30 Things I've Bought On Amazon And Would Buy Again and Again

My name is Delany and I've been a bartender and server for many years. I started bartending many years ago and made the switch to a breakfast server in 2016. I'm not looking back - I get to wake up early, get the kids ready for school and my day ends just after brunch giving me time with my family when they get home from school.

My favorite part about being a server is how funny my coworkers are. There's always a great mix of people and we enjoy the downtime prepping for the next rush and laughing about the hilarious things customers ask for. I have a lot of regular customers that come to see me weekly and I love that because they always leave the best tips!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

I put together a list of 30 things I've bought on Amazon that I'd buy 100X again that make my days waitressing and at home easier. I think you'll love them too!

Just an FYI: 22Words participates in the Amazon associates program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

These Skechers Sneakers For Non-Slip Comfort

I love my work Skechers! Some of my friends think it's weird that I wear them outside of work, but they are just so comfy I can't help myself! We require slip resistant shoes in both FOH and BOH and these fit the bill. They are cool looking to boot!

This Anti-Fatigue Mat Saves My Back

I swear I spend half the day standing at the Point of Sale system waiting for my coworkers to finish punching in tickets. It wasn't until I had an exceptionally busy day that I noticed just how nice it was to have an anti-fatigue mat at all the POS systems and where I prep between rushes. I ended up buying one for myself at home and putting it in my kitchen where I do dishes, because everyone knows I'm the only one that does them even after a long day of work!

This Apron For Durability And Looks

I used to buy 3 packs of serving aprons because they always seemed to disappear. That was until I found this awesome twill apron that is double-stitched and has some cool loops I like to hang my keys and keychains on. Nothing is worse than bending over to pick something a kid threw on the floor and having a pen stab you in the stomach - the deep pockets on this one are great at preventing you from getting stabbed on the job. It's super easy to clean too - just throw it in the washer!

This Waitstaff Organizer Is A Godsend

Yes, I love pink and I want my customers to know! I also love this waitstaff organizer to keep all my customer checks and payments in order. I use it every day on the job and it couldn't be handier - it has seven different pockets for notes, money, check receipts, daily food specials and more!

These Insoles Soothe My Barking Dogs

Some shifts I clock over 3.5 miles and boy are my dogs barking by the end of the day. I keep these insoles handy in my backpack. While some days I like to put them in my shoes in the morning, it is nice popping them in between rushes to get a little extra arch support for the rest of the day.

This Magic Hemp Cream Soothes Aches & Pains

My coworker Lizzie never heads to a shift without this hemp cream and now I don't either! I've tried a lot of different creams for when my arms and wrists get sore throughout the day and this is by far my favorite. Just a little bit on my right wrist and the pain seems to dissipate pretty quickly!

These Pens Write Great

I love these pens because they write so smoothly. I just wish my customers didn't also, because they always seem to disappear - or maybe its the bartending staff? Either way, these come in a pack of 24 so they'll last me a few weeks at least!

These Stickers For Extra Nice Tips

Nothing takes my tips from 15 to 20% like a nice handwritten 'thank you' or a sticker! These smiley stickers always seem to impress some customers (although I have had one that said he didn't like it because it was a business brunch and he had to turn in the receipt)!

This Foot Bath For Tired Toes

A few years ago I realized a warm bath just wouldn't cut it and bought one of these foot baths. Sometimes my husband even starts it up for me before I get home if he is back from work early! A nice soak is just what the doctor ordered for tired toes and feet so I can get up and do it again tomorrow.

These Compression Socks For Work

Compression socks at work for the win! I'm always on my feet, so these keep the swelling down and my legs comfortable while I'm up and about. We don't have the strictest policies as far as what we wear to work so I have a few different pairs depending on my mood!

These Headphones Block Out The World

Having noise cancelling headphones in my work bag is so clutch - these work great when I'm talking on the phone on the way there and back from work too. And of course they're great for when the kids are arguing! I love all the cool colors they come in and the stellar ratings - reviewers love these as much as I do!

This Car Phone Holder Is So Handy

Going back and forth to work I love having this handy phone holder in the car. I can check in with my kids or husband hands-free, which is great for safety while driving. We also use it on trips so we can easily see the phone map of where we're going!

This Sunscreen Dries Matte, Isn't Greasy

Some days when I check the schedule and am glad to see that I'm serving on the patio and other days it makes me want to stay in bed! Just in case I have to cover for someone on the patio I always have this sunscreen in my bag so I don't get sunburned. Those trips back and forth to the kitchen to the patio sure are long...please don't ask for more ranch!

These No-Tie Shoelaces Get Me Out The Door Fast

These elastic shoelaces look so amazing on my shoes! It takes me back to my childhood. They come in tons of colors and you can adjust them for just the right fit. They definitely help me get out the door faster in the morning - every little bit counts, right?

This Water Bottle Keeps Me Hydrated

I try my best to not add more dishes to the pile, so I keep this water bottle handy at my station to keep hydrated throughout the day. Now I just need to figure out how to find a job that allows me to drink wine during my shift! Seriously though, it keeps my water icy cold all day - it's so delicious!

These Pet Hair Removers Keep Pet Hair Off

I have two cuddly dogs and the last thing I want to do is reach onto a table and have one of my border collie's hairs fly into a meal! I have one of these fur removers in the car and give myself a quick brush to get her hair off my pants and my work shirt before a shift.

This Door Organizer Keeps Me Sane

Remember when I said I love working breakfast? Well that's true until I'm running out the door trying to make my shift. I put my pens, keys and other important items in this door organizer to save me the inevitable 'run around the house looking for something' before my shift.

This Alarm Clock Doesn't Jar You Awake

This alarm clock helps me naturally wake up for the day with soothing nature sounds like running water or birdsong. My husband doesn't need to get up as early as me and I found he prefers this over my old alarm clock or my phone which has the same alarm as his.

These Charcoal Deodorizers Save My Sneakers

Running around all day picking up plates, taking orders and cleaning up spills definitely can leave the work sneakers a little funky. I like to pop these charcoal deodorizers in my shoes after a shift to keep them fresh and extend the life of my shoes! You can even use them in your car or musty closets to freshen the air.

This Bluetooth Speaker Revs Up My Shower

Some days I am up early enough to take a proper long shower. This waterproof bluetooth speaker is awesome to get me as amped as possible for my early shift! It's small but packs a big audio punch - I love listening to my favorite tunes while getting ready for my day.

This Power Bank Keeps Me Charged

Sometimes I like to go out with my girlfriends after work if my husband can pick up the kids. I leave this charger behind the counter and bring it with me to keep my battery running through the long shift and the happy hour to follow! It's so portable and takes up no room in my bag, but the charge lasts for hours. So convenient!

These Ear Hooks Keep My Glasses On

As you know we're on the move all day. These ear hooks help to keep my glasses on and they are great for my sunglasses if I go on a hike. These come in a pack of 20 pairs so you'll have enough for all your eyewear, plus if you lose some you'll always have more for backup!

These Purse Hooks Are Genius

My girlfriend got me these purse hangers for the car as a gift and I love them! Great for my purse, backpack and my kids' stuff when I drop them off at school. It's so handy to keep the purse or backpacks from banging around or falling off the seat and spilling everything inside!

This Charging Cord Is So Strong

Everyone at work knows this is my charging cable and everyone wants to use it. It's about time I found a durable charger that will last longer than the one that came with my phone! I like this one for its bright color (I can always find it) and how strong it is - this one will outlast my phone for sure.

This Garment Steamer For Quick Fixes

Sometimes my clothes are so wrinkly and I only have a few minutes to freshen up my clothes. This clothes steamer heats up so fast and melts the wrinkles away! Plus its small size is so portable, it's great for traveling, too. Isn't it so cute?

This Swiss Army Knife Is So Handy

I keep this Swiss Army knife on my keychain and it always comes in handy! Swiss army quality and it isn't too expensive. I use it all the time for things like quickly fixing a broken nail with the nail file, tightening the tiny screws on my sunglasses, opening bottles - you name it, this handy gadget can do it!

This Hair Dryer Is Lightning Fast

This Dyson hairdryer never gets too hot and dries my hair so fast! Yes, it's a bit of a splurge but like I said, mornings are always a big rush for me to get out the door and to my shift on time. This cuts way down on drying time so I can spend more time hitting the snooze button or actually getting to eat breakfast myself!

This Fitbit Tracks My Many Steps

I like to measure my steps at the restaurant (and measure my heart rate when those bizarre and needy customers start driving me crazy!) - this Fitbit is an affordable way to do both. I also love the slim design that doesn't get in the way when I'm working and the pretty colors it comes in!

This Roomba Does My Chores For Me

Nobody at my house is going to pick up while I'm working on a Saturday but my Roomba definitely will! With two dogs and a couple kids, the floors need frequent vacuuming that I just don't have time to do myself. I love that I can "set it and forget it" with an app on my phone - I can program the Roomba to start vacuuming when I'm at work so I come home to a clean house, ahh!

This Foam Roller Gets The Knots Out

I never leave for a shift without my foam roller! My friends think my massaging is over the top until they have back pain and crank it up! This helps get out all the knots that happen when I'm on the move all day (or serving difficult customers!) and really helps loosen things up so I feel great even after a long shift.