26 Valentine's Day Gifts For People Who Love Usefulness

Ditch the flowers-and-chocolates routine this year, and try something new. Show off your non-traditional side, and grab that special someone something really special this year. Like the ultimate back-scratcher, a tiny plastic welder, or an ultra-soft pillow that doubles as a blindfold.

We hope you find these gift ideas as tempting as we do. Just an FYI: 22Words participates in Amazon's affiliate program, and may receive a share of sales from links on this page, which supports our work.

The Annual Uncle John's Bathroom Reader May Be The Most Interesting Book Of The Year

via: Uncle John's Bathroom Reader

Perfect for the loved one with a love of facts, this miscellany series is a fantastic collection of random facts, true stories, and other fascinatingly informative content. Odds are you'll end up reading it outside the bathroom as much as you do inside. But just in case, a water-resistant cover will keep it in primo condition if it does happen to live in the lav. Find Uncle John's Bathroom Reader on Amazon

The Zip-It Package Opener Will Save Their Fingers From Disaster

via: ZipIt

There's no quicker way to ruin a gift than slicing open your finger on one of those impossibly tough, why-do-they-make-these-like-this pieces of plastic packaging. That's where the Zip-It comes in, saving gift-giving wounds, one zip at a time. Find it on Amazon

These Baby Foot Peels Are Wildly Popular And Disgusting And I Can't Wait To Try It Myself

Seriously, this looks like such a satisfying (albeit, also disgusting) experience. Imagine the dead skin on your feet just peeling off like a sock. It's basically the foot-skin equivalent of peeling dried Elmer's glue from your palm while bored in middle school art class. Except it's dried, dead skin. And from your foot. And it's fascinating. Grab a yours-and-theirs set, and make this Valentine's Day an a-peeling affair. Find the Baby Foot Peel on Amazon

This Adorably Tiny Palm-Sized Quadcopter Will Fly Straight To Their Heart

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Roses are cool, and kittens are cute. But neither of them can fly. You know what can? This lil' guy. Find the GoolRC Mini Quadcopter on Amazon

The Belkin Wemo Mini is Basically The Clapper For The 21st Century

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This tiny plug connects seamlessly to any smarthome device (like Alexa) you may have, allowing you to power things on and off with a mere polite request. It's one of those simple, inexpensive bits of technology that make you realize: we're really living in the future. Find it on Amazon

The Pudus Slipper Socks Finally Marry Two Things That Everyone Loves

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Socks are never thick enough. Slippers are too bulky to wear to bed. Enter the Pudus slipper sock: an ultra-thick, ultra-fuzzy combination of slipper and sock that's available in over 40 different prints, for those who want to lounge in style. Or, at least, coordinate with their couch. Find the Pudus Slipper Socks on Amazon

These Moso Purifying Bags May Just Save Your Relationship

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Moso's cornered the activated charcoal market, and for good reason. Their simple, top-quality bags veritably drink in odors of all kinds, from nasty feet, to spoiled chicken. And all through the power of activated charcoal. Find the Moso bags on Amazon

This Ultra-Handy SanDisk Cruzer 32 Gig Flash Drive Seems Boring Until You Hear The Price

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It's only $10. For 32 gigs of memory from a top-notch manufacturer. I paid $80 for my first flash drive, and it was 128 megabytes. And I thought I was soooo cool. Anyway, that puts you at about 31 cents/GB in memory cost. Which is dirt cheap. Find the SanDisk on Amazon

The Moldable Plastic Glue Sugru Is Like Silly Putty's More Interesting, Handsome, And Useful Cousin


You can use Sugru for just about anything. It makes for flexible-yet-strong repairs on cords, and you can even mold it into key-hangers for your wall. The only limit is your imagination (and the drying time of the Sugru, of course). Check it out on Amazon

This 3-Pack Of AMIR Lenses Make Your Smartphone's Camera Even More Amazing

via: Amazon

You get the power to shoot in ultra wide angle, fisheye, and macro. All for under $24. Find them on Amazon

This Phone Holding Ring Doubles As A Fidget Spinner

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That's right: it's one part phone-holder, one part fidget-spinner, and finally we've combined two extremely distracting objects into one. And I really want to try it out. Find it on Amazon

With This Compact Power Bank You're Phone Battery Will Verge on Immortal

via: Amazon

Ok, that's an exaggeration. But it'll give you plenty of backup power for those long stretches of time in which your phone is critical, and charging ports are nary to be found. Situations like airplane flights, unpleasant commuter train rides, and terribly boring Tinder dates. Find the Anker power bank on Amazon

The PocketMonkey Packs Over 20 Tools Into The Space Of A Credit Card

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Who doesn't love these multi-tool gadgets? They're tiny, they're inexpensive, and they're insanely useful. This And this one's shaped like a monkey, which renders it superior to all other challengers in the category. Find the PocketMoney on Amazon

The Oontz Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker Keeps The Party Going In Any Conditions Anywhere

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Sure, you're probably not planning any pool parties in December, but who couldn't use a waterproof Bluetooth speaker with great sound, extended battery life, and over 23,000 reviews on Amazon? Find the Oontz on Amazon

This Super-Popular Oil Diffuser Will Keep Your House Smelling Delightful All Day Long

Oil diffusers are all the rage these days. What sets the URPOWER apart? It's got over 7 hours of diffusing power, and it works as a humidifier as well. But mostly, it's just got tons of great reviews on Amazon. Find it on Amazon

Nanotips Make Any Pair Of Gloves Smartphone Compatible

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Talk about a simple solution to a prevalent problem. Just paint the Nanotips on the tips of any pair of gloves, and boom: you're swiping right (or left) while your fingers stay toasty-warm. Find Nanotips on Amazon

The Keysmart Turns Your Messy Keychain Into the Portrait of Perfect Order

via: Amazon

Sure, if you adopt the Keysmart lifestyle, you may have to give up that massive collection of keychains you're hauling around all day. But just think of the clean simplicity, the beautiful order of neatly stacked keys, the ease of knowing precisely where your housekey is the instant you pull it from your pocket... If nothing else, the Keysmart just looks cool. And it's super popular on Amazon. Find the Keysmart on Amazon

The Anker SoundBuds Slim Are The Best Deal In Bluetooth Headphones, Hands-Down

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What if I told you that you could get a great-sounding pair of Bluetooth headphones with top-quality all-aluminum construction and 8 hours of battery life for well under $30? Well, I'm telling you that you can get a great-sounding pair of Bluetooth headphones with top-quality all-aluminum construction and 8 hours of battery life for well under $30. They're called the Anker SoundBuds Slim, and I'm using them right now. And they're fantastic. Find the Ankers on Amazon

The Unfortunately-Named Gropener Is A Marvel Of Simple, Brilliant Design

The name aside, the Gropener is an impressive work of simplistic design that's popular for an understandable reason. Now I don't even have to put my first beer down to open my second. Find the Gropener on Amazon

The Bodum 8-Cup French Press Is The Best Of Its Kind

Just because it has the word "French" in its name, doesn't mean a French Press needs to be expensive and hoity-toity. The Bodum's a top-quality press at a wallet-friendly price, ready to press near infinite sums of coffee over its lifetime. Find the Bodum on Amazon

The Roav Bluetooth Adapter Adds So Much More Than Mere Bluetooth Functionality To Your Car

via: Amazon

Not only will the Roav connect to your phone via Bluetooth, and broadcast audio over the car radio, it'll also charge your gadgets ultra-fast, AND (this is pretty cool), it even comes with an app that remembers where you parked. No more wandering around parking ramps, mashing the panic button on your car remote. Find the Roav on Amazon

With The Tile You'll Never Lose Your Keys Or Phone Again

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This little thing is pretty magical. Just click on the Tile app on your phone, and it'll make your Tile sing out with a pretty, pretty tune, while the app guides you closer and closer to those missing keys (or briefcase, or purse, or whatever you tie your Tile to). Even better, just double-click the button on the Tile, and it'll make your phone sing out in a pretty, pretty tune, so you can track it down wherever it went off to. (Hint: it's probably between your couch cushions). Find the Tile on Amazon

The Harperton Klipits Are The Cadillac Of Nail Clippers

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Sure, everyone's seen a set of nail clippers before. But have they seen a set of insanely well-made nail clippers before? I doubt it. Toss out those dull dollar-store jobs and make the paltry investment in a set of not one, but TWO stainless steel, razor sharp, gonna-cut-your-nails-forever clippers. You won't regret it. And who couldn't use less regrets? Find them on Amazon

The Cactus Scratcher Will Scratch Any Itch That Your Arms Can't Reach

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There's nothing more torturous than a persistent, deep itch in the middle of your back, just seeming millimeters out of reach. Sure, you could go rub against a tree trunk to scratch that itch, but what are you, a bear? No, you're a human, and you deserve the dignity provided by human innovation. Enter the Cactus Scratcher, the strappy plastic solution to your itchy, itchy problems. Find it on Amazon

The Bondic Plastic Welder Will Fix All Of Your Problems, Providing Those Problems Are Related To Broken Plastic

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Just squeeze the magic repair liquid on your broken piece, shine the Bondic's special-frequency light on it, and watch as the magic of plastic welding takes place before your eyes. Find it on Amazon

A Pack Of Beer Savers Will Keep That Brew Good To The Last Drop

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These little silicone beer caps are the perfect present for the persistent sipper in your life. Just snap them over the mouth of your half-consumed brew, and it'll stay bubbly and delicious longer. Find them on Amazon