33 Things I Bought on Amazon and Would Buy 100X Again

Hi! My name's Mikayla. I live in South Dakota, travel all the time for work and leisure, love clothes and family and believe in a self care "treat yo self" attitude 24/7. I'm also in a semi-long distance relationship as we both travel for work. Sometimes I'm a typical millennial and sometimes I'm an old soul (which I think will be reflected in my 33 top Amazon picks!)

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Boob Tape Prevents Wardrobe Malfunctions

Despite the product being listed as "Mens Grooming Tape" that "Holds hairpiece firmly in place" this is the best boob tape ever for clothes to stay in place so a Janet Jackson moment doesn't happen.

This Silk Pillowcase For Smooth Skin And Hair

I swear by this silk pillowcase. I don't wake up with greasy hair and super dried-out skin anymore. Also, I won't travel anywhere without it!

These Face Masks For Quality Time Together

When you're away from your loved one for weeks at a time, you gotta get creative with communicating and spending time "together." My BF and I will have Facetime dates and wear these face masks so it's like we're relaxing together even if we're not talking much. (The damn 21st century, am I right?)

These Fuzzy $20 Slippers Are So Cozy

Yes, these fuzzy slippers are my designated indoor shoes. I put these on the minute I get home and wear them until I go to bed. My Grandpa is the only other person I know with indoor shoes besides me, haha!

This Weighted Blanket For Deeper Sleep

This weighted blanket helps us sleep at night, similar to a thunder jacket for dogs. There's just something so calming about the feeling of someone holding you tight to help calm you down and relax.

These Reusable Straws Help Me Be Green

I carry a few of these reusable straws in my purse or backpack 24/7. You'd be surprised how often these come in handy. Plus, let's be nice to Mother Nature and do our part in being more green.

This Curling Iron With 5 Attachments

Literally how can you say no to five curling irons for the price of one? You can't.

These Are The Best Hair Ties

Get rid of all your other hair ties because you won't go back to them after trying these. They're the only ones I buy anymore. And they're so good that even my hairstylist asked me where I bought mine!

This Is My Go-To Inexpensive Highlighter

I've lost track of how many times women have asked what my highlighter was (FYI, it was only $7)! This is my staple to add some life to my skin after I've been traveling or just want to kick up the glow a notch.

These Film Cameras Help Us Live In The Moment

It's always so nostalgic to use one of these film cameras. Whenever we travel, we take at least a few of these and have so much fun getting the film developed to remind us of fun trip memories we might have already forgotten! (Plus, it means we're on our phones less and living more in the moment - not worrying about which photo filters to use.)

This Cold Brew Maker Saves Me So Much Money

As a millennial, I'm sick of paying $5 for a cup of coffee. This slick cold brew maker duplicates expensive coffee shop beverages right at home.

This White Chocolate Powder Is Life

We love drinking white chocolate mochas, but hated paying for them so we finally found the best white chocolate powder to make them at home!

This Bathroom Spray Stops The Stench

Hate to break it to ya, but everyone's sh*t stinks so you might as well be prepared. This Poo Pourri spray comes in a small 2 oz bottle which can easily be carried in your purse (or murse). Your friends and family will thank you.

This Salt Lamp Creates The Coziest Glow

Warm glow + sense of relaxation + perfect mood light = YAS QUEEN.

This Bright Luggage Is Easy To Spot

Don't blend in with all the other luggage or guess if you grabbed the right bag. These Big Agnes bags travel tough and come in beautiful colors. Plus, you can roll them or use as backpack - so versatile.

This Handheld Luggage Scale Saves My Wallet

Gone are the days where I nervously set my luggage on the scale at the ticket counter to see if I'm over the bag weight limit. Now, I just use this handheld luggage scale at home to make sure I won't have to pay baggage fees.

These Cute Socks For Maximum Coziness

My BF got tired of me warming up my ice cold feet on his legs when he's trying to sleep so he found me these cute and warm socks that I wear every night. What a gem.

These Greeting Cards Are Perfect For Keeping In Touch

Trust me, everyone loves getting snail mail and will be thrilled to receive a handwritten note over a text.

This Yearly Planner Keeps Me In Check

I gotta keep my schedule organized and priorties straight so the best planner is a must. I have bought Ban.do planners for a few years in a row now and I have no intention of finding a new option. Who says lady bosses can't have fun?

These Fun Stickers Spark So Much Joy

It's crazy how much joy these stickers bring me. There are so many to choose from and I add them to everything from sealing a letter to decorating my phone case - the options are limitless!

These Inexpensive Wireless Headphones Work Great

Wireless headphones are a must and you don't have to cough up an entire paycheck to pay for these ones.

This Vegan Cookbook Is So Good

We've been trying to eat more consciously and reduce our meat consumption, and this vegan cookbook has made it so easy to do so. The book is realistic in the sense that it doesn't scare you away by preaching, it gradually educates you on how to eat vegan and how to prepare delicious meals everyone will enjoy.

This Alarm Clock Really Works

Ok, I know it ain't pretty and it's very dated but hear me out. There have been studies that say we think and sleep differently when we know our cellphones are right next to our heads all night. So now my phone stays in a different room at night and I keep it old school with this alarm clock. Shockingly, I start my day great and way earlier since I'm not scrolling through feeds for an hour the instant I wake up.

This Laundry Bag Keeps Dirty Clothes Contained

As a frequent traveler, believe me when I say your suitcase will smell a lot better if you keep your dirty clothes in a separate laundry bag for the duration of your trip.

These Packing Cubes Organize My Life

It's tiring packing and repacking my suitcase so things will fit. These packing cubes effortlessly keep my bag organized even when I've rifled through it to find something packed at the very bottom.

These Screen Protectors Saved My Phone

I'd probably be on my sixth iPhone if it weren't for these screen protectors.

This Board Game Is So Much Fun

This is hands down the best board game I've played since Candyland when I was a kid. There hasn't been anyone who's played this with me that didn't like it.

These Hair Clips Are The Perfect Finishing Touch

I love to wear these hair clips when I'm having a bad hair day because then everyone thinks I put in a lot more effort than I really did!

This Relaxing Spray Puts Me Right To Sleep

I've used this lavendar-vanilla spray for so long, every night that when I smell it my body and mind knows it's time to relax and go to bed.

This Pepper Spray Makes Me Feel Safe

Thank goodness I've never had to use my pepper spray, but it never hurts to have it on you.

This Food Scale Is So Accurate

This is the best lightweight food scale! I use it every day and it's so simple to use. Sometimes I even bring it to work to keep my macros on point!

This Makeup Eraser Is Magic

I can't believe I used to take my makeup off with harsh towels! This makeup eraser removes every single drop of makeup without having to scrub your face off every night. The best part is you can wash and reuse it so you're not using a wipe once and throwing it away.

This Laptop Case Is Bulletproof

I use a work laptop so I'm extra cautious about taking care of it - this laptop case is simple, cheap and does the job so well.