33 Life-Changing Things To Try This Month

Ready to have your world turned upside down? Looking for a few new products that will change the way you live your life forever (in a good way)? Ready to add some much-needed fun, excitement and pampering to your daily routine? Well, I've got some good news for you: The following products will do all of those things and more. Don't believe me? get ready to have your mind BLOWN.

I've collected 33 items that I'm really excited about. And I'm pretty sure you will be too. I'm guessing your bank account probably won't be super excited about them, though.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: 22Words is a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

Fight Sitting Disease With This Posture Corrector

via: Amazon / Amazon Customer

Most of us spend way too much time sitting at our desks and if you're anything like me, your posture is not your most attractive feature. In fact, most of the day I'm so hunched over that I look like Quasimodo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. This lightweight posture corrector comfortably adjusts your posture to help you sit and stand straighter and alleviate back pain. Sign me up.

You've Gotta Try This Eyeliner Stamp

Half of my makeup routine is spent wiping off the eyeliner I just put on one eye because it doesn't match the other and then I end up making a huge mess and have to start completely over. Those YouTube tutorials make it look so easy, don't they?! This eyeliner stamp ensures your eyeliner is perfectly even every time so get on board and get your makeup right the first try.

I Will Never Stop Raving About This Cookbook

via: Amazon / Courtney

Is there anyone more charming or hilarious than Chrissy Teigen? Not in my book! I recommend Cravings by Chrissy Teigen at least once a day, I kid you not. This cookbook transformed me from someone who could only "cook" frozen pizza to someone who is not only capable of cooking but actually enjoys it. Just trust me on this, your life will better with Cravings in it.  

This Washable Lint Roller Might Save My Relationship

via: Amazon / Kitana2

I have long hair and a couch with course fabric that loves to collect my hair and save it for later. I also have a dog who sheds like it's her job. I also have a boyfriend who hates that our couch is always covered in hair. I'm hoping this super sticky, washable lint roller might finally be the solution. Based on the amazing reviews, I have a pretty good feeling it will.

Save All Your Pennies With This Beauty Spatula

via: Amazon / janett

Makeup bottles seem intentionally designed to make it difficult to get everything out of them, probably so you have to buy more. Those sneaky devils! Luckily, this beauty spatula is designed to solve that problem. I have a little stash of makeup I can't bear to throw away because there's still liquid in there that I just can't get to it. Yet. Hey, makeup's expensive!

Survive Bath Time With This Pet Bathing Tool

via: Amazon

I dread giving my dog a bath. While she may only be 40 pounds, she's pure muscle, and she's much stronger than I am. It does not go well. This pet bathing tool finally gives you a way to wash your dog without making a huge mess. Just attach this gadget onto your hose and bathing your pet becomes pretty much like brushing her but with water.

Yes, The Beauty Blender Really Is That Great

via: Amazon

You've seen the Beauty Blender everywhere but still haven't bought one because you assume it's overrated, right? Well I'm here to tell you: It's not. It really is as great as everyone says. Your makeup goes on flawlessly and you're left with a dewy glow that's impossible to recreate with any other product out there. It really is worth the extra few bucks to get the real one.

These Pimple Patches Are The Real Deal

via: Amazon / Anon

Here's a rather embarrassing confession: I suffer from horrible adult acne. It's gross, painful and a huge pain to deal with. Thankfully I found this game-changing beauty product. These pimple patches absorb gunk from zits and help them heal fast. They changed my whole skincare routine and keep me from picking at my face. It's a whole lot harder to pick at your zits when they're covered up!

Finally Get Even Slices With This Vegetable Slicing Tool

via: Amazon

This vegetable slicing tool makes my life easier in so many ways. And it's such a simple design! You'll finally get the nice, even slices of your dreams while at the same time protecting your fingers from nasty nicks and cuts. It's especially handing for someone who happens to be extremely clumsy and is constantly hurting themselves whenever they try to prepare dinner. Someone like me, for example.

Make Life So Much Easier With This Garlic Peeler

via: Amazon

I use fresh garlic in 99.9% of recipes. My house is constantly reeking of garlic, so much so that I can sometimes even smell it from the street. I don't even mind dicing it necessarily but I find peeling it to be a real pain. This garlic peeler is way easier than my current method and is surprisingly fun to use. Now I'll have an excuse to cook even MORE garlic!

This Bottle Brush Adapts To Your Lifestyle

via: Amazon

This bottle brush is specifically designed to clean all parts of baby bottles. You hear that, Moms and Dads? Your life just got WAY easier. I'm so happy for you! Meanwhile, I'll be using this handy gadget to get my wine glasses spotless, since they somehow always come out of the dishwasher with food chunks inside them. Because food chunks and wine is a disgusting combination.

How Do We Even Live Without This Avocado Saver?

via: Amazon

I eat a lot of avocados. My fridge is always jam-packed with them, and even though they get put to good use every Taco Tuesday, there are still some that end up going to waste. Nothing is sadder than watching an unused avocado half go completely brown in 3.5 seconds. (Okay, maybe a few things, but it's pretty darn sad.) This avocado saver protects your avocado and saves you many, many tears.

Eliminate Morning Pillow Marks With This Silk Pillowcase

via: Amazon

I must have an unusually pliable face because every morning I wake up with pillow marks that look like canyons. And they take awhile to go away, which can be embarrassing anytime I have to do sometime before 9 in the morning. Silk pillowcases are supposed to reduce this problem and be way better for your hair, plus customers love this one so I've gotta try it.

These Stretch Lids Are Flexible In More Ways Than One

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We can never find lids in my house and we always need one. It's pretty annoying, especially since I hate letting my leftovers go to waste. These stretch lids can expand not only to fit various sizes of Tupperware, but they can be used directly on fruits and vegetables, cans, glasses and whatever else you need to cover. Where have these been all my life?!

Can I Have This Peelable Base Coat Twenty Minutes Ago?

via: Amazon

I'm pretty lazy when it comes to my nails. As I sit here picking off the remainder of my nail polish, I'm really wishing I'd used this peelable base coat. It lets you peel off your nail polish in a single piece. Sound weird? It is. But it's also practical and weirdly satisfying. You've gotta try it. It may become addicting, though, so use with caution.

Customers Swear By This Cystic Acne Treatment

via: Amazon / Matthew Lucchetti

Cystic acne is not fun at all. Trust me, I know firsthand. They're horribly painful, can grow to an enormous size, and can be almost impossible to get rid of. Reviewers swear that this cystic acne treatment is the solution they'd been waiting for. This spot treatment is gentle on skin but powerful enough to finally eliminate cystic acne. I can't wait to try this stuff!

This Seat Cushion Makes Sitting At A Desk All Day Bearable

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I sit all day long, and my body suffers because of it. Sitting at a desk all day is so uncomfortable and seemingly nothing makes it better. This gel memory foam seat cushion looks feels like you're sitting on a cloud of comfy, soothing gel (which you pretty much are) and the reviews are stellar. It's pretty much a must-have for anyone who works in an office.

Get Serious About Your Plants With These Grow Lights

via: Amazon / ken

Like many a millennial, I've recently jumped on the "fill my house with plants until it's a jungle" bandwagon. Since I work from home, it does a lot to help me feel zen and on-task as opposed to surrounded by dirty laundry. Which I am. Keeping them alive has been a bit of a challenge and I'm hoping this grow light will give them the TLC they need.

This Stainless Steel Soap Is Genius

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Remember what I said about loving garlic? There is one drawback from using it in pretty much all of my favorite recipes: My hands reek after I cook. And no amount of washing with traditional soap makes any difference. This stainless steel soap eliminates strong odors which is perfect for when I've been cooking with garlic (which is always). Unlike regular soap it lasts for years.

This Shoe Organizer Will Double Your Storage Space

via: Amazon / Anne Baesemann

I have WAY too many shoes. And while I don't even wear most of them, I just can't bring myself to throw them out. This shoe organizer is the easy and damage-free way to store your shoes one on top of the other so you have twice as much space in your closet for more shoes. This even works with boots and heels which are normally not as easy to stack.

This Eyelash Comb Is Your New Secret Beauty Weapon

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You know when you're trying to look like your favorite YouTube beauty vlogger and you layer more mascara on top of your mascara and it's all fun and games until you look in the mirror and it's Clump City? This eyelash comb is tiny but strong enough to separate your eyelashes and finally get rid of clumps. And although it looks terrifying, it's actually super easy to use.

Do You Still Not Have An Invisible Hair Tie?

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Just like the Beauty Blender, this invisible hair tie really does live up to the hype. I have a lot of hair, and before using this for the first time I was dubious that it would be able to tame my tresses. But this thing is the real deal. It holds your hair without leaving a crease, giving your more flexibility during the day. You've gotta try it!

We All Need This Handbag Organizer

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Having a big purse is great because you can fit so much stuff in it. In fact, I've been known to smuggle in enough treats for the entire movie theater in my biggest purse. But, alternatively, this is also the reason having a big purse can be a disaster. This handbag organizer has the perfect place for everything so you're never forced to rummage through your purse looking for your wallet again.

This Phone Holder Lives Up To The Hype

via: Amazon / Joe O

I was a phone holder holdout for years. My friends were constantly telling me how handy these things are, but I doubted their genius. Until I saw this one. It's beloved by reviewers and makes it easier for you to hold your phone so you're less likely to drop it. Plus you can use it to prop your phone up. So basically it solves multiple annoying problems. Score!

This Portable Massager Is My Idea Of Heaven

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You work hard day in and day out. Your body is sore and tired. You deserve to treat yo self. And this amazing product is the BEST way to do that. This portable massager comes with a carrying case so you really can take it anywhere. Flexible enough to use all over and provides intense, deep tissue massage. You may never want to take it off.

Are You A Packing Cubes Convert?

via: Amazon / KP

I ignored friends for so long when they raved about packing cubes. I mean, how could could they really be? I know how to pack, thank you very much! But then I finally tried them and they really are that amazing. You'll never know how wonderful they are until you open up your suitcase and know exactly where everything is and can remove what you want without making a mess.

Get Your Own Slice Of Heaven With This Memory Foam Pillow

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We spend a lot of time in bed, so it should be as comfortable and luxurious as possible. Transform your bed into your own personal heaven, starting with this memory foam pillow. The soft yet supportive design takes stress off your joints and helps provide relief from annoying aches and pains. Plus, the temperature regulating gel  keeps you from getting too hot during the night.

Pimp Your Water With This Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

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Sipping on normal, unflavored water all day some can get extremely boring. Want to know the secret to improving your workday? Put some fruit (or cucumber) in your water. You'll feel like you're at a fancy spa, and it'll make you WAY more relaxed and happy with every sip. This fruit infuser water bottle makes infusing your water super easy. Simple chop up whatever flavor you want and drop it in the infuser tube.

These Soda Pop Tops Let You Save The Rest For Later

via: Amazon / Looking into it

Soda cans basically require you to consume their contents all at once because they're not resealable. And that can get pretty annoying, since I'm one of those people who takes three sips of a beverage every 3 hours. These soda pop tops are lids for your soda can so you can finally enjoy your soda (also known as pop, where I come from) at your own pace.

This Grocery Bag Carrier Lets You Get The Job Done

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I don't know about you, but I'm one of those people who refuses to take more than one trip when I'm bringing my grocery bags in from the car. And yes, sometimes that results in horribly red and painful marks on my hands and arms. But not anymore! This grocery bag carrier lets me carry all my bags without nearly losing my fingers in the process.

We All Need This Coffee Mug Warmer

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Coffee is pretty much never at the right temperature. Once it's cool enough to drink it's also suddenly too cold. And if there's not thing I don't stand for it's a lukewarm cup of coffee. Because I have principles, people. This coffee mug warmer solves that problem so you never have to drink cold coffee again. I'll never drink another cup of Joe without it again!

This Shower Notepad Saves All Your Best Ideas

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Who doesn't have their best ideas in the shower? I don't know what it is, but there's something about the combination of hot water and steam that just take my ideas to the next level. Luckily, this shower notepad is waterproof so your brilliant thoughts will never go down the drain again. I'm definitely giving this to all my writer friends for Christmas this year!

Could Phone Soap Save Humanity? Maybe.

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I hate to break it to you, but your phone is gross. I know, I know...it doesn't LOOK gross. But it is. Trust me. Mine is too. Phone soap is a phone charger that uses UV light to sanitize your phone, killing 99.9% of bacteria. I'm convinced the world would be a much healthier place if we all used phone soap, particularly before going to public places!