36 of the Handiest Gadgets on Amazon

Life is tough enough already, so my plan is to buy as many helpful gadgets as possible to try to make it easier. And while this plan may not always work out how I'd like it to, it has resulted in me discovering some seriously amazing stuff that I now recommend to everyone. These are my favorite handy gadgets on Amazon.

From adorable penguin-shaped dryer balls to a stainless steel bar that keeps your hands from smelling bad, these are the handy gadgets on Amazon that I simply can't live without. An easier, less stressful life is just a few quick clicks away.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

This Color-Changing Showerhead that Turns Every Show Into a Party

I'll be honest: this DreamSpa All Chrome Water Temperature Controlled Color Changing 5-Setting LED Shower-Head was a total impulse buy. But then I used it once and was amazed by how much fun it is. The color changes based on the temperature of the water...my hot water bill has definitely gone up, but it's totally worth it.

This Extra Long Cord that Charges My Devices In a Flash

My phone is constantly dying, and it's tough to find a good place to charge it when I'm constantly chasing my toddler around. This AmazonBasics 6-Foot, Silver, MFi Certified, Lightning to USB A Nylon Braided Cable iPhone Charger has a super long cord and charges my phone in a fraction of the time as my old charger.

These Dryer Balls that are Cute and Convenient

I love any product that helps me cut down on unnecessary waste, and these Friendsheep Wool Dryer Balls are my new favorite thing. I just throw one in with my laundry and it softens and eliminates static without the need of a dryer sheet. Each ball is good for over 1000 loads.

This Key Organizer that Keeps My Keychain in Check

My keychain used to have so many keys on it that it made me look like an old-timey janitor. This Clips Smart Compact Key Organizer Holder Keychain keeps all of my keys neat and tidy and includes a built-in bottle opener and carabiner. I don't know why I still have the key to my high school locker padlock, but at least now there's the perfect spot for it.

This Female Urination Device that Makes Camping WAY Easier

Here are some facts about me: I love camping, but I hate using gross campground bathrooms and Port-a-Potties. No naturally, when I found this GoGirl Combo Pack Female Urination Device I know it would be a perfect solution. This weird gadget allows me to "go" outdoors just like my husband. (Just make sure you're far away from other campsites...)

This Magnetizer and Demagnetizer that Comes In Handy

This Katzco Black Precision Magnetizer and Demagnetizer is a product that I didn't know existed until a few days ago. When I'm using my tools for a DIY project around the house, I magnify my screwdriver in order to easily pick up any loose screws or bolts on the floor before demagnetizing it again. Brilliant!

This Bottle Opener that's Perfect for Marvel Lovers

My husband is a HUGE Marvel fan, so when I found this hilarious LXSLFY Beer Bottle Opener I knew he would love it. It's shaped like the Infinity Gauntlet and is much higher quality than I expected. Now he refuses to use any other bottle opener. If you have a Marvel fan in your life, get them this.

This Super Loud Whistle that Gives Me Peace of Mind

I'm a worst-case-scenario type of person, so whenever I find a product that will make me feel a tad less anxious, I snatch it up immediately. This HyperWhistle is compact enough to fit on my keychain and is loud enough to be heard two miles away. It's especially comforting to have while camping, hiking, or boating.

This Headphone Organizer that Solves an Annoying Problem

I still haven't made the switch to AirPods, mostly because I'm cheap and my earbuds work just fine, thank you. This TOPHOME Cord Organizer Earbud Holder prevents the dreaded tangling of my headphone cord and is small enough to keep in my purse without being too bulky.

This Makeup Brush Cleaner that Cleans Years Worth of Gunk off My Brushes

I'm horrible about remembering to clean my brushes, but this Luxe Makeup Brush Cleaner actually makes it fun! The motorized design spins my brushes at a high speed for maximum cleaning power, and the included cleaning solution removes every last bit of stuck-on makeup. I use this thing once per week and I always look forward to it.

This Hair Catcher that Can Fit Any Drain

I have a ton of long, thick hair that sheds constantly. This tends to make our drains clog up pretty frequently, and after using the third bottle of Drano in two weeks I decided to seek out more permanent options. This Tub Shoom forms a tight seal so hair can't get through and is easy to remove and clean.

This Magic Marker Safe that's Seriously Sneaky

I travel a lot, and whenever I'm exploring a foreign country I try to be as careful with my valuables as possible. That's why I'm so happy I found this Diversion Safe Stash Can Marker Can Safe. On the surface, it looks exactly like a typical permanent marker, but inside it's actually the perfect place to hide money, jewelry, or anything else you want to keep safe. You can even write with it!

This Beard Shaping Tool that Gives My Husband Professional Cuts at Home

In an effort to same money, my husband has started cutting his own hair and beard at home instead of paying $60 bucks a pop at our local men's salon. This Monster&Son Beard Shaping Tool is a helpful little gadget that he uses every time he cuts his beard. His edges come out much straighter and cleaner than when he tried to do it freehand.

This Pancake Batter Mixer that Whips Up Batter Lickety-Split

My husband and I are pancake and waffle addicts, and make a batch at least once per weekend (sometimes twice). This Whiskware Pancake Batter Mixer with BlenderBall Wire Whisk has a whisk ball inside so all I have to do is pour in the ingredients for the batter and shake it up.

This Metal Bar that Sends Bad Smells Packing

Ya know how annoying it is when you've been cooking something smelly like fish or onions and then can't get the smell off your hands no matter how much you wash them? This Amco Rub-a-Way Bar Stainless Steel Odor Absorber completely removes funky smells. I just rub my hands over it and they become 100% stink-free!

These Odor Neutralizing Bags that Keep Kicks Fresh

And speaking of bad smells, I have a terrible habit of wearing my tennis shoes without socks. As you might imagine, they smell awful. My husband finally got so fed up that he bought these MOSO NATURAL Air Purifying Bags for Shoes. Now my shoes smell great with or without socks!

This Bathroom Organizer that Doubles My Cabinet Space

My house only has one bathroom, and it's teensy. This is a problem since I am the first to admit that I'm a total hair product hoarder. This Spectrum Grid Wide Hair Station Basket gives me the perfect spot for all of my hair tools and leaves my husband enough room for his (two) bathroom products.

This Fabric Steamer that's Way Easier Than Ironing

I hate ironing more than pretty much anything, but I still need a way to de-wrinkle my clothing that's quick and easy. Enter this PurSteam Garment Steamer For Clothes. I've been using it for years, and I honestly cannot believe anyone would iron their clothing when they could just run this steamer over it instead.

This Tactical Pen that Keeps You Safe

If you're looking for added peace of mind and convenience, this Tactical Pen for Self-Defense + LED Tactical Flashlight does it all. It has a bottle opener, glass breaker, and a bright LED flashlight that comes in handy more than you'd expect. Oh, and you also use it as a pen. I keep it in my purse at all times, just in case.

This Toilet Bowl Light that Prevents Accidents

My son is just starting to get confident using the big boy potty, and this Toilet Bowl Night Light with Motion Sensor LED by RainBowl adds safety and security to nighttime bathroom visits. I love it too since I don't have to turn on a harsh light when I get up in the night.

These Whiskey Stones that Are Totally Glam

My husband is a whiskey connoisseur, so when I saw these Whiskey Stones Gold Edition Stainless Steel Diamond Shaped Ice Cubes I knew they'd be perfect for his birthday next month. They keep his drinks cold without watering them down and look way more expensive than they are (but he doesn't need to know that.)

This Mighty Handle that Helps Me Win the One Trip Challenge

Whenever I go to the grocery store, I always give myself the challenge of carrying in all of my bags in from the car in just one trip. This Mighty Handle allows me to carry literally every single bag without breaking a sweat.

This Cheese Cutter that Makes Feeding My Son 10X Easier

My toddler is completely obsessed with cheese. (He is from Wisconsin, after all.) I recently got sick of chopping up his cheese into tiny pieces and bought this Chef'n Slicester Cheese Slicer to speed things up. Bonus: it has a blunt blade for added safety.

This Wine Condom that's a Must-Have for Wine Lovers

My cousin is a huge wine snob, and we frequently have wine nights where we share a bottle and catch up. The last time we had one of our wine date nights I brought her this Wine Condom Wine & Beverage Bottle Stopper, and she laughed so hard she almost did a wine spit take.

This Can Collander that's Perfect for Meal Prep

I make a big batch of chili every week, and while it always turns out delicious, it takes forever to have to drain all of the cans of beans and diced tomatoes. This Prepworks by Progressive Can Colander saves me a step and gets dinner on the table way faster.

This Phone Charger that's Completely Wireless

As a busy mom, I barely have time to brush my teeth, so any gadget that can save me a few minutes is essential. This Yootech Wireless Charger allows me to just set my phone on top of it for charging instead of having to fumble with wires. I love this thing!

This Microwave Cleaner that's Oh-So Fun to Use

Cleaning your microwave is basically impossible. The food is so stuck-on that no amount of scrubbing will get it off. That's where this TOPIST Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner. I just fill her with water and pop her in my microwave and she uses the power of steam to get it sparklingly clean. Genius!

This Outdoor Blanket that's Perfectly Portable

I love leaving the city behind and heading to the woods to go camping with my family. And while it's worth it once all of our gear is packed up and our tent is up, there's only so much stuff I can carry without tipping over. This BEARZ Outdoor Beach Blanket is 100% waterproof and folds up to a tiny size.

This Carseat Tool that's a Must-Have for Parents

Any parent knows how long it takes to get your little one in and out of the car. A mom-friend told me about this UnbuckleMe Car Seat Buckle Release Tool, which is a clever and 100% safe tool that makes it about a million times easier to unbuckle your kiddo.

This Cast Iron Cleaner that's Positively Medieval

The first time I owned a cast iron skillet I put it in the dishwasher to clean it. It wasn't until I pulled out a completed rusted skillet that I realized that this is definitely not how you clean cast iron. This The Ringer The Original Stainless Steel Cast Iron Cleaner is how you clean it the right (and fun) way.

These Silicone Twist Ties that Have a Billion Uses

These TwistieMag Strong Magnetic Silicone Twist Ties are so handy that I use them all over my house. They keep my cords in check, keep my chip bags closed, keep my keys from getting lost, and keep my sunglasses easily accessible. I'm constantly thinking up new uses for them every day.

This Magnetic Bracelet that Makes a Great Gift

My dad does a lot of tinkering. It seems like every time I'm in town he spends all of his time working on their car in the garage or fixing little things around their house. This MagnoGrip Magnetic Wristband in Red was his birthday present last year, and he's always going on and on about how handy the little magnetic strip is for random nails, screws, and bolts.

This Spoon RestWhenever I cook I always have that awkward moment where I don't know where to rest my spoon. Do I dirty a clean plate just to keep the counter clean? Not anymore! This Tomorrow's Kitchen Silicone Utensil Rest in Grey offers the perfect solution. It's heat-resistant, non-slip, and has enough spots for four utensils.

This Clock Fan that's Straight Out Of the Future

I work from home, so I'm always trying to make my office more enjoyable to be in. This ONXE USB LED Clock Fan with Real Time Display Function is a recent addition and I'm completely obsessed. It keeps me cool and displays the time in the coolest way ever.

This Smartphone Holder that Holds a Variety of Devices

I love finding new recipes online but was having a hard time reading them off of my phone while trying to make them. This Rienar Universal Multi-Function Portable Spider Flexible Grip Holder for Smartphones and Tablets keeps my phone where I can see it while keeping my hands free.

This Produce Saver that Keeps Me From Wasting Food

I do all of my shopping at the beginning of the week, and before I bought this Bluapple Produce Saver One Year Combo Pack I'd have to throw out half of my fruits and veggies by Friday. Now, they stay good for twice as long, which means I'm not wasting food or money.