28 Things I Bought On Amazon Canada And Would Buy 100 Times Again

Hi! My name's Abi and I do a lot of shopping on Amazon. Like, a lot. I'm greeted by one of those smiley-faced boxes on my doorstep on a pretty regular basis. I thought I'd share with you some of the best purchases I've ever made on Amazon in the hopes that you might find something you'll like too!

We hope you find these products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We are a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and Brainjolt may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Birdfeeder That Attaches Directly to Your Window

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The best part of having a birdfeeder is being visited by birds (duh). But this window-mounted feeder offers something even better: An up-close-and-personal view of your feathered friends! I just recently put mine on the window in my office and I can't wait until my bird friends come to visit.

This Slim Storage Cart That Makes the Most of Tiny Spaces

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I have this cart in between my washer/dryer combo and the wall. My laundry room doesn't have any storage, so this thing was seriously a lifesaver. It easily fits a standard size bottle of laundry detergent as well as a bunch of other cleaning supplies. You could also put it in your kitchen or anywhere else you need a bit more storage.

This Rainfall Shower Head That Basically Turned My Bathroom into a Spa

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This was one of the first things I purchased after moving into a new apartment. I installed it myself in about five minutes and ever since, my showers are like mini getaways I get to take every day.

This Down Alternative Comforter That Is So, So Comfy

via: Amazon

I truly can't believe that this comforter costs less than $60 because it is the most luxurious bedding I've ever slept under in my life. It has loops in all four corners and all four sides so you can easily tie it into any duvet cover. I've had mine for about six months and none of the filling has become bunched up or clumpy, even after several launderings — in the washer! Because it's machine washable.

This Book That's Also a Planetarium

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And an instrument, and a speaker, and an infinite calendar... I bought this book as a gift, and it was a huge hit. Every page is its own fully functional device made out of paper. It's like a pop-up book for grown-ups (although kids would also totally get a kick out of it, I'm sure).

This Plug-in Air Sanitizer

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This little sanitizer plugs directly into your outlet and sanitizes and deodorizes the air around it. I have one in both the living room and the bathroom and I think it really makes a difference in making the air feel much fresher.

This Magnetic Cable Organizer That Keeps My Sidetable Organized

via: Amazon

I was getting sick of having to pick all my various charger cables up off the floor, so I went searching for a solution and found thismagnetic cable organizer. I like the wood-grain appearance and the fact that each cable clip fits three different sizes of cables.

This Vitamin C Serum That Smells Divine

I'll be honest: The main draw of this product was the fun squeezy-top bottle that it comes with. But it also smells so great and definitely leaves my skin feeling very hydrated and nourished.

This Bug Zapper That Zaps the Heck Outta Bugs

via: Amazon

I don't consider myself an especially vengeful person, but when there are flies in the house, that all goes out the window (unlike the flies, who seem to want to move in and live with me forever). This bug zapper is rechargeable and provides the most satisfying ZAP sound when you strike your target.

These Makeup Brushes That Are Surprisingly Good Quality for the Price

via: Amazon

If you're looking for a nice set of brushes that won't break the bank, these are the way to go. The set features seven different eyeshadow brushes and costs less than $60. They have more than 5,000 reviews, so you don't even have to just my word on this one.

This Universal Knife Block That Holds All My Knives

via: Amazon

I don't know about you, but I think it's annoying having to make sure that you're putting your knives away in the right slot of your knife block. This thing has a bunch of plastic sticks inside that hold whatever knives you put in there. It's a little on the small size (which is great for my limited counter space), but I'm able to keep all the knives I regularly use in it.

This Thermal Laminator That Keeps All My Important Papers Safe

via: Amazon

It comes with several thermal envelopes that you can use to laminate recipes, calendar pages, or important documents around your house. This laminator only costs about $20!

This Magnetic Phone Mount For My Car

via: Amazon

The magnetic mount itself clips onto your car vent. Then, you put a thin metal disk inside your phone case for it to connect to. I cannot overstate how convenient this little gadget is. I even make sure to bring it with me whenever I'm traveling and using a rental car.

This Oil Drizzler Made Cooking Easier (and More Fun)

I had wanted one of these oil drizzlers for years and when I finally got one, it was a real game changer. I know it's not difficult to twist open a bottle of olive oil, but it feels so much cooler drizzling it from one of these bottles. If you are feeling daring you can also add herbs, garlic or even hot peppers to your oil.

This Kan Jam Frisbee Game That's Great for Summertime

via: Amazon

This a great game for outdoor weddings, barbecues, beach days, or any other days you're spending time outside. You try to toss the frisbee into the plastic tubes (and try to foil your opponents' attempts to do the same). It's a lot of fun for adults and kids.

This Star Realms Card Game That I've Already Played Dozens of Times

via: Amazon

I'm a huge board game (and card game) fan, and this card game is easily one of my favorites. It's a small deck that won't take up too much room on your game shelf but will provide a lot of fun times — for less than $15! (One deck supports a 2-player game, but you can add additional copies and have games for up to 6 players.)

This Digital Microscope That Gives a SUPER Close-Up View

via: Amazon

Just plug this microscope into your computer's USB port and grab a bunch of stuff from around the house to look at (I recommend socks, pennies, and sand!). It magnifies objects up 500 times so you really get an awesome view.

These Marker Pens That Came in a Convenient Storage Case

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These are the perfect pens for bullet journaling. I've literally used them every single day for the past two years and they haven't dried up at all (even though I've definitely left the caps off overnight on a few occasions). And speaking of bullet journaling...

This Notebook That Makes the Perfect Bullet Journal

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This notebook has two ribbon bookmarks, lightly dotted lines, page numbers, and a pocket on the back cover for holding extra stickers, papers, or receipts. Mine is never far from reach — it's literally right next to me as I write this.

The Code Name Board Game That's a Great Crowd Pleaser

via: Amazon

Here's another game that I've played a lot — this board game in particular has been a huge hit with my family members. You give clues to your teammates in order to get them to guess certain spies' code names without triggering the opposing team's spies. We played this game for several hours last holiday season. Highly recommend!

This Ice Cream Scoop That's Honestly Just a Really Great Ice Cream Scoop

via: Amazon

One time, I Googled "best ice cream scoop" and was brought to an article that recommended this one. So I bought it! And guess what? They were not wrong. This is a great scoop. It creates a picture-perfect scoop of ice cream every time and never requires using an extra spoon (or your finger) to dig the ice cream out.

The Ringer Is the Only Thing I Use to Scrub My Cast Iron Skillet

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I love my cast iron skillet and am a little obsessive about keeping the seasoning in good condition. The Ringer lets me scrub any baked-on crud off of it without damaging the seasoning. I've been using it for several years with no complaints.

These Pencils Are the Fanciest Pencils I've Ever Owned

via: Amazon

I know it might seem a little crazy to spend upward of $20 for 12 pencils, but trust me. These things are magical. The graphite core is the perfect level of softness. The black finish feels sleek and fancy. The erasers are rectangular! Best of all, these things smell amazing. This would make a great gift for your writer or musician friend! (Or for yourself!)

I Use This Pepper Mill Every Day

via: Amazon

If you're not using fresh-ground pepper in your everyday cooking, it's time to step into the future, my friend. This pepper mill is big and may look a little ridiculous, but I don't have to refill it all that often and it's so fun to crank!

These Cooling Racks That Fold Flat for Easy Storage

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This listing is for a set of three racks. They're great for cooling biscuits, cookies, or loaves of bread. I also use them for draining oil off of fried goods.

The Rotring 600 Is the Best Mechanical Pencil Ever Made

via: Amazon

Beloved by architects, designers, draftspeople, and myself, the German-engineered Rotring 600 may be the perfect writing implement. A solid brass body provides a weighty feel, which, coupled with a nicely knurled grip, allows ultra-precise use. Plus, it just looks really, really cool.

The MPow Soundbuds Are the Best Inexpensive Bluetooth Headphones on Amazon

I use these earphones every single day. Not only are they comfortable, they also block out almost ALL noise, and have a surprisingly long battery life for their category (right around 9 hours per charge). Sure, they can't compete with $269 Airpods for ultimate convenience, but considering they're only $36, they're just about perfect.

This Series of Books Has Made Me a Trivia Master

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While they are constructed for in-bathroom use (heavy page stock, water resistant covers), Uncle John's Bathroom Readers' can -- and should -- be read anywhere. Now on their 31st year of publication, these thick miscellanies are packed with enough stories, facts, and other bits of knowledge to make even the most boring person seem interesting at a party. And if you're NOT boring, it'll just make you all the more fascinating.