30 Things I've Bought On Amazon And Would Buy Again and Again

Hi, I’m Aleksia from Boston and I consider myself A Serious Amazon Shopper. Really--I commit myself to surfing through pages and pages of goodies, comparing prices to the penny, reading reviews, and staring pensively at my credit card before I hit "Buy Now."

Admittedly, my system isn’t perfect. I’ve failed. I’ve succeeded. And I’m here to share what I know. I’ve whittled down my list of favorite products to just the absolute best, the ones I use every single day and would buy again and again. From a pop-socket equipped with chap-stick, to the chicest diffuser on the market, to a surprisingly affordable immersion blender (fancy!), I've got the down-low on awesome Amazon purchases. Read on to discover your new favorite life-saver.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.


I Bought a PopSocket with Chapstick and Now My Lips Are Never Chapped

via: Amazon

There’s nothing I hate more than getting stranded on a date night without chapstick. This PopSocket makes sure I never dig through the dark corners of my bag in vain. The little strawberry pattern is a subtle, cute touch, and I love that the lip balm is super moisturizing. If strawberry isn’t your thing, check out other flavors like cotton candy and vanilla to find your favorite.

This Mini-Magnifying Mirror Perfects My Brows On The Go

via: Amazon

Much to the disappointment of my brow specialist, I cannot leave my eyebrows alone. Before I went on a big trip, my mom gave me this tiny magnifying mirror, and I’ve never met a more useful tool for beautifying on the go. The suction cups are super sticky, the magnification is clear, and the result is perfect makeup or brows, even with limited counter space.

I Never Choose Just One Cute Photo with This Digital Photo Frame

via: Amazon

I was recommended this digital photo frame by a co-worker, and I’m obsessed. I have way too many adorable pics of my dog’s face to choose just one to display!! The sleek design makes this photo frame a stylish addition to my desk decor, and the super-high resolution makes sure every single one of my co-workers can see my pooch in HD. As it should be.

Movie Night is a Snap With My Mini Projector

via: Amazon

After spending dozens of date nights and girls’ nights crowded around a 13" inch laptop, I decided enough is enough and went on the search for a mini projector. It's a splurge I'll never regret. The picture quality on this is amazing, and it’s so easy to set up. Simply plug in your phone, pull up your favorite movie, and stretch out on the couch for the full home theatre experience.

This Wave Projector Turns My Ceiling into a Dreamscape

via: Amazon

Who doesn’t want to turn their room into an underwater dreamscape? I flick on this projector and my ceiling transforms instantly into waves and my stress levels plummet. When I’m not feeling ocean-vibes, I can flick through the seven light settings to find something that feels better. It sings, too! I plug in an audio source and choose a tune to set the mood.

The Only Shower Speakers You'll Ever Need

via: Amazon

Don’t know about you, but I like to pretend that my shower is sold-out Madison Square Garden and I am the headliner. These affordable shower speakers are perfect for my shower sing-a-long sessions and make it easy for me to change my tunes when I want. They’re pocketable, too, and I can bring them on long bike rides or car trips.

This Portable UV Cell-Phone Sanitizer Keeps My Screen Bacteria-Free

via: Amazon

Did you know how much bacteria and grime collect on your phone screen?! According to science, it's a lot. But I can't sacrifice taking my phone everywhere I go! This UV-powered "cellphone toothbrush" zaps all nasty germs, making sure I keep my hands, face, and phone squeaky clean. It's sleek and light-weight, too. I toss it into my purse and am ready to sterilize on the go.

Get Rid of Hair Painlessly With Facial Razors

via: Amazon

My skin breaks out every single time a wax strip dares to come near it. These touch-up razors have saved me a whole lot of trips to the beauty salon. And, you can also use the blade for gentle exfoliation that’s much less irritating than scrubs and peels. Who said beauty is pain? Trust me—your skin will thank you!

Tea Drops for A Zero-Waste Tea Experience

via: Amazon

I love sipping on iced tea at lunchtime and making myself a steamy mug before I go to bed but hate tossing dozens of teabags. These tea drops dissolve in hot water, leaving zero waste. This sampler pack lets me try lots of vibrant and refreshing flavors before committing to a whole pack. My favorite was Sweet Peppermint. Try for yourself to find yours and we can compare notes.

Silk Pillowcases Give Me Silky Skin

via: Amazon

When I learned that my acne could be caused by bacteria-trapping pillowcases, I went on the hunt for a sensitive skin friendly solution. These liquid-smooth silk pillowcases helped clear up my skin in no time with zero irritation. Also, they make my bed look and feel like a five-star hotel so I can pretend I’m on vacay every day.

A Round Ice Cube Maker Makes Me Feel Like I Know How to Drink Whiskey

via: Amazon

My boyfriend and I had ice spheres at a bar and were instantly obsessed. Who knew ice could look so classy? And, spherical ice melts slower, keeping your drink cold for longer. Science! I use this ice to keep my whiskey chilly, impress guests at dinner parties, and make me feeling like I know what I’m doing when I pour Tennessee Honey.

Why Buy a New Razor When You Can Buy a Razor Blade Sharpener?

via: Amazon

This 3 in 1 tool is a grooming game changer. The sharpener makes disposable razors last ten times as long, and the de-gunker leaves my blades shiny and clean. It’s like having a brand-new razor every single day, and I’ve honestly never had such close and comfortable shaves.

Q & A a Day for the Soul Helps Me Stay Reflective and Calm

via: Amazon

I really want to be someone who achieves clarity through journals, but I’m terrible at keeping a diary. So my friend recommended me this book. Q&A A Day for The Soul gets me thinking about the big questions right away. Here’s the twist—with spaces to track my answers over five years, I’ll get to see how my thinking changes. I keep Q&A A Day For the Soul by my bed and end every day with some quiet introspection.

All Dog-Owners Must Know About Indoor/Outdoor Potties

via: Amazon

Potty-training my rowdy pooches was no easy business. A colleague recommended this product, and it works like a charm. I live in an apartment with no grass on my balcony, so it comes in handy with late-night walk requests. It's also perfect for when you leave your puppies solo for a doctor's appointment or grocery store run and want to make double-sure there's no accident.

This Sleep Mask Gets Me My Full Eight Hours

via: Amazon

I can’t sleep with light and love my gauzy curtains too much to consider blackout shades. After a few sub-par sleep masks, my boyfriend recommended this one, and it’s absolutely perfect. The fabric is breathable, and the adjustable wire over the nose keeps light from poking in. I sleep straight through the rising of the hot summer sun.

Mitt Warmers Keep me Toasty ALLLL Winter Long

via: Amazon

I spent four years at college in Maine, desperately trying to keep my lil fingers warm. If only I had known about these portable hand warmers. Now, I pop them into my mittens when it’s nippy out, and I’m ready to go. I love that they are rechargeable so I can keep my hands nice and toasty all day long. Bonus round: I use them for at-home hot-stone massages. They make for a great alternative to IcyHot to soothe tense muscles.

Love and Friendship in a Jar Genuinely Brightens My Day

via: Amazon

We could all use some good vibes! My friend got me this Love & Friendship in a jar, and I keep it at my office desk to spread some positivity on glum days. Here’s how it works: 1) Pull out a piece of paper with a positive note. 2) Repeat every day for a year. Try this one on for size—“An hour with friends is worth ten with strangers" Awww!

This Lint and Fabric Pill Remover Has Given My Sweaters a New Life

via: Amazon

Fabric pills drive me absolutely nuts, and this mighty tool has stopped me from tossing so many sweaters. It’s small enough to throw into a travel bag and never harsh, not even my priciest cashmere. Clumsy like me? The safety guard makes sure there are no cuts involved. With just a few strokes, it shaves off those annoying pills and gets my clothing looking brand new.

Every Dog Walker Needs This Practical Doggy Bag Dispenser

via: Amazon/Mike44NH

My hyperactive chihuahuas just love getting tangled up in their leashes. This doggy bag dispenser makes walk time so much easier. It clips onto a leash and lets me walk my puppies without stuffing doggy bags into a pocket or having them fly free when I detangle leashes. I fill it up the flexible silicone pouch once every few days and head out on my walks worry-free.

Extra-Long Oven Mitts for Ultimate Kitchen Protection

via: Amazon

I’ve gotten way too many burns from reaching into my oven with dish towels, so I got these super long oven mitts for ultimate protection. Now, I feel like a gourmet chef and also sort of like a superhero? They’re the most durable, protective, comfortable, and flexible oven mitts I’ve laid hands on.

Every Day is Spa Day With This Infuser Water Bottle

via: Amazon

I probably have close to a dozen water bottles squirreled away in my house, but this one is my favorite because I can add fruit and pretend I’m in a spa at all times. Adding some fresh lemons and cucumbers to my water is a simple and effective way to lift my mood on the morning commute. Plus, the bottle is super durable and resistant to breaks and scrapes.

An Immersion Blender is Surprisingly Affordable

My favorite part of every food competition TV show is when they break out the fancy kitchen equipment. What is the fanciest of fancy kitchen tools? What stokes my envy like no other? Yes, the immersion blender. Tried it, and it’s as good as it looks on TV. Really! It can be used directly in bowls, cups, and pots (no transfer necessary), and I use it nearly daily to make my smoothies and soups silky-smooth.

The Only Makeup Remover You'll Ever Use Again

via: Amazon

I cannot overstate how much I love Farmacy's makeup melt-away balm. Nothing is as effective in removing mascara, concealer, and the day's grime. It's free of parabens, sulfates, and artificial coloring. I use it daily and it keeps my super sensitive skin feeling refreshed and moisturized--never irritated! I love that it's a balm, not a liquid or gel, so it's totally TSA-approved.

Horray! Fanny Packs Are Cool Again! Buy This Fun One

via: Amazon

I was actually so excited when fanny packs started to come back into style—hands-free and compact? Yes, please. Unfortunately, now my closet is full of fanny packs. This one, though, takes the cake. It’s surprisingly spacious, comfortable, and the fabric is high-quality and durable. I love the pineapples (I think they are such a cute whimsical touch!) and with dozens of color options, it’s easy to find a favorite.

This Diffuser Got Me on the Aromatherapy Train

via: Amazon/ Amazon Customer

Sometimes candles don’t cut it, and cleaning sprays leave a chemical smell. So I turn to my trusty diffuser to get stuffy rooms smelling fresh. I love the ergonomic shape, the wood grain exterior, and even the little LED lights that I can adjust. As I do yoga, I can get my room to smell like a field of fresh lavender or a eucalyptus forest. Dreamy.

These Succulent Candles Make My Room Pop

via: Amazon

These adorable and fun succulent candles make the best gifts. I bought them for my friend and loved seeing them so much in her apartment that I just had to get some for myself. The detail is amazing (check out that fake dirt!), and they brighten up every room. It’s just like having real cacti. Minus the pointy needles, of course.

This Reading Light Saved My Relationship

via: Amazon

My boyfriend is a Ph.D. student and loves reading into the early hours of the morning, but I need all the rest I can get. This clever reading light can be easily clipped onto a page and adjusted. It’s powerful enough so that my bf doesn't strain his eyes, but gentle enough that I can still snooze. Sometimes I nab it for plane trips, trains trips, and low-lit, moody cafes.

Get Happy With This Bob Ross Mug

via: Amazon

I adore everything about Bob Ross, so my sister got me a fun color changing mug as a birthday present. I love novelty gifts, and this one was an instant hit. I simply pour my morning coffee and let Bob Ross’ masterpiece come to life. Ahhh, some Bob-Ross calm for my busy days! Just remember: we don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.

This Bedside Shelf Helps Me Live An Actually Organized Life

via: Amazon

My apartment is so itsy-bitsy there's no room for a big bedside table. So, where am I supposed to put my glasses, my favorite novel, and my phone? A couple of months ago, I graduated from putting everything on the floor to purchasing this minimalist bedside shelf. It's super spacious (I can fit my laptop, too!), built-to-last, and so classy that my friends never guess I paid under $30.

This Cult Foot Peel Erased Years (Years!) of Rough Skin

via: Amazon

I live in Boston, so I’m constantly walking, often in high heels or boots. Yeah, it's great for getting in my steps, but I struggle to get rid of calluses and rough skin. Pedicures don’t work; pumicing doesn’t work. Only baby foot peel works. Put this foot mask on and watch your rough skin and blisters fall straight off. Really. You’ll want to make sure you plan on using Baby Foot Peel on a rainy weekend, but it’s well worth it for re-born feet.