27 Gross but Satisfying Cleaning Products You Need in Your Life

From a Gak-like goop that'll make your electronics spotless, to the most satisfying fly-catcher on the market, these 28 cleaning products that will literally do the dirty work for you.

We hope you find these gadgets as brilliantly handy as we do. Just an FYI: 22Words is a participant in the Amazon affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page.

This Set Of Two Tiny Brushes Can Clean Every Nook And Cranny In Your House

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Economical and popular, this small-but-might set of cleaning tools features ultra-stiff brushes for getting at that grout, and a silicone spudger for cleaning out those hard to reach nooks and crannies. Find it on Amazon

The Angry Mama Steams Even The Filthiest Microwaves Clean

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Just fill her with water and start the microwave. A few minutes later, Angry Mama's steam will work loose even the most stubborn cooked-on stains. Find it on Amazon

This Power Scrubber Will Save You Major Wristaches

via: Black and Decker

According to reviewers, this power tool for your bathroom is seriously a seriously effective, wrist-saving solution. Find it on Amazon

This Clever And Cheap Gadget Makes Cleaning Your Blinds Painless

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A seriously simple solution to a seriously annoying problem. Dusty blinds, be gone! Find it on Amazon

These Charcoal Bags Will Keep Your Closets Odor-Free

via: Moso

Harnessing the magic of activated charcoal, these Moso bags are the go-to solution for anyone seeking to rid their closet, car, or other enclosed space of obnoxious odors. Reviewers tout their seemingly magic ability to drink up the smell of sour milk and rotten chicken. (They're also great for stinky shoes). Find it on Amazon

This Top-Rated Air Purifier Will Keep Your House As Fresh As A Crisp Fall Day

via: Guardian Technologies

The Germ Guardian not only collects 99.97% of dust via its true HEPA filter, it also leverages UV-C light technology with Titanium Dioxide to kill airborne bacteria, viruses, germs, and even mold spores. Wow, that's a mouthful. In short, it cleans the air in your house. Really, really well. Find it on Amazon

This Insanely Popular Cleaning Brush Can Clean The Tiniest Of Crannies

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Perfect for cleaning any little thing in your house, from the charging port of your iPhone to the nooks and crannies of your wristwatch. People LOVE this $5 brush. Find it on Amazon

This Specialty Cleaning Clay Makes Dusting Almost Fun

via: Cyber Clean

Remember Gak, from the '90s? Well, it's back, and it's called Cyber Clean, and you can guiltlessly buy it and play with it because, technically, you're cleaning! Find it on Amazon

These Little Stick-On Pucks Will Keep Even The Stinkiest Garbage Can Smelling Fresh

via: Airwick

These are a seriously effective weapon in the struggle against stink, and the fight against funk. Find it on Amazon

These Super Cheap Drain Snakes Will Pull So Much Nastiness From Your Pipes

Wow, that's disgusting. I can't wait to get home and try it! Find it on Amazon

This Extendable Duster Can Clean Basically Anything

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Odds are, unless you're about 9 feet tall, you've got a host of dust-covered surfaces right above your head. Get your fan blades fresh and your bookcases spotless with one of these dust-eating dusters. Find it on Amazon

This Super Simple Grout Brush Will Work Cleaning Wonders

via: Fugenial

Purpose-built to fight against grime, the Funginator is designed to maximize cleaning power with minimal effort. Find it on Amazon

The FURemover Rubber Broom Is An Amazon Top-Seller For A Reason

via: Evriholder

On one side, it's a wildly effective fur gathered. On the other, it's a squeegee. It's incredible what natural rubber can do. Find it on Amazon

Just Wave A Hand Over It And This Trash Can Opens Automatically

via: Simple Human

What if I told you it's possible to never touch your garbage can again? Well, with this Simple Human auto-opening trash can, you can live that touch-free life. Find it on Amazon

With This Gap Cleaning Brush You'll Have The Cleanest Window Tracks On The Block

via: eBay

There is literally decades of dust living in the crevices of my windows right now, awaiting attack by the Trycooling Brush. Find it on Amazon

These Sticky Bug Traps Are So Disgusting But So Satisfying

via: AliExpress

From fungus gnats to mealybugs, these sticky stakes will catch and kill every creepy-crawly that dares buzz around your plants. 

Find it on Amazon

A Bottle Of Goo Gone Makes Sticky Messes Painless To Clean

via: Goo Gone

If you haven't used this stuff, odds are you need it. If you have, odds are you need more of it. It's a goo-removing miracle solution, and it smells like citrus. Find it on Amazon

This Mean-Looking Robot Will Clean Your Disgusting Gutters For You

via: iRobot

It's like a Roomba, but for your gutters. Find it on Amazon

This Beloved Hardwood Care Kit Keeps Expensive Floors Looking Brand New

via: Bona

It's a small price to pay for years of beauty. Find it on Amazon

These Magical Erasing Sponges Hold Their Own Against Their Expensive Name-Brand Brothers

via: Oh My Clean

Do you get a brand name you recognize? No. Do you get 50 stain-erasing sponges for just over 50 cents each? Yes. Find it on Amazon

Stop Mopping Floors And Let This Adorable Little Mopping Robot Do The Work For You

via: iRobot

Mopping is terrible. Let the robots handle it. Find it on Amazon

The Phone Soap Case Disinfects Your Smartphone While Charging It Too

via: PhoneSoap

You know your phone is filthy. Time to sterilize it with the power of UV rays. Find it on Amazon

These Korean Rubber Cleaning Gloves Have An Avid Fan Following For A Reason

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According to reviewers, these are a real hidden gem. And they're not much more expensive than your run of the mill yellow pairs. Find them on Amazon

These Spaghetti Scrubbers Are As Weird-Looking As They Are Effective

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And they're 100% organic. They're basically sand paper for your pots and pans. Find it on Amazon

These Stainless Steel Wipes Are Specially Formulated To Keep Your Appliances Looking Brand New

via: Weiman

Keep those stainless steel appliances smear-free and HGTV-ready. Find it on Amazon

This Affordable Steam Cleaner Can Disinfect Anything

via: SteamerCentral

You can kill every germ in your house, and then steam out the wrinkles in your shirt. Find it on Amazon

This Patented Toilet Brush Spins Itself Dry With The Squeeze Of Your Hand

via: Dreamfarm

Finally, someone solved the wow-this-is-gross reality of a wet toilet brush living in its sad, stinky case in the corner. Find it on Amazon

A Classic Swiffer Wet Jet Is A Must For Easy, Fast Cleanup

via: Swiffer

The original Swiffer was a revelation. The Swiffer Wet Jet? That's a revolution. Find it on Amazon