31 Small-Yet-Genius Inventions You'll Use Every Day

They say that good things come in small packages. It's totally true! So many wonderful things come in tiny packages. Jewelry. Money. Food. (Although I would argue that a giant package of food would also be a very good thing.)

I'd actually say that good things often come in small brown boxes that are decorated with a smile. That's right. I'm talking about Amazon packages. While Amazon offers a whole host of large items — even including furniture — I personally think it really shines when it comes to gizmos and gadgets that make your everyday life easier. They may not be huge, but they are brilliant.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

Here's a list of 31 inventions that are small but still totally genius and which you'll probably find yourself going back to day after day. And thanks to Amazon, you can have them delivered right to your door in a matter of days. I hope you find something you like!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: 22Words is a participant in the Amazon affiliate program and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Mini Brush and Dustpan Are the Perfect Size for Tiny Messes

via: Amazon

Sometimes you spill just a little bit of cereal — not enough that you feel like lugging out the full-size broom, though. For messes like this (and other small-footprint spills), this tiny brush and dustpan set is perfect. And they nest together for easy storage between spills.

This Cleaning Brush Can Be Used in Those Hard-to-Reach Places

via: Amazon

This cleaning brush has one of my favorite details I've ever seen on a product like this: a small scraper. Whether you're scrubbing that annoying crevice between your kitchen drain and the sink or trying to clean out your sliding door track, sometimes you just need a little scraper tool to get in there and do the dirty work for you. With this brush, you get it!

Get a Deeper Clean with This Shampoo Brush

via: Amazon

Use this brush to massage your scalp and lather up shampoo at the same time. It features a handle that's easy to grasp and several flexible rubber tips to really get in there. The gentle vibration the device provides increases blood flow to the scalp and promotes relaxation — it might even boost hair growth! If you suffer from dandruff or an itchy scalp, this brush is exactly what you've been looking for.

This Phone Stand Is Both Cute and Functional

via: Amazon

Having your phone propped up so you can see what's going on at a glance is a great way to boost productivity. I don't know about you, but I'm working with my phone next to me, all it takes is one email or text message to make me pick up my phone and get lost to the digital abyss for a few minutes. If my phone's propped up, I can glance over and continue working. This phone stand is shaped like a dinosaur, which is just pretty much the best thing ever.

This Magnetic Phone Mount Is Another Great Phone Accessory

via: Amazon

I have this exact phone mount in my car and I wouldn't dream of driving without it — I even bring it with me when I travel to use in my rental cars. All you have to do is pop the included thin metal plate inside your phone case and clip the magnet onto your AC vent. Your phone attaches to the magnet effortlessly and allows you to easily see the screen whenever you're using it for navigation.

This Cactus Diffuser Is Too Cute for Words

via: Amazon

If you don't have at least one diffuser in your life, what are you even waiting for? Maybe you're looking for one that is as cute as it is useful, in which case — here it is! In addition to being adorable, it's also extremely safe. It doesn't require electricity, batteries, heat, or burning of anything. It just releases your favorite essential oils into the air for you to enjoy.

Replace Your Bulky Keychain With KeySmart

via: Keysmart

Your current keychain is probably a bulky, jangly mess — right? The KeySmart can transform that into a sleek, organized tool that you can place right in your pocket! Simply screw your keys into place and you'll end up with something that looks like a Swiss army knife (except instead of knives, it's keys). You can also add accessories like a bottle opener, thumb drive, or flashlight, turning the entire thing into a handy multitool.

This Travel French Press Is Perfect for Coffee Lovers with a Commute

via: Amazon

French press coffee is some of the best coffee out there, but not all of us have the time to make it before we leave for work. This mug fixes that issue! Simply add your coffee grounds and hot water, let it brew, then lower the plunger to get rid of the grounds! It also works with looseleaf tea and can even keep cold drinks cold, if that’s more your style. But is it dishwasher safe? You bet it is!

This Jewelry Organizer Will Bring Order to Chaos

via: Amazon

Where does your jewelry live when you're not wearing it? Tossed into a drawer? Strewn all over your nightstand? If so, it might be time to consider getting an organizer like this one. You can use it to hold your necklaces and bracelets so you always know exactly where they are. You could even use it to plan your accessories for future outfits.

The Magic Tap Is Probably the Most Brilliant Thing You'll See Today

Sick of cleaning up spilled milk? So were the inventors of the Magic Tap, I'm guessing. The Magic Tap is a small device that fits into large jugs of milk, juice, or whatever else you might want to dispense. Then, rather than having to lift the entire jug, all you do is press your cup or bowl (or whatever container you're using) against the tap, and the liquid is magically dispensed for you! This thing is a godsend for parents of young kids and people who don't have a lot of upper body strength.

This Drying Rack Folds Flat Whenever You're Not Using It

via: Amazon

Rather than having to wrestle with one of those bulky dish drying racks (or just live with having one constantly taking up your precious counter space), get one of these roll-up racks instead! It's made of silicone-coated steel that's resistant to rust, non-slip, and very durable. It's also heat resistant up to 400º Fahrenheit, so it could be used as a trivet, too!

This Lint Roller Is Much More Stylish Than the One You're Used to Using

via: Amazon

Everyone should have a lint roller in their home — you never know when the cat is going to decide that your new dress is the perfect place to take a nap! This one looks super classy with its rose gold finish (so on-trend) and is also retractable so you don't have to look at all the lint and pet hair in between uses. the Flint roller is also super compact, making it the perfect size for your glove compartment or purse for lint rolling on the go.

This Sweater Shaver Will Put an End to Those Annoying Pills

via: Amazon

Whenever you're not busy dealing with the cat hair/dog hair/lint situation, you might notice that some of your favorite sweaters have gotten especially fuzzy and pilled. This little shaver gently removes pills from fabrics like sweaters, leggings, carpets — even your couch! The most convenient part is that it plugs into an outlet and has a 55-inch-long cord, so you don't have to keep buying batteries.

This Clip-On Ring Light Will Take Your Selfies to the Next Level

via: Amazon

If you're not familiar with ring lights, all you need to know is that they provide exquisite lighting and lead to some of the best selfies on the Internet (just in case that's something that's important to you). Unfortunately, they're also usually pretty bulky and you can't really transport them easily — until now. This ring light clips right onto your phone in order to provide excellent lighting no matter where you are. Easy peasy.

Transform Your Sink into a Drinking Fountain with a Tapi

Place a Tapi on your sink faucet and it allows water to pass through it normally…until you want a drink, that is! Simply squeeze the bottom portion closed and the Tapi redirects the water up, transforming your regular ol’ faucet into a fancy drinking fountain! Get a drink or rinse out your mouth without having to get a cup dirty, and have fun while you’re doing it. The Tapi is available in a variety of colors so you can be sure to match your decor.

This Pick-Up Tool Is Like Having an Extra Hand

via: Amazon

An extra long hand, that is. That's also magnetic. This telescoping tool has a flashlight built into the end of it, as well as a very strong magnet at the very tip. Use it grab screws, bolts, or other bits of metal that have found their way under your fridge, behind the couch, or between your washer and dryer. The magnet is strong enough to hold onto things that weight up to 5 pounds. The neck telescopes up to 21-1/2 inches long.

You'll Save Time When You Use These Self-Leveling Measuring Spoons

via: Amazon

Baking is a science, and that means that using exact measurements is an absolute must. If you don't have self-leveling measuring spoons like these, you usually have to grab a knife to scrape off the excess of whatever you're measuring. It's a whole extra step, and who has time for that? With these, all you do is pinch the little lever on the handle and the leveler swoops in to save the day. And the cake.

The Clever Tongs Are Very Aptly Named!

Whenever I cook, I like to limit the number of dishes I’m going to have to wash (or load into the dishwasher). The Clever Tongs seem to have been designed with someone just like me in mind, as they’re essentially two tools in one! You can use them as tongs to grab individual items or implement the spatula-like component to scoop a bunch of stuff at once. They’re non-stick, heat resistant, and dishwasher safe. Plus, this listing is for two pairs — one large and one small.

You Could Probably Use a Jot in Every Room of the House

via: Amazon

The Jot is a brilliant little gadget that provides a hook or holder pretty much anywhere you might need it. Just attach it to any smooth surface using the built-in suction cup and it's ready to hold whatever you need it to. Hang your keys up by your door. Hold your toothbrush in the bathroom. Keep a pen on the fridge for easy access. Keep your phone charging cable secured on your nightstand. You get the idea.

Wrangle All the Things with These Rubber Twist Ties

via: Amazon

These flexible rubber twist ties have a tough rubber exterior that provides excellent grip. They also have a strong, bendable wire inside that can be wrapped around anything from a hose to computer cables to extension cords. This listing includes several different sizes of twist ties that can be used throughout your home (and outside) for all manner of wrangling jobs.

This Portable Crumb Sweeper Is a Desktop Vacuum Cleaner

via: Amazon

This tiny crumb sweeper can easily clean your desk, coffee table, or even your computer keyboard off for you. All it takes is 2 AA batteries and a few seconds of your time. It's small enough that you can leave it on your desk and not have to worry about it taking up all kinds of space. You could even keep one in your car for on-the-go messes!

This Tiny Purse Light Makes So Much Sense

via: Amazon

How many times have you been stuck rummaging through your purse because you can't see clearly enough to grab exactly what you need? This tiny purse light will put an end to all of that. It can be clipped right to your handbag handles and once it's on, it emits enough light to see everything you've got in your purse. It can also be used as a flashlight to see your door when you go to unlock it.

The Clipa2 Keeps Your Stuff off the Ground

via: Amazon

When you're not using it, the Clipa2 can be clipped discreetly around your purse or bag strap so that it's always ready whenever you need it. Just open it up and use it to hang your purse (or other bag) from any sturdy horizontal surface. That way, you can always keep your purse in sight and keep it from getting covered in germs from the floor.

These Air Purifying Bags Will Make Your Life Smell Better

via: Amazon

They're filled with activated bamboo charcoal which naturally works to absorb gross odors and leave nothing but fresh smelling air behind. Grab a few to put in your gym shoes, hang in your closet, or leave in your car. Wherever musty or stinky odors are present, these fancy bags will find them and eliminate them for good. They're also totally safe to use around your pets and/or kids!

The Robotwist Can Open Basically Any Jar

It's always embarrassing when you have to ask someone to help you open the pickle jar. Luckily, now you can just ask a robot for help. The Robotwist has a unique design that allows it to twist off even the most twisted-on lids. Bring it your most stubborn jars and in a matter of seconds, pop! The lid will be off and you'll be able to dig in.

Letter Openers Are Simple, Yet Brilliant

via: Amazon

Think about it. You probably open mail every day, right? And every day, you deal with paper cuts or envelopes that look like some kind of monster tried to eat them. With these handy letter openers, all you have to do is zip them across the envelope and you get a neat cut every single time. The blade is tucked into the device so your fingers are always protected and it stays sharp. Trust me, these are so worth the couple bucks.

You Never Know When One of These Tiny Rubber People Will Come in Handy

via: Amazon

As you can see, they're the ideal tool for propping up a lid to keep liquids from boiling over. They can also be used to prop up your cell phone or tablet, or hold your chopsticks when you're not using them. Also, they just look hilarious and I kinda want to buy a hundred of them just to have them around. This listing is for a pair of 'em, and they cost less than a buck apiece!

This Silicone Spout Is a Lifesaver

via: Amazon

Attach this silicone spout to your pot and suddenly, pouring becomes about a thousand times easier. Use it to easily drain oil from your food, reserve bacon grease, or dispense soup directly into your bowl (or Tupperware containers as leftovers). It's heat resistant, so it can be used to transport even the hottest fluids. Now you can use both hands to pour the pot without having to worry about spills!

This Dishwasher Magnet Will Save You So Much Grief

via: Amazon/LS-Loves Shopping

How many times throughout the day do you find yourself wondering whether the dishes in the dishwasher are actually clean? This magnet is designed to put an end to the guessing! All you have to do is slide it over to reveal "clean" or "dirty" (depending on the state of the dishes). This simple movement only takes a second, but instantly communicates to everyone in the house (including future you) exactly what to expect.

This Phone Charger Is So Flat!

via: Amazon

The unique shape and size of the Native Union Slim Smart Charger makes it ideal for carrying in your pocket or purse. It can be used to charge two devices simultaneously with its two USB-A ports. It's also great for those hard-to-reach outlets, like the ones behind your couch, dresser, or nightstand. It comes in three different colors and costs less than $16!

The Cableyoyo Keeps Your Cables in Order

via: Amazon

Hey, you know what's the worst? Grabbing your headphones out of your pocket only to realize that they have — once again — tied themselves into a horrible Gordian knot. The Cableyoyo can prevent that from ever happening again! Simply wrap your cable around the donut-shaped device and it'll keep everything straight and untangled. You can easily pop it in your pocket and bring it anywhere!

This Hot Dog Slicer Makes Hot Dogs Taste Even More Awesome

via: Amazon

You wouldn’t think freshly-grilled hot dogs could be improved but this gadget shows they most definitely can. This hot dog slicing tool cuts a grid pattern in the top of hot dogs so smoky grill flavors penetrate deeper, the edges get perfectly crunchy and caramelized and the “slots" grab more of your favorite condiments. This would be a great gift that your favorite grilling fan's never seen before!

This Wearable Nail Polish Bottle Holder Makes Manis Easy Anywhere

via: Amazon

This ring-style nail polish holder makes DIY manicures a breeze. It keeps your bottle of polish at your fingertips and holds it securely enough that you can paint your nails while lounging on the couch or in bed without risking a nasty spill. This fun and practical polish bottle holder is like having an extra hand!