The 28 Most-Reviewed Products On Amazon

You shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but you should definitely judge a product by its Amazon reviews. And with reviews numbering in the thousands for each of these products, there's plenty to judge by.

We hope you find these highly-rated products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: 22Words participates in the Amazon affiliates program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Popular Mud Mask With Over 5000 Reviews Adds Carbonation To Your Face

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Over 5000 people have carbonated their face with the Elizavecca Milky Piggy bubble clay mask. Not only is it a fun way to clean your face (and it is, seriously, fun), reviewers swear by how smooth it leaves their skin, and how small it leaves their pores.

This Surprisingly Affordable Area Rug Exceeded The Expectations Of Over 1300 Reviewers

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It's hard to believe you can get an area rug for $40, nevertheless an area rug with over 1300 happy reviewers. At that price, you can basically afford to carpet your entire house with these things.

This 3-in-1 Avocado Tool Is One Of The Most Popular Kitchen Implements On Amazon

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Avocado lovers swear by the easy power of this 3-in-1 tool. Just use the knife end to cut the skin, use the scooping blades to remove the pit, and the slicing end to cut restaurant-perfect slices of avocado. If you're a guac-fanatic or a avo-toast devotee, it just might be the best $10 you'll ever spend.

Over 6000 People Have Peeled over 12000 Feet With This Ultra-Popular Foot Peel

With six-thousand glowing reviews (and, we can assume, 12,000 silky-smooth feet), the Baby Foot peel has become something of a legend in the world of strange hygiene. Put the bags over your feet for around 20 minutes, then remove them, and watch as sheets of dead skin slough off over the next week.

Over 55,000 Reviewers Swear By These Bamboo Sheets

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Tens of thousands of Amazon users tout the comfort and durability of these thick bamboo sheets. And with a price tag coming in under $30 for an entire queen-sized set, that's a lot of sleepy bang-for-your-buck.

These Underpriced Bluetooth Headphones Are The Top Sellers On Amazon

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More than 6,000 happy customers have taken the time to review these mPow Bluetooth headphones. They tout the headphone's comfy, memory foam ear pads, 13+ hour battery life, and detachable audio cable, which allows you to use them as normal headphones if need be.

Join The Revolution And Make The Paltry Investment In This Top-Rated Burger Press

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This $7 burger press not only allows you to craft the perfectly-shaped burger, but also stuff the heck out of those patties with any delicious fillings your crazy-with-hunger-mind can imagine.

This Is The Best Manual Coffee Grinder On Amazon, According To Thousands Of Reviewers

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Whether you're just short of outlets, or just can't stand the whining whirr of a powered grinder, the JavaPresse manual coffee grinder will serve up perfect grounds for years. And it'll do it nice and quietly. After all, who can stand that kind of noise before they've had their morning coffee?

These Cheap Drain Snakes Have A Seriously Loyal Following

When you first snake your drain, you might gag. Then you'r gonna wonder where all that hair came from. Then you're gonna be so happy you spent only $5 instead of calling a plumber. Then you might gag again. Then you'll move right on to the next drain.

With These Wool Dryer Balls You'll Never Need Fabric Softener Again

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There's a host of dryer ball options on Amazon, and these Australian wool ones are the best. Reviewers swear by their effectiveness as a fabric softener, and as a major money-saver in the long run.

The Fitbit Flex 2 Is Tracking The Activity Of Thousands Of Happy, Fit People

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There may be fancier options on the market, but nothing's come close to displacing the venerable (and thin) Fitbit. The newest Fitbit Flex continues the long lineage of accurate fitness tracking, with almost 3,000 happy reviewers on Amazon.

These Floating Bookshelves Are The Best Of Their Kind

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Whether you're tired of that Ikea bookcase, or just in search of a vertical option for book storage, these invisible steel shelves are the solution you're looking for.

This Adorably Affordable Citrus Juicer

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Believe it or not, all juicers are not created equal. This popular model features a heavy plastic construction, and even a built-in measuring cup.

This Pack Of Korean Sheet Masks Has A Horde Of Happy Users

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Face masks are all the rage these days, from our own favorite carbonated clay variety, to the sticky (and sometimes painful) black peeling mask. This set of Korean masks gives facial fans a taste of 16 popular sheet masks. And according to more than 2,300 reviews, they work like a charm.

These Simple Bags Will Extend The Life Of Your Favorite Produce

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These quietly popular mesh bags have garnered quite a following on Amazon, where reviewers tout their high quality construction, and uncanny ability to extend the life of their produce.

These Cheap Hangers Make For Perfect Purse Storage

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Sure, they're perfect for purses, but reviewers also tout the hangers' extreme utility when it comes to storing belts, ties, and other closet sundries.

These Inexpensive Waterproof Speakers Will Have You Singing In The Shower

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Reviewers LOVE this speaker. Some dropped it in a river and it didn't miss a beat. Others dropped it in the tub, and the music just kept going. It's loud, proud, and waterproof, and it'll have you singing in the shower for less than $20.

The Swing-a-Way Jar Opener Has Been A Popular Classic For Decades

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The Swing-a-Way been helping those not endowed with muscular wrists for decades. Just clamp it over the top of the stubborn subject, give it a twist, and there you go. Pickles and salsa beware: your stubbornly sealed days are numbered.

The Stanley Vacuum Mug May Very Well Be the Best Of Its Kind

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The Stanley vacuum thermos was the first of its kind, and arguably the best. This travel-friendly version is perfectly sized for a backpack or cupholder, and provides (according to reviewers), day-long insulation for your favorite bevvie, whether it's hot or cold.

The Tubshroom Is Saving Over 10,000 Reviewers Big Money On Plumbing Bills

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The Tubshroom is about as simple as an invention can get: a small, molded piece of silicone that lives in your tub drain, catching all the hair that'd otherwise clog your pipes. Spend a few dollars on the Tubshroom today, and save hundreds on a plumber.

These Adorable Whale-Shaped Spout Covers Are Savings Little Heads Across The Country

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Reviewers are having a whale of a good time with this adorable spout cover, touting its cute looks, and build quality. And beyond that, the whale adds a whole level of safety, preventing major ouchies from bath-time head-bumps on the faucet.

The Vacu Vin Wine Saver Will Keep Wine Fresh For Over A Week

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Reviewers (with far more restraint than I) love the Vacu Vin Wine Saver's ability to preserve the life of their wines, extending its deliciousness up to a full week after opening.

This Super Popular Workout Bar Is Beloved By Over 3500 Reviewers

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While it won't replace a dedicated gym routine, this ultra-popular workout bar has helped more than 3500 happy reviewers take positive steps towards their ideal bodies.

The Beloved Instant Pot Has Over 20,000 Glowing Reviews

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Oh, the Instant Pot. The insanely popular pressure cooker that's found a foothold in kitchens across the country, while selling its product exclusively on Amazon. With seven settings that allow you to cook anything from pot roast to yogurt in record time, the Instant Pot may not be cheap, but it's one do-it-all appliance that never seems to disappoint.

The Classic Nalgene Water Bottle Will Last Basically Forever

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The omnipresent Nalgene water bottle hasn't changed in years, and with over 5300 reviews, it hasn't needed to. Well known for its seemingly indestructible build quality, Nalgenes are the definition of a buy once, use forever product.

The Dash Egg Cooker Makes Perfect Eggs So Simple

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The Dash Egg cooker steams half a dozen eggs at once, with settings that let you go anywhere from soft to hard boiled. Beyond that, the Dash comes with an omelette tray and a egg poaching tray, so your breakfast game will be second to none.

Over 15,000 People Are Singing The Praises Of These Anker Battery Packs

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Anyone even remotely addicted to their smartphone knows the terror of low battery warnings. Fortunately, there's ultra-high-capacity backup batteries like this Anker, which has saved over 10,000 happy reviewers from a powerless afternoon. Reviewers tout its build quality, and its ability to charge multiple large-screen smartphones fully before needed a recharge itself.

Even Professionals Swear By This $40 Chef's Knife

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Victorinox knows how to make a knife, and its no-frills Fibrox line may be some of its best. This chef's knife alone has earned the praise of more than 5600 reviewers on Amazon, who are mostly astounded by its factory-sharp edge, and legendary durability.