! Ok that's maybe a stretch, but they'll definitely brighten up your dreary cubicle with a bit of the great outdoors. (The narwhals are also amazing).

This Pure White Hell Jigsaw Puzzle Because I Like A Challenge

It's a fine line between liking a challenge and being a full-on masochist, and this pure white hell jigsaw puzzle lives on the bleeding edge.  With no landmarks or images to rely on except 1,000 bright white tiny puzzle pieces, you'll either scale this Everest or drive yourself crazy trying. Will this be your white whale? Only one way to find out!

This Mermaid Lunch Bag That's Washable

Isn't this the prettiest lunch bag? It would make desk lunch so much more exciting. The best part? The neoprene design's washable so you don't get whiffs of the lunch of weekdays past whenever you open it! Not into mermaids? That's cool, it comes in eleven other vivid, artsy patterns as well.

This Serial Killer Coloring Book For Fans Of True Crime

I work from home and spend way too much time listening to true crime podcasts to keep me company. This serial killer coloring book is ah-ma-zingly entertaining if you're into that sort of thing - you get 37 coloring pages featuring the worst of the worst offenders. I love that the pages are single-sided so gel pens and Sharpies won't bleed through!

This Scratch-Off Map For Vacation Planning

This scratch-off map of the USA is so perfect for vacation planning and helping kids learn geography (and remembering where you've already been)! This frameable 28x22 poster features colorfully detailed illustrations for each of the states. As one reviewer said,"For the love of all that is good across these 50 states, buy this map. You won’t regret it."

This Mini Space Heater

I use my under-desk space heater year-round while I'm working from home, and it's a big plastic behemoth that's also incredibly noisy. This space heater is made from ceramic, has overheating and tip-over prevention and oscillates to spread the warmth evenly. If you just want a fresh breeze in your house, use the natural wind function for airy goodness.

These Diamond Whiskey Stones Cool Your Drink Down Without Watering It Down

While I'm not a brown liquor drinker, these diamond whiskey stones would literally make my "iced" tea even cooler. These stainless steel diamonds are filled with an ethanol and water mix that freezes fast and stays cold. And they come in a swanky black velvet bag so they're clutch for gift giving.

This Screen Mom Screen Cleaner For My Smudgy Screens

As I type, I can barely make out the words on my laptop screen thanks to mystery fingerprints and food smudges. Funnily enough, my phone screen suffers the same indignities. Good thing someone smart invented this Screen Mom screen cleaner to wipe away the messes! This set of full-size and mini bottles comes with a large microfiber cloth for cleaning flatscreen TVs, a large lens cloth for monitors, laptops and tablets and two small lens cloths for cameras, phones, regular glasses and sunglasses. That should clear things up!