31 Of The Most Popular Products On Amazon

From the insanely popular Instant Pot, to the quietly lauded Panda Planner, we've profiled 31 of the buzziest products on Amazon to figure out what all the fuss is about.

We hope you love these popular products as much as we do. Just an FYI: 22Words is a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Offensive-Yet-Fun Card Game Has Over 38000 Amazon Reviews

via: Cards Against Humanity

It's not for the faint of heart or the delicate of sensibilities, but this wildly popular card game is an offensive-yet-fun standby at parties across the nation. Find it on Amazon

People Swear By This Wildly Popular Acupressure Mat

via: Nayoya

According to reviewers, it hurts at first, but after a day or two, it starts to work its magic. Find it on Amazon

Coffee Obsessives Are In Love With The Ultra-Simple Aeropress

via: Aeropress

According to its acolytes, the Aeropress makes coffee as good as $10,000 industrial machines. Lofty claims, but there's 4500 reviews supporting them. Find it on Amazon

This Underpriced Bluetooth Speaker Is A Hidden Gem On Amazon

via: Anker

It boasts 24 hours of playback time, a 66 foot range, and a built-in mic. And it's under $30. Find it on Amazon

This 3-In-1 Avocado Tool Has Guacamole Addicts Rejoicing

via: OXO

More than 1900 avocado lovers swear by the OXO 3-in-1 as the ultimate way to prep their 'cados. Find it on Amazon

This Lipstick-Sized Powerbank Is The Best In Its Class

via: Anker

Anker products never disappoint. Just keep one of these puppies around and you'll be free from low-battery panic. Find it on Amazon

The Baby Foot Peel Is Insanely Popular, And Just Insane Overall

Wow that's disgusting. I can't wait to try it. Find it on Amazon

This Back Buddy Massager Turns You Into Your Own Masseuse

via: Body Back Buddy

It'll also turn you into your own best friend.  Find it on Amazon

Honest Amish Beard Balm Is Widely Loved By Hirsute Men Across America

via: Honest Amish

Who would know how to treat a beard better than the Amish? Find it on Amazon

The Wildly Popular Beautyblender Is So Much More Than An Egg-Shaped Sponge

via: Beautyblender

Yeah, it's a $20 makeup blending sponge. And over 1,800 reviewers say they wouldn't use anything else. Find it on Amazon

This Is The Best Version Of That Ubiquitous Black Mask You Keep Seeing Everywhere

via: My Scheming

It's like peeling a sticky black balloon off your face. Only with all of the disgusting contents of your pores attached.  Find it on Amazon

This Korean Carbonated Mask Is Both Hilarious And Helpful

via: Memebox

This looks SO weird. I want it.  Find it on Amazon

People Are Brushing With This Tooth-Whitening Activated Charcoal And It's Working

via: ActiveWow

This stuff has 13,000 reviews. For a charcoal that you brush with. Find it on Amazon

This Clarisonic Skin Brush Is The Holy Grail Of Beauty Power Tools

via: Clarisonic

Yeah, this thing doesn't come cheap. But a steep price hasn't kept it from amassing over 1200 glowing reviews. Find it on Amazon

This Contigo Travel Mug Seems To Defy The Laws Of Thermodynamics

via: Contigo

The Autoseal has over 15,000 reviews, with happy customers claiming it keeps beverages hot (or cold) for unfathomable lengths of time. Find it on Amazon

Like It Or Not These Crocs Still Enjoy A Wildly Loyal Following

via: Crocs

You probably thought Crocs were "over". With almost 10,000 reviews on Amazon, Crocs would beg to differ. Find it on Amazon

Makeup Artists Are Obsessed With This All-Purpose Moisturizer

via: Embryolisse

With almost 1,000 reviews on Amazon, this is possibly the most beloved face lotion on the market. Find it on Amazon

More Than 14000 People Have Reviewed This Aztec Secret Healing Clay

via: Aztec Secret

Ditch those mud masks, and get with the healing clay. Find it on Amazon

Tons Of People Are Going Old-School Analog With This Popular Printing Camera

via: Fujifilm

Sure, your iPhone camera takes great photos. But can it print them out moments later to hand out to family and friends? Didn't think so. Find it on Amazon

These Mr. Clean Magic Erasers Are Straight Up Magic

via: Procter and Gamble

If you haven't used one of these, you've got to try. If you have, you know the magic is real.  Find it on Amazon

The Panda Planner Is The Best Notebook For Bullet Journallers Everywhere

via: Panda Planner

Reviewers swear by this planner's ability to organize, motivate, and altogether change your life for the better. Pretty impressive for a journal. Find it on Amazon

The Scrub Daddy Is The Best Sponge On Earth

via: Scrub Daddy

Scrub Daddy sponges are the best sponges on earth, and I'll stake my reputation on it. Find it on Amazon

This Heated Shiatsu Pillow Has A Seriously Heated Following

via: Zyllion

Quit using those low-tech, non-massaging pillows, and get with the Zyllion. Find it on Amazon

The Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler Is An International Legend

via: Shu Uemura

Much like a great can opener, a great eyelash curler is a simple but crucial tool. It's worth the investment.  Find it on Amazon

The Snoogle Body Pillow Is Beloved By The Pregnant And Unpregnant Alike

via: Leachco

My own wife swore by the Snoogle throughout her pregnancy. And she still loves it. Find it on Amazon

This Meal Replacement Shake Is Wildly Popular, Is NOT People

via: Soylent

Despite what you may believe, Soylent ISN'T people! It's just a wildly popular meal replacement that busy young professionals swear by.  Find it on Amazon

This $30 Spiralizer Has Over 9000 Positive Reviews On Amazon

via: Spiralizer

Haven't tried zucchini noodles (aka, zoodles)? They're a delicious low-carb alternative to pasta, and you can't make them without a top-notch spiralizer. Find it on Amazon

The Squatty Potty Is More Than A Stool, It's A Movement

via: Squatty Potty

People swear by this thing for clearing up... ahem..."blockages", and also keeping the road clear for traffic to pass unimpeded. I've overextended my metaphor. Find it on Amazon

The Tile Keyfinder Is Saving So Much Time For So Many People

via: Tile

Just attach the Tile to whatever you keep losing, and it's just a screen-tap away. Lose your phone? Just double-click the Tile, and the phone itself sings out. Can't find your phone or your Tile? Then it's time for another Tile.  Find it on Amazon

The $99 Instant Pot Is The Does-It-All Appliance Of Your Dreams

via: Instant Pot

A true Amazon success story, the Instant Pot's 7-function skill set makes its followers anything from pot roast to yoghurt, and does it in a fraction of the time of traditional slow-cookers. Find it on Amazon

Vita Coco Is Spearheading The Coconut Water Revolution

via: Vita Coco

Serious hydration, with a coconutty twist. Find it on Amazon