30 Cheap Products With Amazing Results

Twenty dollars doesn't go a long way most places, that is, unless you're shopping for useful products on Amazon that should really cost more than they do! And those cool but cheap gadgets I tracked down were just too good not to share because they just work so very well. I bet you'll be saying "Why don't I own this already?!" when you see some of these things. We've packed this list with 30 cheap products with amazing results so you don't spend more than you have to in order to get the desired outcome.

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page. Prices on Amazon fluctuate so anything mentioned below might change as soon we publish it!

If you're looking for products that do what they say without costing an arm and a leg with plenty of reviews to back them up, you're in the right place. From an anti-fog spray so your glasses won't fog up when you're wearing a mask to the quickest way to fall asleep plus an easy, mess-free way to make bacon, we've got the inexpensive products you need to live your best life on the cheap!

Just an FYI: 22Words participates in the Amazon associates program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Baggie Holder Is A Lifesaver

I like to buy snacks in bulk then parcel them out into baggies, but it's such a fiddly chore that gets messy fast. So I was super happy when I came across these baggie holders - they keep the bag open so you can fill it easily and cleanly! They fit all size bags, too - I love using large bags for freezer meals or storing chopped fruit and veg.

This Bacon Cooker Is Mess-Free

The kids (and ok, me) love bacon, but it's so messy to clean up the spatter and grease after cooking. Not anymore with this microwave bacon cooker that has a vented lid to prevent fat splatter and a grooved bottom to easily catch the bacon grease. Now we can have bacon whenever we want, which is good news for everyone except my arteries!

This Wine Vacuum Is Key

I don't drink wine, but my husband enjoys a glass with dinner a few times a week. Problem was, the wine was getting stale before he could finish the whole bottle since he's the only one drinking it. We got this wine vacuum a few years ago and it's saved countless bottles of wine ever since! Just insert the special cork into the bottle and pump a few times to remove all the air in the bottle so the wine stays first-day fresh.

This Heated Eye Mask Is Heavenly

I don't know what's going on this year, maybe just because 2020, but my fall allergies are rivaling my spring ones which means bad things for my eyes and sinuses. I picked up this heated eye mask on a whim because it sounded luxurious and I am a Taurus in the truest sense, so it basically jumped in my cart. It's worked so well to help my dry, itchy eyes and the fact that you feel like you're at a fancy spa doesn't hurt, either.

These Pill Containers Are So Useful

I have a similar pill organizer to this one and I use it daily to hold all my vitamins, supplements and meds. It's so easy to segment them by morning, noon, evening and night if you have meds you need to take at different times, and the stacking containers make it easy to see that you're on the correct day of the week. Highly recommend!

This Headphone Keeper Is Great For The Unorganized

Are you among the unorganized? I sure am, which is why I love this headphone keeper to throw in my bag or pocket and keep my headphones from being a tangled mess. You simply wrap the cord around the silicone "donut" and the magnetic middle holds the earphones securely in place. It's a genius little gadget that makes a huge difference!

This Spiralizer Is So Affordable

I love spiralized veggies, but I don't love the high grocery store prices on them when they often go bad before I can use them, and I didn't want to commit to buying a big machine I'd have to store in my kitchen. Then I found this little guy and was immediately sold! Don't waste your money on super expensive spiralizers when you can get the very same results for under $10.

This Travel Bidet Is Amazing

I've been wanting a bidet for a few years now, but never pulled the trigger because of potential plumbing headaches and high prices. But this travel bidet is the next best thing! It gives you the same results without having to hook up an appliance to your toilet plumbing, which is totally intimidating. It comes with a refillable bottle and carrying case so you can take it wherever you want to feel extra clean - camping, festivals or your own bathroom. Treat your tush and you'll never look back!

These Bag Sealers Do So Much More

These bag sealers are extra adorable and work well for their extended purpose, but I've used them for all sorts of things around the house. They're excellent for cable and cord management, anchoring blanket forts, heck you could probably even use it as a ponytail holder if you were in a pinch. We use these daily in the kitchen and beyond - I wasn't expecting much when I bought them but they've proven their worth over and over again.

These Floor Sliders Give An Amazing Workout

I didn't think much of these simple floor slider discs when I first spotted them at barre class, but after doing lunges, mountain climbers and other tough leg exercises with them I changed my mind fast! They give an amazing workout at home too, which is why I picked up some right after my gym closed for COVID last spring. They've helped me stay relatively in shape and not gain the quarantine fifteen all these months later!

This Hot Sock Is A Must For Curly Hair

Both my girls have gorgeous curly hair that abhors a blowdryer because it just creates frizz and unhappiness. They also shower at night but hate going to bed with wet hair. I solved the problem quickly after I saw this Hot Sock diffuser. Instead of a big, bulky plastic attachment, you just slip the "sock" on over the blowdryer for gentle air and happy curls. Couldn't be easier for curlyheads!

This Brush Cleaner Works Like A Charm

Cleaning makeup brushes is pretty far down on my to-do list because it's such a boring chore that takes forever. But then I spotted this makeup brush cleaner and it changed everything. All you have to do to get squeaky clean brushes is squeeze some soap on the bumpy silicone mitten then swirl your brushes over it to get all the makeup out that's hidden deep within the bristles. Now I dare say cleaning them is kinda fun?

This Sleep Aid Gets You Down Fast

I often have trouble falling asleep, and on really late nights I'll sometimes pop a Benadryl to finally get myself to dreamland. I don't think this is a great habit though, so I was looking for a better alternative. Good thing I found this Genius Sleep Aid which is well, genius. These help you get to sleep faster and actually improve the quality of your sleep with a tiny bit of melatonin and some stress-relieving herbs and vitamins. And over 6,000 fans on Amazon is nothing to yawn at.

This O'Keeffe's Foot Cream Works Wonders

I don't know about you, but my heels are in a perpetual state of cracked dryness. The worst is when they snag on the bedsheets, ugh. I thought there was no hope, then I saw the before and after pics in rave reviews (over 31.000 of them!) for this foot cream. I couldn't believe my eyes at the results! So I tried some for myself, and yup it totally worked.

These Freshpaper Food Saver Sheets Are So Handy

One of my biggest pet peeves is spending a lot on fruit and vegetables only to have it go bad before we remember to eat it. What I need is these Freshpaper produce saver sheets to make it last so much longer and not get pushed to no man's land in the back of the fridge. Just pop one in a bag or container of greens, in the fruit bowl or in a drawer in your fridge and watch how much longer your food stays fresh! It says the food saver sheets are infused with natural botanicals to make produce last 2-4 times longer - I don't know what they're doing but all I can say is these things work.

This Teeth Whitening Pen Has Dazzling Results

You know those products you'd never find unless you were looking for them? This teeth whitenening pen is a sleeper hit that I'd never heard of, yet somehow it's got almost 14k dazzling reviews on Amazon with the before and afters to back it up! Seriously, the results are gorgeous for such an easy-to-use product. And you get two pens so it'll last long enough for you to get pearly whites.

This Toe Cap Relieves Pain

If you've got missing or ingrown toenails, bunion pain, blisters or hammer toes, you're going to want this toe cap which protects your tender toesies from all those ailments.  Reviewers love this gadget for comfort, their ability to stay in place even while on your feet and the fact that they're washable for many uses. Some reviewers even ran a marathon with them on and prevented painful blisters from forming!

These Shoe Protectors Beat The Rain

No one wants the inconvenience of carrying a clunky pair of rainboots around on rainy days, while toting another pair to wear once you're inside. These shoe protectors solve that problem brilliantly - just slip them on over your regular shoes and go splashing in the puddles! These would also be great for sleet and slush in the winter. Cheaper than buying a bunch of different boots for different weather, just wear your regular ones under these covers.

This Eyeliner Stamp Makes Cat Eyes Easy

I'm kind of clumsy when it comes to doing my eye makeup so I'm always looking for tools to help me look presentable. This eyeliner stamp is one of my favorites that I've found - all you do is stamp the v-shape on the outer corner of your eye, then fill in with the liner on the other end. Super easy to do for perfect results, every time!

This Deep Sea Mud Mask Works On Face And Body

This wildly popular deep sea mud mask has over 9,000 reviews just as glowing as your skin will be once you use it. The before and afters are astounding - skin is cleared, smoothed and beautified after even one use! You can also use it for body acne, too, so it gets high points for versatility.

This Face Serum Set Has Over 18K Reviews

Face products can be hella expensive, and a lot simply don't work as advertised. You can rest assured with this under $20 set of face serums that you're getting your money's worth, though! It comes with Vitamin C for clearing and reducing redness, Hyaluronic Acid for moisturizing and Retinol for anti-aging and the results are nothing short of astounding. Just look how well it cleared up this lady's rosacea - the redness and bumpiness is virtually undetectable in the after photo!

These Silicone Lids Save Your Condiments

You can stretch this 12 piece set of silicone lids to fit many sized jars, but I'd use them the most for condiment jars - think mustard, salsa, capers, olives - anything where the product dries on the lid and gets pretty grody. These are easy to use and really stay on, according to the over 1,000 great reviews, and since you get twelve in a set, you'll never run out!

This Corn Stripper Is Just So Fast

I spent many summer meals painstakingly cutting corn kernels off the cob for me and my daughter, which took forever and was kind of dangerous because you really have to get in there with the knife. This corn stripper is such a safer idea - just run it down the corn cob and you get instant kernels! Also great if you're trying to preseve summer's bounty by freezing the last of the season's corn for colder months ahead.

These Herb Scissors Are So Much Easier Than Chopping

We have an herb garden this year, so I've been trying to incorporate fresh herbs into meals whenever I can. (Chives on everything!) But the amount of time I spend chopping the herbs into tiny pieces is so annoying, especially if they're just going to be used as a garnish and not integral to the dish. These herb scissors are such a handy gadget to snag because they make quick work of a fiddly task, with great, evenly chopped results. Which is more than I can say of my mediocre knife skills.

This Water Bottle Works Just As Well

I get the cult following certain brands of metal water bottles have since they do keep beverages hot or cold for a really long time, but it's also nice to come across an alternative that works just as well for a fraction of the price. Because spending $40+ on a water bottle is a little cray if you ask me. This Mira water bottle does a great job of keeping water cold for up to 24 hours or hot for up to 12, just like the expensive brands. Don't just take my word for it, ask the over 1,000 happy reviewers who love this under $11 bottle.

This Anti-Fog Spray Is A Total Necessity

Every time I put on my mask and a pair of sunglasses, they get so fogged up I can't see a darn thing. If I had to wear glasses all the time, I'd get so annoyed at the fog! So I tracked down this anti-fog spray that works amazingly well - it's got over 17,000 ratings for keeping everything from regular glasses to face shields to diver's masks fog-free. For under $10, it's worth a try!

These Oven Liners Prevent Messes

We recently went apple picking and my husband decided to make one of those high-piled apple pies. Just as the buzzer was about to go off indicating the pie was done, we saw some black smoke coming out of the oven because the pie filling juice had overflowed and burned on the bottom of the oven! I seriously thought we were going to have a fire - the smoke alarms went off forever and it was such a pain to clean up. What we needed was these oven liners that you simply put on the bottom of the oven to catch any potential drips and drops from whatever you're cooking. Take my advice and get these things asap to avoid the nightmare of oven deep-cleaning when all you want to do is eat pie!

This Back Scratcher Offers Pure Relief

It's incredibly annoying when you have an itch right in the middle of your back where you can't reach, and there's no one around to help you with it. Plus it just feels better when you can reach it yourself! Now you can with this back scratcher. It'll get every square inch of your back, including the impossible to reach places, so you're never left high and dry again.

This Elastic Bookmark Is So Precise

My husband loves to read before bed, but he's often so tired he falls asleep while reading and forgets where he left off. This elastic bookmark is just the gadget he needs - before he gets too sleepy, he can mark the exact word on the page with the little metal pointer and start off in just the right place the next night. Putting this on his holiday list now...

This Sous Vide Egg Maker Saves You So Much $$

You know those delicious little sous vide egg bites that you can get from an expensive coffee chain that cost about $5 per serving? Now you can save a ton of money while making your own at home with this sous vide egg maker insert for Instant Pots. You can make poached eggs so easily in this silicone gadget, and store them inside since it comes with a lid! So easy to make and so easy to clean, you'll never buy the expensive ones again.