The 30 Greatest Purchases I Ever Made on Amazon

Hi, my name is Kim, and I live in a one bedroom apartment in Honolulu (four blocks from the beach!) with my husband of seven years, Bryan. We both grew up in Ohio and LOVE outdoor adventures and being on the water, but we also enjoy staying home with our babies (Lily and Mowgli, our cats). Bryan's very into health and fitness...I like to pretend that I am, too! And I'm excited to tell you about 30 of my favorite Amazon purchases, ever.

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Inflatable SUP Board For A Killer Core Workout

I love to SUP but we don't have room in our one bedroom apartment to store one, so I found the next best thing! This stand up paddle board is easy to inflate and gives a great core workout.

This Lightweight $19 Backpack For Any Adventure

This lightweight backpack is PERFECT to keep in the seat of my Vespa so I'm ready for wherever adventure takes me. It has tons of pockets and storage space and the price is great, too.

This Portable Grill For Beach BBQs

Beach BBQs are the best, and this portable grill makes them even better. It's great to keep in a storage bin in our Jeep so we're prepared any time the mood hits.

This Heavy-Duty Storage Bin For Our Jeep

No trunk? No problem! This sturdy storage bin is the perfect size to hold the portable grill in the back of our Jeep.

This Pull-Up Bar For At-Home Workouts

Bryan loves a good at home workout. This pull-up bar fits great in our doorway and is easy to put up and take down as needed.

This Yoga Swing For Non-Traditional Workouts

If you're like me and get bored doing traditional workouts, you should definitely try out a yoga swing! I use Bryan's pull-up bar to hold it up in our apartment but also enjoy taking it to a park for a little more space to move.

This Phone Holder For Easy GPS Access When Driving

A phone holder for the car is a MUST for us. Makes checking GPS directions and changing music so easy (and much safer).

This Portable Charger Has Saved Me Work-Wise

I travel often for work and since the internet doesn't sleep it's very important that I am available. This portable charger has saved me on numerous occasions when I have either forgotten to charge my phone or am on it all day.

This Apple Watch Is My New Fave Toy

The Apple Watch is my new favorite toy. It's perfect to take to the beach when I'm going to be out on the water. I love that I can leave my cell phone at home but still be connected.

These Underbed Storage Bags For Our Small Apartment

One bedroom apartments can be challenging to find storage for everything, but these storage bags fit great under the bed and are super affordable.

This Moth Repellent Saves My Clothes

Great for protecting your clothes from moths. This moth prevention set comes with a TON of pieces for various drawers and storage spaces.

This Soft Comforter For Lightweight Warmth

Hawaii gets warm, but this duvet insert is lightweight and perfect to snuggle into at night. And to be honest, I still can't believe it's only $25.

This iRobot Vacuum For All The Cat Litter (And Hair)

Wood floors + owning cats who use a litter box = a big mess. The iRobot vacuum makes life easy by keeping our floors spotless.

This Storage Container Holds Q-Tips So Cutely

TBH, I just love this storage container because it's really cute. It pops up when you press on the top which makes it so fun to use!

This Water Flosser For Easier Dental Care

You should floss every day, but do you? Probably not. I know I didn't UNTIL I got this water flosser. My dentist loves me now.

This Gallery Wall Kit For Easy Art Installation

Gallery walls are all the rage. This gallery frame kit is high quality and perfect for displaying our favorite pieces of art by @Indigomadness.

This Bar Cart Is Insanely Useful

This bar cart might be my favorite thing in our apartment. We keep it on our lanai and use it to hold our herb garden and some decor.

This Deck Storage Box Looks Great, Doesn't Cost A Fortune

This deck storage box is super affordable but doesn't look cheap. It's perfect for storing all of our water sports equipment on the lanai.

This Knife Set Has Everything You Need

Best. Knives. Ever. Everything you want and need in a knife set, from scissors to meat cleaver.

This Shaving Cream For Sensitive Skin

Bryan has to keep his face shaved for work and swears by this shaving cream. Great for sensitive skin.

This Protein Energy For Hard Workouts

Protein Energy is perfect for anytime you need fuel and energy. The Mocha Cappucino flavor tastes great and keeps me full.

This Protein Powder For Post-Workout Recovery

This yummy protein powder helps to support muscle recovery and is great post-workouts.

This Makeup Eraser For Easy Clean-Up

The reusable makeup eraser works SO well at cleaning off hard-to-remove makeup and is so much better than wipes or chemical products.

This Cute Robe For Working From Home

This beyond-soft and super cute and comfy robe is my work-from-home uniform.

These Cat Treats Are Like Kitty Crack

Mowgli and Lily can't get enough of these treats that are basically chicken mousse in a tube. Kinda gross but the cats love 'em!

This Dry Cat Food Eliminates Hairballs

Mowgli was coughing up hairballs often, so we switched to this dry cat food and haven't seen one since!

This Pet Water Fountain Keeps Them Hydrated

Our vet mentioned our cats weren't drinking enough water and recommended a pet fountain. They go crazy for it and it's so cute to watch them bat at the water.