30 Brilliantly Handy Discoveries Under $30

The tiny problems of life often get swept under the rug while we deal with the major issues. Fortunately for us, teams of inventors around the world have tinkered away to make our lives easier. The cherry on top? We found a ton of cool products that cost less than $30.

From making your chores a breeze to shaving time off your meal prep, these items will make your days run seamlessly.

Before you dive into our 30 under $30 list, we want to let you know that we might make a commission off of any purchases you make from this list.

This Funky Mitt That Cleans Your Makeup Brushes

You always want to keep anything in regular contact with your face as clean as possible. Makeup brushes, in particular, can get pretty gross, but cleaning them doesn’t have to be a hassle. This textured mitt features a variety of gradients to help you get all the product and bacteria out of your favorite brushes.

This Microwave Accessory That Stays Cool to the Touch

This multifaceted tool solves a few of your microwave problems. It can create a shelf so you can heat up two dishes simultaneously, it can act as a cover to keep soups and sauces from splattering everywhere, and it can simply be a tray that lets you remove your food without burning your fingers.

ThisKitchen Scissor Kit Is Shear Genius

With these shears, you can really have it all. They work as durable scissors that can cut through meat or you can detach the blades. One works as a standard kitchen knife while the other is primed for descaling fish. As an added bonus, the kit includes a finger guard that keeps your fingers safe from your rapid knife work.

This Amplifier for Your Phone’s Speakers

We’ve all found hacks around the limitations of phone speakers, from nifty toilet paper roll rigs to mugs, but they aren’t exactly portable or stylish. This silicone stand fits most iPhones and amplifies sound up to 13 decibels. The megaphone vibes create a visual era clash that turns your phone into an old-timey record player.

A Portable French Press Coffee Maker

Long gone are the days of simple instant coffee. We want to take our third-wave coffee sensibilities with us. This small hand pump allows you to make one cup of French press coffee via a process that’s part Keurig pod and part tea steeping. Just fill the bottle with coffee/tea, fill it with hot water, and four minutes later, you’re a plunge away from caffeine!

This Little Towel Keeps Your Stuff Clean While You Snack

More and more people have sedentary jobs, whether they’re at a desk or behind the wheel of a car. Eventually, it’s snack time, but you don’t want grease and salt getting on your keyboard or steering wheel. This microfiber towel is a washable, reusable alternative to the plethora of napkins and paper towels used around sedentary snacking. Just tussle the fluffy top and type away.

This Drain Plug Will Make Snaking Obsolete

Shower drains collect so much hair which becomes an even bigger plumbing problem when you factor in length and thickness. The Tubshroom pops into most drains and easily collects any hairs that come out as wash and condition. Simply remove it whenever you think it’s getting full and easily pull off the hair it’s snared.

This Screen Repair Tape Will Save Some Serious Cash

Screen tears happen. Anything from pets to hail to rogue projectiles from little ones can create holes that decrease your defenses against insects. Instead of replacing the entire screen, just use this screen tape. Simply put the sticky side over any gaps and you’ll have a nice seal that doesn’t tray too much attention to itself.

These Dryer Balls Are Nature’s Fabric Softener

These wool dryer balls are a natural way to help your clothes dry faster and softer. Made from New Zealand wool, these ball also help reduce static. Unlike plastic versions, you don’t have to worry about any synthetic fumes adding to the mix. This is one of those products that isn’t vegan, but is actually better for the environment and your clothes.

This Little Mat Helps Clean and Massage Your Feet

How often do you clean your feet? Okay, now the real answer. Even if you’re a saint who can balance in the shower while scrubbing between your toes, we bet you’d like an easier method. This small mat helps you clean your feet while also providing a gentle massage. Save the poses for yoga class.

A Spoon Rest for More Than Just Spoons

If you like to cook a lot of different elements at once, you’re all too familiar with the struggle of finding a place for your used utensils. Most spoon rests can hold one or two utensils and then you’re out of luck. This version has four slots that not only give you more space, but also keeps the utensils from touching each other. Because no one wants meat sauce browning their roux.

This Cup Holder Protects Your Desk From Spills

The dreaded slow motion moment of knocking over a beverage at your desk is one you never want to repeat. This weighted cup holder grounds your drinks while also acting as a coaster. Comparable in size to a car’s cup holder, this desktop version easily fits most cans and coffee cups and doesn’t slide around on tabletops.

This Measuring Cup Will Make Your Old One Jealous

This measuring cup from OXO is perfect for doling out wet and dry ingredients. An internal base lets you set the exact level so you don’t run the risk of over-pouring. The adjustable base also acts as a squeegee, making it easier to dispense accurate amounts of sticky or viscous ingredients like peanut butter or oil.

This Makeup Brush Organizer Provides Easier Access

Most of us just throw our brushes into some cup or cylinder, but it can take a moment to single out the smaller brushes. This organizer has 12 different sized slots to fit everything from your foundation brush to your lip liner brush. The vertical arrangement saves space while the clear acrylic lets you show off each brush.

This Versatile Non-Stick Cupcake Pan

This might be the last cupcake pan you buy (unless you buy two). The silicone pan can handle up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit of heat as well as the microwave, dishwasher, and freezer. The nonstick properties mean less to no greasing, plus you never have to worry about rust. You’ll need a cookie sheet to stabilize the bottom, but that’s really the only caveat!

This Grooved Meat Tray for Your Microwave

Microwaved bacon is often a tragedy (but we eat it anyway because it’s bacon). The grooves on this microwave safe tray are perfect for zapping up some bacon with pan-like results. You can also use it to defrost meat in the microwave. The ridges and overall slant drain oils and other juices away from the meat. If that wasn’t enough, the tray is both freezer and dishwasher safe.

This Long Oven Mitts Have You Covered

Average oven mitts go past your wrists, but not much farther. If you have long hands, you generally have a greater risk of heat exposure. These breathable mitts go nearly up to most people’s elbows thanks to a soft fabric that protects the extra space. Bigger oven pans are easier to handle and working with hot oil is a little less dangerous thanks to these silicone mitts with textured grips.

A Revolutionary Way to Wash Socks

Are you ready to never lose a left sock again? This organizer lets you pair your socks and throw them into the washing machine. The hanger can also handle the heat of the dryer so you get perfectly matched socks every time. You can also just use the hanger as a hanger. One less item to fold is always a win on laundry day.

This Knife Spreads Even the Coldest Butter

Many toast plans have been thwarted by ice-cold blocks of butter. This stainless steel knife slices, curls, and spreads butter with ease. The curling notches make cold butter easier to spread much like when you grate butter you forgot to soften for baking. We’re honestly not sure why you would have any other butter knife.

The Dream of the 1890s Is Alive in These Curlers

Victorian era curls were usually the result of ribbons tied overnight. The Octocurl simplifies this classic styling method in the form of a roller head band. There are several ways to wrap your hair around the tendrils dangling from the headband for loose to tight curls. If you’re looking to limit heat styling and love curly tresses, this fun product can achieve a variety of looks!

This Garlic Press Keeps Your Hands Clean

Whether you need to press or mince your garlic, this little tool will help you keep your fingers from smelling. The interchangeable grate will assist in any peeling or dicing needs and all the garlic falls into a small chamber. Then you can just toss the garlic wherever it’s needed without ever touching its potent cloves.

This Classic Bug Zapper

This battery-operated bug zapper stops airborne insects in their tracks. Cut down on flies and pesky mosquitoes with an electric shock. The zaps are too mild to do any damage to humans, but have just the right voltage to kill bugs. The easy-to-clean zapper comes with AA batteries, but even if it runs out of juice, you’ll have an effective fly swatter.

The Self-Cleaning Brush You Always Needed

Your eyes do not deceive you; this brush cleans itself! Just retract the bristles to bring hair and product up to the brush’s flat surface. The hair just slides off and you get easier access to the base to clean any styling products off. A miracle product for most, those with thick hair will especially appreciate this invention.

This Bright Putty Gets Unwanted Gunk Out of Electronics

From your phone to your keyboard, electronic nooks and crannies are magnets for dust and grime. The putty is sensitive enough to be applied directly to motherboards while being strong enough to remove 99.999 percent of germs. When the putty turns green, you’ll know it’s time to toss the biodegradable cleaner.

This Wall Mount Makes Blow Drying a Cinch

No matter the thickness of your hair, blow drying can be a time-consuming endeavor. This cool wall mount gives your arms a bit of break and swivels to get different angles of your hair. The mount comes with all the hardware you need to set it at the perfect height for you. As an added bonus, you can keep your blow dryer in the mount between uses.

These Gel Toe Caps That Protect Your Feet From Irritation

These gel caps conform to your toes and are thin enough to slip under socks. The thin layer of gel protects your toes from calluses and blisters that come from excessive walking or physical activity. The soothing gel also works on existing blisters and corns to minimize pain without dealing with sweaty bandages that never stay put.

This Sleek Vegetable Holder

We’ve all had round fruits and veggies go flying as we try to slice into them. Or worse, we nick ourselves in the process. This stainless steel prong, reminiscent of a super fly afro pic, keeps round produce in place so you can chop it up with ease.

This Handy Banana Slicer

Round produce doesn’t get all the slicing fun. This very specific mandoline safely chops up a banana in one motion. In addition to its time-saving benefits, this plastic tool is completely safe for kids (and dishwashers).

These Easy-to-See Magnetic Spice Jars

From racks to full cupboards, we all have our way of storing spices. This set of 12 dispensers attach to your fridge and have clear windows to help you see which spice is which. Each dispenser has a pour or shake option as well as secure lids so you don’t have to worry about them hanging around all day.

This One-Stop Wine Accessory

The Corkcicle Air is a cult favorite wine accessory. After chilling it, this product can keep your wine cool, aerate while it pours, and the cap acts like a stopper so you can store the vino. This stylish tool is any wine connoisseurs best friend, so what are you waiting for?