Here Are My 30 Favorite Things I Ever Bought on Amazon Canada

The only thing better than shopping is telling everyone about my favorite purchases. I am totally that girl who, if you compliment my dress, will excitedly tell you how much I paid for it, where you can get it on sale so we can be twinsies, and also that it has pockets. Pockets! I will also gladly catalog for you all my latest finds on Amazon, my favorite online store.

If you have $20 or so burning a hole in your virtual pocket, I am just the friend to help you spend it. Fall with me down the wondrous Amazon rabbit hole of cool, cute, fun, useful, and just plain irresistible stuff. Need a gift to cheer up a friend? Try a scratch and sniff wine book or cake pop maker. Want to spruce your space? These gorgeous agate coasters and rose gold makeup mirror will take your decor to a glam new level. Read on for more of my favorite purchases, and join me in making life a little better with the help of retail magic.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!
We hope you find these awesome products as irresistible as we do. Just an FYI: we participate in affiliate programs, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Scratch and Sniff Book About Wine Is a Fun and Educational Gift for Any Wine Drinker

To become a Master Sommelier, a wine expert must be able to identify a wine's grape varietal, region, and year. I wonder if a scratch and sniff book would be a good place to start? I got this book for my husband, and it's become a favorite conversation starter to pull out whenever we have friends over for drinks. Everyone loves to sniff the various reds and whites, and debate whether they match up with the real wines.

This Wireless Key Finder Will Save You Time (and Sanity)

When I recently moved to a new home, I neglected to pick a spot to store my keys. As result, I kept losing them. Like, every day. Desperate for an affordable solution, I gave this handy key finder system a try. Whenever my keys are missing, I press the corresponding button on the base unit to make my keychain beep. It works up to about a 30-foot range, so it doesn't take me long to find my missing keys.

These Flameless Tea Light Candles Operate on a Timer to Give Your Space a Warm Glow

Flameless candles may not seem like the most amazing find, but hear me out. These candles operate on a daily timer! Turn them on once, and they stay lit for six hours, then do it again every day at the same time. This means you can arrange the dozen little candles on your mantle, among seasonal decorations, atop a bookcase, or wherever you want a cozy glow. Some users report the included batteries gave out after a couple weeks, but mine have been going strong for over a month.

This Socks and Underwear Organizer Will Save Space and Make Your Drawers Look Fabulous

In my bedroom, I have an antique dresser with wide, deep drawers. No matter how neatly I folded and lined up my clothes, they always ended up tumbling and tangling together . Then I discovered these life-changing organizers. I bought enough to fill up a drawer, then neatly stowed all my socks, underwear, bras, and tank tops into the compartments. Now I can see everything at once, and it all stays neat day after day. I was so impressed that I ordered more, and now I can't wait to reorganize the rest of my clothes!

These Fidget Toys Gives Busy Hands Something to Do

Forget fidget spinners. My family has tried every fidget gadget there is, and these colorful Tangle toys are the unanimous favorite. The plastic tubes snap apart, reconnect, twist, and turn for endless entertainment. They're great for messing with when you're trying to concentrate on a difficult mental problem. They also help kids stay busy when they need to wait quietly. They even make a neat little coffee table or desk toy; people can't resist picking them up and playing with them.

This USB Multi Port Charger Is a Tidy and Practical Solution for Charging All Your Stuff

It was the wireless headphones that pushed me over the edge. My bedside table was already a mess of cords dangling in every direction and plugged into two different wall outlets. But when I needed to plug in yet another device, I headed to Amazon for a solution. This sleek little charging unit comes in a few different colors, but most importantly, it corrals cords so you can charge multiple devices with a minimum of mess.

This Makeup Mirror Lights Up Your Face in the Most Stylish Way

This gorgeous rose gold makeup mirror has every feature I need. It includes regular and magnifying mirrors, lights up with 21 LED bulbs, and runs on batteries or a USB power cord. Best of all, it comes in three pretty finishes, but the rose gold is my absolute favorite. It looks much fancier than the price would have you believe!

This Portable Label Maker Helps You Get Organized (And Stay That Way)

Before you tackle your next organization project, be prepared with neat, colorful, professional looking labels. I use this hand-held label maker for just about every organizational task. It's affordable, reliable, and can use a variety of tapes for color coding. I use it to label files, storage bins, and items I loan to friends. In fact, I seem to find new uses for it every day!

This Pearl Choker Necklace Is a Stylish and Affordable Way to Accessorize Your Favorite Outfit

Fashion icon Coco Chanel once said, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off." This is solid advice that I follow every day, but there's one piece of jewelry that always makes the cut. This simple, classic, unfussy pearl choker adds the perfect finishing touch to countless outfits. It comes on a black, brown, or tan leather cord, though my favorite is the black.

This Panda Bluetooth Speaker Is Adorably Tiny but Has Big Sound

This adorbs little speaker may be the size of a golf ball, but it pump out a surprisingly rich and full sound that far surpasses what your phone's speaker is capable of. It's perfect for a desk or bedside table, and makes a great little gift when you don't know what else to give someone. It even comes in seven different painfully cute animal styles. I'm partial to the panda, but the goldfish is a close second.

This Owl Coin Bank Holds Your Spare Change and Looks Good Doing It

I'm a sucker for stylish home items that accomplish two or more things at once. I needed a bank for spare coins, but I didn't want something ugly or plain. I went searching on Amazon and was delighted to find this clever solution. Sculpted of metal, the 11-inch-tall owl looks handsome perched on a bookshelf. Empty, it's an interesting piece of decor. Filled with coins, it looks even better.

This Meditation Cushion Helps You Achieve Zen in Seven Peaceful Colors

I recently downloaded a meditation app and have been trying to extend my daily mediation to something beyond five minutes of distracted impatience. Maybe my new meditation cushion will help. It's just the right size, comfortably firm, and looks great in the corner of the room where it lives the other 23 hours and 55 minutes out of the day. Need more encouragement? 90% of Amazon reviewers have given it five stars!

This Kenra Blow-Drying Spray Smells Incredible and Cuts Blowdrying Time in Half

My hair stylist Sheri introduced me to this magical elixir. I have no idea how it works, but a few sprays smooth and soften my hair, provide thermal protection, and decrease drying time dramatically. As a bonus, this is one of the best smelling hair products I've ever tried. I'm not sure how to describe the scent except to say it smells expensive. Truly, this is one of my favorite products in the world.

This Fujifilm Instant Camera Is the Ultimate in Instant Gratification

Everyone has a camera in their pocket these days, but how many people can hand you a printed photo on the spot? I bought this candy-colored instant camera for my daughter--who loves it--but I keep borrowing it for myself. It's a hit at parties and nights out with friends, and people love taking the petite printed photos home as souvenirs.

This Hand-Operated Egg Beater Is Just the Best at Its Job

Do I have a fancy KitchenAid stand mixer? Yes. Do I ignore it in favor of my bargain-priced, no-frills, hand-cranked egg beater? Yes! I use it to whip cream, stir cake batters, and scramble eggs. The beaters pop off for easy cleaning, and so far it's survived many trips through the dishwasher. This egg beater is not fancy, but it's a kitchen tool I reach for again and again.

These Glencairn Whisky Glasses Are an Elegant and Affordable Upgrade

I have recently become a fan of whisky. It started with a bottle of Scotch I received as a gift, which I gamely drank out of wine glasses and teacups because I didn't have anything more appropriate. When I was ready to buy my own whisky, I figured I'd better get glasses to go with it. Trust Amazon to provide exactly what I need: a set of four stylish, high-quality whisky glasses at a reasonable price. Now, I'm sipping my Scotch in style!

This Foldable Travel Pill Box Keeps Meds Safe and Organized

I appreciate well-designed items that make life easier, which is why this travel pill box is on my list of favorite things. Seven compartments with clear lids hold vitamins or medications, and the whole thing folds up neatly and seals shut with magnetic closures. Perfectly sized for travel, it fits nicely in a pocket, purse, or backpack.

These Fingerless Cat Paw Gloves Are Frivolous and Adorable and Exactly What You Need Right Now

File this favorite thing under "just because." As in, just because they are velvety soft. Just because they come in twin-packs. Just because they are so stinkin' cute! Order yourself these kitty paw gloves and when the package arrives, you'll be so happy, you'll say meow!

This Faux Fur Blanket Is a Warm and Cozy Layer of Luxury

I spent months searching for the perfect faux fur throw blanket for the foot of my bed. I had my eye on one at an expensive home store, hoping it would go on sale, when I got the genius idea to search Amazon instead. Sure enough, I found exactly what I wanted at a fraction of the price. This blanket is light, soft, silky, and looks much more expensive than it is.

This Exploding Kittens Card Game Is Super Fun and Easy to Learn

My family enjoys playing games, but it's hard to know which ones will be a hit, and which will be played once and then shoved to the back of the cabinet. Take my word for it, Exploding Kittens will stay on top of the game stack and be enjoyed over and over. It's easy to learn, fun to play, and hilarious, too. I've played it with squirrelly kids, sullen teens, and even adults who claim they don't like games.  Everyone loves it.

This Cushy Bath Mat Is a Daily Spa Moment for Your Feet

My friends are sick of hearing about my new bath mat, so I'm telling you instead. Seriously, this may be the best bath mat in the world. The secret is a layer of thick memory foam under a shaggy cloud of microfiber--the perfect combo for luxurious softness. It comes in four colors, and while the gray is probably the most practical, the white mat makes me feel like I'm in a fancy hotel.

These Crystalized Lemon and Lime Packets Make Every Drink Taste Better

One day I was out to brunch with my friend Kristen, who opened a little green packet and stirred the contents into her iced tea. Intrigued, I tried the crystallized lime in my sparkling water, and I was instantly hooked. No sugar, no artificial sweeteners, no crummy ingredients of any kind. Just pure, powdered citrus essence, perfect for adding to any drink.

This Cake Pop Maker Is a Fun Gift for a Sweet Tooth

I'm not normally a fan of one-use kitchen appliances, but this cute, purple cake pop maker was too tempting to resist. The included recipe and directions were easy to follow, and my first batch of vanilla cake pops turned out adorable (and tasty). I dipped them in melted white chocolate and sprinkles, which was pretty heavenly. Next time I think I'll try chocolate cake pops with buttercream frosting. Mmm.

This Book Safe Is a Sneaky Way to Hide Valuables in Plain Sight

If I made a bucket list for my dream home, it would for sure include a hidden bookcase door leading to a secret passage. In the meantime, I can satisfy my urge for secrecy with a book safe. It looks like an ordinary dictionary but is actually a lockbox big enough for cash, passports, jewelry, or any other small items you need to hide.

These Blue Agate Coasters Add a Stylish, Colorful Touch to Your Living Room

When I moved into my new place, I redecorated with a lot more blue. Before long I was obsessively shopping for every blue accessory I could find: throw pillows, rugs, candy dishes, and these fabulous agate coasters. You can certainly find cheaper coasters, but you won't find prettier ones. If blue isn't your color of choice, they also come in pink, brown, and other shades.

This Bamboo Travel Mug Feels as Good as It Looks

I need another travel mug like I need a hole in the head, but when I spotted this beautifully simple bamboo travel mug on Amazon, I had to have it. The stainless steel liner and silicone lid keep hot drinks hot, which is what you'd expect from any travel mug. The feature that sets this cup apart is the smooth layer of bamboo on the outside. It feels good in the hand, and it's the lightest weight mug I own.

This Affordable Cashmere Scarf Is Warm, Soft, and Comes in 35(!) Different Colors

I like nice things, and I like a bargain. When I can put those two together, it's pure retail love. This surprisingly affordable cashmere scarf is the perfect example. It's actually a blend of cashmere and cotton, but it's still the warmest, softest scarf I own. I have one in camel, which goes with just about everything, but I'm getting ready to order the green tartan print. Maybe the red, too. At this price, I can stock up!