30 Things I've Bought on Amazon And Would Buy Again And Again

Hi! I'm Kyla - a San Diegan who relocated to Boston. I'm a millennial living with my husband, our dog and two cats. First off, I love games of all kinds, from video games to board games. I also travel pretty frequently and love to be outdoors, but only when it's warm (which, in Boston, is a short season!)

Here are 30 of my favorite products I ever purchased on Amazon, from stuff for our pets to fun and functional things for myself!

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Mega-Pack of Hair Ties

So many hair ties! These are soft so they don’t leave a crease, and I love all the color/pattern options! They come in a range of colors designed to blend in with you hair for a subtle look, or crazy colors and patterns when you want to go bold! You get a set of 100, so even if you lose a few, you'll still have plenty of them left to enjoy.

These Woolite Dry Clean At Home Sheets For Fast Clothing Refresh

These bad boys from Woolite are a lifesaver when you want to wear your favorite blouse, but you can't make it to the dry cleaners on time. Simply spot clean with the included stain remover cloths, toss a sheet with up to five pieces of clothing into the dryer and tumble dry for 20 minutes. Voila, dry cleaner fresh clothes without the high price!

This Easy to Use Self-Tanner For A Healthy Look

Sometimes you need to convince others that you haven’t been trapped inside playing video games for days on end. This instant self tanner does the job! It comes in a handful of shades to match various skin tones and it couldn't be easier to apply. Just spray it into your hands then rub on your legs! You can instantly tell if you missed a spot so you don't get streaky tell-tale fake tan marks.

This Luggage Is A Traveler's BFF

This luggage is the perfect carry-on size, but the hard shell keeps my belongings safe when it inevitably has to get gate-checked. It spins on its wheels so you can easily tote it through the airport crowds, and it expands up to 15% larger thanks to cool side zippers. Inside has separate compartments to keep myself organized, especially when paired with my next item…

These Packing Cubes Keep Me Organized

Packing cubes! These are a traveling game-changer. I used to use vacuum seal bags for traveling, but these packing cubes are so much nicer. Everything stays in place and I can easily find what I need! They come in a set of three various sizes, so they're great for separating clothing from shoes from toiletries.

This Avocado Keeper Saves My Snack

An avocado saver is great on the off chance I don't eat the whole thing in one sitting. This one couldn't be easier to use - just pop the uneaten avocado half into the keeper and snap on the lid. You can throw it in the dishwasher when you're done, so no annoying hand washing required!

This Bun Maker Sets Up My Hair Game

I had a hard time figuring out what to do with my hair once I grew it out from a pixie cut, but these bun making tools are easy to use and give me some fun options. They come with bun "donuts" in three sizes, two wraps for easily rolling up your hair and a bunch of accessories. Even the hair ties are nice!

This Bedside Organizer Lets You Go Nightstand-Free

I've tried a few different types of bedside organizers, but this one is by far my favorite. I prefer it because it doesn't stand up like a shelf. It’s subtle, it doesn’t protrude, and it’s so handy. The pockets can fit my glasses, phone, and even a water bottle - with room to spare.

These Pet Tag Clips Make Changing Out Collars A Breeze

Our dog has a ton of different collars, we switch them up for every occasion! These clips make it super easy to move all the tags in about two seconds. So much fashion. They come in multiple sets and sizes, just pick one that fits your pet and you're good to go.

This Hands-Free Leash Gives Us More Freedom

This hands-free dog leash took our walks to the next level. I’m not exactly a runner, but sometimes I try. The bungee keeps me from yanking on poor doggo every time I slow down or stop. I think it’s safe to say, this leash has made us both happier on our strolls!

These Role Playing Game Dice Are Awesome

Honestly, who wouldn’t want to fight dragons with purple sparkles?! This set of polyhedral dice is great for any role playing game you can think of - it comes with seven die in various configurations: D20, D12, two D10 (00-90 and 0-9), D8, D6, and D4. And it gets great reviews from gamers!

These Yoga Shorts Are So Comfortable

Yoga shorts are perfect for wearing under dresses. I used to work with small children, which involved a lot of running around/ crawling on the floor/ rescuing kids from the tops of monkey bars. These shorts gave me some peace of mind, and they even have pockets to hold my cellphone or ID badge.

This Faux Engagement Ring Looks Like The Real Thing

If you are terrified of losing or damaging your rings, this fake engagement ring is the solution. I switch this out with my real one for vacations or even housework. The 1-carat diamond on a silver band looks totally real - it's even fooled some of my friends!

These Markers Are So Colorful

These markers are my favorite! Writing greeting cards in pink or green make them so much more special, IMO. And you get so many colors with this set, from neutrals to brights. These would also be great for coloring in adult coloring books or just doodling while you're on looooong conference calls.

This Storage Ottoman Keeps Things Neat

I love these little ottomans! They’re great for storing blankets in, and they can also be used as foot rest or stool. As a bonus for me, they fit between the back of my couch and the window in my oddly shaped living room. They come in a bunch of colors that go with any decor, so they're super versatile in any room.

This Fake Nose Ring Is So Fun

Sometimes you get the urge to get a random piercing. (No? Only me?) Well, I’m not ashamed to admit that I bought fake nose rings. Now I can wear them whenever I want, without the commitment. You get a set of three nose rings - silver, gold and rose gold - so you can mix and match to suit any look.

These Furniture Risers Create More Storage Space

Adding these furniture risers to my spare room gave me enough space to put some storage bins under the bed. They are surprisingly sturdy, too! They come in three neutrals, white, brown and black, to match your furniture and blend in, so no one will notice their stealth storage space creation.

This Lazy Susan Is So Convenient

Lazy Susans are amazing little contraptions! I like to use them in the fridge for easy condiment access but you can also use them in cabinets or under the sink for craft supplies, vitamins, cosmetics - basically anything that you need easy access to.

This Scotch Poster Tape Doesn't Hurt Walls

I swear by this poster tape, especially if you need to hang up temporary decorations. It’s so much better than sticking a bunch of tiny holes into your walls with thumbtacks. They're great for parties or holiday celebrations, where you need to stick up balloons or decorations and you don't want to rip the paint off your walls!

This Cat Litter Box Was An Inspired Purchase

Yes, I bought a piece of furniture for my cats to pee in. No regrets. This little bench makes the litter box actually look good, and gives the kitties the privacy they oh so deserve. It doubles as storage since you can pile things on top, the doors open to the side instead of the whole lid lifting off.

This Door Strap For Kids Actually Works For Pets

This little door strap lets the cats in, but keeps the dog out. I’m pretty sure this was intended for children, but it works wonders to create a dog-free haven. It installs in seconds since it just sticks to the door, and you can adjust the strap length to the size of your animal you want to let in, or kid you want to keep out! There's also a slam guard which is a great safety feature.

This Beachy Contact Paper Jazzes Things Up

I just love the look of this beachwood contact paper! I used it as an experiment to freshen up my TV stand and I was amazed at the outcome. (I used it horizontally, and paired it with a solid blue-grey color.) It's great for freshening up tired furniture for a whole new look - try it on drawer fronts, or small side tables. You can do a ton of cool DIY craft projects with it, too!

This Key Organizer Keeps Things Tidy

You may have seen this key organizer floating around the Internet. I bought one for my husband a few years back and he’s been using it ever since! You can fit 8 to 14 keys in the holder and they won't be jangling around loose everywhere, just tucked nicely into the organizer. It also has over 3,000 rave reviews, so people besides us love this thing!

This Plug-In Outlet Is So Convenient

This is just extremely practical, really. Who ever has enough outlets? This comes as a set of two wall outlet adapters, each with six widely-spaced outlets so you're gonna have power for days with this versatile gadget. It also comes in black, white or gray to blend in with your existing outlet cover color. And it's got almost 8,000 outstanding reviews for convenience and safety!

This Bar Set Has Everything You Need

This little bar set makes you feel like a professional, even if you are far from it. It comes with two different sized shaker cups (15 and 30 oz), a double-sided jigger with two serving sizes, a strainer, bar spoon, bottle opener, waiter's corkscrew and six liquor-pouring spouts. You truly have everything you need to get started cocktail-making adventures at home!

This Cosmetic Bag Works For Crafts, Too

If you’re crafty, these are awesome little bags that can be customized pretty much however you see fit! If you're not crafty, these are awesome little bags that can be used to organize whatever you see fit! From cosmetics to craft supplies, you'll be the most organized person in the room with this four-pack of sturdy cotton canvas zippered bags.

One Pound of Bobby Pins. 'Nuff Said.

One POUND of bobby pins. I will never run out. Admittedly, my husband finds them all over the house, but hey, that’s just life. These come in a versatile bronze color that people with lots of different hair colors can use to blend in with their hair or stand out to make a statement.

These Earring Backs Have Your Back

Along the same lines as the pound of bobby pins, this little box holds about a million (ok, 1,200) earring backs. Never again do I have to worry about one dropping into the void. They're clear plastic so they're virtually undetectable and they'll fit on any earring from a standard post to danglers.

This Frame Is Great For Insta Pics

I love this collage picture frame! The square spaces pair perfectly with photos printed from Instagram, and you can fit nine pics in the good-sized frame. They also make wonderful personalized gifts for friends and family for anything from birthday to holiday to wedding presents.

This Clear Backpack Is So Sturdy

I originally bought this clear backpack because it meets the size and visibility requirements for my local stadium. BUT it’s so cute and easy to clean that I’ve found other uses for it. It’s been to the beach and amusement parks with me, and it’s also been used to hold some of my dog's belongings. The trim comes in a million colors from eye-popping to basic black, just pick your fave!