31 Genius Products For People Who Love Dogs

Having a dog (or any pet, really) means doing a lot of shopping. Sometimes it's for the necessities like food and toothpaste. Sometimes it's for fun stuff like toys or a cute outfit. All of it is made significantly easier when you can just order the stuff online.

Luckily for those of us who have beloved pups in our lives, there are so many great dog-related products that are readily available from Amazon. They have everything from snuffle mats that encourage your dog to slow down while eating, to magic little devices that remove their fur from your laundry. Here are 31 genius products for you and your pooch. I hope you like them!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

The LickiMat Is Sure to Keep Your Pup Busy

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Fun fact: When dogs lick things, it calms them down! This mat is designed specifically for dogs to lick (although it can also be used with cats!). Smear some peanut butter, wet food, pumpkin, or another soft treat into the grooves and let Fido go to town! The mat will keep your dog entertained for a good long while. Plus, the nubby pattern promotes fresh breath by scraping bacteria from their tongue and stimulating saliva! It's a win-win!

The Toppl Is Another Great Treat Delivery Device

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I love giving my dog little puzzle toys like this one. Not only do they provide some much-needed mental stimulation; they also keep him occupied for a few minutes so I can, you know, go to the bathroom by myself and other crazy stuff like that. The Toppl comes into two different sizes that actually fit together if you happen to want both of them. Place a few treats inside, and your pup will learn to topple the toy over to get them (hence the name). The Toppl is dishwasher-safe, making it super easy to clean after use.

This Teeth Cleaning Gel Is a Godsend!

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You know it's important to keep your pup's teeth clean, but actually getting the toothbrush into their mouth is a whole thing. This stuff is meant to be used every day — just apply two drops of gel to either side of your dog's mouth once a day and it will reduce plaque and tartar and freshen their breath! Skeptical? I was, too. But this stuff has seriously good reviews and doesn't cost much. Might be worth a try!

Use This Dog DNA Test to Find out What Kind of Dog You REALLY Have

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When my husband and I adopted a dog, they told us he was a Chihuahua mix...but they had no idea what he was mixed with. If you have your own Mystery Mutt, this DNA test might help you finally figure out what exactly is going on a genetic level. All it takes is a cheek swab and a couple of weeks!

If You Have a Dog, You Should Also Have a TubShroom

If you have a dog, you’ve undoubtedly wound up with a gigantic clump of hair in your shower drain. (OK, some of it may actually be your own hair, too.) Either way, it’s inconvenient, gross, and pretty tricky to get rid of. If you want to eliminate those clogs, the TubShroom is a great first step. It fits in any standard tub drain hole and catches hair — of any length — before it goes down the drain. I like that it keeps the hair hidden, too, unlike those drain covers made out of metal screens.

This Odor-Removing Gel Works Like a Charm

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When we first brought Archie home, we were very concerned with trying to keep our home from smelling like dog all the time. No joke: one jar of this stuff set on top of a bookshelf completely eliminates all of the doggy smell for a couple of months. The magical gel has a very subtle scent of its own that disappears after about an hour, then you completely forget about it. It’s also totally non-toxic and safe to use around pets and kids. Seriously. I cannot recommend this gel highly enough!

This Snuffle Mat Is Great for Kibble Monsters

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Some dogs scarf down their kibble as though they've never been fed before and are worried they may never be fed again. If your dog is also a scarfer, a snuffle mat might be just what you need! You sprinkle the kibble on top of it so that your pup has to take some time to sniff around and find it, rather than just swallowing it whole in 2 seconds flat. You can also use it to give treats in a fun and new way!

Every Pet Owner Should Have Some FurZappers

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These little sticky discs remove pet hair from your clothes while you wash and dry them! Just toss them in your washer whenever you’re doing a load of laundry. The fur will stick to the discs instead of your clothes. You can also use them in the dryer to remove even more hair! They’re reusable and safe to use on all types of clothing.

Make Bathtime a Breeze with the Aquapaw

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The Aquapaw lets you bathe your dog by simply petting them! It can be attached to any standard shower or to a garden hose if you prefer to do bathtime outside. Just slip on the Aquapaw, turn on the water, and gently wash your dog. It even features little scrubby nubs to help you work up a lather. This is definitely going on my own wish list.

The Kong Gyro Toy Is Yet Another Awesome Treat Dispenser!

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I have to say that this toy is easily one of the most fun to watch in action. Plus, it makes me feel like my dog is a super genius, and that's always nice. Place a few treats or kibble pieces in the middle ball, then let your dog nose it around to get the treats out. It's a simple design, but one that entices and intrigues dogs!

This Grooming Glove Almost Works *Too* Well

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Look at all that hair! You could basically pulling an entire carpet off that thing! With this deshedding glove, you can easily remove your pet’s extra hair in one simple motion — all you have to do is pet them! Should be pretty easy, right? The glove provides your pet with a relaxing massage while also lifting away hair, dirt, and debris like a magnet.

The Port-A-Bowl Is Great for Pets on the Go!

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When you're out and about with your dog, it's important to make sure they always have plenty of access to fresh water. Unfortunately, drinking fountains for dogs aren't really a thing. Luckily, portable bowls are! This one folds totally flat whenever you're not using it, which makes it super easy to tuck in your pocket and take anywhere.

This Water Bottle Is Also Dog-Friendly

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If you can't stop to fill up a bowl, this water bottle may be more your speed. It has a pop-up drinking cup attached right to it so you can pour water and hold it right at your dog's level. The silicone cup is super easy to wash, making it a great choice for whatever adventures you and your dog are conquering together.

This Toy Cleans Your Dog's Teeth!

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Yep, again with the teeth cleaning — it's important! Stuff some treats in the grooves and let your pup go to town. The rubber bristles clean teeth and prevent plaque and tartar buildup. The manufacturer says they can even be given to super aggressive chewers. They also have a pleasant mint scent to keep breath fresh! This listing is for a set of two toys.

Give Your Pup a Pedi with This Paw Scrubber

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Protect your floors from dirt, mud, dust, grime, and every other thing dogs manage to step in while out on a walk. This paw scrubber uses super soft silicone bristles to gently clean your pet’s paws. Simply pour in some clean water (and maybe a little bit of soap for tougher jobs), insert the paw, and gently rotate the scrubber.

Musher's Secret Is Basically a Miracle Product

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Between walking outside on the sidewalk, gravel, or even in the snow (and salt!), dog's paws can really take a beating! If your pup's paws are looking or feeling a little rough, Musher's Secret will change that almost instantly. The wax-based cream keeps paws healthy and moisturized. According to the reviews (there are more than 4,000 of 'em!), you can also use it on your dog's nose if it becomes dry and cracked.

This Pooper Scooper Keeps Your Hands Totally Clean!

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You knew when you brought a dog into your life that you were going to have to clean up after them, but let's be honest. Sometimes, the job is wayyyyyyy grosser than you bargained for. No matter how much you trust those little plastic bags, at the end of the day, you know what your dog's poop feels like, and that is a little troubling. With this handy little gadget, your hand comes nowhere near the business! It does the scooping for you, and you can just relax in ignorant bliss.

Your House Will Be Much Quieter with a Tag Silencer

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If your dog wears multiple tags, then you know all the constant jangling can be surprisingly loud and a little annoying — it probably is for them, too! This tag silencer fits snugly over the metal tag and creates a barrier to cut down on the jangling. It also glows on the dark, which is a fun plus. It can be snapped onto a tag in about five minutes. After that, you'll never want to take it off.

This Calming Spray Is Great for Anxious Pups!

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If your dog tends to get a little anxious when it comes to car trips, I can't recommend this calming spray enough. It's virtually odorless to us humans, but to dogs, it smells like the calming pheromones their mom comforted them with after they were born. At our house, we also use this spray whenever we leave the pup at home alone (we usually spray his bed or a blanket down). It seems to make a difference!

This Camera Also Dispenses Treats!

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This is another great gadget for pet parents who have to leave their furry companion at home. Not only can you log in at any time to see what your pup is up to; you can load it with treats and give them to your dog using the Furbo app! There's also a two-way chat and a bark alert, so you're always totally up-to-date on what your dog is up to, even if you can't be there in person.

The iFetch Interactive Plays Fetch for Hours

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Some dogs will play fetch for literal hours...but most human arms aren't made to throw a ball for that long. This is one job we might be glad to hand over to the robots. The iFetch Interactive automatically throws balls either 10, 20, or 30 feet depending on which setting it's on. Teach your dog to drop the balls into the funnel and rest assured that they can play fetch to their heart's content.

The Nerf Tennis Ball Blaster Is a Lot of Fun!

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If you want a slightly more hands-on approach to fetch (but still want to save that throwing arm), the Nerf Tennis Ball Blaster is a super fun option. Load in a tennis ball, then launch it 50 feet into the air! This is the perfect toy to bring to the park. You don't even have to bend over to grab the ball — just place the barrel over it and pull back.

Fresh Patch Is a Great Option for Urban Pups!

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If you're potty training your puppy, Fresh Patch is a great way to get them used to "going" on grass. It's also an excellent alternative for people who don't have a yard. Sign up for a Fresh Patch account and they'll deliver a piece of real, actual grass straight to your home for your dog to use. Each patch of grass lasts for about a month, and then you can order a new one.

Keep Ants at Bay with the Anti-Ant Magic Tray

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Ants in the food bowl? If so, you might want to get this ant-repelling tray! Just place the food bowl on top of the Magic Tray and relax. There's a crazy labyrinth inside the tray that will keep ants from getting to the food. After a while, they'll realize there's no food to be had and go back from whence they came.

This Dog Food Sign Will Save You a Lot of Hassle

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I can't tell you how many times my husband and I have texted this question to one another over the past few months. This little gadget is yet another super simple and super effective tool that makes dog ownership easier. Put it up next to your dog's food bowl to keep track of their meals.

This Fence Window Provides Fido with a View of the Great Outdoors

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This fence window is a nifty product that your dog will probably love. If they tend to bark every time they hear a stranger approaching the yard, they'd probably appreciate having a little window like this one to keep track of everyone's comings and goings. And, as long as they can see what's up, they'll probably be deterred from trying to jump your fence and run toward those curious sounds.

Be Prepared with a Pet First Aid Kit

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You can never be too prepared! This pet first aid kit can be attached to your dog's leash so it's always handy in case of emergencies. It contains gloves, gauze, tape, antiseptic wipes, and bandages. There's even a little opening on the back of the bag in case you want to use it to also hold your doggy bags.

The Kinn Kleanbowl Keeps Kibble Bacteria-Free

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How often do you wash your dog's water and food bowls? Unless the answer is "every day," your dog could be coming into contact with lots of harmful bacteria. Of course, we don't all have the time to wash the bowls every single day. That's where these single-use bowls come in. They're totally biodegradable and also come with a Stainless Steel frame to hold them in place. Pretty smart, huh?

These Dog Ties Mean Serious Business

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The next time your dog has a very important dog meeting, they're going to be totally prepared. This listing is for 10 ties! 10! They can wear a different tie every weekday for two weeks and not have to be embarrassed about repeating an outfit! I just love dogs in ties. I couldn't not put these on the list.

This Inflatable Collar Is Much Comfier Than the Cone of Shame

via: Amazon/Missina

Next time you have to subject your pal to the Cone of Shame, this might be a nice alternative. Its design is significantly more comfortable but it still blocks your dog from chewing on their stitches or injury. It won't block their view, either! It even doubles as a pillow.

This Trash Can Works Great for Dog Doo

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Taking the trash out is a household chore that most of us dread, but at least you can rest assured that your trash can is actually stylish and not just a monolithic plastic bin if you have this one! It comes in five different colors to match your decor. The foot pedal allows you to open the lid without touching it and it’s also super easy to change the liner. We have one outside in our backyard for dog messes and it works like a charm!