31 Things I Bought on Amazon And Would Buy 100X Again

I’ve been a Prime member now for like a hundred years—I've purchased sooooo much stuff from Amazon, I’m pretty sure I'm mentioned in Jeff Bezos’ divorce settlement under “Other Sources Of Income.” For realz. Hey, not my fault that it’s so convenient, as in “I don’t have to go out to the store in person, where I may be required to interact with other humans.”

So I’m going to share some of my all-time favorite purchases from Amazon, my fave stuff that does everything from erase the wrinkles on my face to brew the most guzzlable coffee. It's the short list of the things that I’ve already bought but would, will, and/or have purchased again. And again. And again.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.”

Number One In Our House: Dry Erase Markers.

We go through these markers like nobody's business. With five kids and an addiction to calendars, whiteboards, and Pictionary, we are basically honorary shareholders in DryErase Inc., which isn’t a thing but it should be, because puns. (GET IT? INK?)

When Regular Lotion Just Doesn’t Cut It I Use This Glorious Hand Cream.

Midwest winters wreak havoc on my hands, and regular lotions cause more harm than good once things have gone all sandpapery. I bought this hand cream at the suggestion of my husband, who got tired of sharing his (can't blame him) and I also got it as a "share your favorite things" gift exchange with some girlfriends of mine, so it's def both dude- and lady-approved. Safe for diabetics, and if you buy it by the dozen you’ll save a bundle.

When My Breath HAS To Be Fresh Or I’ll Die A Thousand Deaths, Listerine Ready Tabs Are My Go To.

Maybe your breath is heinous, maybe it’s not. When you can’t take the chance, Listerine Ready Tabs are like mouthwash, breath mints, and gum all rolled into one little piece of fresh AF dazzling minty goodness. Again, you’re better off buying these by the truckload.

I’m Not Much For Beauty Products, But This Vitamin C Face Serum Is Frickin’ Magic.

So I might be getting some teeny tiny lines on my face, maybe a couple of sunspots or whatever. I'M OLD, OKAY?!? I’m not wild about trying to slow the hands of time—it seems like a road paved with frustration and tears springing forth from crow’s feet-y eyeholes, but this goo works wonders. It was a rec from a buddy here at 22 Words, and her skin is ah-mazing, so I figured, why not? It’s loaded with vitamins from all over the alphabet, plus a bunch of other super exotic sounding extracts, oils, and acids, and it beats wearing grapefruit on your face. Honestly, I'm a sceptic and this stuff works wonders.

The Single Best Solution To The Fruit Fly Problem Is One Of These Sticky Traps On Your Window.

It’s a close one, but fruit flies are worse than stink bugs and I’ll fight anyone that says otherwise. I’ve tried many methods to keep these little buggers (ahem) out of my life, from the liquid funnel traps to sanitizing anywhere they might be breeding, but the only method that has worked consistently is the window sticky trap. Just put one in the corner of your window(s) and the dopey little flies do the rest. They’re like window lemmings, but not cute.

My Favorite Medicated Lip Balm Of All Time, In Bulk, Is An Annual Purchase Around Here.

It’s that old standby, Carmex. I buy it by the dozen because somehow mine disappears as soon as it hits a horizontal surface. Cocoa butter, camphor and menthol combine for lip soothing goodness in these handy dandy little tubes. They sell it in the tiny tubs too, if that’s your thing. Also good on toast. JK!!! Do NOT eat it.

These Stomp Rockets Are A Fun Low-Tech Toy For Kids Of All Ages.

Seriously. We play with these every summer, having races and whatnot. Just stomp on the launcher and watch them fly up to 200 feet in the air. Great for me, because I’m good at stomping, and also great for me, because chasing rockets tires the kids out and gets them primed for early bedtime! That’s a win for everyone...or just me. Whatever.

A Lot Of Functionality At A Low Pricepoint Made Me Go Back For Two More Of These Cameras.

The Wyze has pan, tilt, zoom, two-way audio, and you can control and view it all from your smartphone or tablet. Great for checking on the babysitter, the pets, or just scaring the bejeezus out of your kids with a disembodied voice that seems to know everything about them and the nonsense they’re up to. MUAH HA HAHAHA.

I Got Tired Of Paying Through The Nose For Lightning Cables.

But instead of getting Anker-y I got Anker Cables. Sorry for that. Seriously though these cables will save you about a half a fortune over the ones Apple’s hawking, and theirs only get two stars out of five. Double-braided nylon exterior, reinforced stress points, laser-welded connectors, a handy storage pouch and an 18 month warranty mean that Tim Apple is going to get a little less of your hard-earned dough.

My Kids Wanted Hue Color LED Bulbs, I Wanted To Make The House Payment.

So I found these Magic Hue bulbs on Amazon at a fraction of the price (roughly one third) and they’re now lighting up our house like a damn discotheque. I jest. They’re really quite amazing, which is something I just didn’t hear myself ever saying about a lightbulb a few short years ago. Change the light temp, the light color, control them remotely, or program them using IFTTT, Google Assistant or Alexa. You’ll never curse your crappy and inadequate lighting again.

This Self-Adhesive Whiteboard Paper Is My Favorite Placemat For The Kids And Calendar For Myself.

Nothing quippy here - this really is a wonder product. My child draws and writes on her placemat version constantly, which is one reason why we go through so many dry erase markers (see the first slide) around my house. But another is my whiteboard calendar obsession, and unlike premade calendar versions with this you can cut it to any ol’ size to fit your clownishly large bubble writing.

For The Price Of One Set Of Airpods I Got Seven Pairs Of These Bluetooth Badasses.

They’re IPX7 waterproof, they stay in your ears, they come in a bunch of colors, and if you lose or break one you won’t have to save up for three months to buy a new pair. Featuring 8 hours of playback time, these wireless sport headphones will get you through any workout short of the Iron Man Triathlon, and they allow full playback control, including voice control.

I Love This Economical Stylus Pen And It Works On Apple Or Android Tablets.

I bought this powered pencil stylus to use with a couple of animation apps and it performed so well that I got my kids their own. Good for detail work, games, or just for schmutzing around on the interwebs, this Xiron Apple Pencil competitor has a detail end and a regular fingertip end. Recharge by plugging in the included cable to any USB outlet. Comes with “anti-mistakenly touching gloves."

These Silicone Can Lids Are The Cat’s Meow.

I got so tired of putting aluminum foil or plastic wrap over opened cans of cat food that I finally broke down and bought some of these lids. Holy cow, I wish I weren’t such a cheapskate for all those years. These things fit three different sizes of can, are easy to get on and off, and will keep that nasty pet food the kind of nasty it’s supposed to be, and not the kind of nasty it gets when exposed to the air for half a day. You can use them on people food too, but I’d get a different set for that.

These Little Spray Bottles Are Perfect For Travel.

I use these 2.71 (80mL) bottles to make travel size versions of my favorite toiletries, from my toner to my hair products to my essential oil air freshener. The atomizer sprayer creates a fine mist, the clear plastic makes it easy to see what’s what, and the lid keeps your carry-on bag from smelling like a Chanel No. 5 factory.

You’ll Want These Anti-Stinking Bags For All Your Stinking Bags. And Closets. And Drawers. And Pantries. And Lockers.

Anyplace you might want to remain stink-free is a perfect place for these activated charcoal and bamboo odor absorbers. No sprays, no plug-ins, just nature doing its thing. Rejuvenating them is as easy as setting them in the sun for a bit. It’s like frickin’ magic, and it’s sustainable. Doubles as an air purifier? Ok. They had me with “odor absorbing," but I’ll take it.

So You Drink Coffee Every Day Because Coffee, But You Still Want White Teeth?

No problem. This Black Pearl powder won’t win you any pirate battles, Jack Sparrow or no, but it sure will make your next smile bright-arrgh. The natural activated coconut charcoal powder is gentle but effective in cleaning tea, coffee, wine or smoking stains off your soon-to-be-pearly-again whites. Since I need two reasons to do anything these days, the fact that this is also a great breath enhancer was all I needed to put it in my dash buttons.

I Buy This Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask Because It’s Got A Great Name.

Milky Piggy is a great name, and it's not really why I buy it, but it doesn’t hurt. I buy this because it’s the good stuff, the stuff that works, the stuff that makes my pores feel like they just ate a York Peppermint Patty. It cleans, fizzes, bubbles, and refreshes, and you’ll want to use it every day. That would get pricey, but weekly is totally doable.

I Used To Spend Over 30 Hours A Year Looking For My Phone, But Now I Have Tiles.

The Tile Mate tracker has saved me that time this past two years. That’s two and a half days. I’m basing that on five minutes a day, on average, and I’m including the other things I used to waste time looking for that I’ve wound up putting a tracker on, like my wallet, my keys, and my sanity. Sadly, I still lose that last thing sometimes, but not over looking for my friggin’ phone. Buy the four pack. You won’t regret it.

What Good Is Being Bald When You Still Have To Clean Hair Out Of The Drain?

This is a question that does not pertain to me, but that my husband was keen to pose a few months back while he was once again (thanks honey!) clearing the shower drain. And it’s not just hair. It’s nasty, sludgy, shampooey, conditionery, dead-skin-cell-miasma hair. Enter the TubShroom, which works like all your past hair catchers promised to but didn’t. You just pop it in the drain, and occasionally remove it and wipe it clean. No tools or harsh chemicals, and no clogged drains since we got it. The bold peeps over at TubShroom even guarantee it will catch every hair, every time. Nice.

You Should Never Leave Home Without This RFID Blocker In Your Purse Or Wallet.

It’s scary how easy it has become for crooks to steal your credit card info these days. You can buy a dozen sleeves to keep all your cards in separately, like some sort of caveperson, or you can buy one of these card sized RFID blockers that protects all the data in proximity to them, like a sophisticated citizen of the current century. Or you can do none of the above and just cross your dang fingers, I guess.

This Mattress Pad Has Saved Me SOOOOO Much Money And Time.

Holy smokes but my mattresses would all be ruined if not for these babies. Not all mattress pads are created equally, I’m here to tell you, and these Gorilla Grip pads are the King Kongs of the bunch. Gorilla… King Kong… never mind. So, they’re leak proof, waterproof, and will absorb up to eight cups of liquid. If your child has more than a 2 quart jug of pee stored in that tiny body you’d best be calling the Guiness Book… or the doctor.

These Knives Make My Kitchen Look Sharp.

I’m full of puns, but not full of… well, these knives are really snazzy looking, and the display is modern and sleek. But do they cut stuff? You bet. There’s nothing like having the right tool for the job, and this set covers all the bases. It’s even got a pizza knife, which is hands-down the best way to cut a pizza short of one of those giant rocking cutters. But ain’t nobody got time for that. In case your taste in knives runs much higher than mine, they offer 100% satisfaction or your money back.

I Love/Need My Morning Coffee, But I Dislike Keurig’s Mediocre Results.

And then there’s the huge environmental impact of the gajillion K-Cups hitting the landfills every day. If you take your coffee seriously like I do you can really up your brewing game with this glass coffee dripper. You’ll be serving up a top-notch cup of Joe any time you desire, with minimal wasted grounds or plastic garbage to boot. Read some of the comments for great tips on getting the most out of your favorite new gadget.

Cleaning My Snazzy Modern Ceramic Cooktop Used To Be A Huge Pain In The Keister.

And then along came CeramaBryte, with its fancy scrub pad, a tool for utilizing said scrub pad, and a scraper that won’t scratch that thang. This is pretty self-explanatory. It’s a cleaning kit designed to keep that cooktop looking just so without mucking it up with tiny soul-crushing scratches and junk. Every time a cooktop is scratched a kitten dies. Stop killing kittens and get this pronto.

I Put One Of These Swivel Chairs At Every Desk In My House.

These chairs are lightweight, functional, and come in various colors so you can mix it up. I’ve got one in each of the kids’ rooms, one at my and one at my husband’s desk. For those of you doing maths right now that’s five. And I could buy another five and still come in under the price of one Herman Miller Aeron chair. Is this comparable? I wouldn’t know because I don’t own one, but they work, and I didn’t have to take out a loan to buy them.

Holy Sheets These Sheets Are Great For Covering Your Bed.

Heck, you can even cover your childrens’ beds. Even the guest room bed. All sorts of beds will accept these sheets. I mean, they’re sheets. Not glamorous, not very pulse-quickening, but necessary AF. These are well-made, soft double-brushed microfiber that rivals Egyptian cotton for comfort. You’ll get the fitted sheet, the top sheet, and two pillowcases and they come in a nice variety of colors.

That Kondo Lady Would Love This Tablet Organizer, Probably.

I’ve never watched her tutorials, but I get the drift. This simple but effective solution to Device Clutter™ will totally clear up that mess on your end table. Designed to hold any size or brand of tablet, you can organize up to five devices with this minimalistic masterpiece of anti-slip, anti-clutter fantasticness. Tames those charge cords as well!

I Love My Yoga Pants But I Love Pockets Too.

Yoga pants are my second skin anymore, but I want my epi-epidermis to have pockets, for things that pants people put in their pockets, like keys, I.D. or phones. Because my sartorial choices shouldn’t prohibit me from enjoying the same storage convenience as my more traditionally panted peers. These athletic leggings have the high waist I like (it really pulls the room together) and pockets. POCKETS. Plus, they look high tech and come in a bevy of colors.

The Shoes You’ll Bring When You Can Only Bring One Pair Of Shoes.

The answer is these Dexflex Comfort Women's Claire Scrunch Flats. Yep. That’s a mouthful. But these shoesies are the perfect mix of casual, comfortable, cost-effective, and convenient. You know, the Four C’s™. I did the unthinkable last year and bought these for a trip to NYC, and threw them straight from the mail into my suitcase—amazingly, over 3 days of walking up one side of the Big Apple and down the other, I never got a blister. They come in all the important colors, and I really do have one of each. You buy them too, and we’ll be twinsies.

I Live The Glamorous Life And These Felt Hangers Prove It.

When you finally grow out of the mishmash of plastic hangers you’ve accumulated over the years and are ready to move into full adulthood, these no-slip felt hangers will be a necessity. Perfectly shaped to hold your clothes without leaving that annoying bump in the fabric, they’re heavy-duty enough to hold a twelve pound coat, but slim enough to make the most of your closet space. As a bonus, the accessory bar allows you to organize outfits ahead of time, like maybe for someone in the house who needs a little assistance coordinating ties with shirts and pants. Ahem.