33 Things I've Bought On Amazon And Would Buy Again and Again

Hi, I'm Parker. I'm a programmer dude in San Diego who loves going outdoors, surfing at the beach, and playing around with every single one the latest tech gadgets.

I...usually don't write these lists but I thought I'd share my 33 best things I've ever bought on Amazon and see if you like any of them! I think you will!

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

This Chork For Versatile Eating

The chork : Being half Asian, half White, I could not find a product that is better suited for me. It allows me to practice my chopstick skills, while also being able to give up in frustration and switch to a fork instantly. And these come in a pack of 24, so you'll have them on hand for a while to come.

This Under-Desk Bicycle For A Stealth Workout

Sitting at a desk all day really starts to take a toll after a few weeks. While it's nice to sit down and relax every once in a while, too much sitting ends up stressing me out more than relaxing. With this Under-Desk Bike , I've noticed that my back feels WAY better than before! You can also use it to exercise your arms, so it's pretty versatile.

This Changing Poncho So I Don't Flash The Whole Beach

The changing poncho is more for beachgoers than your everyday person, but it has absolutely been a life saver for me. Usually when you surf, you "towel change", where you wrap yourself in a towel and put on a wetsuit, which may lead to some... accidental flashing. That hasn't happened yet with the changing poncho, and I can't see it happening any time in the future.

This Wetsuit Mat For A Clean Car

Unlike the changing poncho above, this wetsuit changing mat can be used by anyone! Let's say you just went to the beach or pool, and are about to head home: you have a damp (or even worse, SANDY) towel in your hands, and don't want to ruin your car's interior. With this mat, all you need to do it lay it down, put the wet or dirty stuff in, close it up, and you're ready to go!

Your Dog Will Love Training Sessions with These Tasty Treats

The only thing my dog loves more than his ball is food. Seriously, it makes training a lot easier. Made in the US, these training treats include the finest ingredients around, so I can rest knowing that I am giving them only the best. And the taste of chicken is pretty good too!

These Headphones For Listening Anywhere

I have ordered these wireless headphones twice, just because my old ones decided to die after 5 years of use. These are my favorite headphones because it has both a wired connection, and Bluetooth. Have an iPhone and don't have the headphone dongle? BANG! These will work with your phone via Bluetooth. Want to listen to Netflix on your laptop? BOOM! Plug in the aux cord into your laptop and it's that easy.

This Google Chromecast For Watching My Videos on the Big Screen

So I watch a ton of YouTube on my phone. It's nice to have that portability, but sometimes I just wanna chill on the couch and watch my videos on the big screen. Chromecast makes it super easy to take what's on my phone and play it on any TV.

This Power Strip Is The Best

This power strip is awesome just because I have a ton of things I need to charge at home, and oftentimes I’ll forget the power block for my phone. With this, that’s totally fine! It comes with USB ports, so as long as you have the cord, you’re good to go. It's also fire-proof, which is great for peace of mind.

This Echo Dot Is My BFF At Home

A few years ago, buying a personal, voice-activated robot assistant would have been super expensive. But nowadays, they’ve never been more affordable! This Echo Dot does everything I need - I can listen to podcasts, stream my playlists, even check the surf report for my local beach.

This Brownie Pan For All The Corners

Do you love brownie corners, but more often than not, they’re all taken? Well with this brownie pan , you’ll never have to worry about that again! Every piece has two chewy corner sides, and the pan even comes with a spatula and brownie recipes.

This Food Scale For Accurate Portions

With the new year coming up, it's time to lose some weight! There’s a saying that I heard recently, “you can’t outrun your fork", and this food scale is perfect for that! Keep track of the amount of food you eat, and start getting healthy. This sleek little number weighs food up to 11 lbs and it's so easy to use.

This Bar Set For The Mixologist In Us All

This is for the inner bartender in everyone! This cocktail kit comes with everything that you need to get started making fancy drinks for all of your friends. It also helps that the kit itself is very aesthetically pleasing! You'll get the matte black stainless steel shaker along with a muddler, double-ended bar spoon/fork, Hawthorne strainer, julep strainer, 2 X pourer and double ended measuring jigger plus a recipe guide. Everything you need to be your own mixologist and impress your friends!

This Ice Cube Mold For Fancy Drinks

If you got the drink kit above, then you will definitely like this ice mold set . It always feels a bit more classy when you’re drinking something where the ice is extra big. And since the ice is so large, it won't water down your drink as quickly so you can sip your delicious beverage at your leisure.

This Mini Skateboard For Zipping Around Town

This mini skateboard is perfect for anyone living in a city, or someone with a walking commute. This skateboard is so small, it fits in your backpack! It'll get you there faster than waiting for the bus, and is so portable you'll never want to leave home without it.

This Heavy-Duty Skateboard For Longer Rides

Another skateboard makes the list, with this one being a bit less portable than the previous one, but way more suited for hills, longer distance, or bumpier roads. It's made from layers of bamboo and Canadian maple, so it's lightweight while still being super strong.

These Surf Booties For Warm Toes

Back to surfing things, if you ever surf in water that is colder than 60 degrees Fahrenheit, booties are essential for staying warm. These O'Neill boots are my favorite, and are super affordable! They're so comfortable and come in seven size options so you're sure to find your perfect fit.

This Electric Skateboard For Fast Commutes

A bit pricey, but if you ever wanted to try an electric skateboard , nothing out there really beats this Boosted Mini skateboard. These boards go crazy fast (up to 20 mph!), and are built to last. They'll handle any hills on your commute with ease and get you to your destination in no time.

These Skateboard Wheels Help Keep You Upright

To go with your electric skateboard, the skateboard wheels that come with the boosted board are good, but a bit stiff. These replacement wheels will help you avoid going over the handlebars more than the standard ones. Plus, they come in really cool colors like this eye-popping orange!

This Helmet For A Safe Noggin

To round off your new skateboard, you have to have a helmet ! This best-seller is the perfect low key style! Just be sure to check the sizes - measure the circumference of your head then use that number to choose from small, medium or large options.

These Bath Bombs For A Relaxing Soak

I'm a huge fan of baths, and nothing is more luxurious than having a nice smelling and pretty looking bath to soak in. With 12 bath bombs , you’ll have plenty before you’ll need more. They have shea and cocoa butter for super soft skin, plus they're made right here in California!

This Portable Espresso Maker For Caffeine To-Go

This is for all my coffee lovers out there. Have you ever been out camping and thought that you would love a cup of freshly brewed espresso? Now that's possible with this portable espresso maker . It uses regular finely-ground coffee to brew perfect espressos with a thick, dense crema layer every time.

This Mini Keg For Home Brews

If you brew beer at home like I do, you’ll appreciate having your own mini keg . Flat beer is disgusting, but now you can avoid that happening, and look pretty badass doing it. It'll keep your brew fresh for up to two months and pour 128oz on a single C02 cartridge.

This Keg Coozie For Keeping Beer Ice Cold

This keg coozie goes hand in hand with your mini keg above. Now you can pick the keg up without freezing your hands off! It'll keep beer cold for up to three hours, just enough time for you and your friends to sample your latest batch.

This Phone Sanitizer Kills Germs Fast

You touch so many things every day, so by the end of the day, your hands are disgusting and covered in bacteria. Nothing is touched more than your phone, so having a phone sanitizer will really make sure you’re keeping as much bacteria off your hands as possible. It kills 99.9% of germs in just six minutes and it doubles as a colorful nightlight if you keep it next to your bed!

This Car Phone Charger Lets You Power Up On The Go

If you have a phone with wireless charging capabilities, then having a phone holder in your car that can also charge it is super convenient. Never get out of your car without having your phone charged ever again! Great for when you're going to be outdoors away from charging opportunities all day but still need the map function for the drive home.

This Wireless Charging Dock Is So Convenient

Speaking of wireless charging , having a dock next to your bed is super convenient. Oftentimes I’ll come home late and can’t find my wire to charge my phone. Now it's so easy to just plop it down and let it charge! It's a super sleek design that's not bulky at all and even works to charge your AirPods.

This Phone Charging Case Is So Handy

This charging case is for the iPhone X specifically, but in general having a phone case that charges your phone is super helpful. Doubling your phone's battery life is always useful, especially on long trips.

This Solar Charger Is Great For Camping

If you’re someone who enjoys being outdoors a lot, but also love tech, then this solar battery should definitely satisfy both needs. You get to charge you phone while enjoying the sunlight! It also works on your tablet or laptop if you really can't disconnect in the great outdoors.

This Wireless Security Camera For My Dog

I personally don't have a kid, but I do have a dog that I like to keep tabs on. I‘ll check in on him every couple of hours when I'm not home using this wireless camera to make sure that he's safe. It'd definitely make an excellent baby monitor though, since it pans, tilts and zooms plus has two-way audio capabilities.

This SD Card For More Storage

Having ample digital storage is super important as phone cameras get more and more advanced. Better photos require more storage space, and having a micro SD card that has more space will help you take even more photos, without having to worry about storage space.

This Screen Protector For Accidental Drops

This tempered glass screen cover is for the iPhone, but this is something that everyone should have on their phones. I drop my phone all the time and have cracked my tempered glass screen a few times. I’d rather pay 10 bucks to replace that than $100+ to replace my actual phone screen!

This Dehumidifier Is Super Affordable

Dehumidifiers are super expensive, but somehow Amazon has made it super affordable. This is super nice if you’re sensitive to the humidity in the air or have allergies, and honestly the white noise helps me sleep. This one's made for small spaces, but at this price you can put one in every room!

This RC Car For Fun Adults

This little remote controlled car is super awesome for the kids in your life, or the fun adults. The extra cool part is that you can flip it upside down, and it’ll still move! It'll go really fast and operates from a long distance, so doing your own stunts has never been more fun!

This Gourmet Salt Ups Your Dinner Game

This gourmet salt used by Michelin-starred chefs is a great gift for the cooks in your life, or even a stocking stuffer for multiple people. You get 12 vials of different salts: flaky finishing salt, lemon zest, pinot noir, cherrywood smoked, chili lime, ghost chili, rosemary, habanero, garlic, black garlic, black pepper and basil. Personally, I think the lemon zest salt on fish is my absolute favorite!