30 Awesome Things You Can Get For Under $5 on Amazon

Got five bucks that's burning a hole in your pocket? Well, you're in luck!

Here are 30 awesome products you can order from Amazon for around $5 or less. At prices so low, you can probably add a few of them to your shopping cart or wishlist!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: 22Words is a participant in the Amazon affiliate program and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Key Holder Is Super Cute!

via: Amazon/Sophie

Each keychain features a tiny bird that you put into its house whenever you're home. The birds are also tiny whistles!

This Eating Utensil Is Way Better Than a Spork

via: Amazon

Sporks may look fun, but we all know that they're pretty much useless when it actually comes to stabbing grapes or slurping soup. This 2-in-1 eating utensil has a fully functional fork and a fully functional spoon, making it the obvious choice for campers (and for people who just don't want to wash double the silverware).

This Cookie Spoon Is a Must for Oreo Lovers

via: Amazon

Love dipping Oreos in milk but can't stand soggy fingers (or half-dunked cookies)? Never fear, the Dipr is here! It gently cradles your Oreo cookie and allows for a full 360 degrees of dunkage. It's genius.

This Headband Is Really Adorable

via: Amazon

Whether you're washing your face, doing your makeup, or just feel like wearing some cute cat ears, this headband is where it's at. It will keep your hair out of your face and ensure that you look cute, too.

This Acne Removal Kit Comes with a Convenient Carrying Case

via: Amazon/Ab

In the handy plastic case, you'll find a blackhead remover needle and a pair of blackhead tweezers, both made with stainless steel. You can use them to remove blackheads, acne, and other blemishes.

These Pimple Patches Work Like Magic

via: Amazon

Place them on a zit and they'll literally suck up all the gross gunk from inside. It's a little bit gross and a lotta bit amazing.

These Silicone Brushes Are Perfect for Applying Face Masks

via: Amazon/Noel Gomez

These cute brushes make it easy to apply face masks without getting your fingers all messy (or introducing extra bacteria to the mask). This listing is for a set of two brushes.

This Brush Scrubber Makes Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes Easier Than Ever

via: Amazon/Jamie

Simply squirt some soap on the pad and scrub your brush against the raised bumps. The added texture ensures a deeper clean.

This Blending Sponge Has a Little Face!

via: Amazon/MEI

If you're not already in love with Gudetama, you will be after adding this blending sponge to your collection. Just look at that lil face! When you get this sponge wet, it grows and becomes the perfect foundation sponge.

This Mushroom Night Light Looks Like it Came from a Magical Forest

via: Amazon

If fairies used night lights, this is probably the one they'd choose. It emits a soft glowing light in seven different colors and has a built-in sensor so it only turns on when it's dark.

This Tissue Box Cover Is Whimsical AF

via: Amazon

Why stick with the old-school flowery tissue boxes when you can pull tissues from the chimney of an adorable little house? This is clearly the better option.

This Cookie Scoop Makes it Easy to Get Uniform Cookies

via: Amazon

The silicone scoops are super easy to "pop" the dough out of. As an added bonus, the middle of the scoop also functions as a dough knife for cookies that require slicing.

This Baggy Rack Is Great for Leftovers!

via: Amazon

Need an extra hand? This baggy rack has you covered. Clip in a storage bag and it will hold it open for you while you scoop in the leftovers.

This Clip-On Dip Holder Makes So Much Sense

via: Amazon

Rather than chasing a puddle of dip all over the place, why not put some in this handy little cup and clip it right to your plate? So smart, right?

This Can Colander Is Way Safer Than Using the Metal Lid to Drain Stuff

via: Amazon

Save your food and your fingers! This tiny strainer fits most standard size cans and makes it easy to drain the liquid from whatever canned goods you're planning to enjoy.

This Q-Tip Holder Is Very Classy

via: Amazon

If you're going to have a bunch of Q-tips out on your bathroom counter, you may as well make them look a little fancy, right? This holder displays your many Q-tips and keeps them right where you want them.

These Eyebrow Razors Have a Huge Following on Amazon

via: Amazon/Brooke

With more than 1,600 reviews, it's clear that these little Tinkle razors are something special. Use them to gently shave around your eyebrows or even on the delicate "peach fuzz" on your face. This listing is for a total of 6 tiny razors.

These Cotton Rounds Are 100 Percent Organic

via: Amazon/Kimberly Pappas

Use them to gently remove makeup or nail polish, or to apply astringents, toners, and lotions to your face. They're perfect for sensitive skin and a great deal at this price!

This Eyelash Comb Will Keep Clumps Away

via: Amazon

Use it to gently separate your eyelashes before or after curling, or to remove any clumps from your mascara. Its curved shape fits perfectly around the contours of your eye.

This Banana Slicer Works in Seconds

via: Amazon

You can slice an entire banana in about 1 second with this thing! And it's dishwasher-safe, so cleaning up is also a breeze.

This Squeege Is Both Fun and Functional

via: Amazon

I keep a squeegee like this one in my car (to clean off my back windshield) and in the shower (to remove water from the shower door). For about 3 bucks, you can stock up on squeegees too!

This Suction Cup Shelf Gives You More Shelf Space in the Shower

via: Amazon

We all know that the built-in "shelf space" is nowhere near enough for all your shampoos, conditioners, body washes, and other shower stuff. Add a little more storage to the area with this handy shelf that attaches with a suction cup.

These Pruning Snips Make Quick Work of Storebought Bouquets!

via: Amazon

I keep a pair of snips like these in my kitchen to trim the ends off storebought flowers. They're super sharp and have a safety lock on them to prevent accidents.

Make the Quickest Salad Ever with This Egg Slicer

via: Amazon

Pop in a hard-boiled egg, press down the top, and voila! An egg that's perfectly sliced for your snacking pleasure. (Don't use it on raw eggs, though. Doesn't work quite the same way.)

This Mini Skillet Is Adorable and Brilliant

via: Amazon

It's the perfect size for a single serving of eggs...or a brownie! I vote brownie.

This Handle Holder Fits the Standard Size of Cast Iron Skillet

via: Amazon/David J Mozdzanowski

A silicone handle like this one makes it easy to move your skillet around on the stovetop without having to grab an oven mitt (or burn your hand).

This Bench Scraper Is Another Great Kitchen Gadget

via: Amazon

I never feel more uncoordinated than when I try to scoop up the veggies I've just chopped and put them in a bowl. This bench scraper is basically like an extra hand that scoops everything up in one fell swoop.

This Brown Sugar Saver Is a Total Game Changer

via: Amazon

Sick of having your brown sugar dry up? Just put this little clay leaf inside your brown sugar container and it will stay moist and soft for up to 6 months!

This Soap Dish Keeps Your Soap from Getting Soggy

via: Amazon

Most soap dishes keep your bar of soap soaking in water, meaning it breaks apart in no time at all. This one is angled so all the excess water drains off back into your sink, keeping your bar of soap wholly intact!

These Makeup Brushes Are So Pretty!

via: Amazon

And they cost less than $4 for 20 brushes! What a deal! Check out the reviews, too — people seem pretty happy with them!